Transformers Toys Reenact The Action From The Films

Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are just ridiculously popular, despite the fact that critics have savaged every single one, from the very first all the way through this summer’s Age of Extinction, and will probably continue this trend. I also don’t know anyone who actually likes them, despite the fact that they routinely earn north of a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. This is a movie franchise based on a series of toys from the 1980s, so expectations may be somewhat skewed, and this new video shows off a whole different side of the toy angle.

Probably my biggest issue with the movies, personally speaking, is that I’ve never liked the character design and the illogical way they Transformers actually transform (and yes, I do realize I’m talking about the logic and reason of cars that turn into giant robots, that irony is not lost). To be honest, that was always a problem I had with the cartoon when I was a kid, so this is nothing new. At least the toys made a modicum of sense, but this video that summarizes the action of the films, uses entirely different toys and has entirely different results.


The Walking Dead Shuffles Back And The Flash Sprints In: This Week’s TV Picks

DeadBatWe’re hip-deep in the fall premiere season, and this week sees the return of one of the most buzzed-about shows on television, not to mention the series debut of one of my favorite superheroes ever. They couldn’t be more different in terms of style or tone, but I’m excited to see them both.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season Sunday night, with the survivors in a bad way. After teasing the hope of “Sanctuary” all of last season, Rick and company finally arrived at the titular settlement, but they didn’t exactly get a warm welcome. More of the bullet-y kind. Things ended with Rick suggesting the Sanctuary folks picked the wrong people to fuck with; hopefully we’ll get more of the badass, throat-biting Rick this year and less of the mopey, dead-wife-seeing variety. The Walking Dead premieres Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC with “No Sanctuary.”


Twin Peaks Is Back: David Lynch And Showtime Resurrect The Cult Favorite

It may not, strictly speaking, be science, fiction, but David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is weird as shit and we totally love it, and this is pretty big news. The beloved cult favorite series is coming back after 25 years. And this is no hood wink or flimflam, not a hint, a rumor, or an innuendo, this is official business. Over the years Lynch has indicated and teased that this could happen, and most of us didn’t expect it to ever materialize, but it’s finally happening. Showtime even dropped a teaser to make the announcement.

As you probably expect, there’s not a lot to this teaser, but it is suitably strange and unnerving, and when you hear the echo-y sound of that iconic theme song, fans are going to get chills. And then there’s that bit at the very end that will surely jar you out of any wistful reverie the idea of more Twin Peaks elicited from you. That also feels like an appropriate move.


Alien: Isolation’s Final Trailer Terrorizes You In Deep Space

It’s been a long time coming, but Alien: Isolation, the long awaited video game from Creative Assembly that takes players back to the universe first created by Ridley Scott in 1979, drops tomorrow. To mark the occasion, there’s a terrifying new trailer that provides our most comprehensive look at the game yet, and the view is pretty damn impressive.

The most noteworthy thing about this video, aside from how great the game actually looks, is how they capture the tension and the feeling of terror and horror as you’re being hunted by an armor plated alien killing machine through a dark, dank, isolated environment millions of miles from home. If nothing else, this game feels like an Alien movie in the way the dread is overwhelming and chilling. And it doesn’t hurt that the glimpses of xenomorphs will likely send shivers running up the length of your spine.


Giant Freakin’ Bookshelf: The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson Pens Her First Sci-Fi Novel

As much as we love science fiction on TV, on the big screen, on the comics page, and in video game form, there’s just something irreplaceable about digging into a good book. There’s no shortage of new sci-fi adventures hitting shelves on a regular basis, but GFR is your one-stop shop to keep up with what’s hitting shelves in a given week. Here’s what’s new on the Giant Freakin’ Bookshelf!

VisionFire“A Vision of Fire” by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin

The first novel from iconic X-Files star Gillian Anderson and New York Times bestselling author Jeff Rovin: a science fiction thriller of epic proportions.

Renowned child psychologist Caitlin O’Hara is a single mom trying to juggle her job, her son, and a lackluster dating life. Her world is suddenly upturned when Maanik, the daughter of India’s ambassador to the United Nations, starts speaking in tongues and having violent visions. Caitlin is sure that her fits have something to do with the recent assassination attempt on her father — a shooting that has escalated nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan to dangerous levels — but when teenagers around the world start having similar outbursts, Caitlin begins to think that there’s a more sinister force at work.

In Haiti, a student claws at her throat, drowning on dry land. In Iran, a boy suddenly and inexplicably sets himself on fire. Animals, too, are acting irrationally, from rats in New York City to birds in South America to ordinary house pets. With Asia on the cusp of nuclear war, Caitlin must race across the globe to uncover the mystical links among these seemingly unrelated incidents in order to save her patient — and perhaps the world.


Book Review: Fringe: Sins Of The Father Just Makes You Miss The Long Gone Series

fringeFringe is gone, that’s just a hard fact of life that I’m going to have to accept. Luckily, I’ve had a couple of years to get used to this, which is more than enough time to marathon the entire series, a couple of times, just in case you’re wondering. And if you’re also a fan, it’s good to resign yourself to this, because these Fringe novelizations—they’re really tie in novels, full of cursory stories from the lives of the main characters—just aren’t cutting it.

We’re on the third, Fringe: Sins of the Father, which just came out. The first, The Zodiac Paradox, follows a young Walter Bishop and William Bell as they romp through the Bay Area in the late 1960s and match wits with the Zodiac Killer (not joking). Book two, The Burning Man, follows a young Olivia and her first experiences with Walter’s drug Cortexiphan. This latest installment, as you may guess from this pattern, tells of the adventures of Peter Bishop as he bounces around the globe, pulling scams, and trying to stay one step ahead of vengeful loan shark Big Eddie. While this is a part of Peter’s life we don’t have much insight into, and an area of interest, the book doesn’t have much to recommend it.