Power Laces At Last!

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Anyone who’s ever seen Back to the Future II probably walked away wishing for at least one of the ridiculously cool future gadgets on display in the film. And while we probably all knew we’d never get hoverboards, power laces seemed like something that might actually get done.

But now it’s the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future and we’re still waiting. I understand why we don’t have flying cars or even self-drying jackets, but seriously science, shouldn’t we have power laces by now?

One geek is even more fed up with our technological lag than most, and has taken it upon himself to Back to the Future-up his high-tops on his own. He doesn’t quite have it right, the laces don’t really seem to tighten enough, but at least he’s out there trying. That’s more than I can say for you, Nike.

Check out one BTTF fan’s attempt to make Power Laces a reality below. This is heavy:


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