James Cameron-Supported School Cutting Meat And Dairy From Lunches

MUSEJames Cameron is famous for many things, movies and lawsuits most notable among them. But he is also involved with many other causes, especially education. His wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, founded the MUSE school in California, the goal of which can be summed up in a sentence: “Inspiring and preparing young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.” Sounds pretty good. Cameron backs the school financially, and also participates in some of its programs, like when he brought elementary and middle school students to the Cameron ranch to see the Deepsea Challenger submarine, which once took Cameron to the lowest point on Earth, the Mariana Trench. Now both Camerons have set their sights on another area of the school, the lunches.

School lunches are straight up nasty, especially given the weak showing of the FDA, which believes ketchup is a vegetable. The food is also not particularly eco-friendly, which is part of why a bunch of schools have adopted the “Meatless Monday” program. Cutting out meat for even one day helps reduce environmental strains. But since the MUSE school’s mission involves sustainability and creates partnerships with green industries and organizations, they want to go a step further by cutting out all meat and dairy, becoming the first school to install a fully plant-based lunch program.


Alamo Drafthouse Bans Google Glass

glassI was in Michigan for the past week, and while driving in downtown Kalamazoo, I noticed that the old movie theater had been replaced by an Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theater with tables and food and beverage service. It’s a fun idea, and I idly wondered how much business the new one would bring in, oblivious to what was brewing in Alamo Drafthouse management: the banning of Google Glass.

Yep, the smart glasses have taken yet another hit, although it makes more sense to ban them in a movie theater than it does to ban them in a bar. I mean, sure, people can still record movies with their phones and whatnot, but Glass makes it even easier to do that. The issue first came up earlier this year when a guy in Columbus, Ohio wore his prescription lens Google Glass to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. I’m not sure why he wanted to see the movie in such great detail, but that’s beside the point, and apparently he had been wearing his Glass everywhere for the previous two months, including to that same theater twice. The guy turned Glasses off before the movie started, using them only for the prescription lenses. About an hour into the show, a man with a badge approached the guy’s seat, tore the Glasses off his face and then directed him outside, where a bunch of cops were waiting.


Los Angeles Really Wants George Lucas’ Cultural Arts Museum

george lucasWhen Star Wars creator George Lucas first proposed his visual arts mainstay, the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, it was presumed it would be built and housed in San Francisco, not too far from Lucas’ hometown of Modesto, California. But talks between the filmmaker and the city never actually reached the action stage, and so the museum began looking at other places, most likely Chicago, where a riverfront location as the optimal spot. But Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has a better idea for Lucas: put the museum in L.A.!

Taking advantage of social media’s power to sway people, Garcetti advised his citizens to show their love and support for their city by taking to Twitter with the hashtag “#WhyLucasInLA,” along with their reasons why the museum belongs in L.A. and photos or videos of potential locations. To say that the campaign was a success would be understating things.


Simon Pegg May Have A Secret Star Wars: Episode VII Role

simon peggWith the constant rumors flowing in and around the production of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, it always helps when one turns out to be extremely exciting. Although, the disappointment is that much more severe when the rumors turn out not to be true. The latest and greatest in this long line of unproven reports involves the ever-amiable Simon Pegg having a small, secret role at some point during Episode VII. But let’s not start creating “Pegg holding a lightsaber” fan art just yet.

This potential news bite comes from IGN, a far superior source to many online rumor mills. We all know that production recently wrapped up in Abu Dhabi, where leaked set photos gave rabid fans their first non-Abrams-approved look at the film. And though we didn’t see Pegg in any of those pictures, sources say that the World’s End actor was there on the set, and that he was shooting scenes.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Featurette Celebrates Those Doing Good On Earth

Guardians of the Galaxy is coming soon—August 1 will be here before you know it—and Marvel is gearing up to unleash their cosmic adventure. The movie is about mismatched group of space outlaws who come together for a greater purpose, to save the galaxy, and now the studio is teaming up with some other partners to celebrate and support young people doing what they can to save this world. Check out this video feature called “Guardians of Good.”

The video starts off with like a standard behind the scenes feature, with key members of the cast and crew, like director James Gunn, and stars Chris Pratt and Vin Diesel, discussing the film. They talk about the unlikely crew that includes a petty thief, Star-Lord (Pratt); a green-skinned assassin, Gamora (Zoe Saldana); a large blue maniac, Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista); and two hooligans, Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and his eight-foot-tall alien tree BFF, Groot (Diesel).


A Long Lost Star Wars TV Show Could Inform A Standalone Han Solo Movie

Han SoloEarlier today we wrote about Star Wars vet Lawrence Kadsan (The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) writing the script for the Boba Fett-based standalone film that’s coming after Episode VII drops in 2015. Godzilla director Gareth Edwards will direct the first spinoff, while Chronicle’s Josh Trank will play the same role for the second. That film will supposedly revolve around the early days of everyone’s favorite scruffy Nerf Herder, Han Solo. While that project is still way off in the distance, supposedly it won’t come down until 2018, it may draw heavily from a discarded Lucasfilm project called Star Wars Underworld.

Underworld is one of those mythical pieces of Star Wars lore that we’ve heard rumblings about for years but never actually seen. It was originally supposed to be a live action television show. Eventually the show was abandoned because, economically speaking, it would have been insanely unfeasible to film a weekly, serialized show of this magnitude. But according to Slashfilm, who did some digging into the matter, this could figure prominently into the Han Solo movie.