Star Wars: Episode VII Officially Resumes Production In London

han solo star warsThis isn’t the biggest piece of news, as we all expected it was going to happen, but, as they announced that they would earlier this month, Star Wars: Episode VII has officially resumed filming. Again, this isn’t a particularly stunning reveal, since, especially after the delay, they’re on an even more limited time table if they’re going to make the scheduled December 18, 2015 release, but for those of us who are excited about this movie (though we are, admittedly, wary as well), this isn’t the worst news we’ve ever heard.

EW reports that the cameras have actually started rolling once again at the legendary Pinewood Studios in London. Production was forced to take a hiatus after star Harrison Ford, who you might remember played a little guy named Han Solo, broke his leg in an on-set accident and required surgery. After getting creative, shifting things around, and even spending a few days shooting on the picturesque island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland, there was nothing else that they could do for the time being, and called a break.


Lego Star Wars Invades France In These Incredible Photos

Star Wars Lego InvasionFrance is apparently dealing with an invading force of outside aggressors. And this is one conflict that you’re definitely not going to hear about on your local nightly news (probably not anyway), because the enemy is, while a well known nefarious force of evil, also small, made of plastic, and entirely fictional. This invasion is comprised solely of Star Wars Lego pieces, but the pictures that document this incursion are nothing short of spectacular.

Photographer Benoit Lapray, working in conjunction with Lego France, is responsible for staging and delivering this fantastic set of pictures, which he has called “Toys Invasion.” The images show the Galactic Empire taking over an area in Lyon, France. And considering that the Imperial forces, like stormtroopers and Boba Fett are going on about their daily business like it ain’t no thing, you have to assume that their invasion has been a pretty damn successful endeavor thus far.


NASA Reveals Three Potential Habitats You Could Live In On Mars

Martian HabitatsIf we, as the collective human race, are ever going to get to Mars, there are some massive challenges that we will have to overcome. Actually getting there is only the first part of the problem, once we arrive on the Red Planet, we’ll have to deal with other issues, like where the hell do we live? Now we have a look at three designs that could, in the future, prove to be habitats for humanity while we vacation on our nearby neighbor.

NASA has joined forces with MakerBot to issue the Mars Base Challenge, which allows anyone willing to go through the effort the chance to submit their own design for possible Martian domiciles. In doing so, the contestants have to take a number of factor into consideration, like bitterly cold temperatures (down to negative 70 Fahrenheit), the constant, deadly radiation, vicious dust storms, and other things that I probably haven’t even considered that will make life on Mars rather difficult.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Takes The Best Selfie, With William Shatner

STar Trek SelfieI’ve never taken a selfie. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I recently took a close up photo of part of my beard because I was stoked about how much grey has started showing through (I can’t wait to be a grizzled old man who sits on his porch and yells at neighborhood kids, that’s been my life goal since, well, since I was a kid). And when I was in Mexico for grad school once I tried to take a panorama picture of myself in front of the massive bowl of the high mountain desert I found myself in, but it was super bright and just looks like I’m scowling with some hills in the background. However, Star Trek, as in most things, has won the selfie wars, and everyone else just needs to throw up their hands and quit right now.

At the recent Wizard World Comic-Con in Chicago, there was a Star Trek: The Next Generation panel, which was, oddly enough, hosted by William Shatner, who has little or nothing to do with TNG. At a point right before the crew mounted the stage for the festivities, LeVar Burton got everyone together and posed them for a selfie. (Or a group selfie? Is that a thing? Is it called a groupie?) The result, as you can clearly see for yourself, is pretty rad.


Nail Polish Lets You Know If Your Drink Has Been Roofied

nail polishWe’ve all heard about Rohypnol and GHB, otherwise known as roofies, sedatives invented in the 1970s that were unfortunately later repurposed as date rape drugs. Many times more potent than Valium, these odorless, colorless, and almost tasteless drugs can be next to impossible to detect if slipped into a drink. Four North Carolina State University students are working to change that by developing a nail polish that changes color if it touches these drugs. All a wearer has to do is dip her finger in her drink and she’ll know whether it’s safe.

The nail polish is called Undercover Colors, and if it works, it could be even more effective than cups and straws that can detect the presence of date rape drugs (martinis don’t come in cups and most of us haven’t sucked beer through a straw since college). The company cites the sobering statistic that 18% of women in the U.S. have been or will be sexually assaulted during their lifetimes, and many of those assaults happen on college campuses, including 14 reported assaults at North Carolina State University between 2010-2012 (and many more at neighboring Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill).


Star Wars Behind-The-Scenes Images Dissect The Mos Eisley Cantina Sequence

Cantina1The original Star Wars is filled with unforgettable scenes, but if you had to pick one that, purely from a visual standpoint, most captured the imagination of those of us who grew up enraptured by George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away, I think the Mos Eisley cantina sequence would have to be near the top of the list. It introduced Han Solo as an epic badass who shoots first (latter-day revisionism be damned), but it also gave us a sense of the sheer crazy diversity of Luke Skywalker’s universe, something we hadn’t much up to that point in the film. The inhabitants of that cantina made the Star Wars universe feel huge and strange and wonderfully real, and this amazing batch of behind-the-scenes photos give you a look at what went into populating that wretched hive of scum and villainy.