Comic(s) Relief: Ash & The Evil Dead Chainsaw The Final Frontier

If you’re looking for some nostalgic reads this week, the comic book world has got your back. You can read a new issue of Dynamite’s Army of Darkness series. The AoD series has taken Ashley Williams and the Deadites into the final frontier, stranding Ash on a space station…and the station’s computer has been possessed by the evil of the Necronomicon! You can check out a gallery from the new issue below.


5 Underappreciated Time Travel Movies To Watch After Predestination

predestinationThe Spierig Brothers’ time travel thriller Predestination hits theaters at the end of this week (we’ll have a full review to accompany the release). While we hope many of you go see it, as it’s totally worth a few hours of your life, we think that a lot of people may sit this one out. After all, January can be a rough month at the theater, quality wise. Though the film is being marketed as a time-hopping crime story in the vein of Minority Report and TimeCop, that’s not what you’re going to see. Deliberately paced, continually shifting perspectives, and inherently weird, Predestination feels like a movie that the distributor has no idea how to sell, and as a result we’re afraid that this will fall into a category of films that, while excellent, are totally underappreciated. And in that spirit, we’d like to take the opportunity to explore some of our favorite under-the-radar time travel movies.

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The Guardians Of The Galaxy Characters James Gunn Couldn’t Use

guardians of the galaxyComic book movies are generally geared towards audiences with a broad knowledge of the source material, but in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn was bringing out characters that the majority of the world wasn’t familiar with at all. And because Marvel Comics characters aren’t solely tethered to Marvel Studios, there were a few characters Gunn wanted to use that had to be left behind, and it should surprise absolutely no one that these characters are even more obscure. Their names? Bug and Rom: SpaceKnight, both of which were on the tip of your tongue, I’m sure.


Watch John McClane Battle Aliens And Predators In This Incredible Fan Video

We just survived Christmas, and I know there are a lot of us out there who consider Die Hard to be the best holiday movie ever made. Facing off against Hans Gruber and his gang of international mercenaries is harrowing indeed, but this new video that appeared at the end of last year imagines Bruce Willis’ John McClane tangling with two even more vicious foes, Predator and the Xenomorph’s from Alien. And with no further ado, here is Die Hard: Alien vs. Predator.


Amazon Launches The Man In The High Castle As Part Of Their New Pilot Season

HighCastleWe just found out that one potentially cool sci-fi-themed project at Amazon isn’t going to happen, as news came down that X-Files creator Chris Carter’s apocalyptic The After isn’t going to move forward. But the online retail monolith did officially announce their first pilot season for 2015, and it includes the most exciting project they’ve ever attempted, at least from our perspective, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, and they also unveiled some new details about the pilot.

The way this works is, starting on January 15, all of the pilots will be available to watch on Amazon Instant Video. You can check them out, rate them, provide feedback, and vote for your favorites. At the end, some of these projects will get full series orders, and others won’t. This is a cool, egalitarian model, though it has yet to result in anything truly noteworthy, but maybe that will change this time.


There’s Bad News If You Were Looking Forward To Chris Carter’s The After

the afterRemember a while back when X-Files creator Chris Carter had a new show, The After, in the works? It was part of one of the Amazon pilot program where you can watch the first episode of a bunch of shows and vote on which ones gets made into a real series. That was back in February 2014, and the show was given the go ahead for more episodes the next month, and that was the last we heard, until now. And the news isn’t good if you were hoping for more, because plans for the series have been scrapped.

According to Variety, Amazon has decided not to proceed with The After, though there hasn’t been any official reason given at this time. A brief statement from Amazon Studios vice president Roy Price only says that they’re not going to move forward with the project, and thanks Carter and the rest of the cast and crew.