This R2-D2 Cake Is The Greatest Birthday Cake EVER

I usually like to fly under the radar on my birthday—no big celebration, definitely no singing, and no cake. That’s about to change, thanks to my boundless jealousy over a six-year-old kid’s birthday cake.

Alexander Freilich has awesome parents who, for his sixth birthday, made him a chocolate layer R2-D2 cake. That in itself is impressive—I’ve never even seen the Cake Boss tackle Star Wars.

How does one top R2-D2 confectionary? By adding Leia’s holographic plea to Obi Wan from Star Wars episode IV, of course.

The cake’s outer layer of fondant doesn’t just allow for the coloring and shaping of the birthday droid. It also hides the infrastructure that makes the hologram projection possible. According to Marc Freilich’s blog, he constructed a frame out of wood and cardboard and inserted a vertical PVC pipe for support. Then, his wife baked six round chocolate cakes, which she layered with frosting and topped with a ring of cardboard (the fiber content of this cake is off the charts!) They frosted the whole thing and then covered it with marshmallow fondant. R2-D2’s legs are made of Rice Krispie treats covered in fondant and black icing.


New Divergent Photos Show Tris Crowdsurfing

DivergentIf Summit Entertainment has anything to say about it, 2014’s Divergent is going to replicate the massive success of The Hunger Games. It has all the key components: a strong female protagonist, a futuristic dystopian setting, and young, good-looking rebellious types. A new collection of images from the adaptation of Veronica Roth’s best-selling young adult novel, gives you a sneak peek of the action of the film.

The story of Divergent follows Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Shailene Woodley). In her future, the population of Chicago is segregated into factions based on one of five personality types: Amity (peaceful), Abnegation (selfless), Candor (honest), Erudite (intelligences), or Dauntless (brave). When 16-year-old Tris must decide which faction to join, she is classified as Divergent, or having an equal aptitude for multiple classifications. This makes her dangerous, though she is, at first, unsure why. She does ultimately uncover a plot to destroy all Divergents, though that might be a bit spoilery, so ignore that previous sentence.


Futurama Producer On Final Season And Being Canceled Yet Again

Fry & LeelaOne of the best science fiction TV shows over the last decade is Futurama. The animated TV series was first birthed on Fox in the late 90s and was unceremoniously canceled a few years later in 2003. Futurama made a comeback with four straight-to-DVD movies and eventually came back altogether to TV on Comedy Central in 2010. Sadly, after 140 episodes, Comedy Central will cancel Futurama at the end of its seventh season.

Futurama’s executive producer David X. Cohen talked to blastr.com about the upcoming second half of season seven and what Futurama fans can expect from the animated series’ end. Cohen expressed his gratitude towards Comedy Central for taking a chance on Futurama by bringing it back from the dead. The basic cable network ordered 52 new episodes of Futurama, extending its initial 26-episode order back in 2010. Cohen said:

When Comedy Central ordered the first set of 26 episodes, I thought that that was sort of a one-off deal to promote the fact that they had gotten the rights to the reruns. So I was pleasantly shocked when they ordered the second set of 26 episodes. It already exceeded all of my expectations for Comedy Central’s support of the show. I really can’t complain. It’s a little bit sad, but they allowed us to have a full, long run of the show that we were denied the first time around. So I don’t feel too bad overall.


The Earth Is Surrounded By A Six-Mile-High Cloud Of Bacteria

33000 FeetThirty-three thousand feet above the Earth is a harsh, desolate environment. At that point there’s almost no oxygen in the atmosphere, temperatures are below freezing, and there’s a ton of radiation, just to make the living conditions a little less hospitable. But even in these especially severe surroundings, there is life. Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered a cloud of billions of bacteria living more than six miles above the surface of the Earth.

Researchers flying a NASA jet gathered samples by sifting air through a filter and collecting particles. The team expected to find only a small number of microorganisms at that altitude, but when they began examining their samples, they made a surprising discovery. More than 20 percent of what they collected was actually alive.


Pacific Rim/Jaws Mashup Poster Needs A Bigger Robot

Pacific Rim Jaws PosterCreatures from the deep are awesome and terrifying. Like the shark in Jaws, or, in a couple of weeks, the Kaiju, the giant monsters from Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. One enterprising fan realized that there is a certain thematic connection between these two films, and the result is this pitch-perfect homemade poster.


Sony Gets Into The Robo Rebellion Business With Epsilon

Greg BerlantiIf you’re one of us who laments that Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse has been put on the back burner for the foreseeable future, we’ve got some good news for you. Sony is going to climb aboard the robot rebellion train. The studio plans to produce a science fiction adventure called Epsilon.

According to Variety, Epsilon is set in a future after “a failed robot rebellion sends Earth back to the analog age.” In the wake of their loss, some of the robots escape to a space station, where they raise human beings to raise as warriors, and use in laboratory experiments, plotting a little good old-fashioned revenge. One of these refugees is a robot named Epsilon. He’s all cool with this plan at first, but eventually has second thoughts, and “begins to question all he was led to believe.”

That’s a promising place to start from. You have robots, space, and revenge, what more can you ask out of a movie? Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been tapped to handle the script.