Star Wars, Spoilers, And What The Hell Are They Thinking?

Star WarsIn this line of work, I’ve become fairly immune to spoilers, partly out of necessity, partly because, as long as the story is structured well, the reveal can still have the appropriate impact. One example is that, going into season three of Game of Thrones, I already knew all about the events of the “Red Wedding.” It’s a hazard of the trade, and since I don’t have HBO and had to wait until it hit Blu-ray months after the fact, there’s only so much you can ask out of the internet. But it is told in such a way that I was still floored when it went down, even though I knew what was going to happen. That’s the sign of a strong story, I knew what was going to happen from a mechanical standpoint, but that didn’t dilute the ultimate impact.

That said, the potential Star Wars: Episode VII spoiler that went wide earlier today, is one that may be too big. I read one headline that describe it as the nuclear bomb of spoilers, and I’m actually having trouble wrapping my head around it. This is something that, if it does turn out to be true, indelibly alters something I’ve passionately loved most of my life. (I was born in May, 1977, and have lived a total of 17 days in a world without Star Wars, that’s it.) Some of my earliest, fondest memories revolve around the franchise, but right now I’m still in a mild state of shock over what I just reported.


First Look At Shaun Of The Dead In Phineas And Ferb

Every time the credits roll for Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, it’s some of the saddest minutes in cinema, as we have to live with the fact that we’ll never see Shaun and Ed have new adventures. But wait, the hit animated series Phineas and Ferb has quasi-resurrected the duo for an upcoming episode, and we have the first look at the zombie bashers in full cartoon glory.

The episode, called “Night of the Living Pharmacists,” is inspired (believe it or not) by Night of the Living Dead, and centers on the vaguely evil Dr. Doofenschmirtz’s latest invention, which accidentally turns almost the entire population of Danville into braindead Doof-zombies who are able to pass on their wide-eyed plague just by touching others. You’d think that having more pharmacists in the world wouldn’t be a bad thing, but these guys are only prescribing…pain? I’m not quite sure what they’re doing.


Star Wars: Episode VII’s “I Am Your Father” Sized Spoiler Revealed

We may be 14 months away from actually seeing Star Wars: Episode VII, but it’s never far from the front of our minds. Rumors, reports, and news have been flying fast and furious, but we haven’t encountered any that compare to this latest one. And for the love of god, be aware there are MAJOR SPOILERS beyond this point. We’re talking, holy shit, Luke-I’m-your-father level spoilers. If correct, this is a total game changer. You’ve been warned. Now prepare to get your mind blown.



Star Wars: Watch The Entire Original Trilogy Distilled Down Into 3-Minutes

Star Wars never really went away, especially not in the hearts of life long fans, though there were some rough patches, like the prequel years. But now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, the franchise is undergoing a substantial renaissance. With the animated series Star Wars Rebels premiering this week (read our review here), and news about J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII dominating the landscape, this seems like as good a time as any to revisit the beloved franchise. But a lot of us are busy, and sitting down to watch three movies we’ve already seen countless times may not fit into our always-full schedules as easily as it once did. Fortunately for those of us with a hectic calendar, there is this video that distills the original trilogy down to a short, easy to digest recap.

Just a warning, this may very well make you want to sit down and rewatch the original trilogy, so you’ll probably need to carve out some time for that in the very near future anyway, but hopefully this will give you the refresher you’re after. I really enjoy the description of Luke Skywalker as “angsty 70s teen.” This video is pretty fun, and at a fast paced three minutes, doesn’t over stay it’s welcome, and has the good sense to stop just when it’s starting to teeter on the edge of being annoying. That’s a trait not enough of these kinds of things have.


Tom Cruise Dies Over And Over Again In This Darkly Funny Edge Of Tomorrow Supercut

Every year there are great movies that slip through the cracks and fail to find a theatrical audience. This year, Doug Liman’s sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow is one of those, and probably the most notable. Despite almost unanimous critical backing, no one went to see this movie in the theater when it opened in June. There are a number of theories, including a terrible, generic title that says nothing about the film (something they’ve been playing with building up to the home video release), a mismanaged marketing campaign, and Tom Cruise fatigue among audiences. If theatergoers are really sick of Cruise, this actually could be the movie they’d want to see the most, because he dies, a lot, often in spectacular fashion. If you don’t believe me, just watch this new supercut of the various ways he buys the proverbial farm, and this isn’t even all of them.

Edge of Tomorrow follows the exploits of Bill Cage (Cruise), a marketing executive who joins the military after an alien invasion happens and lends his particular brand of expertise to the propaganda war. Through a series of events, and a vindictive senior officer, Cage, who has zero combat experience, winds up on the front lines. In the midst of a Normandy Beach-style assault, he dies moments into the battle. But low and behold, he wakes up at the beginning of the day, very much alive.


Star Wars #1 Comic Preview Teases New Adventures Of Luke, Han, And Leia

SW1Star Wars Rebels kicks off tomorrow night, launching one of the first major slices of the new, stripped-down Star Wars continuity. Last month another puzzle piece arrived in the form of Star Wars: A New Dawn, the first novel set in the new Expanded Universe, and a direct prequel to Rebels. While we’ve still got over a year to wait before the arrival of Episode VII, there are still more novels to come in that time, and beginning this January Marvel will relaunch the Star Wars comics universe with three new series. The straightforwardly titled Star Wars #1 will be the first of the bunch, and StarWars.com has shared the above variant cover art, as well as some interior previews and some insights from writer Jason Aaron.