Photographer Creates Amazing Star Wars Short Stories Using Toys And Nature

BerserkThe ways in which Star Wars inspires creativity in its fans seems limitless. And while I know I spent countless hours staging epic battles with my Star Wars action figures when I was a kid, but the results never looked anywhere near as good as what happens when you give Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin a crate of toys, a camera, and some scenic stretches of natural wonder.

What I love most about Batin’s Star Wars photography is the sense of storytelling that seems to be present in all of his shots and the way he stages things. This one below, named “Regret,” genuinely does evoke a sense of that emotion, which is pretty damned amazing given that we’re looking at a hunk of plastic. Batin’s got a keen eye for body language, which is pretty much crucial when you’re trying to wring emotions out of something that has none.


This Pill Makes Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate, Just In Time For Christmas

charlie and the chocolate factory

Here at Giant Freakin’ Robot, we’re not above going below the belt for a story every once in a while. But rather than dropping a massive genitalia tale on your laps, we’re going to ask you to close your eyes and start sniffing. Finally, a Frenchman has come along and figured out a way to make sure our farts don’t stink anymore, and it’s thankfully not just a Glade PlugIn with a very special adapter. May I introduce you to Lutin Malin, the company with the pill that can (allegedly) make your farts smell like chocolate, among other things.


Nathan Fillion Is Lightsaber Battling Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard

Nathan Fillion is geek royalty, both for playing the beloved Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly and for just generally being a charming, funny guy who embraces his fans both in person and through social media. It also doesn’t hurt that he does things like have a lightsaber duel with Joss Whedon, an occasion that was captured for posterity and shared on Facebook earlier this month.



Robert Kirkman Finally Confirms Whether The Walking Dead’s Daryl Is Gay

DarylWalking Dead fans got a whole new thing to speculate about earlier this year, after creator Robert Kirkman addressed the possibility of whether fan-favorite Daryl Dixon might be gay. Walking Dead followers likely already know that Daryl’s character doesn’t exist in the comics, but was created for the show, and thus there’s plenty of room to speculate about any Daryl-related matters that haven’t been specifically addressed on the show. Now, some three+ months later, Kirkman has gone on the record about Daryl’s sexuality.

It all started in the letter column of The Walking Dead issue #130, where reader Nick Muller pointed out similarities between Daryl and the comics character Jesus, who was eventually revealed to be gay. At the time, Kirkman said:

All I can say is that it’s been discussed. We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not constantly distracted by crossbowing…we’ll tackle it on the show.


The Walking Dead Post-Game: Who Survived Coda?

the walking dead

Tonight was the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, and if you’ve been paying attention to our stories, as well as what the series’ creative team has been saying, viewers were in for one hell of a showdown. What they failed to bring up, however, is that the “showdown” would be a nearly silent affair with most everybody’s guns holstered until the final minute or so. I guess I should have expected this.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Inspires Not One, But Two Lego Trailers

The internet collectively lost its shit Friday morning when the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer arrived bright and early. But in addition to all the people dissecting and analyzing every frame of the trailer, there was an equal phalanx of people who decided to riff on it in all manner of creative ways. We’ve already shared several of them with you, but now we’ve got not one, but two videos that filter all that sweet, sweet Star Wars action into the form of…Legos. Here’s the first, put together by YouTuber Snooperking.