Star Wars Themes Performed Through Cosplay, Violin, And A Capella Equals A Win-Win-Win

I know somebody watched the video last year of Nick McKaig performing an a capella version of the Star Wars main theme and thought to themselves, “This is a pretty solid video and all, but what we really need is more violin. And more cowbell, but I could do without the cowbell.” A hundred trips to the wishing well later, and the ridiculously talented tag team of cosplay violinist Lindsey Stirling and a capella maestro Peter Hollens have put together a Star Wars medley that easily provokes the same sense of epic heroism that John Williams’ original score does so well.

If this were just performed on a stage (or in a cantina) full of cheering fans, it would be one thing, but the cosplay and production design seen here are both aces. There are deserts, forested areas, and dark corridors. There are Jedi robes, Wookies, Leia hairbuns, Darth Vaders, lightsabers and even a Boba Fett giving his best “Come at me, bro!” If you just imagine a planet blowing up in the background, then this is the perfect video.


Vin Diesel Confirms “I AM GROOT,” Will Voice Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Treelike Alien

Diesel & GrootBefore San Diego Comic-Con this year, actor Vin Diesel took a meeting with Marvel Studios to discuss appearing in one of their movies in an unidentified role. Movie pundits speculated that he was possibly playing Dr. Hank Pym (AKA Ant-Man) or the self-aware robot Vision. A few days ago, Vin Diesel updated his Facebook cover photo with an image of Groot, the treelike alien member of Guardians of the Galaxy. Obviously, this led to speculation that the Fast and The Furious actor would voice the role of Groot in the new Marvel movie. The Groot image was soon taken down, so is Vin Diesel playing Groot after all?

In an interview with Hero Complex, Vin Diesel has confirmed that he will indeed play the treelike alien Groot. Diesel talks about playing a role that is more interesting and less obvious than any other role he has played in the past. When asked about voicing Groot, Diesel responds:

I’m an actor. I can do whatever the … I want. As an actor, not everything has to be the most obvious choice. And sometimes, the best thing you can do — as far as Steven Spielberg and his advice — is to defy expectations. So if everybody thinks you’re going to go for this one thing and you flip it entirely and go for the strangest Marvel character, it’s interesting. And when something is interesting, it’s inspiring.


Star Trek Fans Break A World Record, And Think Into Darkness Is The Worst Film Of The Franchise

star wars fansThis past weekend, 1,085 costumed fans attending the Star Trek convention at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino broke the world record for the largest number of costumed Trek fans all in one place, beating out the U.K. record of 1,063 set last year. While it kind of seemed obvious that it would happen, given the rabid fervor that takes over when Americans find out other people have done something better, I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the attendees’ tastes in the film franchise. A poll was held at the One Trek Mind Live panel, where fans ranked their favorite films in order, and the results are stunning.

How did people feel about J.J. Abrams’ latest effort, Star Trek Into Darkness? Apparently they would have been perfectly fine if it never existed, as it came dead last. Yeah, it finished after Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I have to assume the wounds are still fresh from this one, and that it might rank higher in another few years, once the John Harrison dust has settled. After all, Abrams’ initial reboot finished in sixth place, so it’s obviously not just hatred for the man himself. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe some people just really hate Into Darkness that much. Stay tuned until after the third Star Trek flick comes out, and I’ll let you know.


The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ending Was Both Meta And Non-Tubular

WARNING! The following clip features the original ending to the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Though it doesn’t end in any major character’s death or anything, it’s still quite tragic, and forced my inner child to stick its head in an oven and set the temperature to groan-hundred degrees.

Thanks (or no thanks) to the guys at SlashFilm for cluing us into this video, which would have reached hero status if it committed suicide before anyone aside from producers laid eyes on it. Let’s discuss everything wrong with this clip.


How Emperor Palpatine Might Return In Star Wars: Episode VII


A few days ago, rumors swirled around the Internet that Scottish actor Ian McDiarmid could return to that galaxy far, far away, in Star Wars: Episode VII. While it’s unclear whom McDiarmid would play in the new movie, it is believed that he would reprise his role as Emperor Palpatine from the original trilogy. If you remember, Palpatine dies at the end of Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader dumps him down a ventilation shaft. The latest speculation suggests that Palpatine could return to the Star Wars cinematic universe, but not as a clone, like he does in the Star Wars: Dark Empire trilogy.

According to Latino Review’s inside sources, McDiarmid would return to play the Emperor as a Force Ghost in the new movies, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Master Yoda at the end of Return of the Jedi. The same Jedi technique that allows fallen Jedi Knights to return back to life, also happens to be the same one Sith Lords can use to return from beyond the grave.

The details continue with the revelation that Palpatine was secretly training a new Sith apprentice before he died. I thought there only could be two Sith Lords; one master and one apprentice. Force ghost Palpatine would finish his apprentice’s training in the Sith Arts from beyond the grave. Honestly, this sounds dumb.


The Walking Dead, Now With More Horse

The Walking Dead MichonneEvery fan of The Walking Dead knows that Michonne is a certified badass. This may vary by degrees depending on whether we’re talking about Robert Kirkman’s comics, or AMC’s hit television show where actress Danai Gurira portrays the katana-wielding character, but I stand by this statement across the board. When the zombie drama returns to the airwaves—or cable feeds, as is the case—on Sunday, October 13, she’ll still be a badass, but this time she’ll have a horse.

Opting for a different mode of transportation makes a great deal of sense after the whole world goes to hell. There aren’t exactly gas stations on every corner anymore, and now that the dead have risen and are walking around, there are a finite number of fan belts left in the world. All the cars are bound for the scrap heap eventually. This is a fact that has been noted by producers and creators. For Gurira, however, this equine edition to the cast has also been a big change, and a challenge. Michonne may be comfortable on horseback, but the actress that plays her, not so much.