This 13-Minute Video Picks At Everything Wrong With After Earth

You know your movie has problems when even the star comes out publicly and says it was terrible. That’s the case with After Earth, the 2013 M. Night Shyamalan-directed, Will and Jaden Smith-starring sci-fi flick that missed the mark in many, many ways. It was so generally trashed that it’s actually a surprise it’s taken this long, but After Earth is now the subject of one of Cinema Sins’ “Everything Wrong With…” videos.

If you’ve ever seen one of these videos, you should be well aware of what you’re in for. As usual, some of the complaints are legitimate, like problems with the awkward structure that flashes back and forth willy nilly, some questions about the scientific side of things, and how everything on an abandoned Earth has evolved to kill humans, despite the fact that humans haven’t been on Earth in thousands of years. Others are nitpicky.


Check Out This Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg From The Parks And Rec Finale

Parks and RecBefore he was Star-Lord, before he battled genetically enhanced dinosaurs, and before he plays (maybe) Indiana Jones, Chris Pratt was best known for his portrayal of schlubby, loveable goof Andy Dwyer on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. That seven-year journey came to an end last night on the series finale, which was funny, touching, and almost everything you could ask for. But it also brought two of Pratt’s worlds together as eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed an awesome Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg.


Watch The Final Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer Grow Beyond All Control

Divergent, the adaptation of the first book in Veronica Roth’s best selling dystopian young adult series, didn’t exactly set the world on fire with critical praise, but it made more than enough money to ensure that we’ll be seeing the remainder of the trilogy on the big screen. Sure, it wasn’t Hunger Games money, but not many movies without the words Marvel or Transformers in front of them do that. Part two, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, is less than a month away—you can officially buy your tickets starting today—and Summit Entertainment has released the final trailer.

If you’ve been paying attention, or even just know what the whole story is all about, there isn’t much here that will come as any great surprise. There’s lots of running through the woods, lots of fighting, and, of course, tons of angsty teen romance, which is mostly made up of deep stares and heavy breathing. There’s also a healthy dose of those crazy, fever-dream-looking visuals that you have to imagine occur when heroine Beatrice “Tris” Prios (Shailene Woodley) goes on one of her internal journeys.


These Last Man On Earth Clips Are As Funny As They Are Sad

It feels like it’s been coming forever, but this weekend most of us will get our first opportunity to watch Fox’s new comedy, The Last Man on Earth. What we’ve seen so far looks pretty damn entertaining, with Will Forte playing the title character, roaming the remnants of the planet alone, trying to fill his days. In anticipation of the debut, Fox has released a new promo, some clips from the show, and a quick behind the scenes look at the series.

You get the sense in this promo that the title may be somewhat misleading and that Phil (Forte) may not actually be the dictionary-definition last living person on Earth. You see a hand holding a gun, hear an off screen voice, and, if you’ve checked in on IMDb, you’ll notice that at least a handful of other actors who show up in multiple episodes. So if you’re a stickler for truth in show titles, there may be an issue.


Take A Look At This Incredible Godzilla-Themed Hotel

GodzillaAre hotels generally not terrifying enough for you? Do you wake up refreshed and well rested after a night of sleeping on nice clean, crisp sheets wishing that there was more danger of being crushed to death during your stay? Do you lament the fact that there’s not a giant, skyscraper tall monster peeking in your window as you sip your morning coffee? If that’s the case, this awesome Godzilla-themed hotel in Japan may be just what you’re looking for on your next vacation.

Kotaku came across a bunch of photos and pieces of concept art for The Hotel Gracery. Set to open to the public on April 24 of this year, this particular boarding facility just so happens to have a massive Godzilla head looming on the roof, peering out into the city, right outside of some windows (only two of the rooms offer this disquieting feature). Even if you expect it, waking up to the King of the Monsters taking a gander inside of your room has to be one hell of a shock.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be Back, Again, For More Terminator Movies

TerminatorTerminator: Genisys doesn’t even come out for more than four months, but in this business it’s never too early to talk about sequels. This is the fifth film in the time travelling murder robot franchise, and it is intended to be the first installment in a new trilogy. Genisys also brings Arnold Schwarzenegger back into the fold, and the action legend is down for even more adventures.

Paramount has already set release dates for Terminator: Genisys 2 and 3—they’ll shoot back-to-back and arrive May 19, 2017 and June 29, 2018, respectively—and Arnold says, you know, he’ll be back. Talking to The Arnold Fans, the former governor of California revealed his plans to return to the family of films he helped define. Given how his post-political career films have performed—some have been decent, but none have lit up the box office like he used to—it makes sense he’s down to revisit one of his biggest successes.