Bootleg Trailer For X-Files 2

x-files_022408.jpgIt’s a big weekend for X-Files sequel news, only this time it’s real. A teaser trailer for X-Files 2 was shown at Wonder Con this weekend, and of course it’s already been leaked out online.

Check it out via the embed below, while it lasts. I suspect Fox will cease and desist this sucker first thing Monday morning:


Fox Mulder Goes Werewolf For X-Files 2? Nope

mulder_wolf.jpgTonight the guys at our sister site Cinema Blend were sent an amazing, incredible image from the upcoming second X-Files movie. It was from an anonymous source, and they had no way to verify its authenticity. But now, after a little digging and a lot of blind, stupid luck, we’re here to tell you it’s a fraud.

The picture is of David Duchovny, as Fox Mulder… turning into a Werewolf. There’ve been rumors for awhile now that the sequel’s plot might involved werewolves, but we believe it’s all a red herring being put out there by the movie’s director Chris Carter and his production team, to throw people off track. After a little digging, we discovered that the image they sent CB was actually a really well photoshopped version of a promotional image for Duchovny’s Showtime series Californication.


Saturn Award Nominees Announced, Sci Fi Takes It In The Rear

saturn022008.jpgThis year’s batch of Saturn Award nominees have been announced, and they’re a little disappointing. In name they’re the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, but Science Fiction is very poorly represented this year. All of their most nominated films fit instead more comfortably into the Fantasy and Horror genres, which is perhaps a sad commentary on the waning popularity of genuine science fiction in modern pop culture. Nobody wants to think about the future, they want lame ass Harry Potter.

Still, a few movies like I Am Legend, Transformers, and Cloverfield did get their proper due, and in Television Lost scored big. Check out all their nominations below:


Quick Thoughts On The New Knight Rider

knightrider_21708.jpgKnight Rider returned to NBC tonight in a 2-hour made for TV movie which may or may not end up being a series. But then if you’re any kind of science fiction geek, or if you grew up in the 80s, you probably already knew that. Actually if you grew up in the 80s, then you’ve probably spent the last two weeks gently caressing your vintage, metal Knight Rider lunchbox in anticipation. I know I have been.

Unfortunately, the whole thing got off on the wrong foot right out of the gate. Within the first five minutes Knight Rider gave us threesomes, lesbian cops having one night stands, and brutal death. Not exactly family television. NBC does know this is a show about a talking car… right?

To me that was the real problem with this new Knight Rider. It never quite knew what to be. It tries to walk a strange middle road between being the fun, cheesy, show we remember from the 80s, and being some sort of strange ripoff of the show Las Vegas. Luckily, it got better as it went on and when KITT finally gets his driver and heads out into the boonies the original show used to spend so much time in, things start to have that old familiar Knight Rider hum… assuming you can ignore all of the script’s ridiculous plot holes.


Terminator 4 Has James Cameron’s Blessing?

cameronapproves.jpgSci-Fi filmmaking genius James Cameron hasn’t had much to do with Terminator since T2, though it’s gone on without him. Since his departure there’s been a third film, a television series, and now there’s a fourth movie titled Terminator Salvation in the works. Cameron’s still not involved, but it’s possible that he may actually approve of this particular Terminator incarnation.

Our sister site Cinema Blend is reporting that JC has been in contact with T4 director McG, and has been giving him tips on casting. Read the full story over at CB.


Stephen Colbert Honors Commander Worf’s Black/Chinese Heritage

colbert_worf.jpgComedy Central’s golden boy Stephen Colbert took a minute out this week to honor people who are not white. Since he only had a minute to do it, he combined two cultures together and honored them all at once in his annual Ethnic Minute. And since he had to combine two cultures he needed to find someone who was both Black and Chinese to honor. He picked Commander Worf.

Worf a Chinese/Black America? Stephen Colbert presents the following compelling evidence: