This Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer Mixes Up The Formula

I enjoy Hot Tub Time Machine, it’s full of funny people doing their thing, having fun, but it’s not the greatest movie ever or anything like that. And it made a little money ($64 million worldwide against a $36 million budget), and was successful enough, but hardly a hit. Despite those facts, however, it didn’t seem like anyone was out there clamoring for a sequel. But we all know that’s never stopped a studio before, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens early next year (after being bumped from Christmas), and there’s this new trailer to remind you of that fact.

Most of the key players are back for this go round, with Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Clarke Duke all reprising their roles from the first film. John Cusack is the notable absence, but it looks like his place in the quartet has been filled by Parks and Recreations’ Adam Scott, which isn’t a bad choice all things considered.


Marvel’s Star Wars #1 Drops A Ton Of Variant Covers

Star Wars ComicsThe Star Wars universe is expanding in new and unprecedented ways, and while that definitely revolves around the movies, both Episode and standalone, that’s not all they have going on. Star Wars Rebels is still out there and going strong, there’s a new novel out that’s considered part of the official canon, and on January 15, Marvel will release Star Wars #1. You can be fairly certain that’s going to be one of the better selling titles of all time. (Some have estimated it will move north of 1 million copies.) We still have more than a month to wait, but in advance of the release, the publisher has unveiled a ton of variant covers.

While Star Wars, written by The Goon’s Jason Aaron which is awesome, launches in January, it’s not the only one, and Marvel and Lucasfilm have three separate titles in the works that will appear over the first few months of 2015. In February they’ll release Darth Vader #1, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca. Then in March, a five-issue Princess Leia series, with art from John Cassaday and written by Mark Waid, kicks off, and you can probably guess who that follows.


A Men In Black And 21 Jump Street Crossover Is A Thing That Could Exist

men in black 22 jump streetWhen it comes to computer hacking leaks in pop culture, I think we can all agree that nude photography is the biggest no-no of them all. The recent Sony hack is right up there in terms of how widespread and damaging it all was, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t unearthed some of the most interesting insider peeks at how the studio system works. One of the most insane nuggets of info involves a group of email discussions about a crossover sequel that puts characters from the Men in Black universe into the world of 21 Jump Street‘s undercover cops Jenko and Schmidt. I am shamefully SO into this idea.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony top dog Amy Pascal was in correspondence with several people about the project, though no specific details about plot or structure were discussed. What seems clear, though, is that Agents Jay (Will Smith) and Kay (Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin) aren’t going to be focused on, if they’re in the film at all, with other elements from the Men in Black franchise used more heavily. Basically, this is 42 Jump Street, with the “42” as a reference to the alien-filled Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures put out the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie, though that crossover would have been more intriguing to me, despite it being total blasphemy to say such a thing.


This Pitch Perfect Star Met With Paul Feig About A Ghostbusters Role

Bachelorette_Rebel_WilsonIt’s hard to believe that 2015 is lurking right around the corner and we’re talking, with relative certainty, about a new Ghostbusters movie. As divisive as this topic has been over the years, it’s even more so now that it’s been revealed that director Paul Feig is working on a reboot of the franchise that not only reimagines the fan favorite characters, but envisions them as an all female ensemble. No one has been officially cast, but we’ve now heard our first bit of potential casting news: Rebel Wilson met with Feig to talk about the film.

This news isn’t much of a surprise since the Pitch Perfect star appeared in Feig’s hit Bridesmaids, and hers has been one of the names frequently bandied about in regards to this movie. For his part, Feig is also prone to working with a similar pool or really funny women, like with his next outing, Spy, which sees him reteam with Rose Byrne, who he directed on Bridesmaids, and Melissa McCarthy, who he worked with on Bridesmaids and The Heat.


This Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is More Insane Than You Ever Dreamed

Well holy shit, this is a happy surprise. Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller’s long-awaited return to the post-apocalyptic wastes he first visited in 1979, has been one of our most anticipated movies over last few years, and even though we still have to wait until May 15, 2015 to see it, our enthusiasm has not diminished one bit. In fact, when Warner Bros. does things like unleash this new trailer, it makes us want to go into some kind of hypersleep so this will be the first thing we see when we wake up in six months. But don’t my word for it, check out the madness for yourself.


Curiosity Rover Discovers This Evidence For Past Life On Mars

curiosityOne of the goals of the Curiosity Rover is to try to find evidence indicating whether life ever existed on Mars. Thanks to its work so far, we know that Mars still retains water in its surface soil. Scientists also know that Mars used to be warmer and wetter than it is now. Examinations of meteorites of Martian origin reveal organic compounds, suggesting not only that conditions there were once favorable, but that the planet did indeed harbor life. Now, Curiosity has found additional evidence supporting both of those hypotheses.

In order to determine whether life has ever existed on Mars, scientists have been looking for evidence of three criteria: water, life-supporting elements (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus), and a long enough period of time in which those conditions were present. It’s that last part that has proven problematic, as previous estimates about the amount of time when those conditions existed was in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of years—not very long at all when it comes to creating life out of chemical soup.