Live Action Astro Boy And Robotech Adaptations Blast Off, Details Here

Astro BoyHollywood spends a lot of time considering what potential audiences are nostalgic for, which is why damn near every movie that gets released is a remake, a reboot, a sequel, or an adaptation of something that came before. If they liked it once, they’ll like it again, right? We’ve got Transformers, G.I. Joe, and maybe even a GoBots in the future, but two more projects that have the potential to be pretty cool, and that are now in the works, are live action Astro Boy and Robotech adaptations.

Heat Vision reports that Astro Boy, which had a 2009 animated movie that face-planted so hard almost no one remembers it happened, is in the works, being guided by Australian special effects house Animal Logic. They’re best known for working on Happy Feet and Avengers: Age of Ultron, though they’re also working on a Betty Boop movie.


Comic(s) Relief: How Did Howard The Duck Wind Up In The Collector’s Collection?

Ever since Samuel L. Jackson showed up as Nick Fury in the post-credits sequence to Iron Man, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe films have had a tradition of serving up a little something awesome for the folks who stick around until after that bit about which film stock the movie used. Usually these little teasers have set up the next movie in the over-arching continuity, but Guardians of the Galaxy — in typical irreverent fashion — instead introduced an obscure Marvel character into the MCU canon. Moviegoers who weren’t hardcore fans were probably just confused when an anthropomorphic duck showed up to talk smack to Benecio del Toro’s Collector, but true fans knew that duck’s name was Howard, and that he was around long before George Lucas’ much-maligned ’80s flick. Now Marvel’s print side plans to follow up on the Guardians movie’s tease, with an upcoming comic story revealing just how Howard wound up in The Collector’s collection.



George Romero’s Son’s Night Of The Living Dead Prequel Moves Forward, Details Here

OriginsLast fall we wrote about how George Romero’s son was trying to crowdfund a new addition to the Living Dead canon. Dead old dad has added plenty over the years, from the original trilogy of Night of… Dawn of…, and Day of…, to the more modern installments, like Land of…, Diary of…, and Survival of…. His son, G. Cameron Romero, however, wants to create a prequel, and the project is successfully moving forward.

Simply called Origins, Cameron, who will direct, developed the story and wrote the screenplay with Darrin Reed and Bryce C. Campbell. If the idea of a prequel to Night of the Living Dead sounds like it will just be a bunch of people wandering around in the mid-1960s going about their daily business, you’re not alone, but apparently there’s more to it.


Roland Emmerich’s Stargate Reboot Hires Independence Day 2 Writers

stargateIt’s been well over a year since it was first announced that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin will reteam with MGM and Warner Bros. for a reimagining of the highly popular Stargate franchise, but the first film in the proposed trilogy finally has someone tapped for screenwriting duties. Two people actually, as James A. Woods and Nicholas Wright have been brought in to script the initial entry to this rebooted series.

Woods and Wright are somewhat surprising choices for this high-profile project, as they’re far more known for their acting credentials than their screenwriting ones. On the other hand, it makes almost perfect sense, as Emmerich and Devlin brought the duo in last year to do a rewrite on the long-gestating Independence Day 2. Emmerich first gained knowledge of the pair’s talents when his company, Centropolis Entertainment, acquired an untitled action thriller they wrote. Are these the guys that will usher in a blazing new era of 1990s science fiction?


Jupiter Ascending Offers These 5 Clips To Entice You To See The Wachowskis’ Latest

After being delayed multiple times along the way to the movie theater, the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending finally opens everywhere this week. And if all the trailers and that massive gallery of images aren’t enough to entice you, you’re in luck, because this video has five new clips from the wingnut sci-fi adventure. And if all of this new footage still isn’t enough (you sure are hard to satisfy), there’s also a nine-minute behind-the-scenes video that gives you a good idea of what went into making the brother/sister duo’s latest opus.

The story follows Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a lowly cleaning woman who dreams of far greater things. As it turns out, a happenstance of genetics sets her on a path that takes her far beyond our world and plunks her down in the middle of an intergalactic corporate family feud. Along with her new sidekick Caine (Channing Tatum), an albino wolf-human hybrid soldier, she has to navigate the tricky political waters, while saving Earth and her family at the same time.


Why Luke Skywalker Looks Like Crazy Hobo And Other Bits Of Star Wars News

star warsOkay, it feels like it’s been a while since there have been some big time potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Part of that is probably due to Disney’s new war on leaks, and I like to imagine it like how reporters wait in bars where political aides congregate, hoping the one or another has one drink too many and lets a juicy tidbit slip (at least that’s what TV has told me happens). I also imagine the House of Mouse would subsequently disappear this person. That said, they’re fighting an uphill battle, and a new report has a ton of potential spoilers for The Force Awakens.

Just a warning, if these are true, a big if, they’re the holy shit, ruin-your-day variety of spoilers, so maybe you just want to watch the trailer for The Force Awakens again and call it good.