The 10 Best Starships Of The Star Wars Prequels

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Whenever anyone talks about the best ships of Star Wars the answer is immediately the Incom T-65XJ X-Wing or the old reliable YT-1300 transport that is the Millenium Falcon. You might even make a strong case for one of those awesome Mon Calamari Cruisers, or Darth Vader’s ridiculously massive super Star Destroyer. But you probably won’t list any of the ships from the prequels among your favorites because, well let’s face it, everything about the original Star Wars movies, right down to the ship designs, is better.

But that doesn’t mean the Star Wars prequels don’t have a few pretty cool ships of their own. So rather than arguing yet again over whether or not the Corellian Corvette or the Tie-Advanced is a cooler ride, here’s a look at the ten most awesome ships from The Phantom Menace (back in theaters this weekend), Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith.

Eta-2 Actis Class Light Interceptor
The ship with the most ridiculous name may also be the best fighter in the prequel universe. The Eta-2 is also known as the Jedi Interceptor, and it’s the ship Jedi flew into battle late in the Clone Wars. You see a lot of them in Revenge of the Sith. It’s probably not an accident that this 5.47 meters long ship looks like a hybrid between a TIE-Fighter and a more traditional fighter. Obviously this design will eventually morph into the Empire’s hordes of deadly little TIEs.

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  1. Ajitaryu says:

    Nice,always took the J-type to be an interstellar riff on the Jag E types…

    • JT says:

      Oh great thought!  You can really see that in the 
      J-Type 327.  Not so much in the diplomatic barge though. 

  2. Al Pa says:

    i always imagined that victory star destroyers were used in the clone wars, youd think with space technology being roughly developed across a galaxy would leave alota the same tech for 10s to 30s of years with designs and ships lsasting for hundreds if thier not blown up atleast that was what i thought etc when reading the books 🙁

    i realy was sorta hopin to see a dreadnaugth fleet and victory star destroyers… although i do sort of like the droid ships… the uhh ones that carry thier fleets.. atleast thier sorta practical for mining i would assume etc

    • hrimfaxi says:

      The reason why the Victory I-class Star Destroyer wasn’t used as much was becuase of the Venator-class Star Destroyer. The Venator was a Multi-role warship which did every role perfectly at its time. I believe the Republic had no intentions of replacing that beast of a ship.

      • phoenix says:

        That and the Victory class Star Destroyer was not a direct combat ship it was a support ship utilizing turbo lasers and missiles and torpedoes for long range fire support. While the Venator was a multi role ship it could function as a carrier with its around 400 fighters/interceptors roughly 40 fighter/bombers and 40 LAAT class planetary gunships that could also be used to devastating effect in space. Or a command ship for base operations due to the fact that the Venator was one of the few capital ships capable of landing directly onto the surface of a planet and unloading thousands of troops and dozens of military walkers directly into battle. And of course it could also function as war ship due to its heavy armament of 8 dual heavy turbo laser turrets, normal turbo lasers, proton torpedoes and a heavy artillery beam cannon capable of outright destroying a destroyer in one shot.

  3. SNAKE807 says:

  4. Timothy Wilcock says:

    you forgot Jango’s ship…fail.

  5. Anonymous says:

    let me pull out my star wars geek glasses here and correct you on Grievous’s command ship you are referring to….Grievous’s command ship in Ep. 3 was a Providence class carrier/destroyer named the Invisible Hand, not the Recusant (although several Recusants are seen during the opening battle sequence). here’s a link to the article on Wookieepedia about it  

    • hrimfaxi says:

      Grievous had several other command ships before he had the Invisible Hand. One of them is actually a modified Recusant-class light destroyer that he used as a Command Ship. He also had the Malevolence.

  6. strand0410 says:

    Not to be “That Guy” but it’s ‘Venator Class’ Star Destroyer, not Venerator (sic). Additionally, the Star Destroyers that appeared later in the Original Trilogy were the Imperial Class, not the smaller, earlier Victory Class (which only showed up in EU).

