Aliens On Ice: An All Skate Tribute To James Cameron’s Movie

That’s right, Aliens on Ice. The following video is of a performance put on live in Austin, Texas (of course it’s in Austin) at Chaparral Ice on November 18 & 19. It is exactly what the title suggests. A local theater troupe decided to put on a live performance the 1986 movie Aliens, on an ice rink, wearing ice skates.

Here it is:


John Carter Fights A Hairy Rancor In New Image From The Film

A brand new image from John Carter, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars series, has arrived online. It’s hard not to look at it and think of the Rancor monster scene from Return of the Jedi. Maybe that’s a good thing, since it means John Carter’s taking a larger than life scale approach, which we rarely see in science fiction films anymore.

Check out the image here courtesy of EW.


Holiday Gift Idea: Minimalist Doctor Who Posters

Are you looking for a beautiful, unique, and reasonably priced gifts for the nerd in your life this holiday season?  How about a minimalist poster?  The internet’s infatuation with them is still going strong, and we recently found some great Doctor Who ones on Etsy.  Christian Petersen’s Etsy shop “The Modern Stylographer” specializes in clean, simple posters of modern art and science fiction/fantasy film and television.  They are more than just fan art, though.  As Petersen says in the product description for “Rose”, “These posters are not only fan-service, they are pieces of fine art.”


Doctor Who Costume Auctioned For Charity

The traditional Doctor Who sketch on this weekend’s annual Children in Need charity appeal on the BBC had a bit of an unusual twist.  Previous years have seen the Doctor Who team use the sketch to bring the Tenth Doctor face to face with the Fifth Doctor and to bridge the gap between the first and second seasons of the new series. 

The sketches don’t always make a direct appeal to the fundraising aim of the Children in Need special, but this year’s did.  Current Doctor Matt Smith encouraged viewers to go online to www.bbc.co.uk/Pudsey and bid for the very items he was wearing, taking each off (from behind a screen) as he listed it:


First Official Prometheus Images Reveal A Giant Face In Space

We’ve seen a few leaks from this movie showing blurry, grainy images or footage which was quickly removed by 20th Century Fox’s always over-eager lawyers, but this is our first official look at Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel: Prometheus.

The images below come from the new issue of and were scanned by Bloody-Disgusting. Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Guy Pearce, Kate Dickie, Ben Foster, Patrick Wilson (among others) star and you’ll see some of them in the images. Take a look…


Gale Anne Hurd Bringing Area 51 To Television

Gale Anne Hurd and Valhalla Entertainment have optioned the book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base in the hopes of bringing it to television.  If those names sound familiar to you, it’s probably because Hurd and her company are the ones who brought The Walking Dead to the small screen.  Deadline reports this new possible series would be an hour long drama centering on “two men working on the base who are thrust into danger when they uncover secrets that the government will protect at any cost.”

Area 51 is actually a bestselling non-fiction book by Annie Jacobsen, and it focuses much more heavily on the crazy happenings at the titular military base that have nothing to do with little grey men: nuclear testing and development, (sometimes horrifying) Cold War experiments, the War on Terror.  Jacobsen got her information from interviews with 19 men who had lived and worked in Area 51, sometimes for extended periods.  Jacobsen does eventually address the alien conspiracy theories, but her hypothesis lands more on the side of “Cold War government experiments” than actual alien cover-up.  Her theories are intriguing and the information her sources revealed is fascinating, though, so the book certainly offers a lot for a television series to work with.