David Duchovny Says A Third X-Files Movie Is Always Possible (Until One Of Them Dies)

david duchovny x-filesScience fiction arguably has more “what if” projects than any other genre. One look at Jodorowsky’s Dune will show you how dangerous some ideas can be. Which brings us to Chris Carter’s The X-Files, a franchise whose characters and mythology have increasingly overshadowed the original series and two features. In the six years since the disappointing The X-Files: I Want to Believe, people have been clamoring for a follow-up, and not just the fans. David “Fox Mulder” Duchovny has been very outspoken over the years about wanting to get back into the conspiracy for at least one more ride, and he’s confident that the only thing that will stop a third feature from getting made is if either he, Carter, or Gillian Anderson dies. Morbid, but passionate. That’s the Mulder way.

The Golden Globe-winning Duchovny recently spoke with Rolling Stone about both the upcoming series finale for his Showtime comedy drama Californication, which is ending after seven seasons, and his upcoming role on NBC’s Manson Family crime drama Aquarius. One might think that Duchovny would have too much on his plate to go back to the award-winning series, but that’s definitely not the case.


Shane Black’s Predator Movie Is A Sequel, Not A Reboot

PredatorWe just can’t stop talking about Shane Black this week. But given that I’m a huge fan of Shane Black — the dude who gave us Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Iron Man 3 — I’m pretty okay with that. Yesterday we got to share the awesome news that Thor actor Chris Hemsworth may wind up playing the lead in Black’s long-in-the-works Doc Savage movie, which would make for one of the best casting choices since Peter Jackson replaced Stuart Townsend with Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings. But even earlier in the week we found out that Black was going to be making a new Predator film, which at the time was reported to be a reboot. Well, now Black has set the record straight: it’s a sequel, not a reboot.

Frankly, Black is one of the few people on the planet who I’d be totally fine with rebooting the Predator franchise, both because he’s a wicked-talented writer and director, and because he’s got a connection to the original — he played Rick “First to Die” Hawkins, he of the “my girlfriend’s pussy” jokes.


Godzilla Stomps Cities To The Ground In Japanese Video Game Trailer

If you thought Gareth Edwards’ big-screen return of Godzilla would be the last time you’d see everyone’s favorite mega-monster wreaking havoc on the world, you were mistaken. (At least, if you live in Japan, where Godzilla hasn’t even been released yet; so wait, why would you think it’s the last time you’d see him?) Anyway, Bandai Namco just released the first trailer for a new Godzilla video game that will be released exclusively on the Playstation 3…in Japan.

Even though there isn’t any information about a North American release (or any other territory, for that matter), I can’t imagine Namco would want to lose out on a U.S. fanbase that adores both Godzilla and video games in general. Plus, it would help Sony retain their PS3 customers who haven’t yet upgraded to the PS4. Of course, maybe Namco wants to keep it a limited release because the game is actually a giant scaly piece of shit. It’s hard to tell from the trailer.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Behind-The-Scenes Vid & TV Spot Premiere New Footage

I remember a time when James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy was just a blip on the horizon, and only the most hardcore comic fans were familiar with them. Now we’re just a little over a month away from the film’s release, and I’m honestly still not sure if audiences around the country have figured this squad out yet, but it looks like the guys at Entertainment Tonight have a good idea.

Their behind-the-scenes clip, seen above, is a perfect introduction to this vivid crew; and not just because it gives us a few new bits to revel over, like hearing Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) talk about how much he likes when things get hurt, right before he blows some shit to smithereens. That one part, in a nutshell, is what makes this movie sound so damned fun. While I’m a Batman fanatic, I am positively dreading Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, because the sheer broodingness within that movie has already become palpable over a year before its release. Sometimes we need our comic book movies to be as colorful and exciting as the comic books they come from, rather than true crime mysteries.


Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron Gets Super Gritty In New Mad Max: Fury Road Images

mad max: fury roadHad a story come out today that claimed Max Max: Fury Road was all a big collective fever dream that the world was having, I wouldn’t have been overly surprised, considering barely anything about this movie has been revealed since its inception. However, a bunch of new images have been released, forcing me to believe that this movie isn’t just real, but that it’s going to be a dark and violent dystopian adventure. My favorite kind!

It’s been 16 long years since director George Miller took audiences to strangely futuristic places in 1998′s Babe: Pig in the City — I have seriously blocked Happy Feet out of my mind for good, except for that one reference there — and it’s been almost 30 years since Max Rockatansky graced the big screen. Miller is returning to form in a huge way with Mad Max: Fury Road, his biggest film yet. Compare its $100 million budget to the $12 million budget of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and one starts to get really excited by how over-the-top this sorta-sequel will turn out. Lord knows when we’ll see an actual trailer for this flick, but Entertainment Weekly has thankfully stepped in to give us our biggest visual dose of Mad Max yet.


The Purge: Anarchy Posters Give You Reasons To Purge

KicksI’m looking outside my window right now at a big old ugly thunderstorm, with neighboring houses just visible through the whitewashed wall of rain, and I have no intentions of heading outside at any point soon. And if this were the night in question in Universal Pictures’ The Purge: Anarchy, I would have even less of a reason to walk outside my door. But I know that there are people out there who love walking around in storms, and others who love going outside on the most dangerous night of the year in order to loot, rape, and murder. I think we can all just agree to disagree on this one.