The Australian SyFy Channel Gets Better Branding And Logo, Will America Follow Suit?

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A few years ago, the Sci-Fi Channel changed its logo and name. They officially became the SyFy Channel in 2009. By dropping the more traditional spelling of the abbreviation of Science Fiction, they alienated (no pun intended) many of their viewers. The Australian counterpart to the SyFy Channel has followed suit but with a more reasonable branding.

The Australian Sci-Fi Channel will simply be known as SF, with the new tagline “We Are Sci-Fi.” The Australian network SF offers the same programming as its American cousin including Lost Girl, Alphas, Warehouse 13 and re-runs of the original Star Trek series.

If we’re lucky, maybe the American version will take a hint and follow suit. At the least, it’ll stop us from mocking it by calling the channel “Siffy”, and given their penchant for running wrestling might help win back those alienated viewers back by once again proclaiming a dedication to the mostly abandoned science fiction genre.

NBCUniversal launched the Sci-Fi Channel in 1992. It expanded to international markets like Australia in 2006 and expanded to Brazil earlier this year. The Sci-Fi Channel is known by different names in other countries. In the Philippines and Japan, the Sci-Fi Channel is known as Universal Channel and in Poland and Romania, it’s known as Sci-Fi Universal. It’s strange that the American Sci-Fi Channel is the only one that makes no sense and is comically misspelled.


  1. Andrew Ness says:

    The UK version is also called Syfy

  2. TheDudeDean says:

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  3. This is the same as no longer having music on MTV, they should do what they say on the tin!

  4. Michael Wolf says:

    Unfortunately also in Belgium and the Netherlands it is known as SyFy Channel…however, without ST re-runs: we have SG1 re-runs…in between those horrendous Asylum movies.

  5. cybrey says:

    Anyone any idea what the music on the video?

    • cybrey says:

      Just to answer my own question …

      Be what you want / Album: Epic Pop
      Robin Loxley and Oliver Jackson

  6. gospyro says:

    It’ll take more then a name change to get me back to watching this channel. Now that Eureka is gone, I’m just counting the days till they replace Haven and Warehouse 13 with more wrestling and ghost/monster/BS hunting shows, and then I’ll be able to downgrade my cable package; because the only reason I have the one I do is so I could have the ‘SyFy’ channel. Once it’s not worth watching (and it’s getting close), there’s no reason for me to pay the extra money each month to keep the channel. Like has been said, SyFy has become to Science Fiction what MTV has become to Music Videos… They both use to be great and actually deliver what they advertised…. but now….

  7. Swedish Pete says:

    If we’re lucky, maybe the SyFy management will bring its channel to Sweden – the country that has given us IKEA, Volvo cars, beautiful people, Battlefield 3 and Minecraft. Just maybe. But then again, why care for Euro-racism.

  8. Pape says:

    I remember the rebranding. The name was sold to Skiffy by a guy who ran the website syfy portal or something like that. After that was announced he was all over the Skiffy forums acting like – well as bad as you would imagine. I Hope the channel changes its name and I desperately hope that the channel gets back to its core concepts that were established when the channel was founded.

  9. Pitchy says:

    Dump the reality shows, dump the ghost / monster hunting shows and bring back real sci fi like BSG and Star Gate in some form or fashion. SyFy as it is now is a pure joke and I refuse to watch it.