Lego Predator Won’t Let You Get To The Lego Choppa

PredatorIt’s kind of ridiculous how big a thing Lego has become over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, I love those crazy blocky yellow bastards, and spent a good portion of my formative years snapping them into assorted pleasing configurations and leaving them around for my parents to step on while barefoot. But I’ll fully admit I couldn’t wrap my brain around the whole concept of making Lego video-game versions of things like Batman or Indiana Jones or Harry Potter. Then I actually played those games and was forced to concede that they’re pretty damn charming. The mega-hit Lego Movie showed us how much fun Lego-fied things can be when combined with a silly sense of humor and a dash of creativity, so I’ve given in, I’ve swapped sides: let’s Lego-fy the entire world! Especially if we can start by having somebody make a real Lego version of Dutch and the ugly dreadlocked MF’er up top.


Star Wars: Episode VII Set Visit Brought Kevin Smith To Tears

SmithWe’ve had plenty of disappointing or depressing news lately about Star Wars: Episode VII. Harrison Ford broke his leg. J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy are allegedly sparring with Bob Iger over release dates, and so on. How about some purely happy news about Episode VII, even if it involves some tears? Because they’re happy tears, see? Can’t you tell from the picture?

Kevin Smith’s Star Wars bona fides and love for George Lucas’ franchise are long since established, cemented onscreen by rants about Death Star contractors and Darth Vader being revealed as “a feeble, crusty old white man” underneath his helmet. For all his success, he’s very much one of us, a true fanboy who chased his passion into a career but never lost his love for the stuff he grew up with. So you can understand why getting to visit the London set of Episode VII and see the Star Wars universe coming back to life might put a lump in a guy’s throat and a tear in his eye. That’s apparently what happened to Smith, who took to social media to share his emotional moment, complete with a look of childlike wonder and a snotty nose. Here’s the caption he included with the picture up top:


Extant Clip Introduces Halle Berry To Her Mysterious Space Baby Daddy

WTF, CBS? Against my better wishes, I am anticipating the shit out of the network’s newest mystery drama, Extant. In my mind, it’s the perfect kind of show. A strong female lead in Halle Berry, a conspiracy-laden plot that is heavily invested in potentially supernaturalish space travel, and androids. It’s really a surprise that CBS teamed up with Stephen Spielberg’s Amblin Television to produce this high-concept series; at least, until you watch the clip above, and it becomes frustratingly clear that the network is not going to be upping its game with this one.


Dean Devlin Says Stargate Reboot Will Return To His Original Plans For A Trilogy

StargateStar Trek and Star Wars are the undisputed titans of sci-fi TV and film, two franchises that have found insane success across multiple media, far beyond their original roots. But there’s a third Star-related franchise out there, and while it might not be as massively successful as the creations of Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas, it still managed to expand far beyond what anyone could have expected when a little flick called Stargate hit theaters in October 1994. Now, after having lain fallow for a few years, original movie co-creator Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are set to resurrect Stargate as a new trilogy of films…but Devlin says it will actually be a return to their original vision for the world of that first film.

Stargate was a decent success at the box office back in the day, bringing in nearly $200 million worldwide. You’d think that would suggest a sequel as the natural way to forward, and indeed, that’s what Devlin and Emmerich had planned. That sequel never materialized, but instead we got Stargate SG-1, which premiered in 1997 and ran for five seasons on Showtime before shifting over to the Sci-Fi Channel for five more. Along the way it spawned two more TV spin-offs, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, not to mention assorted books, comics, games, and the like. When Universe folded after only two seasons in 2011, the Stargate franchise went into limbo. Dean Devlin is dragging it out, and back onto the big screen, to finish what he started with the original film.


Steven Moffat Will Be Back For Doctor Who Season 9, And The Cybermen For Season 8

MoffatWe only recently found out when the Doctor will be making his return for Doctor Who’s eighth modern season — on Saturday, August 23 — kicking off a new era of Who with a brand-new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi. And that’s not all that’s new, since the Twelfth Doctor is the first of a whole new regeneration cycle for the time lord thanks to The Time of the Doctor, which means we should hopefully be getting another 50 years of the Doctor’s adventures at the very least. But while we’ve got a new season, and we’ve got a new Doctor, one familiar presence is staying constant. Showrunner Steven Moffat is still at the helm, and it sounds like he’ll be sticking around for a while yet.

Matt Smith beginning his tenure as the Eleventh Doctor coincided with Moffat taking over as executive producer and showrunner, so the departure of Smith last year might have seemed like a natural time for Moffat to make his exit. But he’s clearly not done telling Who stories, and Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will give him the chance to tell a different type of Who stories. And in a column for Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat seems to confirm that he’ll keep spinning his tales of the time lord through two more seasons at least — the impending eighth and the inevitable ninth. Moffat writes:


The Kings Of Summer’s Nick Robinson Joins Chloe Moretz In The 5th Wave

nick robinson the kings of summerCareer boosts don’t get much bigger than the one that actor Nick Robinson is currently experiencing. After having a steady role on TV and one breakout part in an indie film, Robinson snagged a role in Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming Jurassic World and has now been added to Sony Pictures big-screen adaptation of the novel The 5th Wave. Can we get this guy in a Star Wars spin-off and keep him in sci-fi for a while?

Robinson will be joining the already cast Chloe Moretz and the also newly cast Alex Roe, a London actor perhaps best known for a run on the British teen soap opera The Cut. One attractive young actor deserves another, I suppose, though this plot doesn’t sound like anyone will be running around all gussied up.

Based on the highly popular 2013 novel from author Rick Yancey, the J. Blakeson-directed The 5th Wave is a post-apocalyptic tale (naturally) that focuses on 16-year-old Cassie Sullivan (Moretz), one of the only remaining survivors on Earth after wave after wave after wave after wave of destructive alien attacks. (That fifth wave is happening!) Cassie is trying to save her younger brother, but that whole “nearly everyone else on Earth has been killed” thing is kind of an obstacle.