How Many People Do We Need To Live Among The Stars?

interstellar travelThis isn’t a “how many people would it take to screw in a lightbulb” type of riddle. Provided we can figure out interstellar travel, the next question is how many people we’d need to put on spacecrafts to begin to populate whatever new world we find. Different scenarios have different timeframes. Maybe it will only take roughly one human lifetime to get to, say, Proxima Centauri, which is over 4 light years away. Or maybe it we’re talking about a couple of lifetimes, which would affect the numbers of humans we’d need on board. It’s a question with so many variables that it sounds impossible to calculate, but if science has taught us anything, it’s that everything is calculable. Whether the numbers are correct is another question, and it seems like the initial calculations significantly underestimate how many people we need to colonize another star system.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Add Johnny Knoxville And Tony Shalhoub

Johnny KnoxvilleJust a week after we saw the first trailer for Joe Liebesman’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, there’s a big piece of new casting news. You’d think if they’re at the stage where the Michael Bay-produced film was cutting a full trailer, they’d have the cast pretty well in hand, but at least two major characters were without voices. Reports say that Johnny Knoxville and Tony Shalhoub have joined team Turtle.

According to Deadline, Knoxville will lend his vocal talents to the katana-wielding hero in a half-shell Leonardo, while Shalhoub will voice their leader, mentor, and fellow sewer denizen, Master Splinter. The visual side of the equation is largely done, with actors Pete Ploszek and Danny Woodburn, respectively, wearing the bulky suits that were used in the motion capture process, and now it’s time to take care of the vocal side of things.


Godzilla Will Do Whatever It Takes In Today’s TV Spot

We’re still roughly in the middle of the week—on the downward slope, sure, but still close to the center—and this is the third new TV spot we’ve seen so far for Godzilla. May 16 isn’t too far off in the big picture, but with all of this fun new promotion, you can’t help but feel how close we are to getting to see the King of the Monsters stomp across the big screen. Let’s hope this washes away the bad taste from Roland Emmerich’s 1998 attempt (seriously, who casts Matthew Broderick as the lead in an action movie?).

This latest offering follows the same pattern as the previous two, using mostly footage we’ve encountered before, rearranged, and with just enough new stuff thrown in to pique your interest and keep you watching. You start out with that wrecked building we’ve already seen many times, you know, the one that looks like something large, possibly reptilian, may have taken a bite out of it. Then there’s what appears to be a tidal wave busting down Main Street, monster fins ripping through a train trestle, a tropical mushroom cloud, and Godzilla himself slipping behind buildings and shrouded in an ominous fog.


Ridley Scott Developing Second Halo TV Series For Xbox Live

HaloTopWith Netflix and Amazon churning out original content — and the former even racking up Emmy noms and wins for House of Cards — the entertainment landscape has fundamentally changed. You no longer have to be a traditional broadcast or cable network to be a major player, so it’s not surprising that Microsoft wants a piece of the action, specifically for their Xbox Live service. They landed a major name last year with the announcement that Steven Spielberg would be producing a series based on Microsoft’s best-selling Halo franchise. There were even rumors that Elysium’s Neill Blomkamp might direct the pilot (which would only be appropriate). Well, now you can add another huge “get” to Microsoft’s checklist, because Ridley Freaking Scott will be developing a second Halo series for Xbox Live.


Lionsgate Snaps Up Sci-Fi Script Terrestrial From First Time Writer

LionsgateAs a writer you hope that everything you churn out will finally get you the recognition and acclaim you so richly deserve. You are, after all, an unknown genius and everyone who doesn’t see that immediately is clearly a fool. Peter Gaffney is realizing his goal as a writer, selling his first script, the sci-fi themed Terrestrial, as well as securing representation for his future endeavors. I’m sure this is far from the first thing he’s ever written, but good for him.

The Wrap reports that Lionsgate has paid somewhere in the low six-figures (that still sounds like a lot of figures to me) for the first-time writer’s spec script. In addition to securing a nice payday for Gaffney, he has now also signed on with talent agencies UTA and Energy Entertainment, which will most likely lead to more work in the future.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Gives The Rebooted Turtles A Facelift

MikeyThere are a lot of things that irked loyal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans about the impending reboot. Michael Bay’s take on another beloved ’80s franchise, Transformers, left many irritated or downright outraged, so his involvement on TMNT sent up a red flag for many. (Even though he’s only producing via his Platinum Dunes shingle.) An early script leak was resoundingly negative, and suggested the Turtles were being turned into space aliens, not mutants. Even though the recent trailer revealed that the Heroes in a Half Shell were back to being mutants, there was still one major problem, and it was as plain as the noses on the Turtles faces. Actually, it was the noses on their faces. Thankfully the Internet soon rode to the rescue, and you can see the results above and below.