First Men In Black 3 Posters Kick Off A Viral Marketing Campaign

Men in Black 3 is happening. In fact by now the movie has finished principle photography and is out there somewhere being prepped for its May 25, 2012 release date in 3D. But we haven’t actually seen anything from the movie. That may change soon since they’ve just released these two mysterious posters, as part of starting up the sequel’s marketing campaign:


After The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale, Why Every Decision Shane Makes Is Right

The Walking Dead season finale ended with everyone coming down on Shane Walsh, the survivalist deputy who thinks the group is headed for trouble if they don’t find a way to adjust to their new post-apocalyptic world. It’s something that’s been building ever since Rick joined the group and took over leadership from Shane back in Season 1. Almost everyone it seems, is on Rick’s side, and odds are they’ll be even more on his side after the events at the end of the mid-season 2 finale. Except, well, they’re wrong. Shane is right. Shane is right about everything. Every single decision Shane has made, pushed for, or even thought about on The Walking Dead has been absolutely right. And since it’s those same decisions that have him on the outs with our group of surviving heroes, I think someone needs to stand up and give him credit. Shane’s right. Shane’s always right.

Here’s a logical explanation of why his most controversial decisions have been the right move, each and every time.

WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead follow. Don’t read if you haven’t already watched the mid-season 2 finale…


The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Scored Big

The Walking Dead went out in a big way this past weekend. The series scored an epic 6.6 million viewers on Sunday for AMC. Just to put that in perspective, most regular network shows don’t even do that well. NBC’s Community is struggling along with a depressing 3.8 million or so, for instance.

The Walking Dead is now without question the most watched television series on basic cable. It’s kept it’s numbers up after the shows 7.3 million viewer second season debut too. That’s especially significant, in light of angst being expressed by fans over the slow pace of the second season. Everything paid off in the end, during the mid-season finale, and those who found the never-ending “hey let’s find Sofia” plot of this season’s episodes were rewarded for hanging in there.

By comparison, the first season finale of The Walking Dead only pulled in 5.2 million viewers.


Murderous Security Robots Will Slash Prices In Chopping Mall Remake

Another day, another remake.  Variety reports that Dry County Entertainment has acquired the rights to Roger Corman’s 1980s film Chopping Mall.  Dry County Entertainment is the company of special effects artist and director Robert Hall, whose company Almost Human created prosthetics and makeup effects for shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Angel and the endoskeletons for the sadly short-lived Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Hall will direct the Chopping Mall remake and share writing and producing tasks with his partner Kevin Bocarde.

The 1986 horror flick by Corman was about a group of teenagers who get trapped in a mall overnight with a group of murderous security robots.  It featured the completely awesome (and not at all cheesy) tagline: “Chopping Mall – Where they slash their prices – and their customers!”  Bocarde says the new movie will retain the “young people trapped in a mall” aspect but add a “darker, supernatural spin.”  Hall says this approach is an “an exciting way to pay homage and honor Roger while also expanding the original film’s premise.”

Hall has a strong connection to Corman, having graduated from the Roger Corman School of Film and done special effects and 2nd unit work on a number of Corman films.  His “homage” or remake of Chopping Mall joins several other remakes of Corman’s work in recent years, including Piranha 3D and Jason Statham’s Death Race.  Corman is also the subject of a new documentary hitting theaters in December, Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel.


Mexico City Holds Largest Zombie Walk Ever

Any city that’s worth its salt seems to be crawling with the undead these days. Genre fans and even fairly mainstream people love taking to the streets in torn up clothing, covered in fake blood and decay.  It’s to be expected that San Diego gets invaded by walkers at Comic Con every year, and pretty much every major city has large scale zombie walks or flash mobs.  People across the globe dress up like ghouls and do the Thriller dance at the same time.  In Minnesota, you can even get your drink on and listen to groups like 2 Live Crew at the annual Zombie Pub Crawl.  And, like any good large scale themed gathering, groups vie for the world records.  The BBC reports that a group in Mexico City may have claimed the record for the largest zombie walk ever held.

It hasn’t been verified or authenticated yet, but organizers say the November 26th Mexico City zombie walk had nearly 10,000 participants.  If it’s true, that would more than double the current Guinness World Record.  That record was set by the New Jersey Zombie Walk in 2010, when 4,093 costumed creepies gathered at Asbury Park. (The group was also a part of the new record for “Most costumed riders on an amusement ride” when 330 zombies rode “Steel Force” in Pennsylvania.)  It would also trump the group in Brisbane, Australia, who amassed 8,000 zombies last month.


New John Carter Poster Goes Red

If you’re a fan of science fiction, then the next big sci-fi movie you’re looking forward to must be John Carter of Mars. Not only is it based on one of the most classic and influential science fiction series’ of all time, the trailer showing off what Disney and Pixar have been up to with this story is simply amazing.

Now there’s a pretty great poster to match the trailer. Take a look: