There’s A Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg You Still Haven’t Found Yet

guardians of the galaxyGuardians of the Galaxy is one of the biggest films of the year, which means an astonishing number of eyeballs were glued to this movie, even accounting for multi-viewers. And yet, after all these months, there is still apparently an Easter egg that fans haven’t picked up on yet. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

According to director James Gunn himself, in an interview with ComicBook.com, one of the film’s clever references may go unseen until the end of time…though it probably won’t. Here’s how he put it:

Yeah, there’s definitely some things that people haven’t seen. There’s definitely one really big thing that people haven’t seen, but they may never see it — we’ll see. There’s other things, too. The other day, I posted on my Instagram a picture of the other guys going for the Infinity Stone in the temple of Morag and I didn’t see anybody bringing that up until just a couple of weeks ago.


Can Astronaut Waste Be Turned Into Fuel?

space toiletOne of my favorite aspects of Mary Roach’s book Packing for Mars is her hilarious but thorough examination of what happens to astronauts’ bodily functions in space. Given how much these rely on gravity, microgravity is a challenge in many ways, including using the bathroom. I certainly never thought about the advantages of a toilet with a vacuum system before reading the book. But all those messy details may soon amount to more than just a funny story. NASA commissioned researchers at the University of Florida to see how human waste could be useful, and the results indicate that we may be able to make rocket fuel out of astronaut poop.

Just yesterday I was watching a nature documentary that featured small communities living in India just south of the Himalayas. They burn goat and buffalo poop, which establishes the dual purpose of maintaining a degree of cleanliness while also providing cooking and heating energy–though they’re not trying to get rockets off the ground.


Independence Day 2 Is Officially A Go, Get The Details Here

independence dayThere’s been so much talk of Independence Day 2 that who the hell knows what’s going on. It’s going to be one movie, it’s going to be two movies, Will Smith is back, Will Smith isn’t back, there’s a script for if Will Smith is back and one for if he isn’t. One thing is certain, however, this is in fact now officially happening.

Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox has given a green light to the long gestating sequel, there’s even a start and a tentative release date scheduled. Filming is now slated to kick off in May of 2015, with a public unveiling on the books for June 26, 2016. At least you’ll be able to go to a theater and see Independence Day 2 on Independence Day if you’re so inclined, and this will mark the 20th anniversary of the first film. That is, unless the schedule gets bumped around, which often happens with these things, especially this far out. We’ll have to wait and see, but odds are they’ll try to keep it as close to the 4th of July as they can.


Jurassic World May Bring Back This Unexpected Character

jurassic worldHey guys, remember before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out this morning, when everybody was all excited about that other gigantic sequel, Jurassic World? Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment cooked up a sweet new website for dino-fans and film fans alike to explore and pick up on new clues about the film while getting a little bit of an education. And what’s the coolest piece of information that can be gleaned from the site? We might not have seen the last of the iconic T-Rex from the first film. What the what?

As with just about everything involving huge sci-fi tentpole films, this particular piece of potential info should be taken with some skepticism, but the payoff will be amazing if it’s true. So where does this rather out-there theory come from? The website itself, of course.


This Galaxy Quest Actor Never Wants A Sequel, And Here’s Why

GalaxyQGalaxy Quest never seems to get the credit it deserves. Sure, you’ll be hard pressed to find a science fiction fan who didn’t like it, but, some 15 years after it hit theaters, Galaxy Quest remains a beloved cult classic…but also just a one-off. In this age of sequels and shared cinematic universes, it seems amazing that we never got more Galaxy Quest than we did, even though rumors and whispers about a sequel continue to pop up every now and then. But there’s one Galaxy Quest actor who is just fine with Galaxy Quest being the one and only Galaxy Quest.

The folks over at io9 were interviewing actor Enrico Colantoni about CBS’s Person of Interest recently, and they decided to shift the topic to Galaxy Quest. We loved Colantoni as Veronica Mars’ long-suffering P.I. dad back in the day, but he was also stellar as the Thermian leader Mathesar in GQ, who kidnapped Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) and the rest of the Galaxy Quest actors to help save his species from some very real and very nasty alien warriors. But Colantoni isn’t keen to return to the role. He told io9:


Jurassic World’s Director And Website Reveal More Details About The Park

Jurassic WorldThis holiday weekend has seen the delivery of the first trailers for two of our most anticipated movies of 2015. Today, the big news is obviously the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, and it’s great, but it was preceeded this week by the first look at Jurassic World, which is also a damn good time. In addition to the trailer, Universal has been using their website to great effect, regularly updating it with more and more glimpses and oblique looks at the movie, and they’ve added a bunch more for you to peruse and explore. And director Colin Trevorrow has also been stumping for his upcoming film and has quite a bit to say on the subject.

The trailer shows a little, but definitely poses more questions than it answers, which is how a trailer should be if you ask us. Talking to Empire, the Safety Not Guaranteed director did his best to answer some of the more pressing questions. The story picks up 22 years after the events of the first film, and John Hammond’s vision of a dinosaur theme park has become a reality. But attendance has flagged and in order to attract more visitors, the park has created a new dinosaur by splicing together various strands of DNA. Here’s how Trevorrow explains this choice: