Guide to the Best Astronomy Observing Chair

Astronomy is awesome. There is nothing I like better than getting out there at night with my telescope (remember to bring your telescope portable power!), a good supply of snacks and if I am feeling extra cool, I will even have some good tunes as well. I am the kind of person that likes to make a real night of it when I am looking at the stars. But standing for hours on end or sitting on one of the fold up chairs from the kitchen can really spoil a night of star gazing. An adjustable astronomy observing chair is what you need. Well do not worry as I was lucky enough to get to check out some of the best observing chairs on the market right now. Me and my butt are putting each one through its paces and I will let you know what one I liked best at the end.


Celestron Nexstar 8se vs Meade lx200

As a keen amateur astronomer I have had the fortune to try out some of the best telescopes on the market. I genuinely do love this hobby and it is something that I feel more people should give a go. While a first time astronomer may want a more modest telescope. For those who already have a love for the stars and planets, you will want something a little more powerful, awesome and generally more spectacular. Well the good news is I was able to try out two of the more high end telescopes recently and I really put them through their paces. So just down below I am putting the Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope and the Meade 8-Inch Advanced Coma-Free Telescope head to head!


Best Portable Power for Telescopes

Amateur astronomy using the best portable telescope is something that is getting more and more popular. When you can see planets at their most clearest is actually now something that is featured on most major news outlets these days and it has seen a spark in public interest in outer space. It is a lot of fun getting outside with your telescope, finding the perfect spot and then looking at a planet. It really is an amazing feeling and it does make you feel very small in the universe….. until your power runs out of course! That is why today we are helping you find the best telescope battery box to make sure you can keep on looking at the stars. This way you can explore the stars and take as much time as you need.


Your Summer Luau Needs These Star Wars Geeki Tikis!

Star Wars tiki cups
Summer is here, which means that it’s too hot to go around in your Storm Trooper costume. So, how do you bring the Force with you to your backyard BBQ or your poolside spot? Simples. Order up some of these kickass Star Wars Geeki Tikis to get your drink on Star Wars style. I know what you’re thinking as soon as you saw the words “Star Wars” and tikis – #SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONY – right? Well, we’ve got all the deets on this cool new must-have Star Wars merch. Keep reading to find out how to secure yours.


Colony Is THE Best New Sci-Fi Show of The Season

colony tv showI try out pretty much every new sci-fi show that hits the air and I’ve just recently finished up watching USA Network’s Colony series and I think it is safe to say that Colony is my favorite new sci-fi show of this season. And I’m actually starting to think that USA is making better sci-fi shows than SyFy! If you haven’t watched all of Colony yet, then be warned that there are some spoilers ahead. Or, catch up online here!


5 characters we love to see in Deadpool 2 besides Cable

characters in deadpool 2
I have watched Deadpool and came away a satisfied comic fan. If anything, the movie shows that you can make a good comic film without spending too much money by focusing on the character and what makes him special in the first place. With the box office success of Deadpool, it is not surprising to hear that Deadpool #2 has already been given the green light. Below are the characters that I hope can make it to the sequel. I believed it will have a bigger budget and therefore has more room for different characters. I will leave Cable out since he is already confirmed.