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Eight Scary Slices Of Sci-Fi You Might Not Have Seen

Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with some spooky streaming sci-fi.

hunger games: catching fire

Cross The Streams: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Can Be Found Here

Find out what’s new in streaming sci-fi!


This 12 Monkeys Trailer Brings Suspense And A Creepy Antagonist To The Apocalypse

When Syfy first announced that they were bringing a new version of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys to the small screen, I assumed that I was just having a delusion while being kept inside the mental institution where Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt met. The new trailer below doesn’t excel at distancing itself from the film, but heaps on enough dramatic music, quick edits, and Zeljko Ivanek to at least be independently intense on first sight. Check it out.


First Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger In Terminator: Genisys Instills Faith Again

terminator genisysI’m pretty sure New Coke didn’t see the kind of backlash that Paramount’s upcoming quasi-reboot Terminator: Genisys has received in the past week. (Oh, okay, since it added that terrible subtitle.) Screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier have taken the core franchise story and taken it in a few completely different directions, causing some fans to claim, “I won’t be back,” in their best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. But now we’ve got our very first look at the aging Schwarzenegger in his trademark leather jacket, holding a gun, and it’s a little easier to forget about all the madness. (Light SPOILERS ahead for those who wish to remain clueless.)


Watch This Interstellar Clip Question The Apollo Missions

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is finally taking moviegoers into space next week, after what feels like an era of waiting. But this extended drama isn’t only extrapolations of theories provided by physicist Kip Thorne, and you’ll find a surprising take on an old conspiracy theory in the clip below.


Watch The First Trailer For Ex Machina, Alex Garland’s Man Machine Love Triangle

Well that happened fast. After not hearing much about Alex Garland’s directorial debut, Ex Machina, for a good long while, yesterday we got a poster, news that A24 will distribute the film, a release date, and another poster. And bright and early this morning, what do we have but a shiny new first trailer, and if you thought we were intrigued and excited by this before, wait until you check this out for yourself.

Garland made a name for himself writing action heavy movies like Dredd and teaming up with Danny Boyle for 28 Days Later, The Beach, and Sunshine, but as you can see here, he also has a keen visual eye of his very own. This trailer is full of gorgeous natural panoramas, juxtaposed against sterile laboratory environments, and even those claustrophobic, blood red hallways that call to mind HAL 9000 and 2001.


The Expanse Enters Production And Adds These Familiar Faces

jonathan banks, wes chathamNo one is more shocked than the Giant Freakin’ Robot staff how much the Giant Freakin’ Robot staff is anticipating Syfy’s upcoming slate of high-potential projects. One of the top shows on that list is The Expanse, an adaptation of the highly acclaimed novel series from the dual-author James S.A. Corey. The series has rounded out its stellar cast to go with its official production start in Toronto. Nothing says outer space like Canada!

The space opera thriller is being led by Thomas Jane and Steven Strait, with Shohreh Aghdashloo also previously cast. The newbies here include Wes Chatham (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), Dominique Tipper (Vampire Academy), Cas Anvar (Source Code), and Florence Faivre (Alpha House), who will all star as regulars. Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad), Jay Hernandez (Gang Related), and Paulo Costanzo (Royal Pains) will enter the season as guest stars. Honestly, you put Jonathan Banks in anything, and I’m watching it.


Star Trek Concept Art For The Series We Never Saw

BridgeFor fans who got hooked on Star Trek’s original run on NBC from 1966 – 1969, the sting of cancellation left them with many dark years before Gene Roddenberry’s creation rose from its ashes as 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture. And this was before the internet, so keeping track of any glimmers of a future for Trek required you to keep up with fan magazines, gossip at conventions, or kidnap and interrogate Roddenberry inside a windowless van with a shirtless Captain Kirk emblazoned on the side. But if you did one of those things, you might have heard tell of Star Trek: Phase II. Before The Motion Picture was a thing, Phase II was set to pick up the Enterprise’s story with a second five-year mission. It fell by the wayside along with plans for a proposed “Paramount Television Service,” but Phase II’s passing left many relics behind, including this concept art by Mike Minor.