Neil Gaiman Up For A Third Doctor Who Episode, And Steven Moffat Agrees To Give Peter Jackson A Dalek

GaimanJacksonNeil Gaiman kicked many a Whovian’s salivary glands into overdrive when he first announced he was writing a Doctor Who episode back in 2010. Gaiman and Who is the sort of peanut-butter-and-chocolate combination that makes you wonder why it took them that long to make it happen. And things certainly turned out well for all involved: Gaiman’s first Who episode, “The Doctor’s Wife,” was quite lovely and earned the writer a Hugo Award. This past season he contributed a second, Cyberman-heavy episode, “Nightmare in Silver.” It wasn’t as good as his first, in my opinion, but it was still good fun and served as an excuse to cast Warwick Davis in the show. Now Gaiman has confirmed that he would love to pen another episode for the show…at some point.

That’s certainly not an official confirmation, but it sounds like the primary obstacle standing between Gaiman and another Who episode is — appropriately enough — time. He tells Doctor Who Online:

I definitely, definitely — I don’t want to be coy, you know with ‘Nightmare in Silver’ it was like I was being coy, but I figured they would like to have me, I would like to do more. The only problem that I’m having right now is the time that I probably would have spent writing a Doctor Who script this year suddenly got eaten by going on tour for this book. So, what I’m hoping, is that I can persuade Steven Moffat, instead of getting the BBC to pay me in cash, cos, you know, I’m now like this best-selling author — I’ve got enough money! Money is just fine! So I’m wondering if maybe I can get them to start paying me in time.


Quantum-Thruster Physics May Be The Key To Warp Drives

warp drive

Faster-than-light technology is one of those sci-fi inventions that I frequently wish was reality (along with replicators). I’ll take a Battlestar Galactica-style FTL drive, a Babylon 5 jump gate, or a Star Trek-style warp drive. I mean, it’s cool that the speed of light is so pivotal, but wouldn’t it be awesome to go even faster than that? It’s one of those wishes that scientists generally predict won’t come true (at least any time soon), like time travel. I take great pleasure in saying that those scientists might be wrong.

I guess one good thing about NASA being out of the space shuttle business is that they have some time to work on other stuff, such as warp drives. And since we know NASA doesn’t have extra money kicking around, if they’re working on it, it must be possible…right?


The World’s End Was Almost A Sequel To Shaun Of The Dead

The World's EndNow that the last movie in the “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy is now in theaters, hopefully it won’t be too long before director Edgar Wright works with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost again. A few years ago, it seemed like the trio wanted to go their separate ways, with Wright helming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Pegg and Frost heading over to the sci-fi comedy Paul. While the trio will most likely work together again at some point in the future, Edgar Wright recently revealed that The World’s End was almost a (somewhat) direct sequel to Shaun of the Dead.

On the Empire Magazine podcast, Wright explained that, in the very early stages of writing the screenplay for The World’s End with Simon Pegg, the film could have taken a different direction and become an actual sequel to their earlier film. Wright says:

This is going way way back, but there was at one point a really silly idea — one of those fanciful, pie in the sky ideas that we were excited about for about an afternoon and then thought, ‘That’s impossible…’ — where we thought of doing a sequel for Shaun of the Dead where it would be an alternate reality. Shaun would turn left instead of right and instead of it being a zombie film, it would be — I don’t know — a bodysnatchers film.


Star Trek Into Darkness Retail Exclusives Include Phasers And Starship Models

By this point, it’s pretty certain that you’ve already decided whether or not you plan to buy Star Trek Into Darkness when it comes out on home video next month. If you liked it, there’s a good chance you’ll want to add it to your collection. If you hated it, you might well be planning to shoplift a copy so you can burn it in a bonfire of mannequins made to look like J.J. Abrams. Hey, we’re not here to judge. But if you do plan on picking up Star Trek Into Darkness for non-inferno purposes, you’ve got some options when it comes to where you make your purchase. For instance, how badly do you need a replica phaser in your life?



NASA Accepting Bids On Moon Mission Launch Platforms

nasa launch pad
Do you have a lot of money, a huge backyard and a key interest in space memorabilia? You’re in luck! NASA recently announced they’re auctioning off their three mobile launch platforms. Now that NASA is moving forward with the Space Launch System, they’ll be modifying the launch pad created specifically for the Ares rocket, which was originally developed for a program to send people back to the moon. Out with the old and in with the new, eh?

So how big would your backyard need to be? The structures each weigh around 3,700 tons and are two stories tall. They’re essentially buildings all on their own, with plumbing and electrical cabling and the ability to vent rocket exhaust. I bet they smell pretty rank.

These are the same platforms used to launch the Apollo rockets, and were then modified for the upgraded space shuttles. They’re integral parts of American history, but that doesn’t mean they need to be discarded on the side of the road with that flower-patterned couch you finally forced yourself to get rid of. However, they’re much too big to fit inside your average museum, and while you’d expect these kinds of artifacts to end up somewhere as prestigious as the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, that outcome is highly implausible.


This Walking Dead Season Three Deleted Scene Features A Very Distant Rick Grimes

While season four of The Walking Dead doesn’t start for another two months, you can relive the magic with The Walking Dead season three available now on Blu-ray/DVD. There were some highs and lows with the third season of The Walking Dead, mainly high at the beginning and low at the end, but all in all it was the best season of the zombie TV series yet. To get your fix on the third season, watch the above deleted scene (via Entertainment Tonight) featuring Rick