Breaking Bad’s Walter White Bobblehead Goes To Space

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Walter White BobbleheadWhat we choose to send into space is a fascinating representation of our culture. From professional astronauts and Mars One applicants to plants and a soda can masquerading as a time capsule to robots, every individual and object we send into the cosmos becomes a symbol for qualities we hold dear. Thus, it comes as no surprise that employees from TVtag, a social networking site and app whose users check in and unlock information about the shows they watch, recently launched a Walter White bobblehead into space.

Walter White BobbleheadBreaking Bad, the most genuinely astounding, beloved show I’ve seen in recent memory, may be over, but it’s not forgotten (even if the Better Call Saul spinoff has been delayed). After soliciting votes from 6,000 users, Walter White emerged as TVTa’s elected astronaut ambassador, (The Walking Dead’s Daryl came in Second, and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones finished third). They launched the bobblehead, clad in a yellow HAZMAT suit, 85,000 feet into the sky—however you interpret it, far higher than Walt ever got on the show. Bobblehead Walt also encountered temperatures of roughly -65F and speeds of 95 miles per hour during his journey. While his crash landing in Wyoming, 250 miles away from the launch site, was a bit rough, Walt survived the six-hour trip.

TVTag launched the toy from Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park attached to a weather balloon and a GoPro camera, which shockingly didn’t register any footage of Walt recording threatening videos. He did well establishing a monopoly on the meth market on Earth, but he was never quite satisfied with his dominion, and wouldn’t think twice about selling meth to aliens, even the sketchy ones.

Walter White BobbleheadFans can enter to win the cosmic bobblehead now that it has returned to Earth. Its head still needs reattaching, but that sounds like a fun project for the right person.

TVTag says it will continue launching bobbleheads into space until enough extra terrestrials have subscribed to their service, or until their equipment breaks or goes AWOL. Now, Walter White can be known not just as the one who knocks, but the one who flies into space wearing glasses and a deadly serious expression, just in case we didn’t already know what a BAMF he is.


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