Best Portable Power for Telescopes

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Amateur astronomy using the best portable telescope is something that is getting more and more popular. When you can see planets at their most clearest is actually now something that is featured on most major news outlets these days and it has seen a spark in public interest in outer space. It is a lot of fun getting outside with your telescope, finding the perfect spot and then looking at a planet. It really is an amazing feeling and it does make you feel very small in the universe….. until your power runs out of course! That is why today we are helping you find the best telescope battery box to make sure you can keep on looking at the stars. This way you can explore the stars and take as much time as you need.


What Is A Good Portable Battery For A Telescope?

Some people when they are first getting into astronomy may just decide to go for the cheapest option. This is not always the best move as a cheaper battery box for your telescope may not last long, be compatible with many different telescopes or power outlets and in general not offer you much value for money. You should always look at the wattage on offer and if possible how many hours of use you can expect. This is actually hard to tell as a lot of this is dependent on how much power your telescope uses.

Just down below we are looking at three of the very best when it comes to a telescope battery box.


Celestron Power Tank

The first power source (Click here to buy from Amazon)that really caught my eye was the fact that this looks more like a flash light that you would have in your car trunk to save your butt when you break down! This portable battery box has two car cigarette style lighters which output at 12 V which is more than enough for most telescopes. It does actually come with a cable so you can plug this into your car which will come in handy if you are out in a field somewhere and need a little extra juice in your battery box. I have no concerns over the power that this battery box has at all and feel it will be fine for most models of telescopes.

I would love to tell you how many hours you can expect out of this, but that is really down to the kind of telescope you have. I will say though that I have not read a single report of this running out of power while someone was out star gazing. On the side of the battery box there is two USB ports to connect your telescope or even something else to. There is also a handy set of lights that let you know the battery status of the box. In all this is a telescope battery box which I feel ticks all the boxes for what an amateur astronomer needs while on an all nighter. Also a very nice bonus of this batter box is the large LED light that is on the front. You may wonder what is the point, but this will come in very handy if you are star gazing in an open field where there is no light as you can use this to light your area so you can set up easier.


  • Pretty reasonable price
  • Looks cool
  • Two USB ports
  • Two 12 v Cigarette lighter adapters


  • Will take 6 or o hours for a full charge
  • Not clear on exactly how long a full charge lasts.


Stealth Cam 12V Battery Box

Next up we have the Stealth Cam 12V Battery Box (Click here to buy from Amazon) which is the lowest priced telescope battery box on this list. Now clearly as you can see this is the most basic looking battery box out of the three we are looking at. But it does all you need and I am sure that for most people this will be a cheap and cheerful kind of battery that will give them no trouble at all. If you just want a battery and no frills then this is surely going to be something that interests you.

This just has the one connection. It is a standard DC power adapter which should be fine for most telescopes. I do wish they put at least one USB connector on here as I do know some people like to just use USB cables. The battery inside the box is 12 v which is pretty standard for most telescopes so I have no concerns over that at all. Now while the idea of this battery box is to keep your battery safe from the elements I have read reports that the rubber seal can go after a while. This is something to keep an eye on as the last thing you want is moisture getting on your battery and destroying it. In all honesty with you this is the most basic battery on this list and I would probably suggest you spend the extra 10 to 20 bucks to get one of the others on this list.


  • Lowest price battery box on this list
  • Has a long cable
  • Includes a 12 v battery
  • Will work fine with most telescopes


  • Only one kind of connection
  • Quality of rubber seal has been called into question


Meade Instruments 606001 Power Supply LXPS7

If you have a Meade telescope (Click here to buy from Amazon) then you are most likely going to want an official Meade telescope battery box. I know that for me personally if I had a Meade telescope then this is the battery box that would interest me the most. Looks of course do not matter, but this is a really cool looking battery box. A battery box that that has two 12 v cigarette lighter style connections. Which will work with any kind of telescope, not just a Meade one.

As you can see from the pictures this has a very similar look to the Celestron Power Tank that we looked at first. It has the same two USB connectors and it has the same LED power light indicators as well. These are very handy features that are something that even if you do not use right away, may be thankful for as you get more into star gazing. This will have more than enough power to give you a full night of looking at the stars which is great. There is a good sized LED light on the front of this battery box, but there is also a red strobe light as well. Now I honestly do not know who is actually going to use the strobe light function, but hey it is a nice bonus. I really liked this battery and I have to say that it is probably the one I would go for if I had a Meade telescope.


  • Works with all Meade telescopes
  • Two USB inputs
  • Very well made
  • 12 v power


  • Highest price battery box on this list
  • What is the point of the red strobe light? To Summon UFO’s!


So What Is The Best Battery Box?

Ok so let’s take out the Stealth Cam 12V Battery Box. This is a good battery box for general use and would be handy to have, but when it comes to a telescope battery box it just is not as good as the other two. Now out of the other two the Celestron Power Tank and the Meade Instruments 606001 Power Supply LXPS7 there really is not a whole lot in it. They are bother very similar battery boxes, but for me it boils down to what kind of telescope you have. If you have a Meade branded telescope then that battery box is well worth paying the extra money for. But if you do not have a Meade one then I do not see you having any issues with the Celestron Power Tank battery box.


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