Star Wars 7: Watch This Guy Test Out The Practicality Of That New Lightsaber

Since damn near the very first moment that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped just after Thanksgiving, there has been an endless back and forth among fans about that new, broadsword-style lightsaber lugged around by Kylo Ren. There have been all kinds of theories about how functional it would be with those small blades that come out at the hilt, and if it would really protect your hands or be a hindrance and liability in actual combat. Now I know nothing about swordplay aside from what I’ve seen in the movies, but luckily for all of us, there’s this dude on YouTube who put these this newfangled weapon through it’s paces to see if it’s practical or not.


This New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Is Grim And Awesome

Last night was the championship game of the inaugural college football playoff, and while the game was kind of a turd (unless you’re an Ohio State University fan, then it totally ruled), there was one big highlight for movie fans, a brand spanking new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. And it’s awesome. But don’t take our word for that, check it out for yourself.


Watch The Bonkers Trailer For Jurassic World Knockoff Jurassic City

Before, there was Jurassic Park, and later, there will be Jurassic World. But in the meantime, there is (the completely unrelated) Jurassic City. Cue the $15 CGI explosions!


The First Standalone Star Wars Film Just Hired This Writer To Replace Gary Whitta

Star WarsThere’s been so much focus lately on J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens that it’s easy to forget that there’s a ton of other stuff going on in that neck of the woods. As part of the massive Star Wars remodel, next up in the production line is the Gareth Edwards-directed spinoff movie. Late last week we learned that Gary Whitta, who had been handling all the writing duties, left to pursue other opportunities. Though he finished a draft, there’s still a great deal of work to be done, and now it looks like they may have found a replacement in the form of Simon Kinberg.

According to Slashfilm’s sources, Kinberg is stepping in to pick up where Whitta left off. This report is unconfirmed and unofficial at this point, but not only does this sound like a good idea, it sounds like an obvious choice. Whitta’s biggest jobs up to now have been After Earth and The Book of Eli, neither of which exactly light you on fire with their scripts. And Kinberg is already entrenched in the Lucasfilm family, running the show over at Star Wars Rebels. He’s also a consultant on The Force Awakens, and swooping in at the last moment to save films is kind of his jam in Hollywood. It’s even been reported that he was already working on one of the standalone films, though it was rumored to the Josh Trank-directed one (Kinberg also worked on Trank’s Fantastic Four). If this winds up being true, it won’t blow any minds, but maybe now he’s writing two spinoffs.


This Ex Machina Clip And Photo Gallery Are The Destroyer Of Worlds

It really didn’t take much for Alex Garland’s thriller Ex Machina to go from a movie were interested in and curious about to one we’re ready to crawl over broken glass to see. Once we got a good look, it jumped almost to the top of our must-see list. The film opens in the U.K. January 23, and while those of us stateside will have to wait a while longer, we’re reaping the benefits of the overseas promotional machine, getting things like this ominous new clip and a collection of photos.

Ex Machina follows Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson), a programmer at a big, Google-like internet company. When he wins a chance to hang out with Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac), the company’s reclusive CEO, he thinks they’ll hang out, bro down, and talk about a promotion. Little does he know that he’s been selected to be the human component in a Turing Test to measure the consciousness of Nathan’s newest creation, a stunning AI named Ava (Alicia Vikandar). During the test, however, her “emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated, seductive––and more deceptive––than the two men could have imagined.”


Will Russell T Davies Ever Return To Write Doctor Who?

DaviesIt’s been nearly a decade since Russell T Davies resurrected the British cult hit Doctor Who. Since the premiere of “Rose” on March 26, 2005, we’ve been through five Doctors (counting the War Doctor), numerous companions, and eight seasons of adventures through all of time and space. In 2010, both Davies and actor David Tennant wrapped up their run on Doctor Who, making way for incoming Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and new showrunner Steven Moffat. Having been instrumental in introducing Doctor Who to a whole new generation, will Davies ever return to the TARDIS, perhaps to write an episode or two in a future season? According to the man himself, we probably shouldn’t hold our collective breath.