5 other X Men tv shows we want to see in 2016 and beyond!

x men tv shows 2016
Today’s new confirmed that Fox and Marvel are finally working together on TV projects starring the X Men properties. The first 2 announced pilots show how interesting and diverse the X Men universe can be. One is about Legion, the son of Professional X with multiple personalities inhabiting the same body, which I see as a psychology thriller. The second is a period piece that explores the history of the Hellfire club. Both shows are as far away from the traditional superhero genre as possible. I like this development as it is a positive sign that superhero comics can survive and expand beyond their current perceived boundaries. Below is what I hope to see in the coming months as more X-Men Ips are being explored.


5 new comic superhero TV shows for 2016 to watch out for

new comic tv shows 2016
There are some arguments in the Scifi community on whether comics tv shows and movies are considered part of the genre. While both sides present equally valid points, I don’t see the harm of being more inclusive on what is defined as Scifi. As long as it is entertaining and sparks off our imagination on the different possibilities, why not? Comic TV shows have equally good stories, sci-friction theories and interesting characters. If you enjoy comics as part of your Scifi diet, here are some shows you can look forward to in 2016.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 3: what can we expect

Agents of SHIELD season 3 promo shots
With the premiere of Agents of SHIELD season 3 showing tomorrow, it is good to list down what can we expect from this season’s stories. The show actually didn’t kicked off too well in season one but really picked up the pace in season 2 where the Inhumans were revealed. Season 3 promises to be even bigger and better so I am really excited to see it tomorrow.


Best Halloween Costumes for Sci-Fi Fans – 2015

Want to dress up this Halloween as your favorite superhero or sci-fi character? Well, we’ve gone through all of the best Halloween costumes for 2015 and selected some of our favorites. So, if you’re looking for ideas this year, keep reading and maybe you’ll find the perfect sci-fi Halloween costume this year.


Fear The Walking Dead Ep. 4 Recap – People Are Worse Than Walkers

fwd4Last night’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead fast forwards to nine days after the end of episode three. It starts off innocently enough, making it look like everything is back to normal. But we seasoned TWD fans know that this is just the calm before the storm. And sure enough, we start to see this normal facade start to crumble by the end of the episode. If you missed it last night, watch it now on Amazon.


The Force Awakens: 3 toys all Star Wars fans must have for Christmas 2015

The Force Awakens toys for Christmas 2015
It’s hard to believe that it’s only three months until Christmas.

This may seem like it’s little more than a galaxy far, far away, but for excited children up and down the country (and thousands of overgrown kids), it’s the perfect time to start dropping hints and pestering parents with requests for toys they’ve got their eyes on …

… and Star Wars paraphernalia is top of the list.