NASA Video Captures What Looks Like An Alien Ship Near Our Sun

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You probably read the title of this story and instantly though, “ok what’s the catch?” No catch. Just this video which shows a coronal mass ejection from our sun washing over and interacting with a strange object floating in space which seems to be in the shape of an artificially created craft.

Here’s the video, we’ll talk more afterward…

The images were captured by a camera on board NASA’s STEREO A satellite. They were also captured separately by their STEREO B satellite, so this isn’t a case of equipment malfunction.

So what in the world is it? No one seems to have really come up with a good way to explain this away yet. Gizmodo talked to a ground engineer named Nathan Rich at the Naval Research Laboratory who says he thinks this image is an “artifact” in the background where the planet was the previous day, caused by the way they’re processed. But it really doesn’t look like that kind of video glitch, does it?

What do you think? Have we just gotten our first ever look at a cloaked alien ship, skulking around in our solar system?


  1. Chrisray39 says:

    when looked at from Secchi B also, this looks ALOT like a pocket of gas outside of the magnetosphere of the planet becoming ionised, its definitely not the “conclusive proof” that he claims that it is

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately I’d need a lot more proof for me to believe it was anything other than some sort of natural phenomenon. Really interesting feed from the satellite one way or the other, I’ve never seen footage like that before.

  3. Oznob75 says:

    I think it is the Enterprise 🙂 

  4. Rocky728 says:

    Klingons using their cloaking tech obviously

  5. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Whatever it is is bigger than the planet Mercury. Anything solid that large would have considerable gravity, even if it were hollow. My best guess would be a plasma conduit. Mercury has a magnetic field, and is very close to the sun, and a plasma conduit would not be unreasonable, especially if a huge mass of charged particles from the Sun was travelling along it. We see the same effect here on Earth in the form of the aurorae.

  6. Marksheltman says:

    looks like a derilict uss enterprise leaning to the right

  7. Al Pa says:

    why cant it just be the magnetic fileld of the planet acting wierdly with all that energy pummeling it :/ plus the ship creating that shield efect doesnt have to be big to create a huge shield if your gona run iwth that maybe thier just shielding the planet caus thier busy thier doing something or thiers life thats sensitive to that energey so a small ship is just creating ahuge planetary shield for it toprotect it :/
    just a wild random thought :p
    its proly just a random effect of magnetics though or it could be purposeful to protect the planet :/

  8. Brandon says:

    you are nuts dude