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Young Ones Is An Ambitiously Artsy Story Of Survival And Desperation

Even if you’ve got apocalypse fatigue, this one is worth your time.


Why You Should Be Watching Black Mirror

Submitted for your approval.


Star Wars Shows Off The Millennium Falcon In New Vid (Plus A Surprise Twist)

Director J.J. Abrams has been doling out a steady diet of fan service as the production of Episode VII has rolled on, tossing out videos that highlight his commitment to using practical effects as much as possible in the new Star Wars film. We’ve seen alien creatures and a full-size X-wing fighter, but the latest video is the best one yet. Even if you’re skeptical about Abrams’ take on the Star Wars universe, see if this doesn’t give you goosebumps.


Star Trek 3 May Boldly Get Going Sooner Rather Than Later According To One Star

SpockIt looks like we’ll once again be boldly going where no one has gone before a little bit sooner that some of us previously thought. Star Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the revamped cinematic franchise, says that Star Trek 3 could start filming as early as the beginning of next year.

Quinto appeared on NBC’s Today Show and indicated that production is inching closer and closer to kicking off, and that he expects to step on the bride of the Enterprise again sooner rather than later. When the subject of Star Trek 3 came up, he said, “I think it’s on the horizon..things are rumbling, so I have a feeling that we will be in production sometime in the next six months.”


Interstellar Fan Posters Paint Colorful Visions Of Christopher Nolan’s SF Epic

AslaronaIt’s safe to say that we’re just the teeniest bit excited about Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. In fact, it would be so safe to say that, you could instead say, “We’re so excited about Interstellar we’re building a time machine just so we can get in line for it a year ago.” At this point we’re only a little under two months away from Interstellar’s November release date, but in our professional opinion, that is TOO. DAMN. LONG. And honestly, these Interstellar fan posters are not helping. But they are gorgeous. (My favorite is up top, courtesy of artist John Aslarona.)

This barrage of Interstellar creativity is part of’s “Poster Posse,” a regular feature where the site enlists its readership’s talents for visual design. The results are always diverse and colorful, frequently serving up poster art that’s as impressive, if not more so, than the actual promotional materials from Hollywood. For instance, I love that this one puts a surreal twist on the overused poster trope of “a field of giant heads.” (We’re including links to the artists below each image.)


Former Doctor Who Star Joins Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

pride prejudice zombiesIt’s been a long, hard road for the big screen adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the bestselling horror-comedy mash-up written by Seth Grahame-Smith using Jane Austen’s classic novel as a frame. The project finally started moving forward last month with casting and distribution, and now they’ve really gotten our attention by adding a former Doctor to their ranks, as Matt Smith has signed on.

For those unfamiliar with the story—or just those who don’t understand what mash-ups are—Pride and Prejudice and Zombies tells the story of Elizabeth “Liz” Bennett (Lily James), who lives on a country estate with her parents and four sisters. There, they’re trained to protect themselves against the zombie outbreak in the outside world. From there, love and marriage guide part of the story, with Liz always keeping an eye out for available men, while bloodlust and massacre guide the rest, as the story inevitably leaves the countryside.


Justin Long Has Very Strong Feelings About Galaxy Quest 2

justin longDespite the fact that he looks like he’s about 15-years-old, Justin Long has had a relatively lengthy, eclectic career. He’s done horror like Drag Me to Hell and Jeepers Creepers, comedy like Accepted and Idiocracy, and even co-starred with Bruce Willis in a freakin’ Die Hard movie. Sure, it was Live Free or Die Hard, but it’s still a Die Hard movie, even if barely. One of our favorite of his 70 credits on IMDb, however, is still his first, 1999’s Galaxy Quest, and it’s one he has fond memories of as well.

Long is currently on the promotion path, stumping for his new film, Kevin Smith’s Tusk, which opens this weekend and sees the perpetually youthful thespian surgically turned into a walrus. (This premise calls to mind two things, one, The Human Centipede, and that episode of South Park where Kyle’s dad is surgically transformed into a dolphin.) As part of his tour, he did an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, and as things tend to do on the Internet, the nerdier component too over, and talk soon turned to Galaxy Quest and the possibility of a Galaxy Quest 2.


Alien: Isolation Challenges You To Make It Through Survivor Mode

After being on the way seemingly forever, Creative Assembly is finally only a few weeks away from dropping their new video game, Alien: Isolation, into your eager, waiting laps. Aside from the setting and overall set up, there are a number of things that make this game unique, and this new featurette highlights one of them: Survivor Mode.

Not only does the gameplay in this video look fantastic, but at the CA offices, when the designers were testing and playing the game, they started to notice that everyone had their own strategy they employed. Some played the game fast and loud, making as much progress as they could before hiding from the xenomorphs. On the other hand, some were stealthier in their approach, quietly sneaking through each mission, avoiding conflict and dicey situations.