House Of Cards’ Kate Lyn Sheil Joins Nicholas Hoult In Sci-Fi Love Story Equals

house of cards kate lyn sheilDon’t you wish that you could just turn all your emotions off sometimes? That’s the gist behind the plot of Equals, the latest love story from Breathe In director Drake Doremus. The futuristic Ridley Scott-produced drama has just added House of Cards actress Kate Lyn Sheil to the cast, which already includes such big names as Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, and the recently added Guy Pearce. It’s a pretty big move for the already prolific actress.

Equals features a pretty complex plot that could make this a truly unique flick. It’s set in a world where emotions have been completely eradicated and people are now bred to be “Equals.” This seemingly perfect existence is, of course, thrown into complete disarray when a new disease called Switched-On-Syndrome (SOS) starts running rampant and activating emotions within some Equals, who are then banished from society and never seen again. Sounds about right.


Star Wars: Episode VII Being FIlmed Using IMAX Cameras

Everyone with access to the Internet and a brain knows that J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII is going to be one of the biggest films of 2015, if not the entirety of cinema. There was no question that the sequel would be making its way into IMAX theaters, but we weren’t sure until today whether or not it would be produced in native IMAX format. And now we know that at least some of Episode VII will indeed be filmed using the most advanced camera equipment on this planet. (Rumor has it that Alderaan had even more astounding technology than IMAX cameras, but we all know how that turned out.)


Beer Inspired By ‘The Planets’ Will Soon Be Released By Spacey Michigan Brewery

celestial suds beerBooze! Booze! Booze! We’re used to alcohol artists creating interesting potables for fictional properties like Star Trek, and we’ve seen some other pretty nifty space-based alcohol in the past few years. But I think I’m most interested in the upcoming promotion from the Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery, which will be rolling out a line of varied beers inspired by the orchestral suite “The Planets,” from English composer Gustav Holst. Doing a keg stand for Jupiter just feels natural, doesn’t it?

Here’s how brewery founder Larry Bell is rolling the products out, and what we can expect from each beer. Starting in August, Bell’s will put out one beer every two months, ending in July 2015. You’ll be able to find the goods in both six-packs and on draft, but only if you live within the 20-state distribution zone that Bell’s works with. (That means almost the entire east coast, D.C. included, plus some northern states and Arizona and parts of Southern California.) And if you’re wondering why there isn’t an Earth beer, that’s because our own planet wasn’t included in the suite; besides, almost every beer on Earth is inspired by Earth.


Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Spot Introduces You To Ronan The Accuser

Yesterday, Marvel’s upcoming interstellar adventure Guardians of the Galaxy released a badass new extended trailer. And for those of you lucky enough to be in attendance, they also showed off an epic 17-minutes worth of footage from the film in theaters—it was apparently quite a good time and just made everyone even more excited to see the movie. For most mere-mortal movies, that would be more than enough for a week, let alone a two-day span, but they weren’t done, oh no. Now they’ve dropped a brand new TV spot for your enjoyment. At this point it just feels a little bit like they’re bragging.

It’s impressive, given the sheer promotional output that the studio has unleashed for this film, that none of the teasers, trailers, or TV ads feel overly similar. Sure, some of the posters have gotten a bit samey, but there’s only so many ways that you can arrange five people. But this commercial takes a different approach than the others that have come before.


Lifetime’s The Lottery Trailer Channels Children Of Men With An Infertile World

Children of Men is one of the best science fiction movies of all time, a hugely underrated classic that brilliantly brings to life a bleak world where humanity can no longer have children. The root cause of that global infertility isn’t really the point of director Alfonso Cuaron’s film; instead, it’s about how mankind responds to a world without a future, and how the smallest glimmer of hope could change that. Now a new Lifetime series is looking to tackle the same sort of premise, but with a larger scope. Check out the trailer for Lifetime’s The Lottery above.

Just as in Children of Men, The Lottery is set in a dystopian future where women have lost the ability to bear children, but no one is sure why. With our species facing its own looming extinction, a scientist named Dr. Alison Lennon (Planet Terror’s Marley Shelton) makes a breakthrough: she and her team successfully fertilize 100 embryos. Before they have much time to celebrate, the U.S. Fertility Commission, headed by Director Darius Hayes (Homeland’s Martin Donovan), swoops in and seizes the embryos. Now it’s up to the President (Magic City’s Yul Vasquez) to decide what to do with the embryos which could literally save the species. Eventually the President is convinced that the best course of action is to hold a national lottery to determine the women who will get to carry the embryos to term.


Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem Unveils A Dreamy Domestic Trailer

Everything adds up to nothing. That’s the basic premise that Qohen Leth (Christoph Waltz), a reclusive computer genius, is tasked with proving in Terry Gilliam’s newest film, The Zero Theorem. As you can imagine, this leads to something of an existential crisis. After all, if there is no point to anything we do, why the hell should we do it in the first place? This struggle is front and center in the latest domestic trailer, which was just unveiled ahead of the recently announced US release date that we’ve been waiting so long for, September 19 (though we will be able to see it first on VOD starting August 19).

Watching this latest offering, which debuted over at iTunes Movie Trailers, you can’t help but be struck by Gilliam’s visual sense. And just in case you somehow miss keying in on that element of the film, this video is full of disembodied quotes from critics that will call your attention to it over and over again.