The Purge 3 Is Set To Return To The One Night Where All Crime Is Legal

the-purge-anarchy-teaser-trailer-01This shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, but we’re going to get more of the low-budget dystopian horror franchise The Purge as Universal has officially given the go ahead for The Purge 3. The first cost $3 million and made $89 million worldwide, while the sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, which took less than a year from green light to opening day, cost $9 million and brought in $109 million globally. With numbers like that, you definitely understand why they want to churn out more.

Deadline reports that the studio is bringing back writer/director James DeMonaco for The Purge 3, which makes sense since he’s obviously got the world he created down pat, and knows how to turn a movie around quickly and for relatively little money. (Maybe the budget for this one will crack the $10 million mark.) DeMonaco will also reunite with Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions, who, again, are also masters of low-budget movies with a high profit margin, like the Paranormal Activity movies.


The Last Of Us Inspires Creepy/Gorgeous Fungus-Infested Art

NatureLast year Naughty Dog followed up its hit Uncharted series by giving players a new twist on the tired old “zombie apocalypse” with The Last of Us. In the critically acclaimed game it wasn’t the living dead who were staggering around trying to eat the unlucky survivors; it was victims infected by a mutated strain of a very real fungus. In The Last of Us, that fungus has spread to humans, unleashing a breed of zombie that’s every bit as terrifying as the traditional undead. Now the game’s unsettling visuals have infected an art show tribute to Naughty Dog. (The top image is “Nature, Human” by Anthony Wu.)


Continuum’s Future Is In Limbo And May Be The Next Sci-Fi Casualty

ContinuumOver the course of three seasons, Continuum has quietly become one of best science fiction shows on your TV. Season three left the series on a big time cliffhanger, but since then we’ve heard almost nothing. This is primarily due to an announcement about the renewal, or lack thereof, for the series that has become long, long overdue. To point that people are starting to worry about the future of the time travel series and it becoming yet another in a long line of fantastic sci-fi shows that leave fans far before their time.

Though the show airs on Syfy in the U.S., but it airs on and is produced by Showcase in Canada. Filmed in Vancouver, BC, which is kind of like a gray, overcast, more polite Hollywood of the north, part of the reason for this delay is the shifting landscape in the Canadian film business. A show like Continuum, with a decent amount of special effects and big set pieces, is an expensive proposition, and according to producers the show is “in limbo” while they try to find a “financial formula” that will allow the show to remain economically viable. If that sounds worrisome, that’s because it is.


Transformers Toys Reenact The Action From The Films

Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are just ridiculously popular, despite the fact that critics have savaged every single one, from the very first all the way through this summer’s Age of Extinction, and will probably continue this trend. I also don’t know anyone who actually likes them, despite the fact that they routinely earn north of a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. This is a movie franchise based on a series of toys from the 1980s, so expectations may be somewhat skewed, and this new video shows off a whole different side of the toy angle.

Probably my biggest issue with the movies, personally speaking, is that I’ve never liked the character design and the illogical way they Transformers actually transform (and yes, I do realize I’m talking about the logic and reason of cars that turn into giant robots, that irony is not lost). To be honest, that was always a problem I had with the cartoon when I was a kid, so this is nothing new. At least the toys made a modicum of sense, but this video that summarizes the action of the films, uses entirely different toys and has entirely different results.


The Walking Dead Shuffles Back And The Flash Sprints In: This Week’s TV Picks

DeadBatWe’re hip-deep in the fall premiere season, and this week sees the return of one of the most buzzed-about shows on television, not to mention the series debut of one of my favorite superheroes ever. They couldn’t be more different in terms of style or tone, but I’m excited to see them both.

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season Sunday night, with the survivors in a bad way. After teasing the hope of “Sanctuary” all of last season, Rick and company finally arrived at the titular settlement, but they didn’t exactly get a warm welcome. More of the bullet-y kind. Things ended with Rick suggesting the Sanctuary folks picked the wrong people to fuck with; hopefully we’ll get more of the badass, throat-biting Rick this year and less of the mopey, dead-wife-seeing variety. The Walking Dead premieres Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC with “No Sanctuary.”


Twin Peaks Is Back: David Lynch And Showtime Resurrect The Cult Favorite

It may not, strictly speaking, be science, fiction, but David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is weird as shit and we totally love it, and this is pretty big news. The beloved cult favorite series is coming back after 25 years. And this is no hood wink or flimflam, not a hint, a rumor, or an innuendo, this is official business. Over the years Lynch has indicated and teased that this could happen, and most of us didn’t expect it to ever materialize, but it’s finally happening. Showtime even dropped a teaser to make the announcement.

As you probably expect, there’s not a lot to this teaser, but it is suitably strange and unnerving, and when you hear the echo-y sound of that iconic theme song, fans are going to get chills. And then there’s that bit at the very end that will surely jar you out of any wistful reverie the idea of more Twin Peaks elicited from you. That also feels like an appropriate move.