10 Cancelled Sci-Fi TV Shows Netflix Should Bring Back Before Terra Nova

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Earlier this week we got wind that Netflix may be investigating the possibility of producing new episodes of the recently cancelled Fox series Terra Nova for broadcast on their streaming service. They’ve already committed to doing just that, for the once cancelled but much loved series Arrested Development. But in the case of Terra Nova, it feels like the wrong move.

The list of great science fiction programs unfairly cancelled before their time is long and, while Terra Nova has its charms, it should be near the bottom of the list when it comes to looking at cancelled sci-fi that Netflix should bring back. To help them figure out their next move we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the science fiction shows which not only should be resurrected by Netflix before they can consider Terra Nova, but also shows which it’s realistic to consider. That means no matter how much we loved Quantum Leap we realize it’s been gone so long there’s no way to bring it back. But Netflix could and should look into making new episodes of these shows, instead…


Fox produced fourteen episodes of Firefly. Only eleven of those actually aired before the show’s all too soon cancellation in December of 2002. It didn’t take long before Fox realized they’d made a huge mistake. In that short time the Joss Whedon written and produced space western earned an army of devoted fans who were left angry and clamoring for more. Hollywood responded by turning it into a movie in 2005 called Serenity, but even that really just scratched the surface of this show’s potential. It’s been gone a long time but when interviewed the cast retains an enthusiastic longing to do more. In 2011 star Nathan Fillion even hinted that if he had the money himself, he’d buy the rights to Firefly and make it on his own. The cast seems willing to do more and the rabid fanbase for the series hasn’t evaporated. In fact, while on the air, Firefly’s rating were better than those of Arrested Development, another cancelled television show which Netflix has already committed to bringing back. The Browncoats are ready waiting should Netflix aim to misbehave.

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  • TC Smith

    Why not bring Terra Nova back :/ It wasent even given a chance just like the rest of these shows.

  • Lynn

    Farscape has now been confirmed as being done as a movie this year – yeah !

  • General_Chaos

    Space: Above and Beyond and Crusade (Babylon 5 spin-off…techno-mages rock) deserved more time. I know they are old, but reboots???

  • Nikorene

    Flash Forward

  • Nikorene


  • The_Smirking_Revenge

    Ugh, The Sarah Connor Chronicles was stupid… It tried to put the focus on the wrong protagonist… I guarantee the show would’ve been way more successful and interesting if they’d focused on John Connor after Judgement Day. They could’ve done so much without trampling all over the timeline.

    • John Connor

      TSCC was perfection. They focused on John and Sarah Connor. The third season was going to focus on John after Judgment Day.

  • Pathfinder306

    Firefly, TSCC or Dark Angel. I’d watch any or all three every week.

  • Teebo

    I think 4400 should end properly. They cancelled it without letting us get a proper end to the story.

  • Spike McLarty

    Yes, this. If somebody announced an even slightly plausible TSCC continuation, I would order the season in advance instantly. Netflix – survey us!

  • Guesthost

    There IS a new Star Trek pilot that’s been shot called Star Trek: Renegades, a fan-funded/created project who are finishing off their special effects now to approach CBS for series consideration, or maybe it could be a great webseries for someone like Netflix? They have some new and orig cast members in it. http://startrekrenegades.com/home/

  • BW

    Surface, Invasion, Flash Forward, V, Dead Like Me,… the list goes on.

  • SilentXero

    Great list! I would add “Space:Above and Beyond (although that’s almost 20 years old now), Earth 2, Star Hunter, and as mentioned before; Terminator: Sara Connor!!!

  • Rich

    A really cool series would be based on the alternate universe.. It has been used in several popular episodes. My favorite is the 2 episode one on Enterprise.
    There are less taboos to worry about and more area for the writers to create new sub plots and new futuristic tech to come up with. As long as they don’t kill off anyone that would make the storyline in an existing episode not possible it’s a wide open canvas.

  • tman418

    Bring back “Revolution!” What was NBC thinking?

  • jechofan14

    bring back jercho

  • Jay71

    Yeah Dark Angel needs to come back for sure

  • tj

    only Stargate. forever

  • Макс Мельник


  • bill c

    They need to resurrect SG:Atlantis. I read an article about what a Season six was going to look like and it sounded fun. Atlantis was now a base on Earth’s moon. A sort of self destruct mechanism activated because the city was taken from the Pegasus galaxy.

    The team proceeds to take Atlantis back to the Pegasus galaxy, only to get stranded along the way. With time running out they need to fix Atlantis and get it back to Pegasus before the clock hits zero. It was supposed to be done in a sort of “24” format in close to real time.

  • bill c

    Jericho, Firefly and Star trek would make for great Netflix series. To help things along, I would be happy if Netflix ran some commercials during the shows to try to recoup some expense and allow them to put together better shows.

  • Stan

    Pretty damned good article…. have never heard of a few of these, but they’d have to be better than Terra Nova which was horrifically awful!!! (Don’t even get me started on the multiple premise issues…) Farscape, Terminator, Firefly… ALL awesome shows that the network heads screwed.

  • aaarrrrrgggggggg

    I can’t believe Dead LIke Me didn’t make the list, I’d much rather see that than yet another Star Trek,

  • lw

    Star Trek and Stargate … in all forms!! We’re finding all these new Earth-like planets in real life, so where is the exploration in Sci-fi??

  • Larry Oates

    Why is Babylon 5 not on this list?

  • gumbynova

    4400 or flash forward or sanctuary and many many more !!!

  • Rhapsidy


  • Niko Pötry

    They should bring Futurama back. Again. (Oh. This was quite old article :D)

  • linda hepworth

    I vote for Terra Nova and Dresden

  • ben

    Harsh realm and the lost room need to be on the list

  • Jason

    V. Season 2 left us hanging. Maybe they could retell it with new actors and a couple more twists and turns, It never got the time it deserved.

  • Bigshu

    I’d like to see Space: Above and Beyond come back. The final episode left a lot of questions to be answered, and didn’t resolve about much, so how about another season to tie the loose threads together?

  • RaCam

    I’d also like to see Revolution added to this list. I just finished watching season 1 on Netflix and was eagerly awaiting season 2 only to find that there will not be a season 3. Network TV sucks in that they just drop a show if it loses a certain number over viewers. Instead of really doing anything to save the show, they drop. It doesn’t occur to them that maybe if they would quit screwing with the schedule, people would watch because they would know when. They also just decide that even though they have millions of viewers, they aren’t enough, so let’s just abandon these several million viewers and come up with a show that doesn’t have a track record and and see if it does any better and then it doesn’t.

  • APhantasm

    Dollhouse, TSCC, Star Trek and Stargate Universe would be my picks.

    But I also know there is no shot in hell for Stargate Universe returning. They had been looking at doing another SG-1 movie, a Stargate Atlantis and maybe a Stargate Universe movie. But when Stargate Universe was cancelled everything was shelved. Since Syfy and MGM own Stargate TVverse it is unlikely we would see a netflix revival.

    We would have better hope of seeing the Stargate movieverse continued than a resurrection of Stargate Universe.

  • Jesica

    I would love to see Fringe and Primeval return.

  • JPSceri

    They forgot one TV show that I thought was goog, really good, and that XIII the Series. Check it out I’ll See.

  • Nathan Jones

    Star Trek?! Give me a break. It’s been around for DECADES and I’m sure there are 10 more sequel films on the drawing board. Bring back the 4400 instead.

  • Herman Jeppe

    Okay… whoever wrote this list has got an obsession with terrible space sci fi crap… The only one I agree with is Jericho

  • Jack Dunn

    Prey; Sliders (Original Cast,) Millennium, SG-1 (We need more Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion,) Eureka, Warehouse 13, Seven Days, First Wave (Could do a “Second Wave” by now,) Dark Angel, and of course Star Trek (Ng, Enterprise, not DS-9) I-Man, The Adventures of Jules Verne, Sanctuary, Fringe (different network,) TimeCop, Dead Zone, Alias (Jennifer Garner – Different Network,) Grimm. You could probably create a SyFy-1 like VH-1 was before it became “reality” based.

  • grimangus

    the greatest sci fi show ever or will ever be

  • cyberrat

    I’m happy to know Terra Nova will be coming back I’m one of those who contacted Netflix with the request to do it. I’m happy that they do listen to their member base. Way to go Netflix I will be so looking forward to this.

    • Holly Locke

      This article was written in March of 2012. I have heard of no plans that Netflix is actually making new episodes of Terra Nova.

  • BobBoohimer42

    Better Off Ted!!!!!!!!! That show was amazing.

  • Alien

    Would be great to see Firefly back, but Nathan Fillion is doing well with Castle and as long as that’s running, it’s probably not going to happen. Maybe a sequel to the film Serenity perhaps.

  • Sweets

    I miss X-FILES.

  • Sam Mills

    The show they really need to bring back iLegend of the Seeker!

  • Jericho_Revolution

    Jericho would be my choice along with Revolution. Both cancelled when they were just about to take off IMO

  • ALW

    Netflix should renew the show Revolution for its third season

  • http://srynas.blogspot.com/ Steve R.

    Caprica. Along with Stargate Universe.

  • amnistik

    Классный сериал очень хочется продолжения!

  • Dioh Kharibda


  • tuhaybey

    You can see a good list of the top 20 of all time here- http://sciencefictionlist.com/television/best-science-fiction-shows.php