Tron 2 Is Go!

tron030308.jpgExciting news from Disney, and for once it has nothing to do with a Pixar movie. The long rumored sequel to Tron is go. DH says Disney has Tron 2 slated for a Spring 2011 release, which means work should begin in earnest on it soon.

It’s not yet known whether any of the original cast will return, though Jeff Bridges as recently as December confirmed that there was a part for him in it, and that he was reading the script, examining the project, and trying to decide whether or not he’d be in it. It was Bridges who first understood the potential in Tron and it was his name that got most of the rest of the cast involved. If he signs up and gives Tron 2 his seal of approval, then there’s every reason to think this thing might actually be good. If not… be afraid.



Not To Be Missed: Season Finale Of The Sarah Connor Chronicles

We’re only getting nine episodes of Fox’s fantastic new television version of the Terminator franchise, and it all wraps up this Monday March 3rd with a two-hour finale. The show has done well enough in the ratings that Fox should renew it for next season and shoot more episodes, but with the vagueries of television nothing is ever a sure thing. This is Fox after all, there’s always the chance they’ll cancel it in favor of a series about people being eaten by homosexual bears.

Enjoy Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles while we’ve got it, and make sure you’re in your chair at 8PM Monday with your TV tuned to Fox.



Freddie Highmore Stars As Astro Boy

astroboy022808.jpgThe computer animated, movie version of the popular, classic cartoon series Astro Boy has it’s lead. Imagi Studios told us tonight that they’ve hired Freddie Highmore to provide Astro Boy’s voice.

I know there are a lot of people out there with an attachment to this character, but to be honest I’m only reporting on it because it’s a robot, and let’s face it I’m obviously a sucker for anything automaton related. Just look at the site. However I somehow missed out on this particular phenomenon. Apparently it’s an anime riff on the old Pinocchio theme.


George Takei Is Still Not In Star Trek

takei022708.jpgThis morning frequently wrong rumor site ran a story claiming that George Takei would show up in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek prequel. Of course this flies in the face of everything anyone associated with the production has had to say on the matter. The people actually making Star Trek have been pretty clear on this: None of the original cast will be in the film except Leonard Nimoy.

Still, AICN insists it’s true. Except of course their story is based on nothing but vapor. All they have is an interview with George Takei where he basically says “no comment”. That’s hardly a confirmation that he’s in it. AICN has invented a story out of nothing.


Starship Troopers 3 Trailer

starship3022708.jpgBelieve it or not, they’re still making sequels to Starship Troopers. Like the last one, this new one is a direct to DVD feature being put out by Sony. It’s called Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, and unless it has a co-ed shower scene I’m having a hard time finding a reason to be interested. At least Casper Van Dien is back, though it’s not like he has anything better to do.


The Last Starfighter Gets A Sequel

laststarfighter022708.jpgThis is a rumor that has me really excited. Apparently a sequel to the classic 1984 movie The Last Starfighter is under way. In fact, it’s supposed to start shooting this month and the original film’s star, Lance Guest, will be back.

The news comes from Cinema Blend, where they say the movie will be about the original Last Starfighter’s son. I guess that makes sense.

Sadly, they movie will have go on without the best character in the original, Centauri. The great Robert Preston, who played Centauri, died in 1987 of lung cancer. Hopefully they’ll have the good sense not to try and replace him. They’d be better off writing the character out altogether. There’s no replacing Preston.