Ghostbusters Gets Taken Over By Middle Schoolers, And It’s Amazing

Everybody loves Ghostbusters. And if you find someone who decides they’re ballsy enough to speak against this, there’s a tiny trap you can stick them in. The coolest group of middle-schoolers you’ve ever seen also happens to share an affinity for the ectoplasmic sci-fi comedy, and they’ve proved it in full with the video below.

Hide your wives. Hide your daughters. Hide your ghosts. The GhostBOSters are here, people. Sony is already headed into a female-friendly version of this universe, and we can’t wait for it. But it’s perfectly fine by us if they decide to use this group of youngsters, who hail from the Raw Arts Works non-profit program out of Lynn, Massachusetts. It’s called the Real to Reel Filmschool, and it’s pretty much the best thing you can imagine middle school students doing. And don’t ask me what I was doing in middle school, because I’ve buried all those proton pack-wearing skeletons.


NBC’s Space-Based Reality Series Is Orbiting Disaster Following Virgin Galactic Crash

virgin galactic

The kind of excitement that humanity’s trek into the cosmos has inspired is a beautiful thing. We’re at a point when government-sponsored NASA isn’t the only thinktank headed into outer space, and the privatized frontier is here. Unfortunately, the trial-and-error process has its downfalls, and this past week has seen two Virgin Galactic crashes occurring, with today’s being the first where someone has died. To be expected, NBC is starting to have second thoughts about its upcoming reality series Space Race, which Virgin’s Richard Branson and producer Mark Burnett were behind.


Thrift Store Paintings Are Better When Vandalized With Star Wars

StarDestroyerStar Wars has become one of the juggernauts of popular culture, and it’s only going to get bigger thanks to Rebels, Episode VII, and the rest. Disney seems to be taking the same coordinated multi-media approach as they have with their Marvel wing, so we can expect to see Star Wars, well, everywhere in the years to come. But one place I wouldn’t have expected the galaxy far, far away to infiltrate is the canvases of second-hand thrift-shop paintings. One clever artist, however, is doing just that. Macklemore would be so proud.



Ridley Scott’s TV Series Galyntine Has A Big Problem

ridley scottRidley Scott is about to hit theaters with a trillion pounds of sand for his historical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, but anyone hoping to see the director make the transition to the small screen is going to be disappointed here. Scott was executive producing the sci-fi project Galyntine for AMC, but the network has decided to pass on it. Apparently, AMC has no use for sci-fi.

Here’s how Galyntine was supposed to work: The world fell victim to a giant technological apocalypse that ruined everything for everyone. But a new society evolved from that mess, one that has nothing to do with technology and hates it and stuff. Survivors around the planet are few, and everyone has to learn to survive in their own individual ways. It sounds like it would have been a banging project, but alas it is no more.


Neil Gaiman Wants To Write Another Doctor Who Episode So He Can Do This

WhoGaimanIn retrospect, it’s kind of amazing that it took Neil Gaiman as long as it did to write an episode of Doctor Who. I mean, he was always one of the first names mentioned whenever people talked about people who should write Doctor Who. But even after the show regenerated into its modern incarnation in 2006, it still took him several years to contribute his first episode. Thankfully, “The Doctor’s Wife” was more than worth the wait, earning Gaiman a 2012 Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. He returned the very next season with “Nightmare in Silver,” which was fun, but not as brilliant as “The Doctor’s Wife.” So, will Gaiman return for a third Who episode?

As reported by GeekTyrant, Gaiman says that the producers regularly ask if he’d like to write another Who episode, and his standard answer is, “Yes! But not yet!” It may be sooner rather than later, however, because Gaiman says he’s keen to write for current Doctor Peter Capaldi. Gaiman says, “It would be a very sad thing if I lost my chance to write for a grumpy, Scottish Doctor.” On that we can agree, sir. So make it happen already!


Star Wars Toys Are Awesome, But What About Star Wars Cars?

Star Wars has a long history of badass toys, beginning with the amazing Kenner line my generation played with and blew up and dropped down into the Great Pit of Carkoon (my parents’ garbage disposal). That line had so many amazing toy vehicles, from Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon to the towering AT-AT walkers. One thing you never really associate with Star Wars, however, is cars. I don’t mean flying cars or cloud cars. I mean actual, on-the-ground-with-wheels cars cars. But if the Star Wars universe did have some normal old cars puttering around, they might have looked like this.