young ones

Young Ones Is An Ambitiously Artsy Story Of Survival And Desperation

Even if you’ve got apocalypse fatigue, this one is worth your time.


Watch Sarah Connor Fight Jason Voorhees To The Death

Remember that super-amazing fan film Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness that was talked about last year? Well, the guys from WTFLOL are back with another ass-kicking battle between pop culture icons for a series they call Slash/Up. In the first installment, which you can watch above, Terminator heroine Sarah Connor puts her bullets where her mouth is as she heads to Camp Crystal Lake, where she faces the quasi-immortal horror monster Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame. Sci-fi vs. horror; now that’s a fight we can always get behind.


These Hunger Games Videos Play On Your Anticipation And Fighting Skills

With less than a month to go until The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 starts printing money for Lionsgate, we’re already deep into their final promotional push. We saw a new, Doritos-sponsored video yesterday, and this week also hosts the appearance of the “District Voices” series of videos that showcase life in the various regions of the dystopian world of Panem via YouTube users. And that’s not all, we’re halfway through the week and we’ve got both a new TV spot and another “Voices” video.

This newest commercial boasts the rather grandiose title of “Most Anticipated Event.” While that’s very true, the first part of the finale of the beloved franchise is likely the most anticipated movie of the year in a general sense, at least pretend like you’re working for it. The focus this time around is more on the smaller, personal side of the story. You still see the big picture, with the revolution and the conflict, but, as Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) says, you think about what going to war really means, the real cost of it all, and this collection of snippets of footage tries to put a human face on that.


Skyline Is Getting A Sequel, And Here’s The Star

skylineWhen a movie like Dredd, which has tons of grassroots fan support, is unable to get a sequel, it’s always remarkable the crap that Hollywood sees fit to continue. Today’s example is the news that we’re getting perhaps the most unnecessary, unwanted follow up of all time, Skyline 2. Yes, the terrible 2010 alien invasion yarn is getting another chapter, for some reason.

Latino Review reports that Beyond Skyline is in fact going to happen. It’s no surprise that Liam O’Donnell, writer and producer of the first film, is on board to direct this movie that is apparently happening. LR’s sources also say that Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Purge: Anarchy) is circling the lead role.


Star Wars Humble Bundle Will Net You Tons Of Comics Awesomeness

SWHumbleWe’re excited to see what the future has to hold in Marvel’s new Star Wars comics that are launching early next year, which will spin new stories of Han, Luke, and Leia (not to mention Darth Vader himself). But if the wait until January just seems unbearably long and you need a Star Wars comics fix stat, why not dive into the past? Specifically into Dark Horse’s extensive back catalog of Star Wars titles. Now you’ve got a perfect way to do so, as this month’s Humble Bundle includes nearly $200 worth of Star Wars awesomeness…and you can decide how much you want to pay for the lot of it.

If you’re not familiar with the whole Humble Bundle concept, here’s how it works. This month’s Humble Bundle includes 89 comics from a dozen different Star Wars series, each giving you the first few issues so you can get a feel for which series you might want to read further. All the titles are available in a variety of formats, and all are DRM free. As I said above, you get to decide how much you want to pay for the Bundle. So you could technically pay $0.01, but only if you’re a dick, because this thing benefits charity. Specifically the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which fights censorship and defends the first amendment rights of comic creators. You can even decide how you’d like your donation to be divided between the Dark Horse creators and the CBLDF.


This Wearable Jewelry Gathers Power From An Unexpected Source

Kizhner jewelryFor those of us who aren’t sold on the notion of high-tech tattoos, there’s an alternative: jewelry. But like those tattoos, this jewelry is much more than ornamental—it can actually turn your veins in to a source of energy.

These days, we’re finding energy sources in all kinds of interesting places, including phone booths and park benches. But the main reason behind these innovations is the ever-increasing need for energy, both on a global and a personal level—after all, what would people do if they couldn’t quickly and easily charge their smartphones?


This Halo: Nightfall Trailer Brings Death To All Of Us

Fans of the mammoth, best-selling video games have been waiting for a live-action Halo adaptation damn near since the first one appeared in 2001. Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) and Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings) tried to bring one to the big screen for a few years in the mid-2000s, but that never materialized, and fans have had to content themselves on webseries like 2012’s Forward Unto Dawn. We still aren’t much closer to a proper movie, but we’re about to get the ambitious digital series Halo: Nightfall, and now there’s a new trailer for you to check out.

Executive produced by Ridley Scott, this is the highest profile Halo adaptation to date, and the director’s aesthetic fingerprints are all over what you see in this footage. Nightfall definitely borrows rather heavily from the Alien and Prometheus playbooks, with caves, tight corridors, technology, and the overall sci-fi gothic feel and appearance going on here. From what we can see in this sample, the emphasis is more on mood and tension rather than straight up action, which is something we can appreciate. Production design wise, all the way down to the special effects, this looks like a solid package.