This Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Clip Sends Father Gabriel A Sign

We’ve got one more episode of The Walking Dead left in 2014 before the hit zombie series takes and extended holiday break (those lucky bastards). As usual in this situation, the show is building up towards something big, which is probably going to look very much like a violent clash between two groups of human survivors. That’s all I’ll say on that matter in case you’re not caught up, but you probably guessed that already. Looking forward to the final episode before the mid-season hiatus, AMC has released a new clip from the upcoming “Coda,” as well as some looks back at the penultimate episode, “Crossed.”

There are going to be some spoilers beyond this point, especially when we get to the behind-the-scenes videos. You’ve been warned.


This Predestination Trailer Doesn’t Prepare You For What You Find

January is often looked at as a time of the year that’s a desolate wasteland full of terrible movies, and it certainly is to a degree. There are going to be a lot of bad movies in the first month of 2015. But it’s also a place where movies get dumped because no one can figure out how to market them, and this time around one of those films is the Speirig Brothers’ Predestination, which is back with this new trailer.


The Jurassic World Trailer Is Here And It Rules

Remember yesterday when we were all counting down the minutes until the first Jurassic World trailer that was scheduled to debut during football on Thanksgiving Day? It’s okay to admit that you were vaguely trying to schedule dinner and cooking times around the appearance, you weren’t the only one. But now that’s a moot point as the trailer has shown up online for you to check out. This isn’t even a bootleg or a leak, which you kind of expect from the film at this point given their security troubles, this is an official Universal Studios release. Check it out for yourself below:


This Amazing Back To The Future Screening Will Make You Insanely Jealous

We’ve written about Secret Cinema’s special public screenings of Back to the Future a couple of times this year, about how they’re supposed to be amazing, and how they’re bringing the show stateside in 2015. They sounded cool, but we all like to go see screenings of our favorite film, so our reaction was along the lines of, “Oh, that could be fun, but we’re not super excited about it.” Yeah, that was until we saw this video of the event, and holy crap, this is way more than just watching the movie outside, this is an entire immersive experience, and it look super badass.

This is a collection of footage from the Back to the Future screenings held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London last summer from July through August, and it looks incredible. You don’t see anything here that we haven’t already read about, but witnessing it in action, even in a YouTube video, gives you a sense of the true scope and scale of this event. You start to understand exactly how these screenings helped the movie jump back into the box office top ten almost 30 years after its original theatrical release. An event like this is worth ponying up for.


Want Free Data From Space? Check Out The Lantern

lanternIt seems like everyone’s jumping on the “internet for everyone” bandwagon these days. But what about people who live in places where the government censors or blocks connections? And what about the data-mining, information-harvesting pitfalls associated with the internet? And what about the costs? The answer may be something called Outernet, a free information service that bills itself as “Humanity’s Public Library,” and its corresponding hardware, the “Lantern.”

The Lantern is currently in the midst of a successful Indiegogo campaign, having surpassed its $200,000 goal with more than two weeks left. The best way to think of the Outernet and Lantern is by likening it to a radio station and radio. Satellites send radio waves to Outernet, which functions like a radio station. Except instead of converting those waves into sound, it converts them into files, which are received, stored, and accessed on the Lantern, which essentially functions like a radio in that it presents the information to consumers. Thus, Lantern becomes a portable library that’s constantly updated with the data sent from satellites and the subsequent broadcast. Instead of simply playing sound, Lantern converts the signals into files of all types—music, videos, ebooks, webpages, etc. Someone with a Lantern can access the stored files via a device with WiFi.


Microsoft Is Making DALEKs Now

k5I write on a Lenovo with a Windows 8 operating system. Or, I used to. For six months, my computer has been urging me to upgrade to Windows 8.1. After reading about it, and generally being both unimpressed and mistrustful when it comes to Windows updates and upgrades, I kept declining. About two weeks ago, my computer again urged me to upgrade, but this time, instead of giving me the usual array of download options (not now, remind me later, etc.), it only presented options to download now, in one hour, in two hours, or in four hours. There was no “not now” or “fuck off” option. I tinkered with the settings, trying to make sure no updates would happen automatically, and I thought I solved the problem. But four hours later, as I was typing away, the screen suddenly went dark and the thing began updating. When it was done, I couldn’t connect to the internet. It’s a typical problem with Windows 8.1, I guess — a driver issue. Once I restored an old version of the driver, it was fine. But for a while there, I was cursing Microsoft, consumed by the kind of rage only computer-related issues can cause. I came to the conclusion (not for the first time) that Microsoft is evil. And now, my suspicions are confirmed — Microsoft is working with DALEKs.