Next Star Trek Movie Is Probably Creatively Bankrupt, May Be Remaking Wrath Of Khan

We heard a few weeks ago that Benicio del Toro was being cast to play an unspecified villain in the next Star Trek movie. Now his role has been specified. He’ might be playing Khan.

Right now it’s just an unconfirmed rumor being spread by Latino Review, but it’s a rumor that makes a lot of sense if you try to picture Del Toro in full Khan regalia. They’ve gotten a few rumors like this right before. If and when this Khan rumor pans out, I hope every real Star Trek fan out there will have the sense to hop in a life pod and abandon ship.

Why? Because this would be a slap in the face to everyone who bought in to this new take on the franchise we love. The whole point of rebooting Star Trek and putting it in this parallel universe where anything could happen, was so that they could tell new exciting stories without all that baggage of existing canon. More than that, the whole point of the franchise is to “boldly go where no man has gone before”. It’s in the fucking opening monologue. That’s the world of exciting ideas Gene Roddenberry envisioned.


Starship Troopers Reboot Coming, Why You Should Be Excited

Sony Pictures and Producer Neal Moritz are working on a new adaptation of the classic Robert A. Heinlein novel Starship Troopers. Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, who wrote the pretty excellent scripts for Thor and X-Men: First Class are working on the script. Hold off on your nerd outrage reflex, this could actually be a good idea. Here’s why.

In 1997 Showgirls director Paul Verhoven made a movie out of Heinlein’s book only, well his movie bears almost no actual resemblance to the novel. Verhoven’s movie is actually pretty good, in spite of this, taking the tale to extreme’s never envisioned by Heinlein’s novels. But it’s not Heinlein’s novel.

Because Verhoven’s movie is so completely different from the book, it’s now possible to make another movie called Starship Troopers which is also completely different from Verhoven’s movie. Actually it would be almost impossible to make a movie like Verhoven’s even if you wanted to. His vision is so strange and over the top, there’s no way to duplicate it.


3 New John Carter Banners Featuring Woola, White Apes, And Tars Tarkas

Hopefully you’ve seen the new John Carter trailer and realized this is a movie you have to see. But if, like me, you’re a fan of the books you might have a couple of reservations. These new character banners, for me, cover a lot of the good and the band about the new John Carter movie.

First here’s one of the two things (the other is Deja Thoris wearing clothes) I’m worried about: Woola. He’s the squat, cute little lump walking alongside John Carter in this banner:


Last Shuttle Mission Earns Best Space Photo Of The Year

More than just a magazine which shows pictures of topless tribal women, National Geographic is actually a great resource for amazing photography. You’ve probably seen some of their stunning underwater shots on the wall of your dentist’s office, but this week they’ve announced their picks for the best space pictures of 2011.

Contained in their full gallery are some truly stunning examples of pictures taken in outer space. This one is my favorite, the Space Shuttle Endeavor captured on the final shuttle mission to be launched by NASA as it docks with the international space station:


High-res Images From Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

There hasn’t been an official trailer or fleshed-out plot description released yet for Ridley Scott’s new film Prometheus, but all of the little teasers are extremely intriguing.  Remember how exciting it was when those first images from the film made it to the internet last week?  Space!  A giant head!  Blonde Fassbender!  Maybe some xenomorph eggs!  But the images were less than stellar quality, seeing as they were just scans from an Entertainment Weekly spread.  Luckily, 20th Century Fox has now released the actual images – and in high res!


Tom Cruise To Put A Sci-Fi Spin On Groundhog Day In All You Need Is Kill

If you’ve ever found yourself watching Groundhog Day and thinking, “This is good, but what it really needs is aliens and Tom Cruise,” then you’ll want to pay attention to one of Tommy boy’s upcoming film projects. Variety is reporting that Cruise has committed to star in All You Need Is Kill, based on a Japanese graphic novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

So, where does the Groundhog Day element come in? Set during a future war between humans and aliens, All You Need Is Kill will cast Cruise as a soldier who is killed, only to awaken and find himself repeatedly reliving the same day. Thankfully, he carries his memories and skills over each time, giving him a hope of eventually breaking the cycle and changing his fate.