Who is Starlord’s dad in GOTG 2?

Guardians of the Galaxy
There was a big rumor that went live on HeroicHollywood.com this morning claiming the the original Captain Marvel, Mar-vell, was the father of Starlord. This of course sent fans into a discussion frenzy. However, director James Gunn came out with guns blazing saying that this rumor was not true. So ended the Mar-vell rumor. Despite this episode, we still have to figure out who Starlord’s father really is and that is what I will attempt to do here.


What is the difference between Supergirl and Superman powers

difference between superman and supergirl
Episode 3 of the new Supergirl TV series was pretty awesome. (Spoiler alert!) It features Superman coming to the rescue of Supergirl when she was about to be killed by Reactron. That raised an interesting question in my head. What is the difference in the power set between Superman and Supergirl? How can one defeat a villain whom the other couldn’t? I know this is a geeky question but since this is a geeky blog, I should answer it 🙂


The 23 Star Wars Kitchen Items You Need NOW

star wars kitchen stuffDo you even know that your kitchen is missing some of the most important essentials right now? That’s right. There are plenty of awesome Star Wars kitchen items, gadgets and other stuff that you need to check out right now. Seriously – unless you’re already busy making Death Star waffles, then stop what you’re doing and check out the list of items we’ve made for you.


Who is Pom Klementieff playing in Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Pom Klementieff
Today saw the annoucement that Pom Klementieff has been casted as a key role in the 2017 GOTG Vol 2 movie. No official character has been confirmed but we can do some educated guesses based on Pom Klementieff’s look and potential. Fortunately, I am quite familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise so there are a few candidates who Pom Klementieff can be playing.


Most wanted Back to the Future merchandise

back to the future merchandise - featured
It is Back to the Future mania once again as we celebrate its anniversary. Since we are almost at the holiday period, let’s take a look at some of the coolest and most wanted Back to the Future merchandise that any fans will want to get their hands on.


7 Coolest Must-Have Star Trek Car Accessories

star trek car accessories
If you’re a big Star Trek fan, then you might have been a bit jealous a few months back when we shared our favorite Star Wars auto accessories. Now we’ve taken the time to find all the best and most awesome Star Trek auto accessories for you to geek out your ride. Keep reading to see what we’ve found for you.