Giant Freakin Update – BSG, Bionic Woman, Terminator, Fantastic Four, Sci Fi Channel

Here we go again, stomping through all the science fiction related blinking lights I’ve missed covering (probably because I was reading Timothy Zahn) over the last week.

Laser blasts:

– NBC’s Bionic Woman series is now officially canceled. Anyone crying? It’s not like it was any good. Slow motion run into obscurity!

– The Andromeda Strain is being remade… yet again. This time it’s being done by A&E as a two night miniseries, which you can see some time this spring. They have a trailer for it up right here

– The Fantastic Four movie franchise is dead, and will now live on only in the impending Silver Surfer spin-off. Chris Evans, who plays the Human Torch told MTV that they won’t do another one. “I’m assuming that one is a closed book,” he says.


Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Trailer

We have a brand new, beautiful trailer for the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica for you. The new season kicks off April 4th, and you’d better be on your couch because there won’t be another. It’s all over after season 4. Watch the trailer below and find out what they have in store for you:


Battlestar Galactica Spin-off Happening!

The Sci Fi channel loves you. This coming season may be the fourth, and final season of Battlestar Galactica, but Sci Fi channel won’t be leaving BSG fans stranded. They’ve officially greenlit production on a 2-hour pilot for a prequel to the current BSG series. Current BSG executive producers Ron Moore and David Eick will be in charge.

Here’s the official word, straight from their press release:

“Set 50 years before Battlestar Galactica, Caprica follows two rival families – the Greystones and the Adamas – as they grow, compete, and thrive in the vibrant world of the 12 Colonies. Enmeshed in the burgeoning technology of artificial intelligence and robotics that will eventually lead to the creation of the Cylons, the two houses go toe-totoe. Caprica will deliver all of the passion, intrigue, political backbiting, family conflict and hardcore action that always leaves Galactica fans begging for more.”

“I’m thrilled with the chance to expand on the Galactica world and get deeper into the origins of the story we’ve been telling,” said Moore. “It’s also great to have a chance at doing a completely different kind of science fiction series, one that’s even more character-oriented and doesn’t rely on pyrotechnics to carry the story.”

“While Caprica will have its own personality, it will carry on Battlestar’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre, and we’re thrilled that SCI FI has seen fit to giving us another opportunity to tell character-driven stories in challenging ways,” added Eick.



2008: The Year We Lost Arthur C. Clarke

arthurcclarke0342.jpgLegendary, pioneering science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke died today. He was 90. He died of, well, he was 90. The guy lived a full life.

His legacy is unquestionably secure. His best known work is probably “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which was turned into the classic, groundbreaking 1968 movie of the same name by Stanley Kubrick. Later there was a sequel, 2010, also based on a same named Arthur C. Clarke.


Transformers Are Smokin

I don’t smoke, but if I did, I’d light up using one of these: Transformers Zippo lighters! They’re limited edition, apparently only about 300 will be made, and they’re only available in Japan. So forget about getting your hands on one. I’m guessing the transform into… er… lung cancer? Check it out:


For close ups, visit the guys who dug them up in the first place, Akihabara.


Iron Man Videogame Trailer

Videogames based on movies are always a dicey proposition. Most of the time they’re minimum effort cash-ins meant to suck up any money left floating around out there after the movie is released and drums up interest in whatever property it is they’re leeching off of. So it’s buyer beware with Sega’s upcoming Iron Man game, being made based on the movie. That said, the game’s first trailer is here and it looks surprisingly good. Watch: