Star Wars 7: Here’s Why J.J. Abrams Says We Haven’t Seen More Footage

star wars the force awakensThat Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer pretty damn awesome. Even months later I still watch it at least once every other day or so. But while it introduces us to most of the key new additions to that far, far away galaxy, it’s noticeably light on familiar faces. That, of course, was a very conscious choice, and J.J. Abrams admits that there has been a great deal of back and forth as he and Lucasfilm try to decide what to show, what to leave out, and how to best market their film.


Chris Pratt Plays With His Raptor Team In These Jurassic World Photos

Jurassic WorldParks and Recreation may be over and done, but don’t worry, we’re still going to see Chris Pratt everywhere. We’re going to get Guardians of the Galaxy sequels for years, if he plays Indiana Jones that could go on for quite a while, and he’s seemingly up for damn near every male lead in Hollywood these days. But next we’re going to see him fight dinosaurs in Jurassic World, and today brings some new stills from that film.


Neill Blomkamp Talks Alien, Ripley, Finality, And Much, Much More

AlienRipNeill Blomkamp’s Chappie doesn’t even open until next Friday, but talk of his next film, a turn in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe, has already almost entirely eclipsed that (okay, not really, we’re still stoked to see the robot adventure, but he seemingly can’t talk to anyone without fielding a barrage of questions about his Alien movie). We don’t know much of what the story entails, but the writer/director did confirm that it involves the most important piece of the puzzle (even more so than the snarling, drooling, H.R. Giger-designed Xenomorphs): Ellen Ripley.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. One, it’s not really an Alien movie without her, and two, when Blomkamp released some of the concept art he’d been working on at the beginning of the year, she figured prominently in those images.


These Walking Dead Promos For Next Week’s Episode Show Distrust And Caution

There are big things afoot in the world of The Walking Dead. The series is about to undergo one of the most monumental changes the group has ever gone through, and it is one that will have a lasting impact. To tease the next episode, “Remember,” AMC has unveiled a new promo and a fresh clip from next week’s installment. Just a warning, there will be spoilers for those of you not current on The Walking Dead, so proceed with caution.


Robert Downey Jr. Shares This Age Of Ultron Poster, Promises “A Big Announcement”

Avengers Age of UltronThat poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron that dropped yesterday is a bit of a mess. Sure, it’s big and epic, but with the entire team assembled, plus the swirling swarm of dozens of faceless villains, it’s a crazy photoshopped jumble of oddly sized characters (Hulk is like a million feet tall while Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are damn near toddler size) and is definitely not the best promo the studio has ever produced. Today brings another poster, one that is way better than the last, and a message from Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., teasing some big news on the horizon.


This 13-Minute Video Picks At Everything Wrong With After Earth

You know your movie has problems when even the star comes out publicly and says it was terrible. That’s the case with After Earth, the 2013 M. Night Shyamalan-directed, Will and Jaden Smith-starring sci-fi flick that missed the mark in many, many ways. It was so generally trashed that it’s actually a surprise it’s taken this long, but After Earth is now the subject of one of Cinema Sins’ “Everything Wrong With…” videos.

If you’ve ever seen one of these videos, you should be well aware of what you’re in for. As usual, some of the complaints are legitimate, like problems with the awkward structure that flashes back and forth willy nilly, some questions about the scientific side of things, and how everything on an abandoned Earth has evolved to kill humans, despite the fact that humans haven’t been on Earth in thousands of years. Others are nitpicky.