Star Trek: Prelude To Axanar Short Film Warps Onto The Interwebs

There have been a lot of Star Trek fan films over the years, of varying styles and quality. Productions like the Star Trek Continues and Star Trek: Phase II webseries have combined fannish enthusiasm and even actual Star Trek veterans to tell continuing adventures of the Enterprise crew. But Star Trek: Axanar may be the most ambitious fan project yet. The goal is to create an original independent Star Trek feature film, one which boasts production values that can compete with some smaller Hollywood films. The first step was to create Prelude to Axanar, a 20-minute short film that serves as a proof of concept and stepping stone to the planned full-length feature film. Prelude to Axanar is now finished and online, and I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty damned impressive. You can watch the full 20-minute film on the Axanar Kickstarter page (it’s not embeddable, sadly), and you can check out a trailer for Prelude up top.


The 100: What You Can Expect From Season 2

the 100One of the pleasant surprises of the last year of television was The CW’s teen-centric sci-fi series The 100. I know, we were as surprised as you. What looked like an attempt to create their own Battle Royale-Hunger Games-Lord of the Flies-light totally defied our expectations. Not only was it inventive and full of strong, well-crafted characters, it managed to avoid taking the easy way out of tough situations. Rarely in season 1 do you follow a predictable path. Now that the inaugural voyage has come to a close, our attention can turn to season 2, which was a topic addressed at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend.

We didn’t venture to the sunny Southern California environs, but our lovely older sibling Cinema Blend was all over that mother, and had the opportunity to sit and chat with some of cast and crew, including creator Jason Rothenberg. Here’s what they gleaned about season 2. If you’re not entirely caught up, or want to avoid such things, there may be some minor SPOILERS beyond this point. Consider yourself warned.

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By Grabthar’s Hammer, Galaxy Quest To Continue As A Comic Book Series!

GQFeatIn a perfect world, Galaxy Quest would have been a massive box-office hit and spawned a run of sequels that continue to this day. Alas, ours is not a perfect world, so instead the brilliant sci-fi comedy earned a mere $90 million worldwide and settled in for the long haul as a legitimate cult classic. While we probably won’t get to see the further adventures of the NSEA Protector up on the big screen, there is some freshly announced good news: IDW Publishing has announced an upcoming Galaxy Quest comic book series!

IDW broke the news at Comic-Con, announcing that writer Erik Burnham and artist Nacno Arranz would be teaming up to bring us new stories of the typecast, washed-up TV actors turned reluctant galactic heroes (played in the film by Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, and Sigourney Weaver, among others). Comic Book Resources scored an interview with Burnham, who revealed that all the major characters from the movie will be along for the ride, and that the story of the comic will be set in motion by the events at the end of the film. If you recall, Jason Nesmith used the powerful Omega 13 device to rewind time 13 seconds and thus save his crew, but messing around with time has consequences. Burnham told CBR:


Are You Ready For Con Air 2 Set In Space?

Con Air

For those of you who don’t share my over the top, unapologetic, wildly irrational love for Con Air, and are already groaning, just from reading the headline, don’t worry, this isn’t something that anyone thinks is actually going to happen. Though now that it’s on the table, I really, really want it to. As much as I would love to see Con Air 2 happen in space, no one is planning that, no one is working on such a movie, and it’s simply not going to happen (now that I’ve made such a declarative statement, watch the universe slap me in the face as Lionsgate or someone announces that they’re making Con Air 2 and setting it in space.)

How did this subject even come up, you might ask? See, I’m not the only one who loves Con Air, and star Nicolas Cage’s long, greasy mullet and Forrest Gump-with-a-bad-attitude southern drawl. Since the movie was a decent enough hit in 1997, there has always been talk of a sequel. It’s obviously never materialized, but the rumblings have been there.


Marvel’s Kevin Feige On Thanos, Cosmic Heroes, And Magic As Quantum Mechanics

ThanosAs the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige holds the keys to the kingdom that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the MCU is expanding into Marvel’s huge array of alien species, distant worlds, and cosmic heroes and villains. Even beyond the core team of the Guardians, some of those characters have already been teased in one way or another, most especially the Mad Titan Thanos, who plays a role behind the scenes in Guardians and is being positioned to be a major threat on down the line. In the midst of the chaos that was Comic-Con last week, Crave Online cornered Feige and got him to reveal a few details about Thanos, what other cosmic characters we might see in Guardians 2, and even how Doctor Strange’s magic might fit into the otherwise more science fictional big-screen Marvel universe.


Guillermo Del Toro On Pacific Rim 2 And The Classic Show That Inspired The Strain

PacRimDelToroGuillermo del Toro had a lot to talk about at Comic-Con this year. He’s returning to his horror roots with the upcoming Crimson Peak. He’s got The Strain trying to make vampires genuinely scary again on FX. And he’s still riding high on the triumphant announcement that Pacific Rim 2 is coming in 2017, which has got to feel great in light of all the people who shit on it when it under-performed at the domestic box office. And while he’s keeping Pacific Rim 2’s overall story under wraps, he did reveal a few hints about what’s in store for us during a new interview with Hero Complex.

Del Toro has said before that Pacific Rim 2 will raise the stakes and up the action of the original, but given how things wrapped up at the end of the first movie, it will be interesting to see how he continues from there. On a basic level, he says he’ll be mixing things up just so it doesn’t feel like he’s repeating the same sort of action beats we saw last time around. But he also says they’ll be exploring more of the mythology about the so-called “Anteverse,” the alternate universe that was lobbing monsters at our world through a dimensional rift at the bottom of the Pacific. So could that mean an expedition into the Anteverse for our heroes? If so, will that mean mankind figuring out how to create a rift of their own, or will the denizens of the Anteverse open up another one themselves, hoping to get some payback?