Doctor Who Storyboards From ‘Into The Dalek’ And ‘Robot Of Sherwood’

HappyClaraThe Doctor has been fighting the Daleks in one form or another for hundreds of years (or 50, depending on your point of view). No matter how many times he smacks them down or tosses a wrench into their evil schemes, they just keep coming back. In the recent Doctor Who episode “Into the Dalek,” however, the Doctor wasn’t trying to destroy the Daleks — he was trying to save them. The Doctor and Clara pulled a Fantastic Voyage and had themselves shrunk down so they could literally live out the episode’s title, clambering about inside a defective Dalek’s inner workings to try and figure out why it had suddenly decided life was sacred. It was a fun, clever ep with some great lines (“Top layer if you’d like to say a few words”), and now you can dig a little deeper into “Into the Dalek” courtesy of some rather awesome storyboards.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Never Lets Its Guard Down

AMC’s The Walking Dead is shuffling towards season 5, which is sure to be another year of monster ratings. Though we’ve been hot and cold on the show over the years, the last half of season 4 was the best the hit zombie drama has ever been, and more than enough to get us as excited than we’ve been about the series since before it premiered in 2010. Just in cast you forgot, or let the show slip from the forefront of your mind, they’re back with a new trailer to remind you.

We’ve had a bunch of quick, ten or eleven second teasers lately that are more tone than content, and this video stitches some of those together, with a bit of new footage thrown in to keep things interesting. If nothing else, this is like a full minute of zombies blowing up (this explosion already looks better than the last one, in the final episode of season 1, which honestly wasn’t so hot) and sloganeering for zombie apocalypse survival. Seriously, can’t you imagine phrases like “Hunt or be hunted,” “It’s not over until we’re dead,” or “Never let your guard down” spray-painted on a bunker wall somewhere, like a kind of post-apocalyptic motivational poster (I can’t help but think of the kitten dangling from a branch with “Hang on” written over it).


Monsters, Inc. Gets A Surprisingly Horrific Prometheus Style Makeover

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a movie with major problems to be sure, and I tend to like it more than most people seem to. It’s full of characters making the absolute worst decision at every opportunity, and, admittedly, it wasn’t quite the triumphant return to the Alien universe we all hope it would be. But for all of its myriad flaws, one thing it does totally nail is the ominous, bleak tone and feel. Aesthetically, if nothing else, Scott creates one hell of a world, but what if that overall appearance and atmosphere was transferred to another movie, say Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.? If you’ve been wondering what that might look like, wonder no more, as this video combines these two disparate entities, with surprising results.

While you might not normally expect a dark sci-fi film to mesh well with what is essentially a bright, kid-centric affair, they oddly enough go together very well. This isn’t your standard, everyday mash up, though. YouTuber The Usual Suspect takes elements from Monsters, Inc. and simply tweaks them, giving them a Prometheus-esque makeover, rather than combining the two.


Book Review: Plague World By Dana Fredsti Is A Zombie Apocalypse To Sit Out

Plague WorldZombies are hard. As great as they can be—see Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Wild Zero, among others, for movies, and the likes of World War Z for books—they’re also incredibly difficult to pull off with any originality or zest. For every title, book, movie, or comic, that hits, that really, truly delivers, there is a nearly endless list of those that completely miss the mark. One of these that never lands like it needs to is Dana Fredsti’s new undead novel Plague World.

There are a number of problems with this book, some of which are more aesthetic choices and up to individual tastes, but there are some problems inherent in the nature of franchise. Plague World is the third book in a series, and if you haven’t read the previous installments, you have no context for much of what is going on. You’re dropped into the middle of a story you don’t know and that provides precious little in the way of explanation. There are reveals that, had you been familiar with the earlier installments, may very well have been startling, like James-Bond-villain-spinning-around-in-a-chair reveals, but since you have no idea what it going on they carry little weight.


Mad Max Has Its Very Own Badass Museum Deep In The Australian Outback

Mad Max 2 MuseumWhen many of us think of museums the first thing that comes to mind is stuffy, boring, full of artifacts and things you can’t touch. But just about everything you can imagine has it’s own museum (there are both a puppet museum and bug museum in my home town), and yes, that extends all the way down to Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. And yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds, even if it does sound a little bit absurd.

Who would build such a celebration of one of the greatest sequels in cinema history? A man named Adrian Bennett, that’s who, and it isn’t quite as simple as it sounds on the surface, it’s a saga. First of all, Bennett is British, and moved his entire family to Australia from Merry Old England to build his memorial the end of the world. And why not, with Mad Max: Fury Road on the way, this is as good a time as any to celebrate a 33-year-old movie. Vice ventured to the middle of the Outback to talk with Bennett and ask him what the hell he was thinking.


Ghostbusters 3: One Original Ghostbuster Gives The All Female Reboot His Support

GhostbustersComedy classic Ghostbusters turns 30 this year—this milestone was recently commemorated by a limited theatrical rerelease of a remastered version of the film—and there’s been a lot of recent talk about the future of the franchise. This mostly takes the form of Ghostbusters 3, which has been in the works in various incarnations for years, but appears to be inching closer and closer to reality. The latest incarnation of this scuttlebutt is that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig could helm an all-female reboot. While this possibility has resulted in a great deal of outrage from some more close minded fans, this idea has an unexpected backer in one of the original cast members, as well as one of the most outspoken opponents of this unnecessary sequel/do over, Bill Murray.

Murray has made no secret that he is in no way behind this movie in any way shape or form. While early reports connected him to the project, possibly playing a ghost version of his Peter Venkman character, recent days have made it clear he wants no part of this one.