Dear JJ Abrams: Star Trek Fans Need A Hug

Star Trek movie Dear Mr. Abrams,

I’d like to talk to you for a moment as a Star Trek fan. It stopped being fun to be a Star Trek fan some time in the 90s (probably when Voyager got lost on television), but hey we’re still around. We do other things these days, we watch romantic comedies with our wife, and when she’s not looking we get excited about Battlestar Galactica; but for a lot of the people who have recently been waiting in line for movies like Star Wars and The Matrix, it’s Star Trek that’s their first love. The old girl just hasn’t been treated properly in awhile. We have high hopes that you’ll be treating her better.

Except some of us were wondering, do you know what you have your hands on here? I ask, because so far your efforts to bring a new Star Trek movie to the screen have been shrouded in absolute secrecy. I understand that you might not want to spoil the entire plot and that you can’t exactly announce cast members until they’ve been hired (I’m warming up to John Cho as Sulu by the way), but that’s not what I’m talking about here. The problem you see, is that this is not Cloverfield or Mission Impossible. Those properties don’t have decades worth of dedicated fans and history behind them. This is Star Trek. It’s been around since the 60s, and the eyes of millions upon millions of devoted followers are upon you around the world.

I question whether or not you’re aware of Star Trek’s fan base, because so far you’ve been treating your project as if it’s Cloverfield, when in fact it is not. I’ve heard you mention us, your film’s fan base, in several of your interviews; but simply mentioning us doesn’t necessarily accomplish anything. You’re playing your cards awfully close to your vest. As with Cloverfield, we’re not even entirely sure what you’re calling this new Trek adventure, let alone what this movie is about. With Cloverfield it’s exciting, because you’re producing something brand new and unknown. With Star Trek, well I have to be honest, it’s making us Star Trek fans pretty uneasy.


Up Close And Personal With The New Captain Kirk

p1193044.JPGIf there’s one thing we Star Trek fans may want to get our hands on more than a decent picture of the new Enterprise, it’s a good look at the new guy who thinks he’s going to play Captain Kirk.

His name is Chris Pine, and unless you’re willing to go out and rent the awful movie he made with Lindsay Lohan a few years ago (and trust me, it’s not worth it), then your first place to get a feel for what he’s all about will be in the upcoming movie Bottle Shock. In it, he plays the son of Bill Pullman, a California wine maker. Pine sports long, flowing locks and spends much of the movie getting drunk, smoking pot, and looking damned pretty.

Our friends over at Cinema Blend got a chance to meet Chris up close and personal at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Their assessment: A nice guy who inexplicably wore a belly shirt. No really. The guy’s t-shirt, for some reason, didn’t cover his belly button. Maybe if my belly button was that chiseled I’d want to show it off too.