    For a Sci-Fi blog, you might want to brush up on your SW ship knowledge.

    • Ben Sutton says:

      I was going to post the same thing. I don’t care if someone doesn’t know this oddly specific Star Wars knowledge… but if they’re going to write about it and act like they know what they’re talking about, they should at least, ya know, KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.

  7. Neko Kaiser says:

    My friend the ARC-170 its special combat fighter and only be deploy at coruscant as defense starfighter agains the separatist fleet,
    the most used fighter in clone campain its the V-19 Torrent StarFighter ;3

    • phoenix says:

      Actually the ARC-170 was a heavy fighter/bomber that was deployed and used widespread throughout the war. It was also used for recon due to its high speed. It was a powerful star fighter that was considered a elite fighter by the republic and by both the rebels and the empire itself.

  8. Gregasus says:

    A few corrections on the ‘Republic Attack Cruiser’. First its actually a Venetor-class Star destroyer. Second, the article mentions that the Star destroyers in the original trilogy are Victory-class Star destroyers. This is not true, in the original trilogy we see the Imperial 1 class (only seen once in A new hope) and the Imperial 2 class. The Victory-class is a Clone wars precursor to the imperial class and although mentioned heavily in source material predating the prequels it is never seen on screen. The same for the Dreaghtnought-class heavy cruiser by the way.

    • hrimfaxi says:

      2 problems:
      1st: It’s Venator-class Star Destroyer which served as a Multi-role warship. Just a little correction (you said Venetor xD).
      2nd: The Venator was nicknamed ”Republic Attack Cruiser” by the Separatist, so for me the Republic Attack Cruiser is the same as Venator.

  9. “Destiny”, only “Destiny”

  10. Blarg says:

    OBVIOUSLY from all the “this article is flawed because” entries, the person who thought this up doesn’t really know SW and just wanted SW fans to flock to the page. Pathetic marketing when you piss your audience off, bravo.

  11. Brian Sheets says:

    Recusant-Class Light Destroyer
    Also known as the Commerce Guild Destroyer and the Separatist Destroyer, the Recusant class was used heavily during the Clone Wars. Most notably a Recusant class served as General Grievous’s command ship during his battle with the Jedi in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. This was NOT Grievous’s command ship, The Invisible Hand. You screwed up, guys!

    • hrimfaxi says:

      I have alot of problems with this list. Specially this. The Recusant-Class Light Destroyer was indeed used heavily during the Clone Wars but Grievous’s command ship was a heavily modified Providence-class carrier/destroyer. Said that I would also add the Providence-class carrier/destroyer due it’s badass design and firepower it had. Also I dont know why the Munificent-class star frigate wasn’t mentioned since it was the backbone of the Separatist Fleet. They weren’t that good but in a pack of them they are deadly.

  12. jess says:

    WTF all the Ships were from Star Wars one, two, & three I feel the X-Wing and some others from Four,Five ,& Six

    • Ben Sutton says:

      That was the point of the article. Read before posting please… or at least take the time to read the title of the article.

  13. phoenix says:

    Your missing ships like the Mandator MKII dreadnaught that was capable of single handily withstanding and destroying a fleet of 1,000 separatist destroyers and was powered by a reactor powerful enough to power a entire planet. Or the new republic Viscount Star Defender class Dreadnaught that was 17,000 meters long and had over 5,000 weapon systems. Or the Sun crusher a small fighter sized craft with firepower dwarfing even the death stars it was armed with the power to blow up entire star systems and was virtually indestructible and han solo once rammed it straight through the bridge of a star destroy shields and all. It was also able to perfectly repel turbo laser shots.

  14. Mirko Jorgovic says:

    wait, an IMPERATOR-1 type opened episode IV, New Hope, and no Victory-type ever seen on films; However, both types ,Victory and Imperator will be very important to protect DeathStar-1 in battle of Javin