Two AI Chatbots Converse – Our Future Is Sealed

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Forget the Giant Freakin’ Robots this site takes its name from, what we have to be on the lookout for are conversations like the one in the video below. Cornell Creative Machines Lab decided to find out what would happen if two Cleverbot AI Chatbots spoke with one another. The result is likely to be the last conversation any human hears as the robot armies become sentient and rise up against their oppressors.

For now we’re safe as this is just an AI program on a computer, but rest assured that the staff here at GFR remains ever vigilant in the fight – real or imaginary – against our future robot overlords. My iPhone also acts as an EMP device, unfortunately the only thing it knocks out is itself at the moment. But at least I’m safe from any weird signals sent through the cellular system.


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