Star Trek Into Darkness Blooper Reel Shows The Wacky Side Of J.J. Abrams And Crew

The films of J.J. Abrams are not exactly widely known for their levity, good humor, and wackiness. This video, however, might give you a different perspective on the matter, or at least on the disappointing sequel Star Trek Into Darkness (a title that still annoys the crap out of me). Too bad they couldn’t have included some of these bloopers into the final cut in order to liven things up a bit.

This short video comes from IGN, and while it isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before, it may make you smile to hear Simon Pegg make a joke about Khan. Some secret that was, but at least they got some good laughs out of the Mystery Box, too bad no one else did, or ever will.


V For Vendetta Director’s Next Flick Involves Aliens, Spies, And Conspiracy

v for vendettaSay what you will about the Wachowski siblings, they’re interesting filmmakers with visions that are distinct from most of Hollywood’s major players. So you’d think that a protégé of theirs would have carved out a more recognizable place for themselves in cinema, but director James McTeigue hasn’t quite risen up past the potential attached to his name after he put out his 2005 debut feature V for Vendetta. Perhaps he will once again garner critical and popular acclaim with his next flick, the otherworldly thriller Alien Sleeper Cell. To be clear, I’m not entirely certain a movie with that name is acclaim-worthy, but this will be a good litmus test.

McTeigue will be working with Joe Gatta and Joni Sighvatsson’s new outlet ScanBox Studios, along with Prime Universe Films (Hitman: Agent 47). The plot details are being kept under Area 51-type lock and key, but it’s being described as in the same vein as The Bourne Identity and FX’s The Americans, only happening during an alien invasion. Does that mean the government is going to be behind everything, or that it will have an international flair, or both? It’s kind of exciting to think about aliens entering into a conspiratorial spy story. Pod people, unite!


The Stand Movie Could Have A Very Different Ending From The Book

the-standStephen King’s The Stand is a massive brick of a book. Seriously, if someone were to break into you home, you could realistically club them unconscious with the hardcover version without much trouble. That expansive scope and scale has been one of the major problems bringing it to the silver screen (that and they can’t find anyone to direct the sucker). However, after a start and stop production process over the last few years, an adaptation does appear to be on the way, though the film may not end the way fans of the novel expect, or like.

And a warning, this article could SPOIL the end of the The Stand, so if you want avoid that occurrence, you might want to consider sitting this one out.


Oblivion’s Joseph Kosinski Directed This Live-Action Destiny Trailer

Bungie is launching its next great gaming franchise next week with the much-anticipated release of Destiny. Well, they apparently wanted to introduce the game to the world in style, since they hired Oblivion/Tron: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski to direct a badass live-action Destiny trailer. Here’s the official synopsis for Kosinski’s Destiny short, which you can see above:

A Fireteam heads out on an epic, action-packed road trip across our Solar System to face our enemies, take back what is ours and, in the end, Become Legend. Featuring ‘Immigrant Song’ by Led Zeppelin.

Destiny is set in the distant future, after mankind had spread throughout the solar system in a Golden Age jumpstarted by a mysterious alien sphere/artifact known as “the Traveler.” Unfortunately, that Golden Age was smacked back down to Tin after enemies of the Traveler arrived to ruin everyone’s day. Players take on the role of Guardians, defenders of the last great human city on Earth, as they attempt to drive back the darkness and reclaim Earth, Mars, Venus, and beyond.


Scientists Sequence A Coffee Bean Genome

coffeeSequencing genomes is a pretty big deal in the science world. It can help diagnos previously elusive conditions or give us insight into the human race that we didn’t previously have, such as how much DNA we share we Neanderthals. The first sequencing was of a specific kind of bacteria back in 1977, and not long after, scientists sequenced the Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mono. Since then, scientists have sequenced all kinds of genomes of vegetables, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals, as well as that of the woolly mammoth. And of course, the human genome. Now, scientists have sequenced the Coffea canephora genome, a particular coffee bean that helps about a third of the world’s coffee drinkers get their fix.

Certainly, we don’t need to understand the genomic sequence of coffee to enjoy its benefits. But sequencing this particular bean gives scientists insights into how coffee has evolved over time, particularly when it comes to producing caffeine. Turns out, it’s unclear how exactly caffeine comes from these plants. The recent study published in Science may provide some answers—or at least some leads.


Homemade Inception Trailer Will Make You Dream Of Cardboard And Paper

Are you actually sitting down and reading this right now? Or are you only dreaming about dreaming about reading this story? Is Leondardo DiCaprio here, or is it just a guy acting like him? Questions like this come up all the time when homemade versions of the original Inception trailer are afoot. And look, there’s one now.

The crafty squad at CineFix are at it again here, taking Christopher Nolan’s $160 million sci-fi actioner and bringing it down to a “summer camp arts and crafts group meeting” level. Which is far more glorious than my description may have you believe. I can barely draw on paper, much less turn mass amounts of it into anything that resembles a movie set depicting a city block turning over on itself. When people say go big or go home, I’m usually already at home.