Cross The Streams: The World’s End Will Assimilate You

Here’s what’s new in streaming sci-fi!


Ghostbusters: 30 Things You Might Not Know About The Classic Comedy

It’s headed back into theaters, for one thing!


Doctor Who: Five Old Episodes To Pair With The First Five Episodes Of Season 8

WhoS8Tonight is the night Doctor Who fans have been waiting months for: the return of the show for its eighth modern season, courtesy of the oversized premiere episode “Deep Breath.” Of course, there have been plenty of clues and hints about what to expect in the weeks and months leading up to it, but Who suffered an even bigger blow last month when scripts for the first five episodes leaked online.

At the time, I debated how to approach the leak, beyond simply reporting on it. There were sites that posted spoiler-ish breakdowns or reviews of the scripts, but I wasn’t interested in doing that. There had to be a middle ground that didn’t involve just letting all the cats out of their respective bags, right? This article is the result of all that mulling: five earlier Who episodes that will, for a variety of reasons, make perfect double-features with the first five episodes of the new season. Sometimes it’s because the episodes share characters or concepts, and sometimes it’s just because…well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m trying to keep this little exercise mostly spoiler-free, but I will be including the official synopses for each of season eight’s first five episodes, so there are some spoilers ahead!

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Gilbert Gottfried Does Bill Pullman’s Rousing Independence Day Speech

Do you have a soft spot for rousing speeches, like the one Bill Pullman’s President Thomas J. Whitmore delivers in Rolland Emmerich’s Independence Day? Do you also like obnoxious comedian Gilbert Gottfried? There has to be some crossover between these two seemingly disparate groups, and for those of you who fall into that strange segment of this very specific Venn Diagram, you’re in luck, because you can now watch that bit of moving oration delivered with Gottfried’s very distinctive vocal tones.

I’m not a fan of Gottfried, I never have been, but even I have to admit that this video is really damn funny. This is such a serious, dramatic moment from the movie, a call to arms for the human race to rise up together to fight off the invading aliens that have been wrecking up the joint, that hearing those shrill, grating, though familiar tones deliver the speech is kind of perfect. Juxtaposing those two thoroughly dissimilar elements, especially when you throw in the stirring patriotic music, creates such a jarring scenario that it’s almost impossible not to laugh your ass off at this. Pullman’s speech is so earnest and passionate, and somehow avoids being totally cheesy and corny (it really should come across that way, but doesn’t), but when the guy who voiced the AFLAC duck delivers these words, all of that changes completely.


Luc Besson Says Lucy 2 Is Unlikely

LucyIf the major studios had their druthers, they’d just crank out movie after profitable movie from the same franchise. That would be super easy. Hell, looking back at the summer blockbuster season, there was already quite a bit of that going on. And when an original movie is successful, you can be damn sure that the money people behind it are looking for any possible avenue the can open up to crank out at least one sequel, if not many more. Luc Besson’s wingnut sci-fi actioner Lucy was a surprise minor hit at the box office last month, but if you’re holding your breath to see more of Scarlett Johansson expanding her mind, you should start breathing now, because Lucy 2 does not appear likely to happen any time soon.

Speaking to media last week in Taiwan, the French action auteur downplayed any talk of a follow up, saying it’s probably not going to happen. In an interview with the local press, he said, “I don’t see how we can do one. It’s not made for that. If I find something good enough, maybe I will, but for now I don’t even think about it.”


Another Icelandic Volcano Is Getting Ready To Erupt

volcanoRemember four years ago when the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull wreaked havoc on flights around the world, ultimately causing more than 100,000 cancelations and loses upwards of $2 billion? (You can see a video of what the area looks like now.) A year later, Iceland’s Grímsvötn volcano erupted, causing more of the same. Now, the small contry’s Meteorological Office has announced that they are is bracing for another major eruption, this time the Bardarbunga volcano is set to blow.

Over the past week, the region under and around Bardarbunga has experienced roughly 1,000 small earthquakes, which is usually a sign that a major geological event is about to happen. In fact, 568 of those earthquakes were recorded in a single day.


The Stand Wants To Cast Matthew McConaughey As Randal Flagg

True DetectiveWith an Academy Award under his belt for last year’s Dallas Buyers Club, as well as tons of critical acclaim for HBO’s True Detective, and Christopher Nolan’s space adventure Interstellar on the way, Matthew McConaughey is going through an epic career renaissance (and we didn’t even bring up Magic Mike or Wolf of Wall Street). At this point he can do just about whatever the hell he wants, and he’s also at the top of every casting agency’s wish list, and one of those lists is for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has a covetous eye on McConaughey, targeting him for the villainous character of Randal Flagg in their long-gestating adaptation of King’s massive post-apocalyptic tome. Played by Jamie Sheridan in the made-for-TV miniseries in the mid-1990s, Flagg is an evil figure who may or may not be a demonic presence. After a plague sweeps across the planet, decimating the human race, he and his followers wreak havoc in the aftermath. King has also used Flagg in works outside of The Stand. He became the primary antagonist in The Dark Tower, and has appeared in a series of Marvel comics based on King’s work.


Star Wars Rebels Drops Three New TV Spots And A Zeb Character Short

In reality, we’re not all that far away from seeing a new addition to the Star Wars universe. It’s not J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, which is what we’re most excited about, but the animated series Star Wars Rebels is set to premiere this October, and from what we’ve seen, it’s looking better and better all the time. We know that the show is going to have a huge impact on larger expanded universe, and to give you a taste of that, Disney and Lucasfilm have released three new TV spots and another new character short.

This first video gives you the basic set up for the series. Set in the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rebels shows the Galactic Empire tightening its grip over the various worlds of the galaxy. When the Empire comes to the planet Lothal, crushing the spirit of the locals, some dare to fight back, and the seeds of what will eventually become the Rebel Alliance are sown.