Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adds These Three Actors From The Raid

The RaidNow that production has wrapped and we’re less than a year away, it seems strange to just be learning about actors that are going to appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but if this latest bit of news does in fact turn out to be true, it has the potential to be totally badass. Three actors who play significant roles in Gareth Evans’ bonkers action flicks The Raid and The Raid 2 are apparently going to show up in The Force Awakens.

According to Twitch’s sources, the trio of Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, and Cecep Arif Rahman will lend their crazy martial art talents to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming space opera. There’s no word about who they play, if they’re good or evil, or even if we’ll see them in any capacity other than glorified stunt performers. But none of that matters because whatever they’re doing will be awesome, and this is a huge piece of good news for all of you hoping for more practical action rather than CGI composites.


Yoda Makes His Presence Known On Star Wars Rebels: This Week’s TV Picks

Along with the Clone Wars cartoon, Star Wars Rebels is one of the first projects to fit into the new streamlined Star Wars canon. The show’s producers have often teased that characters and in Rebels may appear or be referenced in the upcoming live action films beginning with The Force Awakens, but that crossover also extends to existing characters turning up in Rebels. We saw Obi-Wan — or at least his hologram — early in the series, but tonight another legendary Jedi will cross paths with the Ghost crew…even if he doesn’t physically appear. Check out Kanan’s close encounter with Jedi Master Yoda below.


12 Monkeys: Watch The First 9 Minutes Of Syfy’s Remake Here

Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, their adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s 1995 time travel thriller of the same name, is set to debut in less than two weeks, and the network has been pushing their latest endeavor hard in the days leading up to the premiere. And that includes this latest offering, which is the first nine minutes of the pilot conveniently packaged for your consumption. Check it out below.


Star Wars: Here’s What Aaron Paul Has To Say About That Han Solo Movie

han solo star warsWith Star Wars: The Force Awakens now less than a year away, that’s obviously been the hot topic of discussion when it comes to Star Wars, but there’s so much else going on. Not only are the Episode movies in the works, but Lucasfilm has a handful of standalone movies on the way as well. At the tail end of December, we heard that the first film could focus on some version of Han Solo and feature Aaron Paul. That, however, was apparently news to the Breaking Bad star.

Even though Paul was linked to the film, and possibly up for one of the leads, there was no word on what his role would be and whether or not he was being considered to play the iconic space rogue. Though he doesn’t really fit the mold, so it’s easy to assume they were talking about another character. The initial report said he was “looking to be attached” to the film, whatever the hell that means, but according to this tweet, that’s not the case:


Giant Freakin’ Bookshelf: New SF Books For The Week Of Jan. 5, 2015

As much as we love science fiction on TV, on the big screen, on the comics page, and in video game form, there’s just something irreplaceable about digging into a good book. There’s no shortage of new sci-fi adventures hitting shelves on a regular basis, but GFR is your one-stop shop to keep up with what’s hitting shelves in a given week. Here’s what’s new on the Giant Freakin’ Bookshelf!

City1“City 1” by Gregg Rosenblum

From the creators of Homeland and American Horror Story comes City 1, the chilling finale to the Revolution 19 trilogy.

The time has come to win the cities back from the bots — or die trying.

After finally reuniting at a rebel camp, siblings Nick, Kevin, and Cass are willing to do anything to stay together — and free their parents from bot rule. But the leader of the rebel camp has her own ideas. Cruel and determined, General Clay won’t let anything stand in the way of her plan to destroy the robots and all the brainwashed humans. For Nick, Kevin, and Cass, this means their parents’ lives are at stake, but they can’t desert the rebels when they’re so close to freedom. How far will they go to save the world they believe in?


Help Unmake History With These 12 Monkeys Promos

Syfy’s 12 Monkeys is now less than two weeks away, and the network is doing their damndest to hype up their latest foray into creating original content. We recently explored some of the ways the show will be different from Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film, and now there’s this short video tease, as well as some new images that shed light on the world the series tries to create.

This video doesn’t really do much besides hint at some action and dangle the idea of fate out there for the audience. Like the film, the premise revolves around a future world decimated by a vicious plague, where the survivors send James Cole (Aaron Stanford) back in time on a mission to prevent this pandemic, thus saving the human race.