Futurama And The Mass Effect Trilogy Are On Sale Cheap Today

Futurama concluded its long, brilliant, but troubled run last September, after multiple deaths, multiple networks, and multiple resurrections. While it was sad to see the show take its final bow, it is cool to now have the entire run available in convenient, binge-friendly form. If you’ve always been meaning to add Futurama to your home-video collection, today is the day! Amazon has the complete series DVD box set on sale for only $85.49, marked down 57% off its normal $199.98 list price.



Extant Teaser Introduces Halle Berry’s Knocked-Up Astronaut

Astronauts were hot commodities last year, at least they were if they looked like Sandra Bullock and they were in a movie that made $273 million. Well, I don’t know if CBS’s Extant will be able to match Alfonso Cuaron’s epic display of space carnage, but the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi series does feature a female astronaut getting into peculiar trouble during a mission into space. But whereas Sandy was dodging debris, Extant’s Molly Watts comes back to Earth carrying more than she left with. In her womb, I mean.

After a year-long solo mission into space, Molly returns home and begins trying to reconnect with her husband John (Goran Visnjic) and son Ethan (Pierce Gagnon). They’re already an unusual family, as Ethan is, in fact, a highly advanced android prototype. (I’m sure somebody somewhere will scream about that being a threat to traditional family values.) But things are definitely going to get a bit more stressful, since the new teaser reveals that Molly — who is unable to conceive, hence the android kid — has a seemingly impossible a bun in the oven. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but…


Godzilla Can’t Be Stopped In Latest TV Spot And Viral Images

We already knew that it was going to be tough as hell to take down Godzilla when he stomps into movie theaters this May. After all, you don’t earn a keen nickname like King of the Monsters for being a pushover. But according to this newest TV spot, he can’t be stopped. Well if that’s true, humanity is in a rather tough spot, but it doesn’t make this clip any less fantastic. There’s also a collection of “classified” photos, just as an added bonus.

This video from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures may be short, but there is enough new footage that it is certainly worth your while to take a look. That bit with the flaming train at the very beginning is one hell of an attention grabber, let alone once the monster smashed though the train trestle.


Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Will Kick Off World Cup

Walk AgainEven though Paul the prophetic octopus is no longer with us, and even though Brazil is struggling to get the necessary infrastructure and amenities completed in time, I’m looking forward to the 2014 World Cup. I’ve played soccer since I was a kid, and watching the best players in the world do their thing for 90 minutes is a joy, especially since there are no commercials in each 45-minute half. It doesn’t hurt that soccer players are easy on the eyes, either. I don’t really need another reason to tune in, but now I have one, a mind-controlled robotic exoskeleton will make its World Cup debut this year.

On June 12 at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paolo, a Brazilian paraplegic will wear the exoskeleton, get out of his or her wheelchair, walk to the middle of the field, and start the World Cup by kicking a ball. Miguel Nicolelis developed the device. Among other things, he’s a neuroengineer who became a TED talk darling with an early manifestation of his idea involving monkeys controlling robots.


Comic Review: It Came!

It CameYou’re at home one Friday or Saturday night, it’s late, you’re alone, aimlessly flipping through channels, thinking to yourself, “I should just get up and put in a movie.” But you know that you’re far too lazy for that and figure that if you search long enough, surely you’ll find something worth watching. Then, as if by divine intervention, you land on a random channel you’ve never heard of, maybe it’s your local cable access provider, and they’re playing an old black and white B-movie. There’s a dashing young man driving a car, a buxom young lady with a ditzy disposition in the passenger seat, and just when you’re about continue your search, zap, a flying saucer comes out of nowhere, and you’re hooked. We’re talking cheesy, campy, and you wish you had some buddies around to help you make fun of this, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. You can see the string holding up the UFO, and you can’t believe how wooden the dialogue is, but at the same time, the movie is totally endearing, and you thoroughly enjoy your time spent together.

Most of us have found ourselves in this situation, or one very similar, at one time or another, and this sort of gleeful fun is exactly what It Came!, a new comic collection from Dan Boultwood, perfectly captures on its pages. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, the story, and the accompanying artwork, call to mind the heyday of schlock-filled, low-budget sci-fi cinema, with keen eye on the attempts of British filmmakers to mimic the work of their more successful Hollywood counterparts.


Watch Lost Cast Members Try To Sum Up The Series In 30 Seconds

Lost was an incredibly dense, layered, twisted show, with seasons full of intricate plots that include things like polar bears, smoke monsters, and too many conspiracy theories to comfortably list in one place. That should make describing the premise to the non-initiated an insanely frustrating, not to mention damn near impossible, task. But that isn’t going to stop the cast from giving it their best shot in this new video. Watch and decide for yourself how successful they are, before watching them all wax nostalgic about the series.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Lost premiere, and to celebrate PaleyFest 2014 in Los Angeles held a special panel that collected key players from the cast and production team. The attempts to summarize the cult phenomenon in half a minute only takes up, well, 30 seconds of this video, while the rest is the cast sharing some of their fondest memories.