The Walking Dead Season 5 Poster Gives You Two Options: Hunt Or Be Hunted

The Walking DeadAMC’s The Walking Dead has always been a grim affair. From the very first episode when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up to find that zombies have taken over the world and has to shoot a little girl zombie in the head, you know that this is not a happy-go-lucky, everybody-hug-and-laugh kind of situation. What we’ve seen thus far from the upcoming season 5 of the massive hit, including this new poster, they’re trying to even top themselves in that regard.

This new image is purportedly the main poster for the upcoming installment, and as you can extrapolate from what you see here, sailing is probably not going to get any smoother for our intrepid band of survivors. Evoking a predator/prey dynamic with the “Hunt or be Hunted” tagline, fans are likely in for a brutal, bloody time.


Russian Geckos Die Before They Can Have Sex In Space

gecko spaceOn July 19, Russia’s Institute of Medico-Biological Problems launched the Foton-M4, a research satellite that contained geckos, fruit flies, mushrooms, and bacteria. They wanted to see what the effects of microgravity would have on these species, particularly on their sexual behavior. No one really knows how reproduction works—or if it works—in space, so before we send people up there, it makes sense for other animals to give it a whirl first. Five days later, the Foton-M4 stopped responding to commands, prompting concern for the geckos, whose equipment was working in automatic mode.

The craft never reached its intended orbit. Communication was reestablished roughly a week later, and program officials were confident that the geckos would be okay. Unfortunately, that appears not to be the case. The satellitereentered Earth’s atmosphere this weekend—a few weeks ahead of the planned return—and when scientists opened the gecko capsule, they were all dead. And what’s even sadder, they never even got to have sex in space.


Disney Refused Stan Lee’s Original Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo

stan leeMarvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is, in addition to being the top domestic box office earner of 2014, a movie full of crazy characters, distant settings, and enough strangeness to fill at least a couple of giant spaceships. But, for all of the outlandish creatures and cameos, there is one that parent company Disney gave director James Gunn and company a hard no on. By now you probably know that comic legend Stan Lee shows up in every Marvel movie, and Guardians is no exception. Disney, however, weren’t about to let him do what he was originally slated to do.

Talking to Collider at Dragon Con recently, Gunn, and his brother Sean, who appears in the movie, dished on what they originally had in store for Lee. In the movie we all saw in theaters, Lee is credited as “Xandarian Ladies Man,” and is basically shown for a brief moment hitting on women on the planet of Xandar, hence the moniker. What Gunn originally had planned, however, was something with a little bit more edge to hit. The report reads:


Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer Brings A Ton Of Giant Creatures To The Party

Gareth Edward’s low-budget 2010 creature feature Monsters may be an uneven movie—there are hints of greatness, but there are problems to be sure—but it certainly had a huge impact. Not only did it land the first time director/editor/writer/special effects guy the gig directing the Godzilla reboot that stomped through theaters earlier this summer (and a subsequent job directing one of the new standalone Star Wars movies), it also spawned a sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent, which is here with this new trailer to check out.

Immediately, you notice that this is a very different movie from Monsters, just in terms of scope and scale. The first film is little more than two characters walking through the jungle, trying not to encounter any massive space beasts in the quarantined “Infected Zone.” You rarely, if ever, get to see the world beyond, or even the titular monsters. Here, however, they’re all over the place, you go to different places, and even see things in space to a degree. And in this two-minute video there’s already more monster action than in almost all of the first film, at least up until the very end.


Watch Karen Gillan Shave Her Head For Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the kind of movie where damn near everyone involved had to undergo some kind of massive transformation. Most of them involved make up and special effects, like Dave Bautista getting painted blue every day to play Drax, or Zoe Saldana undergoing a similar regimen for Gamora, only with green instead of blue. A few were more long term and time consuming, like Chris Pratt’s transformation from schluby comic relief on NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation to the chiseled, six-pack-having leading man you see in the film. And then there were actors buried under tons of practical and digital special effects. One of the most obvious changes, however, was Karen Gillan shaving off all of her hair, which you can now see in this video.

I had the patience to grow my hair long once in my life (and it wasn’t all that long in reality), and even though I hated it, the decision to hack it off was somewhat traumatic because I knew how much time it took to get to that point. And for someone as known for their hair as Gillan is for her lovely red locks, I can only imagine how hesitant she was to make this decision. I’m sure the fact that it was for an important role in a big film, on a scale she’s never worked before in her career, softened the blow a few degrees, but still.


Shaun Of The Dead And The World’s End Figures Your Latest Must Have Toys

Shaun of the DeadJust because Edgar Wright’s so-called Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy is over doesn’t mean we’re magically going to stop loving them. They’re too good for that. Those three loosely related siblings—thematically connected rather than plot or story wise—may be done, but we can still celebrate the awesomeness that Wright and co-conspirators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost brought into the world. And one way to do it is with action figures.

Of the three films—Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End—only the first and the last really fall into the sci-fi category, but that’s okay, we still love you Hot Fuzz. And we’re far from the only fans wandering around out here. Evil Corp has now created these three sets of figurines to commemorate the films, and they are pretty damn fantastic. Each set pairs Pegg and Frost’s respective characters, bringing them together again, and for you to control this time.