Help Bill Nye Save The Future Of Planetary Exploration

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Bill Nye is something of a childhood hero of mine. Not because of his “Science Guy” persona, though that’s completely awesome. Nye, and his subsequent scientist guise, got his start on a late-night Seattle-based sketch comedy show called Almost Live. They did wacky things like make fun different neighborhoods and suburbs of Seattle, ensuring that no one outside of the Pacific Northwest would ever give a crap about the show. Before Nye’s experiment-performing alter ego took off, his highest profile skit was “Speed Walker,” about a mild-mannered reporter who has a secret identity as a superhero who, you know, speed walks from crime to crime, catching latte thieves and foiling similar heinous acts. It wasn’t particularly good, but I loved it anyway.

But now Bill Nye needs your help. He wants to you to write to the President of the United States, urging him to preserve the budget for planetary exploration. But don’t take my word for it; let Nye tell you about it himself.

Proposed budgets for the upcoming fiscal year find a 21% cut in funding for continuing missions to explore space. Though NASA has scored recent successes with the likes of Cassini, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, and, of course, Curiosity, this decrease represents a serious blow to their ability to launch major missions.

The Planetary Society, of which Nye serves as CEO, is campaigning to reverse these budgetary reductions, thus preserving the future of interplanetary investigation. In their FAQ section, they take special care to point out that the NASA budget is “a little bit less than Americans spend on dog toys.” Check them out to see how you can help by donating your time or money to the cause.

And here’s a video of Nye saving the day as “Speed Walker.”


  1. The bet thing anyone can do for the future of manned space exploration is to vote again liberals at all times.

    • Rmoney says:

      Agreed. We should vote again for liberals at all times. If we only vote for conservatives they will just declare science “solved”, all the answers were found in the Bible.

      • Agreed, liberals can’t read, and you should never vote for them because they cancelled the manned space program. If we only vote for conservatives, we will have an economy that generates sufficient wealth to advance the cause of science, which is what actually happens in reality. Also in reality, liberals are the clear enemy of scientific progress, as their only interest in science is for propaganda purposes.

        • Tennwriter says:

          Brilliant BZ.

          Rmoney, most of the history of science is of men (a few women, but we’re being factual here, not polite). Most of the famous scientists were Creationists of one sort or another. A major motivation in science has been said to be to ‘discover the mind of God’.

          Now as to the article, the guy at Transterrestial Musing, Rand Simburg, seems to think, if I’m getting it right, that Obama has actually done a pretty good job on space, and thats from a more right wing perspective.

          Myself, I like Jerry Pournelle’s suggestion….X Prizes for various achievements that once they were all accomplished put the skeleton in for a basic space program. Ultimately, if space is going to succeed like we need it too, its going to have to be private enterprise, but gov’t can help open a few doors. Some people are going to get very, very rich, and help out everyone else on the planet…perhaps by dragging an asteroid into Earth orbit with an Apollo?? drive.