Cross The Streams: The World’s End Will Assimilate You

Here’s what’s new in streaming sci-fi!


Ghostbusters: 30 Things You Might Not Know About The Classic Comedy

It’s headed back into theaters, for one thing!


The Maze Runner Trailer Gets Lost In The Action

Teen-centric dystopian sci-fi is big business. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the highest grossing film of 2013, and Divergent got in on the act earlier this year. The next entry into this arena, coming up in September, is Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner, an adaptation of James Dashner’s novel of the same name. Similar in tone and theme to the others, it hopes to bring enough unique elements to the table to attract both fans of the other films as well as a new audience. The film screened at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, revealing a new poster, and now there is a fresh trailer to go along with all of that.

This video breaks down the plot and lays out the story, and actually borders on revealing too much. I get the impulse to do whatever you can to get people interested in your movie, but you need to save something. Dashner’s book is one of those that you read, and though it’s not particularly good as a novel—the writing is not excellent—you can see it making a really fun movie, and that’s exactly what The Maze Runner looks like. There’s action and peril and mystery and monsters lurking in the shadows, what more do you need?


Sci-Fi Stash: The Last Of Us Remastered And Two New SF Comics Worth Your Cash

the-last-of-usThe Last of Us: Remastered
Naughty Dog’s survival/horror game The Last of Us earned near-universal praise when it dropped for the PlayStation 3 last summer, taking home over 200 “game of the year” awards. If you never got around to playing it, now is the perfect time, as it’s been remastered for the PlayStation 4, ensuring the taut, emotional storyline will look better than ever thanks to a next-gen facelift. Yes, we’ve seen way too many post-apocalyptic stories in the past few years, but The Last of Us is among the best, envisioning a strangely beautiful world where civilization has crumbled after a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus has infected much of the population, effectively turning them into cannibalistic monsters (fungus zombies).

Players take the role of Joel (Troy Baker), a survivor living a hardscrabble life 20 years after the outbreak began. He’s tasked with escorting and protecting Ellie (Ashley Johnson), whose biology may just hold the secret to a cure. As far as I’m concerned, The Last of Us is a must-play game even if you’re not much of a gamer, but it’s also headed for the big screen. Sam Raimi is producing a feature-film adaptation of the game, and this past week at Comic-Con he announced that Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams is in talks to star as Ellie. You can grab a copy of The Last of Us: Remastered right here.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Drops 9/11-ish Poster In Australia, Social Media Erupts

teenage mutant ninja turtlesWith the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, director Jonathan Liebesman and production company Platinum Dunes have had to deal with an almost criminal amount of blowback from hardcore fans, angst-ridden haters, and even the people who stopped giving a shit about the Turtles when they were children. Much more so than the franchise’s completely CGI TMNT in 2007, this colorful re-imagining has done a lot of damage to people’s nostalgia centers. So the last thing it needed was any kind of controversy over its marketing materials. And yet, here we are, with social media in an uproar over an Australian poster release that just so happens to recall the worst act of terrorism in U.S. history.


Lucy: The Discussion Continues

LucyLuc Besson’s gonzo sci-fi actioner Lucy largely got lost in the shuffle this weekend. While we were swamped with nerdy breaking news out of San Diego Comic-Con, this Scarlett Johansson-fronted bit of mayhem topped the box office race, earning more than $40 million, and slapping Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Hercules across the face. The film also divided critics and audiences down a sharp line. Some absolutely adored the level of utter insanity, while other dismiss it as nonsensical trash. And to be honest, it somehow manages to fall into both categories, which is part of the magic. If nothing else, there is a great deal in Lucy worth talking about.

Two of us got together to discuss our takes on the wave of chaos Besson and company unleashed on the unsuspecting world, and to figure out what drugs we would most like to be on when we sit down and watch this again. Be warned, there are some SPOILERS if you haven’t seen Lucy, which you should, it’s nuts.

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Rian Johnson Talks Star Wars: Episode VIII, Drops A Holiday Special Reference

JohnsonOne of the most exciting announcements of the post-Disney-buyout era of Star Wars was the news that Looper’s Rian Johnson would be writing and directing Episode VIII (and possibly Episode IX as well). Even if you’re one of the fans unhappy with the decision to let J.J. Abrams direct Episode VII, Johnson’s hiring is a compelling reason to get excited about a return to George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away. During a recent podcast appearance, Johnson was unsurprisingly tight-lipped about his plans for the franchise — he told the audience, “I’m really excited about all the things I can’t tell you.” He did, however, talk about why he took the job and what he’s doing to prepare for it. Hint: it involves the movie Twelve O’Clock High.


Comic(s) Relief: Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes Crossover Is A Thing That’s Happening

ApesWhile the Star Trek universe has kept to itself on the movie and TV screens, things have gotten a bit more crazy when it comes to the comic books. I remember reading a Star Trek/X-Men crossover series back in the ’90s that was just…odd. More recently, the Assimilation2 mini-series saw the Next Generation crew teaming up with the Matt Smith-era Doctor to foil the plots of a nefarious Borg/Cybermen scheme. And back in 2011 things got really freaking weird during IDW’s Infestation crossover event, which roped the original Enterprise crew into an adventure with the Ghostbusters, the Transformers, and G.I. Joe. (I didn’t say it was a good adventure…) Well, things are about to get surreal once again, because IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios have just announced that the Original Series crew will be dealing with some damn dirty apes in an upcoming comics mini-series entitled Star Trek: Planet of the Apes – The Primate Directive.