Creationists Study The Interactions Between Robots And Humanity

nao robotScientists from many disciplines are busy studying the interactions between humans and robots, and trying to discern the impact of such relationships. Whether it’s teaching autistic children, reducing feelings of isolation in space, or using them as proxies, we’re going to be spending more time with robots. Maybe this will lead to Her style scenarios, or perhaps those more reminiscent of Spielberg’s AI. Only time will tell, but that doesn’t stop us from designing studies and trying to predict the effects. Even creationists can’t resist the pull of automatons. aAgroup of fundamentalist Christians has purchased one of those adorable Nao robots and plan to use it to conduct their own study about the effects of robots on humanity.


Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Original Predator Costume Was Absurd

Back in the mid-1980s, Jean-Claude Van Damme wasn’t quite the household name that he would become later in the decade with movies like Kickboxer and Bloodsport. Many of us knew that the Muscles from Brussels initially had a role in John McTiernan’s 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle Predator, playing the original incarnation of the titular beast. When you think of the monster, what comes to mind? That creepy mask? Those otherworldly dreadlocks? That four-cornered snarl lurking under the mask? Whatever you think of first, it all adds up to a terrifying, seven-foot tall, armor-plated, alien killing machine. But that wasn’t always the case. If the Van Damme version had stuck, Predator would have been a very different movie, as this new video details.


Divergent Finale Allegiant Will Be Released As Two Films, Like Every Other Franchise

divergentIt’s no secret that Lionsgate/Summit’s Divergent franchise wouldn’t exist without copying the formula for success that previous YA book-to-movie series Twilight and The Hunger Games concocted. They’re pulling out all the derivative stops now—or adding one, as it were—as the studios announced Veronica Roth’s third novel, Allegiant, will be split into two pieces, just like they did with the Twilight and Hunger Games finales. The first part will be released on Allegiant‘s previously announced date of March 18, 2016, while the second segment’s will follow on March 24, 2017.


The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Talks About The Future, Spin-Offs, And Novels

Rick & CarlSeason four of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead may be in the books, but when has that ever stopped people from talking about the massively popular series? The end of a season is as good a time as any to think about the future, and comic book creator, and executive producer on the show, Robert Kirkman recently talked about what lies ahead for both the series and comics. He hints about Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) future, the impending spin-off, and when fans can expect to see one notorious villain make the jump from page to screen. And if you’re like many of us, and the comics don’t come nearly fast enough, there’s also news about additions to the ever-growing series of Walking Dead novels.


Geostorm: Gerard Butler Joins Weather Conspiracy Thriller From ID4 Writer

gerard butlerFrom his bare-chested leading man breakout in Zack Snyder’s 300 to his stunt-heavy turn as the President-saving secret service agent in Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard Butler is not known for choosing films that can be described as subtle. He just signed on to star in the upcoming thriller Geostorm, but his involvement is only one of the reasons this flick could be the biggest guilty pleasure of 2015.

Though Geostorm was originally developed by David Ellison’s Skydance Productions, Warner Bros. bought their way into the project. Dean Devlin will make his feature directorial debut, though he is most notable as the screenwriter for such modern sci-fi favorites as Roland Emmerich’s Stargate and Independence Day. He’s a guy who has had big ideas on the brain in the past, and Geostorm legitimately sounds like he’s packed way too many of them into one place.


Transformers: Age Of Extinction Kicks Off A New Trilogy Possibly Without Michael Bay

Transformer: Age of ExtinctionGiven that the first three films in franchise have already raked in billions—yes, that last word is with a B and an S—of dollars worldwide, nothing we say here will have much impact on whether or not audiences show up for Michael Bay’s latest giant robot adventure, Transformers: Age of Extinction. The crowds will most certainly be there for the fourth installment. The one thing that we could say to hype things up, however, is that the Dino-bots finally show up for some fun, and are featured, among others, in this new collection of character posters. Bay also confirmed some speculation about the future of the franchise, as well as his potential involvement.