Check Out This Tomorrowland Poster, A New Trailer Arrives Next Week

TomorrowlandDisney’s Tomorrowland is one of the more intriguing movies coming out this summer. We have a bare bones synopsis, and what footage we’ve seen looks fantastic, though it creates far more questions than it answers. But considering the source, and that it comes from writer and Mystery Box enthusiast Damon Lindelof, that’s not a surprise. A new trailer is set to drop Monday, March 9, along with a Facebook Q&A with Lindelof and director Brad Bird (The Iron Giant). To tide you over until then, however, the studio has released this new poster.

This does, however, lead to one big question. The one sheet shows megastar George Clooney standing in the field in front of futuristic city that we suspect is the titular Tomorrowland. That’s fine, it lines up with what we know of the movie and with what we’ve seen thus far.


Here’s How The Next Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reveals Luke, Leia, And Han

Star WarsWhen we’re talking about a movie the size of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the trailers get more hype and attention than most of the other films that hit the theaters in a given year. Every single frame of the one that dropped back in November has been examined, poured over, and milked of every last drop of potential information. And now it’s time to move our attention to the next trailer.

We’ve heard that the next look at The Force Awakens will show theatrically with Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the most recent news has it making its public debut at Star Wars Celebration in mid-April. Latino Review has been all over the Star Wars beat since day one, and they’ve had contact with multiple sources, all claiming to have seen a similar trailer, and shared the description with the world. There are spoilers for the trailer beyond this point, if that’s even a real thing. This report is, obviously, unconfirmed.


Here’s Why Neill Blomkamp Won’t Make District 10 Anytime Soon

District 9Neill Blomkamp has been a hot topic of conversation lately. His robot drama, Chappie, just opened wide today, and stealing a lot of the spotlight from that release, talk of his upcoming Alien movie has been everywhere (I actually almost feel bad for the guy, he can’t open his mouth about his new movie without being asked about his next one). Both of those things are pretty big, but that’s not even everything, as he’s once again been chatting about a sequel to his debut feature, District 9.


Legendary Star Trek Writer And Producer Harve Bennett Passes Away At 84

Harve BennettIt’s been a rough week for the Star Trek family. First, beloved actor Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83, and now writer and producer Harve Bennett has died at the age of 84. According to reports, Bennett passed away on Wednesday in Medford, Oregon.

Bennett had a long, distinguished career that included things like The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and The Mod Squad, but it is his work on the Star Trek movies that we most remember him for.


Here Is Everything Wrong With Lucy In One Convenient Video

Last summer, Luc Besson’s Lucy was something of a surprise hit. The Scarlett Johansson-starring actioner is crazy and over the top and lets just say there are some jumps in logic, but it’s also a damn ton of fun. You probably already guessed this was coming, and now Cinema Sins has unveiled one of their ubiquitous “Everything Wrong With…” videos for Lucy.


Harrison Ford Was Seriously Injured In A Small Plane Crash: UPDATED

Harrison FordIt’s being reported that Harrison Ford has been seriously injured in a plane crash. There aren’t tons of details, but reports say that though he sustained substantial injuries, he did survive the impact.

Ford is well known as a pilot, and according to TMZ, who first reported the incident, the Star Wars star was flying a vintage two-seat plane when something went awry and he crashed on Penmar Golf Course in Venice, California at approximately 2:25pm