The 4 Coolest Star Wars Golf Accessories

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If you play a bit of golf on the weekends, then you may be looking for ways to bring your love of Star Wars out onto the course with you. And while it’s probably not a good idea to put on your Stormtrooper cosplay gear, mostly cause it would be difficult to play a good game in it, there are several cool Star Wars golf accessories that you can add to your equipment stash. So, if you’re ready to turn that golf cart bag into something awesome, keep reading for a few items you can trick it out with.

Star Wars Golf Balls

star wars golf balls
Spice up your game with some of these awesome Star Wars golf balls from TaylorMade. Yup, that’s right, one of the top brands in the golfing industry has made these novelty golf balls available. So, you know that they are high quality in addition to being just plain cool.

What you get are a total of three 2-piece Burner Soft golf balls with an ergonomically designed Divot Tool with premium rust-resistant finish. There is also a magnetic ball marker and Star Wars logo. And, of course, the box has the Star Wars logo design on it too, so you’ll likely want to keep it. Heck, you may not even want to play any rounds with these since they’re so awesome.

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Star Wars Golf Driver 460cc Head Cover (All Characters)

Star Wars Golf Driver 460cc Head Cover
Looking for an officially licensed head cover for your golf driver? Well, look no further cause this is it!

In fact, you can choose from the following characters for your driver head cover:

  • Chewbacca
  • Yoda
  • BB8
  • Darth Vader
  • Kylo Ren
  • R2D2
  • Stormtrooper

Yup, think how much cooler your driver will look when you slide it out of the bag and it has one of these babies on it. And this thing isn’t just for show! There is a lot of reinforced padding in it and it has a long sock to cover the shaft. So, this is a serious head cover that just happens to be a Star Wars character.

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May The Course Be With You Waffle Golf Towel

Giggle Golf May The Course Be With You Waffle Golf Towel
You need a golf towel anyways, right? So why not attach this Star Wars golf towel to your bag and let everyone on the course know that the force is definitely with you out there.

This towel measures in at 15″ x 24″, so a good size for all your on course needs. And it is made of a waffle weave microfiber material that comes with a loop and carabiner clip to hook onto your golf bag.

For a Jedi like you, this is the perfect towel for cleaning your ball or golf clubs.

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TaylorMade 2017 Star Wars Golf Divot Tools Gift Box

TaylorMade 2017 Star Wars Bespoke Presentation Divot Tools Gift Box Mens Golf Accessories

This set of Star Wars themed golf divot tools is perfect for yourself or a golf enthusiast in your life. Since it comes in this nice logo box, it makes a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan who happens to be a golfer.

But let’s be honest, these things look so cool that you’re probably just gonna display them instead of using them out on the course.

Included are 6 ergonomically designed golf Divot Tools, which have a premium rust-resistant finish. This is a limited edition collection that is officially licensed. And each of the divots tools features a different Star Wars character graphic. Pretty darn cool!

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While these aren’t all of the available Star Wars golf accessories, they are currently our favorite options on the market. Plus, any of these would make a great Christmas gift!


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