The Walking Dead Might Get Banned In China Next Year Because Of This

the walking deadI’m not sure how many of our readers, if any, are Chinese citizens, but there’s a good chance they won’t be catching up one of the most popular series on television, The Walking Dead, five months from now. And The Walking Dead is only the tip of the gore-soaked iceberg, as the Chinese government is cracking down on online streaming sites, both legal and illegal.

Last month, TV viewers all over the country were shocked and disappointed to find that Chinese authorities shut down two of the nation’s most used file-sharing sites, meaning access to hundreds of U.S. TV episodes (along with their Chinese subtitles) were completely vanquished. Moving forward, the government has made it clear that, starting in April, they’re tasking broadcast regulators with only approving less mature content to go through their legal streaming sites, such as Sohu, a site where over 103 million views have been tabulated for Netflix’s flagship political drama House of Cards. That show, with its sex-for-power plot points and negative talk about China’s communism, will definitely be on the cutting block. It seems like even the words “cutting block” will be removed.


This Critters Short Film Is Almost Too Good To Be True

Though never one of the most popular or quotable sci-fi horrors of the 1980s, Stephen Herek’s 1986 flick Critters is still a solid, intentionally goofy creature feature. (Though the same can’t be said for its lackluster sequels.) In any case, the professionally shot fan-made film, Critters: Bounty Hunter, seen below, is a reminder that not all reimaginings need to suck balls. Cut the lights, grab the Pasta Roni and check it out.


Oscar Isaac Says Those Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Theories Are All Wrong

star wars the force awakensWith just a little less than a year to go before the massive release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, anticipation couldn’t be higher, and neither could the number of fan theories currently making up roughly 115% of Internet chatter. But just in case you thought all the stuff you were reading about was completely legit and based on good info, actor Oscar Isaac is here to wash all that away.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Isaac shared about as much as he possibly could without having J.J. Abrams send out a pack of wild dogs to hunt him down. When asked about the leaks, here’s what Isaacs had to say:


The Force Awakens Trailer Collides With Guardians, Goes Retro, And Gets Bay-ified

Guardians of the Galaxy proved all the naysayers wrong and became one of the highest grossing films of the year, currently sitting at $772 million worldwide. It also helped make big-screen space operas cool again, with that momentum set to continue with the upcoming Star Wars films (and, hopefully, the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending won’t suck). In a lot of ways, Guardians was a better Star Wars movie than any of the prequels, but what would Star-Lord and company look like if slathered with some more direct Star Wars trappings? Check out YouTuber Bobby Burns’ mashup of Guardians and Star Wars to see for yourself.


The Ninth Doctor Brings Rose And Captain Jack Along For A Series Of New Adventures

Doctor WhoTitan Comics currently has three Doctor Who titles running, but they’re about to expand their horizons even further. Joining the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors on the funny book pages, the Ninth Time Lord is going to get his very own miniseries in the coming months. Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is even bringing some familiar faces along for the ride, as both Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness will be right there along side him as he pilots the TARDIS.

The first installment of the five-issue miniseries is scheduled to hit comic book stores on March 11, 2015, and send the Ninth Doctor and his two fan-favorite companions on a series of exciting adventures. In the wake of World War II, the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack discover that Time Lord technology has been lost only to resurface on the intergalactic black market. Now you can imagine how some ne’er-do-well with his very own TARDIS could wreak havoc across time and space, so the trio steps up in order to prevent another Time War and stop history from repeating itself.


Walking Dead And Twilight Zone Marathons Make Up This Week’s TV Picks


Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon (BBC America, 8 a.m. / 7c)

BBC will be kicking things off this week with a tour through a bunch of fifth season Next Gen episodes, beginning with the excellent “Unification” two-parter. (That’s the one where Leonard Nimoy returns in the role of Spock, teaming with Picard for a dangerous mission into Romulan space.)

The Walking Dead marathon (AMC, 9 a.m. / 8c)

If your tastes run more towards post-apocalyptic survival than interstellar diplomacy, AMC is marathoning all the way through The Walking Dead beginning Tuesday morning and running through damn near till dawn.