This Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer Fights Back

Whether you’re stoked or not, you’re getting more from The Divergent Series, with the upcoming sequel Insurgent. While the first film was kind of bland and generic, everything we’ve seen this time around has focused on the action, adventure, and strange, almost psychedelic imagery. That includes this new trailer.

This short preview really plays up the oversimplified dystopian social system from Veronica Roth’s trilogy of young adult novels. In a post-apocalyptic Chicago—you’re never sure exactly what exactly what tragedy led to the end of this particular world—society has been segregated into five different factions based on your most dominant personality trait. Divergents, those people who don’t fit into any single section, are the greatest threat to this new way of life for some reason, which is where heroine Beatrice “Tris” Prior (Shailene Woodley) falls.


Marvel’s Spider-Man Wants One Of These Two Young Actors To Play The Web Slinger

Spider-ManThe news just came out that Spider-Man is returning home and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there’s already talk of who might don that iconic suit and swing from building to building. Marvel doesn’t waste any time. The last two actors to play the role—Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire—were in their thirties (granted, Garfield looks like he’s about fifteen), but this time around their aiming for a much younger actor and take him back to high school. There will likely be tons of names floating around, but right now the top two on the list are Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman.

This report comes from Variety and indicates that both of the baby-faced actors have become candidates for the role, though they do also say that no one has actually been approached about it yet. Right now these are just a couple names being kicked around, and you have to imagine that, even if one of them does wind up with the part, there will be many more mentioned before this is all over.


This Is The Holdup With Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie

neill-blomkamp-was-developing-an-alien-film-and-heres-some-concept-art-1-578x578Early this year, Neill Blomkamp released a bunch of concept art for an Alien movie he had been working on. It looked crazy awesome, and the idea of the visionary director of District 9 and Elysium delving into that particular universe sounded incredible. But it was unclear if it was something he was doing for fun, or if it was an actual project that was in the works but petered out. We’ve now learned the real deal, and the truth is that the only thing standing between us and Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie is actually Neill Blomkamp himself.

His latest, the allegorical robot adventure Chappie (which looks like the bastard child of RoboCop and Short Circuit, and I mean that in the best possible way), comes out in a few weeks and he’s been hitting the promotional circuit hard. Talking to Uproxx, the director shed some light on his Alien endeavor.


This Video Shows You Everything Wrong With John Carter

John Carter was a rather sizeable flop when it came out a little less than three years ago. Sure, earning $73 million domestically ($284 million world wide) sounds like a lot of money, but when your movie costs $250 million, that’s not exactly what the studio hoped for. It doesn’t help matters that it was critically savaged upon release, and that, coupled with Battleship essentially sunk Taylor Kitch’s shot at being a big time leading man, at least for the time being. As you can imagine, there are some serious problems with this movie, and Cinema Sins’ latest “Everything Wrong With…” video tackles this sci-fi opus.


The Walking Dead’s Rick May Strike Up A Romance With This Character

walking deadWhile there are hints of love and romance now and again on The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit zombie drama is kind of a desolate void in that arena. Aside from Glen (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), couples never really last. Granted, that’s usually because one party winds up as zombie chow, but still… That, however, may change for a couple of characters coming up.

There are potential spoilers beyond this point, just a head’s up.


Jurassic World May Feature This Other Weird Mash Up Dinosaur

Jurassic WorldIf you’ve been paying attention to the news and trailers for Jurassic World, you know that the big bad antagonist is a genetically enhanced dinosaur cooked up in a lab. That tidbit leaked out and was later confirmed by director Colin Trevorrow, as well as the numerous looks we’ve had at this point. But if some new toys are to be believed, the Indominus rex as it is called, may not be the only new guy floating around.