young ones

Young Ones Is An Ambitiously Artsy Story Of Survival And Desperation

Even if you’ve got apocalypse fatigue, this one is worth your time.


Deep Learning Algorithm Can Find A McDonald’s Much Faster Than You

deep learningOkay, I’m seriously frustrated. I’ve been trying to find this McDonald’s for a while now. I know it’s nearby, but I just can’t seem to figure out where exactly it is, and it’s driving me crazy. This is a brand new experience for me—I’ve never in my life sought out a McDonald’s. I’ve also never tried to put myself in the place of a computer, or more accurately, a deep learning algorithm, to try and navigate. And I can say, it’s damn hard. Of course machines are better than humans if we go about it like this.

Let me back up—exposition is important here. MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, also known as CSAIL, wanted to see if they could get computers to make decisions similar to the ones humans make in the context of our environment. For example, when we’re walking in a new city we might assess the safety level of a particular neighborhood, or when we pull off the highway in need of gas we might decide we’re more likely to find a station if we turn left rather than right at a stoplight. We might not consciously think all that hard about these decisions because we’ve made them countless times before, but our brains are actually factoring in a bunch of information, such as the state of the buildings and houses in the neighborhood or the number of people on the streets, or the direction from which we can hear street noise. We then proceed accordingly.


Godzilla Has A Lot Of Problems And You Can See Them All Here

While we thoroughly enjoyed Gareth Edward’s Godzilla when it stomped through movie theaters this past summer, it is, admittedly, full of problems and major issues across the board. We still think it’s a pretty good time, though. Because of all these issues, however, it is no surprise that the folks over at Cinema Sins made this the most recent installment of their “Everything Wrong With” series where they tally up the various crimes against cinema is a particular movie.

Clocking in at more than 16-mintues, this is a rather exhaustive video and may be too much to digest in a single sitting. The run time is, oddly enough, actually longer than the total screen time that Godzilla, the title character, gets in the movie that bears his name. As you probably guessed, lack of the big guy is one of the “sins.”


The Walking Dead Season 5 Teases Tension And Terror

We are now exactly one week away from the premiere of The Walking Dead season 5. Fans have been waiting on the edge of their seat to see the fate of the zombie apocalypse survivors after the cliffhanger ending of season 4, and we’ve been told the opening is so shocking that it even took the cast by surprise the first time they saw it edited together for the first time. And if you thought AMC was going to slow down the hype machine building up to the biggest show on TV, you would be wrong, and we’ve got three short new videos to tease the tense mood and atmosphere of the new season.

These aren’t really going to tell you much, each one just shows a key character, linking up with the “Hunt or Be Hunted” motif that the series has been pumping this offseason. While they don’t have much to offer content wise, they do certainly set the mood for the upcoming new episodes of the hit zombie drama.


Mad Max Tributes Help You Get In The Mood For Fury Road

We’ve been waiting a long time for Mad Max: Fury Road, and while it is finally on the way (I still feel like there’s a good chance I might die before I actually get to see it), we still have seven months to wait. But in the meantime, we should do what we can to prepare ourselves mentally for George Miller’s upcoming return to the post apocalyptic wastes. For most of us, that will probably entail watching the entire existing trilogy at least a couple of times, but if you don’t have the time for that right now, this new tribute video should give you a fix that will tide you over for the time being. In addition to that, there’s an awesome fan made poster for Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior for you to gawk at.

You and I aren’t the first people to notice some striking thematic and aesthetic similarities between the Mad Max movies and the spaghetti westerns of the 1960s, and this video drives that point home. Cutting together clips from all three movies—Mad Mad, The Road Warrior, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome—and setting it all to Ennio Morircone’s haunting “Man With a Harmonica” from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West, this has never been so clear, and we wind up with this video, appropriately titled The Man We Called Max.


Japanese Company 3D Prints A Jet Engine

jet engine3D printing keeps getting better—and bigger. Among a zillion other things, we’ve seen 3D-printed cars and motorcycles, and now we’ve got a working 3D-printed jet engine.

General Electric has been 3D printing jet engine parts for a while now, such as titanium turbine blades and fuel nozzles, some of which could be used for new Boeing engines. The company even put all the files online at Thingiverse so people can print the parts at home and, at least theoretically, build their own jet engines. Which, y’know, is super useful if you don’t have a jet. Maybe it would work in a vacuum? Suffice it to say, GE has been leading the back on 3D-printed jet engine stuff for a while, but now they’ve got stiff competition.


Star Wars Rebels Renewed For Season 2 With A Definite Game Plan For The Future

starwarsrebelsfirst7Star Wars Rebels may technically just have premiere yesterday (read our review here)—though many fans were able to see it early via a promotion Disney Channel ran—but it’s already been renewed for a second season. This news actually came down even before the premiere, we’re just a little late to the party, and it doesn’t really surprise anyone, since you can slap those two words on just about anything and people will watch. Still, the show was a ton of fun, captures the swashbuckling feel of the original trilogy, and though this is obviously targeted at kids, it’s one you won’t mind watching right along side of them.

Rebels takes place in between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. In this setting, the Galactic Empire is tightening its grip on the galaxy, including outer rim planets that have, up to this point, largely gone unscathed. In this oppressive atmosphere, pockets of resistance pop up, and you see the start of what will ultimately become the Rebel Alliance in Episodes IV through VI.