RoboCop Arriving In Detroit Today

RobocopToday is a special day in Detroit, and I’ll bet you can’t guess why. It has nothing to do with automobiles, hockey, or urban renewal. In fact, today’s special occasion involves something I never knew Detroiters were into: Robocop.

I mean, sure, the original 1987 film took place in dystopian Detroit, but I wouldn’t think Detroiters would yearn to be reminded of that, given the verisimilitude. And yet, the Detroit Police Department is abuzz this morning with preparations, and at noon, a 10-foot bronze RoboCop statue (which actually looks a little like C3PO) will arrive at the Public Safety Headquarters, where fans will swarm it for photo ops and pleas for protection.


Cross The Streams With Wil Wheaton, The Purge, And Animated Star Trek

Is it summer yet? It feels like it should be summer now, based just on the sweat content of my clothes. Does this have anything to do with sci-fi? Nope. I’m just hot. Enjoy the streaming choices this week. Johnny Five would want it that way.

The More Recent

The PurgeThe Purge (HBO Go)
With the upcoming sequel The Purge: Anarchy right around the corner and waiting to beat you over the head with a pipe or something, what better time to watch James DeMonaco’s original, The Purge? Well, there’s never really a good time to watch this flick, as it wastes a good concept with brick-stupid characters and sub-zero plotting. But it falls into that “so bad it’s ridiculous” category, and watching it is vaguely rewarding. Like the last round of Russian Roulette.


James Cameron Talks Cranking Out Scripts For Avatar 2, 3, And 4 At The Same Time

AvatarWriting a movie is rather serious undertaking. Writing three movies at the same time is a hellacious task and just seems kind of mean to yourself. Lucky for us, James Cameron is just this kind of masochistic bastard and is working on three movies at once. Sure, he has help, but he’s in the process of cranking out screenplays for Avatar 2, 3, and 4.

These aren’t tiny movies either, if the 2009 original—the highest grossing movie of all time—is any indication, all three of these sequels are going to be monumental feats in their own right. And since he plans to shoot all three films back-to-back-to-back, the scripts need to be in workable order before production begins, and he’s hired a pool of writers to help him along the way.


Extant: Halle Berry Tries To Solve A Mystery In This New Trailer

Of all the new TV series coming our way this summer, CBS’ drama Extant is one of the most interesting. It’s also the only one with multiple Academy Award-winners among the creative team. We’re talking, of course, about producer Steven Spielberg and star Halle Berry. But that’s not all it has going for it, there’s also space, aliens, and robots in the mix, and that’s enough to get our attention. The fact that it’s spooky, atmospheric, and full of X-Files style mystery and conspiracy is just icing. Check out this short new teaser trailer to see what we mean.

Astronaut Molly Woods (Berry) has been out in space by herself for more than a year. After an excursion like that, you have to assume that there will be a significant period of adjustment, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. But that’s not all, as you can see from this short video, there’s so, so much more going on, and the situation is way more complicated than they first appear.


Which Walking Dead Character Will Be The First To Die In Season Five?

The Walking DeadAMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead is notorious for killing off major characters. Maybe they don’t take it to a Game of Thrones level, but if you’re a character on the show, you can never be entirely comfortable that you won’t get offed at the drop of a hat. While there were a fair share of fireworks during season four, the body count, at least for main characters, was relatively low—there were, however, a number of people added between season three and four that were little more than canon fodder. The most recent season ends on one hell of a cliffhanger, with most of the survivors in immediate peril, and we may now know who the first big death of season five is going to be.

It should go without saying, but there are significant SPOILERS beyond this point, both for the show and Robert Kirkman’s comic book that serves as the source material. You’ve been warned.


James Cameron Says He’s Loosely Attached To Terminator: Genesis

James CameronTerminator: Genesis, the fifth installment of the cyborg-centric franchise, is currently filming in and around New Orleans. Purportedly a soft reboot of the series that began 30 years ago, the film will revisit iconic characters and scenes, adding a new, more time travel heavy spin to the proceedings. James Cameron is responsible for the first two Terminator films, which are the only ones really worth a damn—we do enjoy The Sarah Connor Chronicles, however. And while Genesis brings star Arnold Schwarzenegger back into the fold, Cameron is apparently involved as well, though in a very limited capacity.

Cameron doesn’t own any of the Terminator rights anymore, having sold them to help get the first movie made, which in turn helped launch his career. Over the weekend, the filmmaker appeared at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles, and during a Q&A session, he talked about his role in the new film. He won’t receive any credit on this installment, but he does say that he is “loosely attached” to Genesis.