Star Wars Identities Is A Museum Exhibit

The nature of a mysterious new Lucasfilm project called Star Wars Identities, which the internet has been speculating over for a few weeks now, has been revealed. It’s not a new video game or a TV show or even a movie, but rather, a museum exhibit.

The interesting thing here is that it’s not really even just about Star Wars. Instead it sounds like Lucasfilm is just using Star Wars as a means to deliver educational materials to kids. They’re describing this as “a customized, interactive identity quest” in which “insightful scientific content will all work together in Star Wars Identities to follow the dramatic journeys of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, cinema’s most famous father and son duo. Visitors will develop a better understanding of what makes the characters of Star Wars who they are, and at the same time explore their own identity with one question, at once simple and profound: What forces shape you?”

Confused? It doesn’t get much clearer. The teaser materials for the exhibit all seem to involve Rorshach tests crafted in the shape of iconic imagery. Like this:


The Rocketeer Arrives On Blu-ray For Its 20th Anniversary

One of the most underrated movies of the 90s turns 20 this year. Believe it or not, The Rocketeer has been around for that long.

The Rocketeer arrives on Blu-ray December 13th as a single disc release. Disney hasn’t released many details on what kind of extra features they’ll include, but here’s your first look at the movie’s Blu-ray cover art:The Rocketeer Blu-ray


A Few Seconds From Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Trailer

Ridley Scott is hard at work on his new Alien prequel Prometheus, and while the film is fairly far along, we haven’t actually seen much from it. At least not until now.

The following video contains a few seconds of footage from the upcoming Prometheus trailer. It’s of low quality and we’re only talking ten seconds here… but even this much looks more like Alien than anything we’ve seen on screen since. Watch:



Video From Transformers: The Ride, Coming To Universal Studios

There was a time when, if you wanted to build a theme park attraction centered around giant battling robots, you’d actually have to build giant battling robots for people to look at. Those days are gone. Now you just shoot a bunch of 3D CGI shit, put glasses on your patrons, and send them down a hallway.

That seems to be the plan with Transformers: The Ride, a new attraction being planned at Universal Studios Singapore, centered around Michael Bay’s robot fighting franchise. Why is it in Singapore? Because their Universal Studios actually has an entire 1/7 of the park devoted entirely to science fiction. You won’t find anything like that in America. Clearly, they know what’s up.

So while they have their priorities in the right place, and while I’d really love to go on a theme park ride featuring giant, fighting robots… I’m not sure this one is worth the flight to a strange Asian country, or anything more than the price of your average 3D movie ticket, for that matter. Decide for yourself, with these videos showing off what they’re up to…


Mork & Mindy Was The Happy Days Response To Star Wars

When Star Wars came out in 1977, it was a revelation. People had never seen anything like it and in the process it changed the way the mainstream thought about science fiction. Until then Sci-Fi had really easily dismissed as stuff of cheesy, low-budget garbage geared towards a bunch of kids, even if it wasn’t true. After Star Wars people took the genre more seriously, and in the process it spawned a lot of attempted copycats.

The Black Hole, for instance, was an attempt to get in on the Star Wars phenomenon. So was Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. And apparently, so was Mork & Mindy.

Robin Williams recently spoke to Moviefone about some of his older characters. The character of Mork was originally a guest star on Happy Days who later got his own, spin-off show. And that show, in turn, made Robin Williams a huge star. But none of it would have happened if not for Star Wars. Here’s how Robin explains it…


Did The Matrix Rip Off KISS?

Any time anyone comes up with something new and successful, the world rushes to carve out a piece of what they’ve done, whether it’s deserved or not. Take The Matrix, which pretty much changed science fiction filmmaking forever, and was instantly accused of ripping off everything from Neuromancer to Hong Kong martial arts films. Or maybe the film’s directors, the Wachowskis, were simply huge fans of KISS.

That’s the latest theory on the source of their brilliance, this time being pushed around by the boys over at Geeks of Doom. They’ve come up with some odd evidence, mostly by actually listening to KISS albums, which I wasn’t aware people actually did. Haven’t we all agreed they’re a colossal joke which should be ignored? No? Ok.

Read the entire explanation over there, but the short version is that thirty-years ago KISS released an album called “Music from the Elder”. It was a concept album which told the story of “The One” as he’s guided by a guy named “Morpheus”. There’s a prophecy too and a very thin connection between someone who was once involved in a KISS project and was also in The Matrix. Oh and there’s the KISS album’s cover, which looks like this…