Doctor Who Comic Books Get Covers And Creative Teams

Doctor Who ComicsWhovians may not be seeing fan favorites David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Tenth and Eleventh Doctor’s on the small screen anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone from our lives forever. Titan Comics plans to release two-dimensional versions of the continuing adventures of the last two Time Lords. Now the BBC has released the covers for both titles, as well providing some details about the creative teams behind the new books, and unveiling a few vague plot details just to make things interesting.

These covers both come from the paintbrush of artist Alice X. Zhang, who has done fantastic work with popular franchises like The Hunger Games, The Lord of the Rings, and even Sherlock, among many others. In addition to being easy on the eyes, these portraits images do a good job of capturing the overall mood, personalities, and countenances of the respective Doctors. It doesn’t tell you much about what the stories inside actually look like, but they’ll definitely catch your eye on the shelves of your local comic book shop, and capture the imagination of Doctor Who fans everywhere.


Smart Guns May Make Us All Safer

Armatix iP1Given the refusal of some politicians to tighten gun laws, it’s time to consider other options when it comes to making guns safer (because we all know we can’t really make people safer). Remember that James Bond-style smart gun that was struggling to raise enough crowd-funding capital? Well, the company, Safe Gun Technology (SGTi), never did raise that money on Indiegogo, racking up just over $2,000 of a 50K goal. But that hasn’t deterred other from developing their own models, and companines like Armatix are now selling its iP1 .22 caliber pistol.


The Purge: Anarchy Will Run Amok This July

godfaceLast year, one of the biggest box office surprises was the movie The Purge. The alternative future/home invasion horror movie grossed $89.3 million worldwide on a budget of a mere $3 million. Despite mixed reviews, Universal Studios greenlit a sequel immediately. Considering Blumhouse Productions, the production company behind The Purge, is known for keeping their movie budgets low and their turnaround quick, it’s not surprising that the sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, was due in theaters just a year later, in summer 2014. It was supposed to come out this June, but Universal decided to push it back another month.

Deadline reports that the Purge: Anarchy will now hit theaters on July 18 instead of June 20. While the studio didn’t say why they’re moving the film, it’s likely thought it might find a bigger box office in July. Anarchy was supposed to open against Think Like a Man Too, the highly anticipated sequel for the equally highly successful 2012 film starring Kevin Hart, who has been killing it in Hollywood lately with movies such as Ride Along and About Last Night. The Purge sequel was also supposed to open against Jersey Boys, the Clint Eastwood-directed film adaptation of the popular Tony-Award winning Broadway musical.


Ultra-Low-Budget Monster Movie Skinless Will Make Theatrical Premiere Next Month

Warning! The trailer below is pretty NSFW (unless you work in a human slaughterhouse) for blood-covered nudity.

If you give me two thousand dollars and an idea for a movie, chances are I’ll use the money to pay some debts and then I’ll just obsess over the idea in my head every night instead of sleeping. But a person like Dustin Mills will take the money and a couple of weeks and he’ll churn out a horror like nobody’s business. And his films might not be in your business if you don’t happen to pay attention to indie cinema’s darkest crevices, but if you happen to live in or around Cleveland, you can make yourself acquainted with Mills’ latest release, Skinless, as Phantom Pain Films will be holding a midnight debut at the Cedar Lee Theater on March 8, with another screening at the Capitol Theater on March 15. If you’re like me and you live nowhere near Cleveland, there’s still hope that the film may one day come to a town near you.


Zombeavers Shoots For Oscar Votes With Self-Mocking Parody Posters

Zombeavers-Awards-HerThe Academy Awards are airing Sunday night, and sci-fi is making a fine showing with both Her and Gravity getting a slew of nominations in a variety of categories. And while all of the nominees are locked down and can’t be changed — except when it’s found out that financial lobbying went into it, as was the case with a Best Song nominee — producers Armory Films and BenderSpink are running an extremely early “For Your Consideration” campaign to get the upcoming horror comedy Zombeavers on the minds of 2015′s Oscar voters. Not as many “death by tail paddling” threats as I would have liked, but these posters are spectacular.


Tom Baker Talks Doctor Who (And Eats Jelly Babies) In 1974 Interview

Doctor Who fans are eagerly awaiting the adventures of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor when the show returns later this year. But while we can’t zip forward to avoid the long wait, we can do what the Doctor would do: go explore another time period and come back later. And while we don’t have a TARDIS, we do have YouTube, and it can magically transport us back to 1974, when a curly-haired eccentric named Tom Baker was about to take over the beloved sci-fi series as the Fourth Doctor, picking up from Jon Pertwee’s number Three.