Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Adds Roberto Orci And X-Men: First Class Writers

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If, like me, you’re already dreading the impending onslaught of all things Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and are waiting for that one silver lining to appear that could make Lionsgate’s upcoming feature a non-disaster. That silver lining may have arrived in the form of a new creative team, but I don’t think a lot of people are going to be happy about it. Roberto Orci, of Star Trek and Transformers fame, has been brought in as an executive producer who will oversee the story development with X-Men: First Class screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

Let’s start with the brighter side here. Though X-Men: First Class is arguably the most popular and most enjoyable of their works together, screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz were also writers and producers on Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. On the feature side, they were also part of the Thor writer squad, and were tapped at one point to write the script for Top Gun 2. All of these examples, especially that last one, convey that these writers have a pretty solid grasp on how to tell stories outside of reality’s grip, so writing about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is seemingly right up their alley. (I can’t tell if that’s an insult or not.)


Comic(s) Relief: Marvel Releasing Massive Star Wars Omnibus

SWarsOmniStar Wars has had a long history of comic-book adventures over the years. Dark Horse Comics held the license for over 20 years, publishing such must-read series as Dark Empire, Knights of the Old Republic, and Star Wars: Legacy. In January 2013 it was announced that the Star Wars comics license would be returning to Marvel, who published Star Wars comics for nine years beginning right after the release of the original film in 1977. New Star Wars comics will begin hitting shelves sometime in 2015, but first Marvel will be revisiting its past with George Lucas’ franchise. Set to release in January 2015, Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years will collect the first 44 issues of Marvel’s Star Wars comic, as well as the first annual.

So what sort of stories should you expect in the Omnibus?

It’s the return of the Jedi to Marvel in an opening volume that begins with Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and ends with Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. In between, the rebels face a wealth of new perils, from space pirate Crimson Jack to the bounty hunter Beilert Valance, as well as a surprisingly svelte Jabba the Hut (one ‘t’). Luke goes back to Tatooine, Leia battles alone, Han and Chewie play the deadly Big Game, and Darth Vader hunts for answers! Revisit all your old favorites and discover some new ones!


Sci-Fi Stash: Four Things To Spend Your Hard-Earned Cash On This Week

OriginsI Origins
If you’ve seen the trailers for I Origins in theaters you may have been left scratching your head. There’s a whole lot of talk about eyeballs and science and maybe reincarnation, but it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on. The official synopsis only makes it slightly clearer, explaining that, “I Origins follows a molecular biologist whose study of the human eye points to evidence with far reaching implications about our scientific and spiritual beliefs.” Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Pitt stars as Ian Gray, the aforementioned biologist, and Astrid Berges-Frisbey as Sofi, a free spirit he falls in love with, only to lose…a tragedy that spurs his research in unexpected directions.

I Origins was written and directed by Mike Cahill, best known for another surreal and cerebral indie science fiction flick, 2011’s Another Earth. His Another Earth actress and co-writer Brit Marling is also aboard I Origins, playing one of Ian’s fellow researchers. Aside from being saddled with an irritating title, I Origins isn’t faring too well with critics, currently sitting at 44% Fresh on RottenTomatoes. Still, I’m intrigued to see what Cahill does with the concept, and I’ll watch pretty much anything Marling is in. (Check out Sound of My Voice if you haven’t already.) I Origins opens in limited release this Friday, July 18.

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Can The Ninja Turtles Rap More Tubularly Than Their Renaissance Namesakes?

Say what you will about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the franchise’s history with rap music has never produced anything that should have left the sewer. I doubt anyone reading this story needs reminding that official Ninja Turtle canon includes “Vanilla Ice improvising a Ninja Turtle-themed rap in the middle of a concert that was temporarily interrupted by talking mutant animals.” Thankfully, their below-the-street cred has been re-established (back up to 0) with the latest video from the geniuses at Epic Rap Battles of History. The world’s most fearsome fighting team took on…some artists or something whose names I can’t remember. I’m no history buff.


Guardians Of The Galaxy In On Pace For A $60 Million Opening Weekend

Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy hasn’t even opened yet, and won’t for a couple more weeks, but it’s already tracking to be a decent-sized hit. And because the comic book giant has their promotional machine working in high gear, running in a continual loop, there are also nine new photos from the film, and behind the scenes for you to peruse before the August 1 release.

When the studio announced that Guardians was going to be their next project, many of us interpreted this as a risky move. After all, this isn’t the biggest name on their roster, and the cast is full of unusual anti-heroic characters, including a talking alien tree and a raccoon with a penchant for heavy arms and grand theft auto. However, according to many experts, this big-budget gamble could pay big time dividends, as the film is on target to make an estimated $60 million during its opening weekend.


How Godzilla Should Have Ended, Hint: It Involves Certain Characters Burnt To A Crisp

There are giant lizard-sized spoilers below, folks, try not to get stepped on.

San Francisco sure hasn’t had a fun time of it during this summer blockbuster season. Before Dawn of the Planet of the Apes destroyed the city in a post-apocalyptic fashion, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla let giant monsters run around and destroy things. There are probably more than a few ways that the City by the Bay could have been saved from utter destruction, and the most recent How It Should Have Ended video offers up some pretty solid suggestions on different places this tentpole flick should have taken viewers.