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Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Villains Get Their Own Ominous Posters

Guardians of the GalaxyIf the sheer amount of marketing unleashed for Guardians of the Galaxy is any indication, Marvel is not going to be happy that their latest cinematic endeavor is only tracking for a $60 million opening weekend. They’re swinging for the fences and going to do everything they possibly can to pound their upcoming space adventure into your subconscious until, whether your want to or not, your body will just wake up and walk to the theater on its own when the film opens in a few weeks. So far most of the attention has been paid to the heroes of the film, which is understandable, they’ll get most of the screen time and the core group is made up of some rather unique characters, but with these new posters, three of the main villains get their day in the sun.

Yesterday you saw posters for some of the smaller characters, including Nova Prime (Glenn Close), Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly), and Yondu (Michael Rooker). They were pretty cool, but checking out these baddies up close and personal like is enough to get your juices flowing, and I can’t wait to see Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and company come to blows with this collection of enemies.


Futurama Rendered In 3D GGI Is Absolutely Spectacular

Futurama may be dead and gone, and we’re pretty sure that it’s for real this time, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about it anytime soon. Most of us will probably spend the next thousand years waiting to see just how accurate Matt Groening’s vision of the future is, and decrying the fact that we don’t yet have bending robots to bend all of the things we need bent. We can always cryogenically freeze ourselves to get there and see it on our own. Artist Alexi Zakharov rendered the world of the beloved animated series in 3D, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Just take a moment to watch this short video that re-imagines the New New York skyline of the 31st century in breathtaking detail. You can’t help but marvel as this slick, sleek version of the Planet Express ship, presumably piloted by the one-eyed, purple-haired badass Turanga Leela (voiced by Katy Segal), as it soars through the congested traffic of the futuristic megalopolis hauling random packages to distant and dangerous worlds.


Joss Whedon Resurrects Firefly’s Wash… Sort Of

If there was any question that Joss Whedon is not only a masterful storyteller, but also a ninja-level troll, that uncertainty can be put to rest now. See, last week somebody on Twitter asked Joss for more Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And lo, their prayers were answered! Sort of. He posted the following, along with the message, “your wish is my command here ya go.”



Universal’s Iconic Monsters Are Getting A Cinematic Universe From Alex Kurtzman

black_lagoon_2Moviegoers look at Marvel Studios and see a company that creates films, while other studios look at Marvel and see a hulking pile of dollar bills that aren’t theirs. While there have been some murmurings in the past, Universal Pictures has now officially announced they’ll be creating an Marvel-like interconnected cinematic universe based solely on the horror monsters that helped turn the studio into a powerhouse back in the 1930s. Exciting news, to be sure, but only if they hold off on making the Frankenstein movie until we’re at least five years past pop culture’s current fascination with the cobbled-together creature.

To usher in this new era of spooktacular monsters, Universal is bringing in franchise-familiar writer/producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan. Kurtzman’s name is probably more familiar, as he’s worked with former partner Roberto Orci on the first two Transformers films and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as Universal’s under-performing Cowboys and Aliens. In case you’re thinking, gee, none of those movies were particularly good and wondering if we just cherry-picked bad projects from Kurtzman’s career, you should know that his Rotten Tomatoes page looks like this. It’s not pretty.

Morgan, on the other hand, wrote the last five Fast & Furious movies, including the upcoming seventh one, and 47 Ronin, and created the recent Fox series Gang Related.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Videos And Posters Dig Into Star-Lord, Groot, And More

Just when you think that Marvel can’t possibly churn out any more promotion for their upcoming cosmic adventure Guardians of the Galaxy, they step up, throw a dismissive laugh in your general direction, and unleash a fresh avalanche of marketing that threatens to sweep you away. This time they’re back with two new videos that introduce you to two of the key players, as well as a trio of character posters that show off a few big name actors who will play smaller, though key, roles in the film.

The core plot revolves around a group of deep space criminals led by the brash, not-as-notorious-as-he-would-like-to-be Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), a small time thief looking to break into the big time. Hailing from Earth, a planet of outlaws that includes Bonnie and Clyde, Billy the Kid, and John Stamos, he might just get his chance, though not exactly as he expects. Over the course of Guardians, he and the mismatched team that includes Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), and Groot (Vin Diesel), must figure out how to come together to save the galaxy from the threat Ronan the Accuser and the Kree Empire.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron Finally Reveals Its Robotic Villain

avengers age of ultronBig green guys with anger issues usually don’t get much attention here at Giant Freakin’ Robot, nor do hammer-wielding gods, assassins, or once-frozen WWII veterans. We get a little more interested when billionaires start tinkering with smart bodysuits and weaponized drones, but it takes actual robots — an evil, self-replicating one in this case — to get us talking about Joss Whedon’s mega-tentpole flick Avengers: Age of Ultron. Today granted the world its very first look at the heinous Ultron itself, which I guess puts us on the rise of the dawn of the age of Ultron. Either way, he looks like a right chipper bastard.

Assuming you can read, you’ve figured out that this is the cover for the newest issue of EW, which also reveals some of the story’s vague plot points. I don’t think I’d be upset to find out that this was a still taken from the film just before Captain America looks right into the camera and says, “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” He was raised on classic comedy, that one.