Watch SNL Make Fun Of Newt Gingrich’s Plans For A Moon Base

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Most of the Republican Presidential candidates have unveiled a plan for getting America back into space. Newt Gingrich’s even included a way for us to get back to the moon, and stay there. He wants a lunar base up and running by 2021.

So of course people have been making fun of him for it. This attitude, I suppose, accurately illustrates just why America no longer makes the effort to get into space anymore. Here’s the latest mockery leveled at Newt, in the form of a fairly funny sketch from last night’s SNL…


  1. While Newt is definitely a ridiculous candidate for president and could easily get the World’s Biggest Hypocrite Award, I think it’s incredibly sad that the media has pounced on the idea of an American Moonbase as something that is preposterous.

    Sure, getting one in the time frame he outlined is a REALLY big stretch, but we have the technology to do just that. The sad fact is, the biggest obstacle to Gingrich’s Moonbase idea are the very people lampooning it, making sure that no one will ever take the idea seriously.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To bad the quote “We do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard” doesn’t really mean any thing anymore. Its sad that most people would rather watch Jersey Shore then something  science relevant.