10 Cancelled Sci-Fi TV Shows Netflix Should Bring Back Before Terra Nova

Earlier this week we got wind that Netflix may be investigating the possibility of producing new episodes of the recently cancelled Fox series Terra Nova for broadcast on their streaming service. They’ve already committed to doing just that, for the once cancelled but much loved series Arrested Development. But in the case of Terra Nova, it feels like the wrong move.

The list of great science fiction programs unfairly cancelled before their time is long and, while Terra Nova has its charms, it should be near the bottom of the list when it comes to looking at cancelled sci-fi that Netflix should bring back. To help them figure out their next move we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the science fiction shows which not only should be resurrected by Netflix before they can consider Terra Nova, but also shows which it’s realistic to consider. That means no matter how much we loved Quantum Leap we realize it’s been gone so long there’s no way to bring it back. But Netflix could and should look into making new episodes of these shows, instead…


Fox produced fourteen episodes of Firefly. Only eleven of those actually aired before the show’s all too soon cancellation in December of 2002. It didn’t take long before Fox realized they’d made a huge mistake. In that short time the Joss Whedon written and produced space western earned an army of devoted fans who were left angry and clamoring for more. Hollywood responded by turning it into a movie in 2005 called Serenity, but even that really just scratched the surface of this show’s potential. It’s been gone a long time but when interviewed the cast retains an enthusiastic longing to do more. In 2011 star Nathan Fillion even hinted that if he had the money himself, he’d buy the rights to Firefly and make it on his own. The cast seems willing to do more and the rabid fanbase for the series hasn’t evaporated. In fact, while on the air, Firefly’s rating were better than those of Arrested Development, another cancelled television show which Netflix has already committed to bringing back. The Browncoats are ready waiting should Netflix aim to misbehave.

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  • Voice_of_Reason

    Stargate Universe was horrible… I’d rather have SG1 or Atlantis, preferibly Atlantis to return! Above all else i hope farscape comes back the show was just so well written and entertaining!

  • Michael Kiser

    stargate universe, took a winning formula .. “stargate”, and completely shook it up. they made all the characters fight and argue with each other so much that sometimes i just forwarded thru the contrived drama trying desperately to make something of this show. it was awful and i so wanted to like it. as i loved stargate Atlantis, they could have done much more with it, it has just barely scraped the surface of where it could have gone. good cast great story line and nope they scrap it for something that does not even resemble what their fans liked.

  • Glen Power

    Bring back Heroes!!!!!

  • Александр

    Give us Star Gates Universal BACK!!!!!!!

  • crizzy

    TTSCC <333

  • Observer

    Sliders was great up until they ruined it. So – maybe retcon it back to right before they killed Arturo and started the terrible “cro-mags” storyline.

  • Steve Malon

    Eureka! Please bring back this classic fun to watch series.

  • Sergey

    Dear SCI-FI! Please, let us to see new (3, 4, 5 ……) seasons of SG-U. It’s the best serial. Some of interesting lines in SG-U started at the end of 2-nd season….and was closed ((((. SG1, SG-Atlantis, SG-U change my life. Bring SG-U back, please.

  • sounder

    Lost in Space?

  • John Mullins

    its amazing to me that all of these shows were canceled and I loved all of
    them and wish they would come back. I would watch them all. I pretty much
    quit watching the new shows because of these shows being canceled. I’ll
    not invest my time in shows just to see the networks cancel them. If Netflex
    did bring them back they would have me as a continued customer and fan.

  • mph23

    Totally agree on the Star Trek thing. I’ve even read that Michael Dorn (Worf) has been trying to get a klingon-oriented show to happen…With no luck, of course.

  • kissmychub

    I stopped reading as soon as I saw “#1 Firefly.” ***YAWN*** No.

  • Rage Gage

    No all these Tv series don’t have nearly as much potential as Terra Nova could have. Dissapointment that his fourm was even made -hating on you’re blindness.

  • Joseph Roberts

    the list is not complete without Now and
    Again, or My Own Worst

  • lutindiable

    bring back lie to me!!!

  • bob

    “homas Dekker is on the CW’s Secret Circle. Unless Summer Glau’s role in the next season of Syfy’s Alphas is increased dramatically, she might be easier to get.” LOL both cancelled

  • Axel Blaze

    Stargate Universe bring back

  • Евгений Глинский

    Stargate Universe is the best!

  • Евгений Глинский

    Продолжение Звездные врат в 2014???

  • Евгений Глинский

    Continuation of Stargate in 2014???

  • BOGDAN rosolovsky

    bring back to me Stargate Universe

  • Neil Talmadge

    Farscape, but only if they bring back Zhann and Stark along with the rest.

  • Dffallis .

    I wish someone would pick up Eureka.

