Detailed Look At Star Trek’s New Enterprise

Though Paramount is no longer shy about showing us images and videos from the new Star Trek movie, except for one image we still haven’t gotten a really good look at the redesigned Enterprise. That’s alright, ever industrious Trekkies are here to fill the void. An amazing artist named Tobias Richter has taken what he saw in that single image and turned it into a breathtaking, multi-angle fan art showing off the new Enterprise design.

I’ve posted a few of his breathtaking pieces below, click over to TrekMovie for more.


Donnie Darko Sequel Trailer

The best moment in Donnie Darko, maybe one of the best moments in science fiction, happens in a deserted movie theater. Jake Gyllenhaal, before anyone knew who Jake Gyllenhaal was, sits there with the light playing on the screen flickering off his face, his girlfriend asleep with her head on his shoulder. There’s a giant, demented looking bunny sitting in the fold-out theater seat next to him, and we have no idea why. Jake, as Donnie, turns to the bunny whom we’ve learned is named Frank and asks, “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?” Frank responds in the only way that makes any sense: “Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?” That’s a moment that can’t be recreated. Can’t be sequelized. Definitely can’t be captured on some derivative, budget DVD release.

I was there, the night Donnie Darko first played in movie theaters across America. The theater was a ghost town. No one showed up. I was there, sitting in the middle of my own deserted movie theater, watching Donnie in his. Sitting next to me was my wife, wide awake. There was no giant bunny with us, but we had our minds blown just the same. Over the years and months that followed Donnie Darko developed into a cult phenomenon. People started paying attention to Jake Gyllenhaal, he became a huge star.

It’s been a great ride, but the fun’s over. Donnie Darko’s popularity peaked long ago and now we’re left with the inevitable, direct-to-dvd sequel cash-in. It’s a depressing turn of events and I strongly recommend that instead of watching the first trailer for S. Darko, at the bottom of this post, that you walk over to your DVD player and pop the greatness of Donnie Darko in, for a good old fashioned rewatch. No don’t watch the inferior directors cut. In fact if you own the director’s cut, drop it in your trashcan right now. Director Richard Kelly’s attempts to explain his mystifying movie away only ruin it, though not nearly as much as this sequel almost inevitably will.

But if like me you just can’t help yourself, and you have to see what they’ve done to your beloved Donnie, then watch the first trailer for S. Darko after the jump.


William Shatner Wants To Rule Canada

shatnerIf The Terminator can run California, then why not give Captain Kirk Canada? Especially when he seems willing. Come on, it can’t possibly be any worse than the crappy job done by normal politicians. At least he has experience pretending to be a leader of men.

According to Stuff, William Shatner says he’s planning to make his bid to be Canada’s new Prime Minister. Says the Shat: “My intention is to be Prime Minister of Canada, not Governor General, which is mainly a ceremonial position.”

Apparently that was a response to a letter from a fan, urging him to become Governor General. But only supreme authority works for the Shat. He says, “As Prime Minister I can lead Canada into even greater exploits.” Assuming of course, that he’s not just joking.


New Star Trek Logo

Paramount has released a new logo for their JJ Abrams powered Star Trek reboot. Not all that different, but here it is:



Glen Larson To Battlestar Galactica Fans: Drop Dead

cylonvsIt’s no secret that Glen Larson, one of the minds behind the original, cheesy, 80s version of Battlestar Galactica hates Ron Moore’s current, much more successful version of the show. In fact for years now he’s stood in the way of turning that version into a movie. He owns the film rights, and he’s blocked all attempts to take Adama theatrical. Tonight, Universal Pictures finally threw up their hands and decided to let him screw us all over.

HR is reporting that Larson has been given the greenlight by Universal to make a Battlestar Galactica movie with no connection at all, to the current, mega-successful, much beloved television series currently finishing up its run on the Sci Fi channel. That’s right, before the new BSG’s final season has even finished, they’re already doing a remake.

Now it’s one thing to remake or reboot an unsuccessful franchise. For instance Marvel attempted it with Hulk, after the Ang Lee version received tepid reaction. That’s bad enough. But to actively seek to snuff out a popular, hugely successful version of something, a burgeoning, still fairly new franchise fresh with newly converted fans and all the excitement that goes along with that, by selfishly rebooting it so you can put everyone in 80s legwarmers is an insult. It’s a big fuck you to everyone who loves the current, massively more successful (critically and in popularity) version of BSG.


Cover Art For Donnie Darko’s Unnecessary Sequel

Anyone with even a modicum of common sense knows that making a sequel to Donnie Darko is an awful, awful, awful idea. Yet it’s happening anyway. It’s called S. Darko oh and from the looks of things they’ll have a female Frank the Bunny. At least that’s the impression I get from the direct-to-dvd movie’s newly released cover art. See it below and feel free to cringe: