Classic Doctor Who With A Modern Musical Score Makes For A Surreal Experience

Regardless of how you feel about the direction Doctor Who has taken in recent years, there’s no question that it boasts some much more impressive production values in its current incarnation than it did back in the classic era. The Who creators had to stretch every shilling back in the day, which is why The Doctor’s adventures across time and space so often involved wobbly walls and rubbery aliens. One element of the show you might not even consciously notice making a difference is the score. Musical director Murray Gold has been shaping the soundscape of Doctor Who since its 2005 resurrection, and even if you couldn’t name any of the work he’s done for the show, compositions such as “I am The Doctor” are both instantly recognizable and inextricably associated with the feel of the modern series. So what if he’d been scoring the classic Who episodes? They might have looked a bit like the video up top.


Star Wars Caricature Designs Aren’t Real Toys, But We Really Wish They Were

GreedoOne of our favorite things we’ve shared with you guys in recent weeks was these rather amazing designs for “Three Flavours Cornetto” action figures. The twisted minds over at Evil Corp put on their thinking caps to imagine what toys for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End might look like, all filtered through Evil Corp’s delightfully cartoonish filter. Well, they didn’t stop when they ran out of Cornetto, people! They’ve turned their attentions to a certain galaxy far, far away, and the result are, I’m just going to say it, fantabulous.


Ebola: CDC Confirms The First Case On U.S. Soil In Dallas

o-EBOLA-facebookYou may already be aware of this, but Ebola is terrifying. With the current glut of zombie apocalypse narratives like The Walking Dead sweeping across popular culture, the Ebola virus is about the closest thing we have. Sure, it won’t make your loved ones hungry for brains or bring them back from the dead, but this particular hemorrhagic fever is a nasty piece of business. The disease has been all over the news lately, with outbreaks ravaging parts of Africa, but now it’s coming stateside, with a case confirmed in Dallas. If you’ve seen movies like Outbreak or Contagion, that’s exactly where our minds immediately went.

The patient, who is not being publicly identified, is being kept under “strict isolation” at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas while the CDC investigates the situation. This is the first substantiated case of this latest strain of Ebola on American soil. Others have been tested, but those came back negative.


Stanley Kubrick Art Tribute Show Is All Monoliths And Murderers


Joshua Budich – “Daisy”

In addition to being one of the most talented and respected filmmakers of all time, Stanley Kubrick gave our beloved genre of science fiction several instant classics. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a hypnotic epic stretching from the dawn of man to our near extinction. A Clockwork Orange adapted Anthony Burgess’ novel in cold, methodical fashion, serving up a bit of the old ultraviolence that inspired countless pop-culture references and hipster Halloween costumes. Those two films are just a few of the many being paid tribute by an exhibition that recently wrapped up its engagement at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. Thankfully you can still see what the show’s artists had to offer, and you don’t even need a plane ticket or a time machine.


The Walking Dead Wants The Strain Actor For Fan-Favorite Role

the strainAMC’s The Walking Dead is going to head in a pretty dark direction in Season 5…not that the last four years were filled with sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. But fans of Robert Kirkman’s comic series are keenly aware that this is all child’s play compared to the abominably heinous Negan, a villain that we sadly probably won’t be running into this season. But we now know that they’re trying to cast the part, and it all comes from an actor on The Strain who didn’t quite realize the bombshell he’d let loose.

Speaking on a conference call (via Nuke the Fridge), actor Kevin Durand was asked about other shows that fans want to see him in, and he presumably stunned everyone by saying he was at least one of AMC’s choices for the role of the sadistic villain. He said, “I’ve had a lot of people with The Walking Dead talk to me, mentioned that they see me for a character named ‘Negan,’ but I haven’t read the comic.”


The Headless Chicken That Lived For 18 months

mikeWe all know the phrase “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” Yes, beheaded chickens tend to flop around and generally spazz out for a while, but then they, y’know, die. They don’t actually run around like that for long. Except for Miracle Mike, who lived for a year and a half after being beheaded. The story is nearly 70 years old, but it’s one worth remembering, especially when we think about instances that seem to defy all possibility (i.e., most of the science stories you read on this site), and how almost nothing is truly impossible. As time passes, Mike becomes more and more of a legend, and has inspired a website and a festival. Of course, Mike’s story has also raised a bunch of questions. Among them: WTF?