X-Men: Apocalypse Is Looking At Tom Hardy For This Major Role

Tom HardyAll the current superhero casting hype lately has revolved around who is going to play Doctor Strange in director Scott Derrickson’s upcoming version of the character for Marvel. And that’s justified, fans have been clamoring to see Stephen Strange onscreen for years. Damn near every actor in Hollywood has been rumored in connection with the part (I feel like eventually I’m going to be linked to the role), but buried under all these reports and speculation, there’s another interesting superhero casting rumor. Fox reportedly wants Tom Hardy could play a villain in the next X-Men movie.

Continuing down their timeline-tweaking, not-quite-a-reboot path that started with X-Men: First Class and picked up this summer with X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse is up next. According to reports, the studio is after Hardy to play the role of the titular villain in the Bryan Singer-directed mutant adventure. Right now he’s being “courted,” and what that means remains to be seen—he could be in talks, or maybe he’s just at the top of the wishlist, we don’t really know.


This MIT-Developed Yogurt Detects Cancer

YogurtScientists have used all kinds of brilliant and unexpected methods to detect cancer, such as a mantis-shrimp-inspired polarizing light scanner, nanodiamonds, and the sniffing power of bees. Of course, science has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to a disease that changes as it spreads to new organs and adapts to—and often bests—the chemotherapy and radiation treatments designed to stop it. Now, thanks to MIT professor Sangeeta Bhatia, there’s another hot new weapon in cancer detection: yogurt.

We’ve covered some of Bhatia’s work before on GFR, and her contributions to science garnered a prestigious $500,000 prize. Lately, she’s been turning her attention to colorectal cancer, which according to the American Cancer Society afflicts 5% of Americans. Early detection is tough with this variety of the disease—typical approaches include MRIs and colonoscopies. Despite Katie Couric’s televised attempt at making a colonoscopy seem not that bad, everyone knows that the procedure sucks, including the guzzling of nausea-inducing quantities of barium the night before. And even when people undergo colonoscopies at the prescribed intervals, they’re not foolproof. (Unfortunately, I know that from experience. )So an cheap, painless, and accurate way to screen for colorectal cancer is just what we need, and just what Bhatia has delivered.


Elisabeth Moss Thinks Her High-Rise Director Ben Wheatley Is A Genius For This Reason

Elisabeth MossI’ve never watched AMC’s hit Mad Men. I’m sure it’s a lovely, well-constructed show that is every bit as good as everyone says it is, but I have zero interest in watching a dramatic period piece about advertising executives. That said, though I’ve never watched it, I like many of the actors in the cast, like John Hamm, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Alison Brie, and Jarred Harris, but I’m admittedly glad they do other things for me to enjoy them in. One of the stars breaking out of the series and doing fantastic work has been Elisabeth Moss, who stars in one of our most anticipated movies coming up, Ben Wheatley’s adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s High Rise, a project she spent a brief time discussing recently.

Moss already had a ton of credits to her name before Mad Men, but that has served as something of a launching pad for her career. Since then she’s gone on to garner a great deal of acclaim in projects like Jane Campion’s series Top of the Lake and another film that’s about to drop, Listen Up, Philip.


Why James Cameron Says The Terminator Legacy Isn’t His Problem

TerminatorJames Cameron may have created the Terminator back in 1984, and delivered the best two installments (the original, as well as 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day), but he’s not going to have much, if anything to do with the upcoming expansion of the franchise. He’s going to be plenty busy for the next little bit anyway, shooting three Avatar movies back-to-back-to-back starting next year, and he’s not particularly concerned about the path of his robotic creations from the future.

If you’re good at math, you may have noticed that this year marks the 30th anniversary of The Terminator, and to mark this momentous occasion, Cameron appeared at a special screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Afterwards he took some time out of Avatar prep to talk about what is possibly his most famous, or at most least beloved, cinematic creation with Empire Online.


ISS Is About To Get This Weird Sounding Expansion

BEAMInflatable rooms aren’t just for carnivals and massive house parties anymore. The ISS is about to get one as an addition to its existing digs. BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module) will be the first privately designed and built room or habitat to be used in space when it launches next year, appropriately hitching a ride with one of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets.

The habitat was conceived and constructed by Bigelow Aerospace, which won the $17.8 million contract last year. While private companies have taken over the space shuttle industry, this is the first such foray into habitat or room building for crewed systems. This is also a potentially important shift when it comes to the materials used to build space habitats, as an inflatable design would save lots of room.


Christopher Nolan Becoming A Father Was A Huge Influence On Interstellar, Find Out How

InterstellarChristopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar is about space. But as you probably guessed, he’s the kind of filmmaker where a story about space is far more than just a story about space, there’s going to be a lot more going on than just that. And according to Nolan, and just about everyone else involved, the movie is really about what it means to be a parent and a father. And just for the hell of it, there are some new photos as well.

The plot, as we understand it, revolves around a near future where global climate change has progressed to the point where the Earth won’t be a viable home for much longer. As a result, a team, including Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper, must travel through a newly discovered wormhole to explore nearby planets in the hope of finding one that will be a suitable candidate to colonize.