The Maze Runner’s Flashy First Trailer Offers Giant Puzzles And Spooky Creatures

Lionsgate/Summit will be reminding everyone that teenagers are important people too when Divergent hits theaters this weekend, and our own Brent will selflessly be falling on that grenade. Chances are he’ll be wishing that movie was something more akin to Fox’s The Maze Runner, which just released its gigantic first trailer and became the first flick in this new wave of young adult adaptations to actually tickle my fancy and earn my anticipation. It could be that my love of mazes is blinding me on this one, but I’m fine with pretending this is going to be the best movie of the summer…that isn’t Godzilla, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jupiter Ascending, and Step Up All In. Wait, why are you all looking at me like that?


The Walking Dead: Melissa McBride Talks About The Crushing Events Of The Last Episode

The Walking DeadIf you haven’t watched this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “The Grove,” I have two warnings for your. First, stop reading, because everything that follows directly relates to last night’s installment of the hit zombie drama. Second, it was a rather traumatic outing, like you stop talking midsentence and your eyes get big levels of holy shit. As tepid and noncommittal as the show has been in the past, this episode has some serious stones.

Carol (Melissa McBride) is at the center of the action and is forced to make the hardest decision anyone on The Walking Dead has ever had to make. The only thing that even comes close is when Carl (Chandler Riggs) had to shoot his zombified mother in the head in order to stop her from eating everyone she gets her rotting hands on.


TV Review: Marvel Studios – Assembling A Universe

GuardiansIt’s a colossal understatement to suggest that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had an impact on the landscape of feature films this past decade. Beating the odds and making a successful Iron Man movie was one thing, but they had the gall to include a post-credits Easter egg scene that introduced Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and which suggested they had much, much bigger plans in the works. Premiering tomorrow night, a TV special called Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe tracks how Marvel Studios did the seemingly impossible — creating a true movie counterpart to the serialized and intertwined stories fans loved from their comics, and making huge bank off unsure-thing characters such as Captain America, Thor, and — dare we hope? — the Guardians of the Galaxy.


The Maze Runner Hypes The Trailer With A Teaser And Massive Poster

Imagine you wake up in a dark elevator, with no idea how you got there, and then get dumped smack in the middle of a place you can’t escape, full of other people in the exact same boat. That’s precisely what happens to Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), the star of Wes Ball’s upcoming adaptation of the young adult adventure The Maze Runner. MTV is set to debut the first full trailer later tonight during Teen Wolf, but for the moment we have this quick teaser that offers a few seconds of footage, and a poster that gives you an idea exactly what the characters have to deal with.

Like I said, Thomas wakes up in an elevator, which leaves him in the Glade, where he, and a bunch of other teenage boys are help captive by someone or something. Surrounded by high walls, they’re stuck. But every morning the walls open up to reveal an ever-changing maze, and every day a team of, you guessed it, “maze runners” explore and search for a way out. Thomas is just the latest addition to the crew, but he’s not the last. The day after he arrives another newbie shows up on the doorstep. Two recruits have never appeared in such quick succession, and that’s not the only shocker, this one is a girl, also something that has never happened.


Lionsgate TV Joins The Mars One Reality Show

roadmapFor those of you who haven’t heard, the Dutch nonprofit Mars One is aiming to start sending humans to the Red Planet in 2024. The field of over 200,000 aspiring pioneers has been whittled down to just over 1,000. All of these applicants are ostensibly ready to leave their Earthly lives behind. Among many other aspects, Mars One has a particularly interesting funding plan. Aside from donations, it plans to fund this ambitious project by turning the whole thing, application process and all, into a reality television show. In this day and age, is this really surprising? Now, Mars One will join forces with Lionsgate TV and they’re about to start shopping the show to networks.

After initially denying the rumors, founder Bas Lansdorp says that Mars One is “eagerly awaiting the contract” with Lionsgate, and will “make a more detailed announcement when a contract is signed.” Despite the lack of verified details, plenty of information is surfacing on the old interwebs, including an interesting news bit that Lionsgate will start a casting search of its own, eventually merging with what Mars One has already started. This seems a bit confusing. Does this mean starting from scratch, rather than looking back over the Mars One applicants? The earlier applicants submited videos in which they discussed why they want to go to Mars and what qualifications they bring. Would Lionsgate applicants do the same? What qualifications are necessary for a reality television contestant other than a propensity for drama? Bear in mind that the shuttle ride to Mars will take 7-8 months. If there are any drama queens in four person groups, they’re all liable to kill each other, or themselves, long before they even arrive.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Rays And Firefly Comics Are On Sale Today

EncounterAtFairpoint1It’s a rough time to be a long-time Star Trek fan. For many who cut their teeth on the original movies and the various TV incarnations over the years, J.J. Abrams’ rebooted movie universe is at best a pale imitation and at worst an outright insult (to be fair, the critics generally don’t agree with that sentiment). So if you’re a die-hard Trekker longing for the good old days, it might be time to click over to Amazon, because they’ve got a great deal going on for Blu-ray copies of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s first five seasons.

The Star Trek season sets have typically been a bit pricy, with the Next Gen Blu-rays listing for a whopping $129.99. That’s enough to put a dent in a man’s wallet even if you’re from a future that doesn’t use money. Thankfully Amazon has just given you a reason to raid the savings account, as all five Next Gen Blu-ray sets are going for a mere $45.99 today — that’s 65% off MSRP, and it means you can get all five sets for a little over $200. Not cheap, but certainly a lot cheaper than you could otherwise get your hands on new copies.