  • neyd

    So many good shows cancelled for more crappy shows to appear. I loved Journeyman. Whole family liked Terra Nova. Loved Alphas – Tell me that has not truly been cancelled. Everytime I get invested in a show it gets cancelled it seems. Unless I want to watch one of the ten thousand reality shows or cop shows. I also liked Lie to me. Different. I think cable is getting better primetime shows than the regular big top 4. And I agree wholeheartedly with John Mullins below.

  • Jaguar1862

    Alien Nation updated


    The Event should be on this list for sure!!!!!

  • Brenden Jones

    Space Above and Beyond should be get a shot one of the best Sci-Fi shows on fox in the early 90′s had it all

  • Jaybone

    Farscape page it says “challenge us to find two actors with better chem than BB & CB”…. how about DD & GA – Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Have you seen the online reunion video?

  • charles51

    I would really love to see at least one more season of Caprica. The plot was getting really interesting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Yost/44006405 Joseph Yost

    Caprica should have made this list along with Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome.

  • w

    odessey 5!!

  • bcmugger

    Firefly was a good show but joss jew whedons anti-christianism in the show killed it.

  • RY33

    Will you geeks shut up about f***ing “Firefly” already.Even if they brought it back you’d all bitch about it.

    • FireFly Fan

      I can see that happening.
      It’s not like Firefly ended with any kind of cliff hanger. They actually did a good job keeping it as a mini-series. And you can watch the whole series in 1 day, that’s sweet.

  • Ronn -Ammon

    I don’t know what you have against Terra Nova, but I’d like to see more of it than many of the shows on this list.
    THE show I want to return MOST is TERMINATOR:The SARA CONNER CHRONICLES,TSCC had/has the things which most make me mourn a shows demise/long for its’ return: interesting unresolved plotlines w/ equally interesting potential, and characters I care about enough to want to see what happens to/with them.Ex: the possible ongoing return of (an alternate version of) Kyle Reece!
    For me, Dollhouse had nothing.At the end of the first season, the lead character,(who like all the dolls,was NOT a spy, but more of a living plaything/tool, programmed to the wishes of clients), had resigned her situation;the investigator determined to free her/expose the Dollhouse, had been compromised,happily working for them; the loathsome people opperatting the ‘house were starting to be written as protagonists; and (worst) a subplot concerning another female “Doll”,who was taken their by a man she rejected,so she’d be available whenever he wanted, was dropped, apparently so the opperattors could be more sympathetic.Even Eliza Dushku in revealing outfits wasn’t reason to watch season 2, to me,bringing it back without her would be a waist.
    Others on the list have merits,particularly those like Zero Gravity that never got a real chance.Not on the list:DARK ANGEL-can’t believe it wasn’t; and SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND. C’mon, nobody remember or hasn’t seen an old VHS tape?

    • Ronn -Ammon

      Oh P.S when they brought back JERICHO, it seemed they reworked certain contrversial, politcal plot elements that network censors and advertisers didn’t like, which some think was the REAL. reason for the first cancelling.A third season might be lack a lot of the initial appeal.

  • John Taylor

    Quantum Leap.Star Trek. Stargate, but not Universe. Starblazers and Reboot for animated sci-fi series.

  • Harley Scott

    Bring Back “Heroes”, ended the series on such a cliffhanger.

  • SciFi Fan

    More episodes of Stargate Universe would definitely be good. The show had a slow start but really started getting good early to midway during season 2. It would also be great to see Sanctuary make a come back, though unfortunately they essentially killed off Christopher Heyerdahl’s characters in season 4… Firefly is a great mini series as it is, and Sanctuary is a great movie. A sequel or continuation to the movie rather than trying to revive the series would be a very good thing. Too bad they killed Wash and Shepard…

  • Hindsight

    Netflix should bring back Futurama and Star Trek Enterprise.

  • Michael Sikler

    Stargate Universe No way.. worst show ever produced.

  • jon2300

    fail. these shows sucked. boring as hell space bs. these shows wernt cancelled by mistake

  • http://pixalpocketmedia.com/ Brandon Parker

    Jericho was a great series I miss that show it had a great story that got me hooked there are not many shows like Jericho and I am sad that is had to go. I loved the story of a town coming together to find out what the hell in going is with our country and the ending left me wanting more it was just so cool. the the last 2 episodes were so intense it almost made me want to cry.

  • etnicx

    Верните сериал!!!

  • Bill Simmons

    Invasion only ran two seasons (or was it one??). I loved it and I was really miffed to see it cancelled.

  • eric

    I wish Netflix could license new episodes for Young Justice.

  • Smack-a-ho

    How did “V” and “The 4400″ didn’t make this list? I was very disappointed…

  • Толя

    снимите третий сезон, ждем его очень

  • Eric

    For pity’s sake, let Firefly rest in peace.