Andrew Stanton Already Working On John Carter 2 And 3

John Carter isn’t even arriving in theaters until March 9th, 2012, but like many a high-profile would-be blockbuster before it, they’re already got their eyes on the franchise. Bleeding Cool was in London to see John Carter director Andrew Stanton premiering some clips from the film, and they’re reporting that Stanton is already working on the potential second and third movies. Think that’s optimistic? If Stanton has his way, he’ll “go to all eleven stories and make more.”

Stanton said that they bought the rights for the first three of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter books at the outset. (That includes A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, and The Warlord of Mars.) While he is working on planning out the second and third movies, he’s not exactly counting pre-hatched chickens just yet. Here’s what he said:


Edgar Ramirez To Replace Benicio del Toro In Next Star Trek, Probably Playing Khan

The next Star Trek movie has found an actor to play the film’s villain. Originally it was to be Benicio del Toro, but he abandoned the project last week. In his place they’re considering Edgar Ramirez.

So who is he? Ramirez is a 34-year-old Venezuelan born actor, who’s probably best known for a smaller role in The Bourne Ultimatum back in 2007. He’s had a few noteworthy roles in Hollywood films like that, but nothing as big as playing Khan Noonian Singh in Star Trek: The Next.

Granted, Trek director JJ Abrams still denies that they’re recycling the Khan character to use in the new movie, but after multiple confirmations of the rumor that the plot of the film will revolve around Trek’s greatest villain, at this point almost no one believes him. Odds are Ramirez is redoing the character Ricardo Montalban, even though almost everyone thinks this is the laziest idea in the history of lazy ideas.


Chewbacca Will Re-Enact The Star Wars Holiday Special On Glee

There’s not much anyone could do to Star Wars anymore, that’s worse than what George Lucas has already done to it. I’m not talking about the prequels, our beloved Star Wars characters have been through much worse…. like the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The show was broadcast in its entirety only once, back in 1978, and it was so horrible that Lucasfilm has made it their mission to erase all trace of its existence ever since. And now Glee is bringing it back.

The popular Fox television show is spending its Christmas Special this year by engaging in a tribute to the Star Wars Holiday Special, among other things. They’ve even convinced Chewbacca to show up. Chewie won’t be singing, but maybe they’ll get him to do some tap dancing or something.

Watch Chewie relive his worst moments on December 13th, when the Glee Christmas ep airs.


Become A Rocketeer: Buy Your Own Working Jetpack

Believe it or not, working, actual jetpacks have been a reality since 1953. That’s when Bell Labs built the first rocket belt. Unfortunately, since then the technology hasn’t really progressed and, what’s worse they haven’t been available to purchase for the general public. Until now.

A Mexican start-up company called Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana is now selling it’s own version of the custom-made rocket belt for $250,000. Or if you don’t trust Mexican aerospace technology, their competitor Jetpack International of Colorado is selling their version of the rocket belt for $155,000.

What do you get for your money? You get not only the actual jetpack, but a series of flying lessons as well.

It’s not all great though. The thing is jetpack technology has never actually gotten very good. The rocket belts weigh a little over 100lbs and they only stay up in the air for a little over 30 seconds. Worse it’s pretty easy to get killed while flying one, since they never get far enough off the ground to make parachutes a viable option and when it runs out of fuel it just stops and you plummet towards the pavement. Watch those fuel gauges, rocketeers!


Get Your Own Working Sonic Screwdriver, Spend Christmas Like The Doctor

Long before the current crop of Doctor’s turned their sonic screwdrivers into magic wands, sorry but you know it’s true; Doctor Who used his most trusted tool as, well a tool. Now you can too, and get that perfect stocking stuffer for the Who fan in your life. This is not a hint to anyone I know to pick this up for me, but I am often looking for a screwdriver. I’d likely keep something like this near at hand, after all you never know when you’ll need to analyze an alien or cut a rope

From ThinkGeek, this diecast replica of the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver is a decent looking mockup of the original. I’ve held the “real” versions they use for the show, and there’s nothing too special about them. They look and feel like fancy Swiss Army pens. Rather than just having a Doctor Who screwdriver that lights up, makes noise, but is otherwise useless this thing will help you to mount the signed photo of Amy Pond you’re so enamored with.


Star Trek Cast Still Hasn’t Seen The Sequel Script

SpockWe can add another piece to the flurry of information about the next installment in the rebooted Star Trek franchise.  E! spoke with John Cho, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, and Anton Yelchin on the red carpet at the Children’s Defense Fund’s 21st Annual Beat The Odds Awards (cochaired by JJ Abrams and his wife) last week.  With the knowledge that the sequel to the 2009 film will begin filming next month, it’s unsurprising that the questions focused around the quickly approaching production.  What is surpising, though, is that none of the cast from the first film appear to have received a script for the new one!

John Cho laughed off the fact that he hasn’t read the script yet, jokingly saying, “”I’m sure before we finish shooting, I’ll see one. […] Maybe we’ll get a clue tonight.  I’d be curious to know whether I’m in it.  That’d be the greatest gift bag of all time.”  Anton Yelchin also hasn’t read the script and told E! that, as far as speculations about the film are concerned, “Your guess is as good as mine.”  Abrams (who has read the script) approached questions about the screenplay’s location with his usual snark: “”It’s out there somewhere. I’m sure there’s one in a safe somewhere.”