A Guardians Of The Galaxy/Avengers Crossover Is Already In Progress

GuardiansNow that Guardians of the Galaxy has hit huge at the box office—the record-breaking weekend haul is more than $94 million domestically and north of $160 million world wide—the future of Marvel’s latest franchise looks bright. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 already has the green light and a July 28, 2017 release date on the schedule, but there’s even more in the works. The comic book giant already has plans in place for a crossover between the Guardians crew and The Avengers.

Pumping up the film, members of the cast and crew sat down for an interview with Yahoo U.K. When the subject of a potential tag team partnership came up, they confirmed that there have been continuing discussions, and that there is already a potential storyline in place. Though this sounds like it is going to go down, James Gunn, writer/director both Guardians and Guardians 2, teased that it’s possible that there might be some members missing from both sides.


Giant Freakin’ Bookshelf: Week Of August 4, 2014

As much as we love science fiction on TV, on the big screen, on the comics page, and in video game form, there’s just something irreplaceable about digging into a good book. There’s no shortage of new sci-fi adventures hitting shelves on a regular basis, but GFR is your one-stop shop to keep up with what’s hitting shelves in a given week. Here’s what’s new on the Giant Freakin’ Bookshelf!

ArrowsTime“The Arrows of Time” by Greg Egan

Hard science fiction’s grand master delivers the stunning conclusion to his Orthogonal trilogy.

In a universe where the laws of physics and the speed of light are completely alien to our own, the travelers on the ship Peerless have completed a generations-long struggle to develop advanced technology in a desperate attempt to save their home world. But as tensions mount over the risks of turning the ship around and starting the long voyage home, a new complication arises: the prospect of constructing a messaging system that will give the Peerless news of its own future.

While some see this as a guarantee of safety and a chance to learn of their mission’s ultimate success, others are convinced that the knowledge will be oppressive or worse — that the system could be abused. The conflict over this proposed communication system tears the travelers’ society apart, culminating in terrible violence. To save the Peerless and its mission, two rivals must travel to a world where time runs in reverse.

Continuing in the tradition of The Clockwork Rocket and The Eternal Flame, Greg Egan’s Orthogonal trilogy has continuously pushed the boundaries of scientific fiction, without ever losing track of the lives of the individuals carrying out this grand mission. The Arrows of Time brings this fascinating space opera to a close while offering insight into human nature and the struggles we face, both as individuals and as a species.


IBM’s Watson Is Also A Machine In The Kitchen

chef watsonIBM’s Watson is an impressive machine. In addition to kicking some major ass on Jeopardy, Watson has also directed its profound intelligence—or at least, ability to compile and analyze information—toward curing cancer, helping countries in Africa devise better systems for farming, education, and health care. Now, the machine’s got a new hobby: cooking. Or perhaps more accurately, creating new recipes.

Bon Appetit has partnered with IBM to test Watson’s meddle in the kitchen. It makes sense—as much as cooking can benefit from inspiration and innovation, there are unlikely combinations of foods that produce taste and texture results that those of us who aren’t chemists or molecular gastronomists might never be aware of. For those of you who watched House, remember when Dr. House took up cooking as a hobby to distract him from gobbling pills? He was amazing at it, because, well, because he’s amazing at everything, but also because of his precise scientific mind. And something tells me not even House can keep up with Watson, if only because Watson can keep all 9,000 Bon Appetit recipes it scanned while learning about culinary compounds and mixtures stored in its data banks.


The Killer Robots! Crash And Burn! Trailer Is A Crazy Time

If your weekend hasn’t had nearly enough weird ass robot action, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a trailer that should fill the bill just fine. All you need to do is gaze for a while at this wordless teaser trailer for Killer Robots! Crash and Burn, and it will add a healthy dose of mayhem to your weekend. No matter how exciting a time you’ve been having, this should elevate the madness a degree or two and get you ready to face yet another in an endless line of work weeks.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I like it. This video is a little bit like watching a Gwar video, or actually like watching a Gwar concert for that matter. What I do know is that this looks crazy as hell. There are all kinds of robots fighting each other, as well as futuristic looking humans that are also doing their best to battle evil automatons. Actually, I have no idea which ones are the heroes and which are the villains, but this looks so bananas that I don’t particularly care.


An Inventor Made A Giant Fart Machine—And Aimed It At France

Flatuence-MachineGFR has covered a couple of Colin Furze’s inventions, like the automatic Wolverine claws, Magneto boots, and flamethrower. Up until now, I’d have to say that my favorite of all of these creations is the Cake-O-Matic, which promises to elevate any birthday experience from good to utterly ridiculous. But Furze is nothing if not ambitious, and apparently he was just getting started. His latest creation will be tough to outdo: a giant flatulence machine.

Given his wacky antics, Furze says that people comment all the time that he must be a noisy fellow, and probably a pretty bad neighbor. I personally can’t think of someone I’d rather have next door—among other talents, he can probably fix absolutely anything—but I guess some people aren’t bowled over by his record-breaking runaway baby stroller. Anyway, those comments inspired him to be as loud as possible, which for him involved designing a huge, valve-less U-shape pulsejet that looks a little bit like a giant butt trumpet (you know, minus the valves). The pulsejet is a delightfully impractical invention, as most of its energy converts into noise and heat—let’s just say NASA won’t be using this as a rocket thruster anytime soon.


Divergent And Green Lantern Get The Honest Trailer Treatment

You ask for it, they listen. The folks over at Screen Junkies heard your cries and are back with two new additions to their popular Honest Trailers series. This time they take aim at the latest piece of the dystopian young adult landscape, Divergent, and one of the least popular superhero movies in recent memory, DC’s Green Lantern.

Divergent, or “not The Hunger Games as they call it, is a futuristic tale about a young, doe-eyed heroine who must defeat a sinister, scheming dictator. Yeah, they notice the similarities, too, except there’s no fight to the death, so things are totally, totally different things. There are also jabs at the set up, which is somehow simultaneously over simplified—people are sorted into groups based on a single personality trait—and ridiculously complex. They draw the parallels between Divergent and the laundry list of other popular YA movies, like Harry Potter and Twilight. And especially the creepy romance between Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Shailene Woodley) and her much, much older instructor, Four (Theo James). But it’s okay because he’s so dreamy.