This Star Wars Character Almost Made It Into The Lego Movie

the lego movieLego blocks and science fiction go together like…two things that go really well together. So much so that this year’s The Lego Movie was mildly disappointing for skipping over the genre almost entirely. (Sure the astronaut and the Ninja Turtle were cool, but hardly representative.) As it happens, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller planned on bringing sci-fi and Star Wars icon R2-D2 to the multi-faceted world of The Lego Movie for a big role, but it never quite materialized.

According to Yahoo! Movies UK, who caught up with the directing duo, R2-D2 was a major player in the original drafts of the script. Miller even calls him “a Batman-level character,” comparing the blooping bot to Will Arnett’s scene-stealing self-important superhero. It’s hard to imagine what kinds of jokes the characters would have been able to tell with an unintelligible character, but the Star Wars franchise has been doing it for years, so it probably would have worked.


The First Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Contains This

star warsIt’s getting to be that time. Principal photography has wrapped up on Star Wars: The Force Awakens—the J.J. Abrams directed one, not the fan film of the same name, just in case you were wondering—and word is we’re getting a trailer soon. How soon is a point of contention, but it should arrive before too awful long, and though it isn’t here quite yet, we’ve heard our first description.

I guess maybe there are spoilers beyond this. Can you really spoil a trailer? Also, this is all just rumor and unconfirmed reports, so make of it what you will.


Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explain Interstellar’s Ending

One would have an easier time getting a bear to explain why it likes honey than getting director Christopher Nolan to completely explain the ideas behind his films. (All bears are like Winnie the Pooh, correct?) Luckily, his storytelling tends to be imbued with already explainable data, whether it involves wormholes or Wayne Enterprises. The pop culture-steeped astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson recently shared a science-based explanation behind the ending to Nolan’s big and bulky Interstellar, and how it fits into the nature of humanity. Spoilers of the theoretical kind, for those who haven’t seen the movie yet.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Says This Cult Classic May Get A Sequel

Running ManWhen Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back,” he certainly means it. His characters in movies come back, after his foray into politics he’s returned to the realm of action movies that made him famous, and he’s never been opposed to revisiting film franchises. We’ll see him next year in Terminator: Genisys, he keeps showing up in Expendables movies, there’s another Conan in the works, and it looks like we can add one more to this list, as the former Mr. Olympia is talking about making more Running Man movies. (Also, there’s been talk of a Twins sequel called Triplets, with Eddie Murphy playing the brother of Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito, so that might happen.)

The star recently spoke to Digital Spy, and the topic of sequels came up. It’s especially strange that so many of these are in the works given how long it’s been since the earlier installments. But the star compared it to Harrison Ford coming back to Star Wars after all these years. And with a movie like Dumb and Dumber To, a sequel 20 years after the fact, ruling the box office this weekend, it’s not as implausible as it once was.


The Walking Dead Post-Game: Consumed Needs To Talk About Carol

During the last half of season 4, AMC’s The Walking Dead took a different approach to telling the zombie story, breaking the core group up into smaller factions and following each one for an episode, or at least most of them. Season 5 has taken that strategy and added even more narrative tweaks and gymnastics. They’ve staggered the timeline, so not only do events in different places play out simultaneously, each chapter adds to your overall knowledge, filling in blank spots and answering questions posed earlier. Thus far, it’s been an inventive tactic, creating a tension that carries week to week, and builds the arc of the season in a different and unusually satisfying way. (It’s weirdly like watching Arrested Development, letting stories unfold over multiple episodes, in multiple timeframes.) This week’s episode, “Consumed,” follows this path and delivers one of the best installments of the season.

There are SPOILERS beyond this point. If you haven’t watched “Consumed” yet and have any interest in doing so, stop reading now or what follows falls on you.

The Walking Dead


Check Out These Incredible Images Of A Comet’s Surface

Comet 67PThe Philae lander, which made history last week by becoming the first man made object to set down on a comet (now the seventh celestial body humankind has touched), may have just gone into sleep mode for an indeterminate amount of time, but that doesn’t mean the mission was a wash. Even before launching the lander, the Rosetta probe was broadcast images back to Earth, and now the European Space Agency (ESA) has released some of these, and they’re stunning.

In the weeks leading up to unleashing Philae, Rosetta maintained an orbit around Comet 69P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. While that is a rather impressive feat on its own, it was able to send back a number of images of the surface, giving us our best look ever at what a comet looks like on the ground level. The pictures show a rocky, craggy landscape that looks barren and desolate, but also beautiful in high contrast black and white.