Have Sex With Green Women, Dennis Hof Opening A Sci-Fi Themed Brothel In Nevada

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Have a thing for those green-skinned Orion slave girls Captain Kirk cavorts with on Star Trek? Think Na’vi babes are really hot? You’re in luck. Famous Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof is opening a new whorehouse with an all science fiction theme.

He’s calling it the Area 51 Alien Cathouse and it’ll be part of a larger complex of sci-fi themed stuff called the Area 51 Alien Travel Center. As the name suggests, the property resides just south of the actual Area 51, Nevada’s test site famous for rumors of alien landings. Currently there’s a run-down brothel known as the Cherry Patch along with an adjoining bar, gas station, and convenience store on the property. All are being completely renovated to become a part of the alien themed sex-complex.

Hof tells the LVRJ that his new venture will deliver “girls from another planet” to his customers. It’ll feature a line of little green men merchandise and of course hookers in crazy costumes designed to make them look like aliens. Celebrity madam Heidi Fleiss is in charge of bringing the theme to life. Bring on the green body paint!


  1. Withdron says:

    Maybe Dennis Hof will slip in the tub.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. man says:


  4. Zubercock says:

    Needless to say, green, glow-in-the-dark condoms are a must!!!

  5. Raenboe says:

    I keep saying this, so for some of the FB folks it’s repetitive.  From a marketing stand point this is freaking brilliant.  I am a realist that says, “ok, prostitution exists and it ain’t going anywhere.  But from a business stand point, brilliant absolutely brilliant.

  6. Dil Kumar says:

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  7. Zorak says:

    They should run a “Alien abduction” special, complete with a complete examination and anal probe 🙂