Halo 4 Creative Director Leaves Project

Halo 4 is a whole new trilogy featuring the return of Master Chief to the 360. The original trilogy, as well as the offshoot ODST and prequel Reach, was developed and created by Bungie Studios. Microsoft and Bungie have parted ways, leaving the continuation of Halo in the hands of 343 Industries. Made up of Microsoft employees, Halo fans, and a few former Bungie employees the studio is under pressure to live up to the hype created by the series.

It’s still early in development, but creative director Ryan Payton has left the project. Not only that, but he’s walked away from 343 Industries as a whole. “The Halo I wanted to build was fundamentally different and I don’t think I had built enough credibility to see such a crazy endeavor through,” Payton told Kotaku in a statement.

The project is still young, with release currently scheduled for sometime in 2012. So, what does this really mean?


The 10 Best Space Opera Movies Of All Time

Say the words “science fiction” and most people immediately think of outer space. It’s ironic then, that so few sci-fi movies actually set in outer space have ever been made. When they are made, far too often they turn out as disasters like Dune or enjoyable but ultimately forgettable movies like Supernova. Yet, the handful of big space operas which are made, have made more money at the box office than almost any other kind of film. Star Wars alone should have spawned a never-ending string of space adventures. Instead there was a brief gasp of wannabes which never really went anywhere followed by decades of silence.

Maybe there’s a reason space operas are so rare: They’re incredibly hard to do. Set largely in the future and in outer space, they require massive effects budgets, huge set pieces, and leaps of imagination almost unlike any genre. When a filmmaker gets space opera right he becomes a legend, like Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, and George Lucas. When he gets it wrong, he ends up on Hollywood’s shitlist for wasting the kind of massive budget required by the genre on a flop.

More than any other, truly great space opera is deserving of praise. Here’s a little of that right now, with our list of the ten greatest space operas ever put to film.


Cool Shit: Busts Of Futurama Characters If They Were Real

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love Futurama. When Matt Groening gave us his new cartoon, it was a welcome divergence from the somewhat faltering Simpsons season, and it managed to be just as funny and impactful. Once or twice in the Simpsons lives, the yellow family has found their way into the real world. But what would happen if the alien characters in Futurama were alive and well on planet Earth?

Well, deviantArtist Ray Lin (known as artanis-one) has done his best to answer that question for us. He’s created some pretty awesome models that show off a very realistic looking cast of characters even if they aren’t painted. Scope them out after the jump.


The Science Of Play: Research Shows That Restricting Playtime May Harm Kids

Kids are active creatures. Even us geeks and nerds spent most of our time outside playing Release or Red Light/Green Light as youngins. Today a surprising majority of kids have a schedule and are going from activity to activity, squeezing in violin practice, pottery, and a singe 37-minute play date on a single afternoon. Researchers are now saying there’s a chance this may be doing some harm to your kid.

According to Discovery the lack of free play may be making kids more anxious and even narcissistic than before. Peter Gray, researcher at Boston College, has published two reports on the issue; comparing children of the 1950s to those today, and finding an increase in depression. The ability to play how and when they want is not the only factor in today’s kids being anxious and depressed. But certainly it’s a major player in the problem.

Kids, when left alone, have to find an emotional balance with one another. A system quickly establishes itself where the group mentality is to keep everyone happy, because it’s quickly learned that if you make others feel bad you won’t have anyone to play with. Simple enough of a concept, but kids learn by doing and participating. The frazzled adult telling their child to be nice to others will have no impact, but letting the child interact with a group of peers will imprint permanently the idea of social interaction.


George Lucas Tells George Lucas To Stop Messing With Star Wars

Whenever George Lucas decides to tinker with Star Wars there are inevitably a few things that happen. First the fans get up in arms about how he’s destroying the films; meanwhile the vast majority will still buy the bastardized versions. Thus proving that Lucas knows what he’s doing and will continue to kick his creations in the nards whenever possible to make a buck. The other thing that occurs is the reemergence of the famed 1988 speech where he calls out the potential for harmful editing of already released films.

Save Star Wars has posted up, once again, the entire speech with a lengthy analysis. In 1988 Lucas stood before Congress to rally for a law that would protect the original works of filmmakers. At the time Ted Turner was colorizing old black and white films, which angered the original creators. But nothing could be done about it since Turner owned the movies. The fight made it all the way to Congress, and below you can read Lucas’ impassioned plea to have a law passed that could protect the original works of art.

Funny enough, this letter has resurfaced on the internet a number of times. It’s not like this is news to anyone. And to be honest, the hypocrisy exercised based on what was said 23 years ago is at maybe 67%. No law was passed, so that leaves not only the studios free to make changes as they see fit, but also the creators. And since Lucas is talking about preserving the original prints, but not specifically saying the director/creator should be banned from altering things, then there’s a little wiggle room.


Sci-Fi In Real Life: Reagent Turns Living Tissue Transparent

This most recent advance in optical imagery will not only be one of the most revolutionary, but also one of the coolest. And I don’t mean cool like when the first man decided to roll a cigarette pack into his sleeve, I’m talking like the whole concept of this is a mind fuck beyond comprehension.

At the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan, mad geniuses have created a chemical reagent that will turn living tissue transparent. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.