The Second Supergirl Trailer Is Here And The Ending Is Epic

super girl

Last week CBS dropped an extended first look for the upcoming Supergirl series that’s scheduled to be on TV this fall. This one should be pretty good since it’s coming from the same guy who’s behind Flash and Arrow. And this week, they’ve treated us to a second trailer for this cool new superhero series. You won’t believe how amazing it looks at the end of this trailer – if you weren’t excited for this one before, you definitely will be now.


10 Awesome Star Wars Car Accessories Every Geek Needs

r2-d2 usb car charger

Sure, you can’t hop in your car and visit Tatooine any time you like, but that shouldn’t prevent you from decking out your ride in all the coolest Dark Side gear.

After checking out all the available Star Wars automobile merch, we’ve come up with what we think are the must-have items for your car. See if you agree. And if you’re having trouble deciding between the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader options? Why settle for one when you can choose both!


Simon West’s The Blob Remake Gives The Amorphous Mass A Backstory

The BlobAs a kid, The Blob scared the hell out of me like few other films. Side note: it also may have been the first Steve McQueen movie I ever saw. Hell, I even adore the 1988 remake, it’s awesome. Back in January, it was announced that Simon West, the man behind Con-Air (another movie I love dearly), is going to give the franchise another facelift. He recently spoke about the project, and part of his plan includes giving the amorphous, gelatinous glob a true Hollywood makeover, which apparently includes a new backstory.


Check Out This Trailer For Epic Sci-Fi Short The Shaman

Short films can be a hit and miss proposition, but director Marco Kalantari definitely has our attention with his epic sci-fi offering The Shaman. Watching this new trailer and poster, you wouldn’t automatically guess this is a short, as it looks and feels like a massive Hollywood blockbuster in scope and scale.


Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #8 Faces Angels On The Battlefield

Doctor WhoThis week brought us all kinds of Doctor Who action, at least as far as the pages of comic books are concerned. We saw The Eleventh Doctor, an uneven narrative experience to be sure, deliver what might be the strongest issue in its run, or at least a nice piece of the best arc they’ve explored thus far. Now Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, which has been the high point of the continuing titles published by Titan Comics, drop another new issue, number eight.

The Doctor, along with his latest travelling companion, Gabby Gonzales, is still stuck in the grim, desolate environs of no-man’s land at the Somme in World War I. As if that isn’t hazardous enough to give you pause, they’re still being pursued by a gaggle of Weeping Angels. Behaving contrary to their usual method of operation, the Doctor finally figures out why they’re acting like they do: they feed on potential energy, but in the slaughterhouse of this heretofore unimaginable conflict, their source of sustenance is being stolen and they’re starving, desperate.


Secret Cinema Is Staging An Epic Screening Of The Empire Strikes Back, Details Here

EmpireWe’ve written a couple of times about Secret Cinema and their epic, insanely detailed, and just generally awesome screenings. Their highest profile events thus far have been their incredibly cool Back to the Future screenings, which were popular and successful enough to get the movie back on the weekly box office top ten list in the U.K. Now they’re turning their sights towards another of our all time favorite movies: The Empire Strikes Back. This is going to be awesome.

The screenings are set to run from June 4 through August 2, and the biggest catch is that they’re in London, which you likely know is in England, which is a hell of a long way for some of us to travel just to watch a movie. Even in an epic setting. And though there aren’t too many details available just yet, you can rest assured this will be pretty damn epic.