Young Ones Clip Bids On Robots And Tension

Various post-apocalyptic, dystopian, and otherwise bleak views of our collective future are a constant presence in the current cinema landscape. Just this year we’ve seen the likes of The Rover, Snowpiercer, Divergent, and The Maze Runner, among others, and that’s not even counting what’s still to come, with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 and Christopher Nolan depicting a world in so devastated that humanity has to leave in order to survive in Interstellar. Writer/director Jake Paltrow’s upcoming Young Ones fits right into this mold, and there are robots, as you can see in this new clip.

The world of Young Ones bears a certain similarity to fellow post-apocalyptic joints like Mad Max, painting a picture of a sun bleached, near waterless frontier where survival is so difficult as to be damn near impossible. Still, Ernest Holm (Michael Shannon) does his best to thrive and raise a family, including his son (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and daughter Mary (Elle Fanning). Though it’s not easy as the likes of Flem Lever (Nicholas Hoult), Mary’s boyfriend, aiming to take over what little Ernest has.


Automata Is Too Familiar To Be Anything More Than Wildly Okay

AutomataGabe Ibanez’ new sci-fi feature Automata is not a terrible movie by any means, but it is very, very familiar, to the point where little, if anything, comes across as original. If you were to break it down, you could damn near name the movie where each individual scene originates. You can’t help but notice direct lifts from Blade Runner, I, Robot, Dredd, Mad Max, District 9/Elysium, and countless others. Not to mention a variety literary allusions—Asimov and Philip K. Dick especially. This is like a hodgepodge of genre influences all thrown together, and all of this combined adds up to a movie that is wildly okay.

Automata desperately wants to be a movie about big themes and ideas, like what it means to truly be alive, to truly be human, and what happens when the technology we create eclipses our ability to control and even understand it. And then the film touches on environmental catastrophe, corporate control, home, family, dreams, and even conspiracy. Just as it is an aesthetic grab bag, so is it a thematic one, with everything you can think of tossed and jumbled together in for the hell of it. As a result, it never truly digs into any single thread; this is an idea movie without much of an idea.


London Embraces The Future With New Phone Booths And Subway Cars

New TubeThe future looks way cooler across the pond (as if their adorable accents aren’t enough). The iconic London subway is about to get a facelift—at least, a bunch of their subway cars are. In addition to a sleek new look, London’s subway of the future, or New Tube, will be autonomous.

London’s population continues to grow, and the subway system needs to grow to match that increase. The new, fully automated trains will still have an operator on board, but I’m not sure why. I guess to text and nap and not get in trouble for it? Anyway, the service will be faster, more frequent, and more reliable than the current system, in no small part because the doors will all be double sized for easier entry and exit, and because people can move between the cars without a terrifying face-to-face with the track below. The automated signals and controls will make it easier for trains to arrive and depart stations without delay, and the changes in service are projected to boost service on the Piccadilly line alone by 60%. 250 new trains will be deployed over the next decade on that route, as well as the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo, and City Lines.


Edge Of Tomorrow Deleted Scenes Feature Tom Cruise Adapting To His New Situation

With all of the amazing action and dark comedy happening in Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow, you might be fooled into thinking nothing was left on the cutting room floor, but that’s certainly not the case, as seen in these newly revealed deleted scenes below. There aren’t any major spoilers here, but if you’re watching deleted scenes without watching the movie itself, you have bigger problems than that.


Mars Colonists Could Spend Their Entire Journey Sleeping

suspended animationWith today’s technology, it takes a spacecraft approximately seven months to reach Mars. That’s a long time for astronauts to be crammed together, especially if their Netflix access is choppy. It also means that astronauts have to eat, use the bathroom, exercise, and clean (at least a little bit) during the journey, which increases the amount of supplies they need, and thus, the cost of the mission. And something tells me that playing “I Spy” would get a little old. NASA is backing a study at SpaceWorks Enterprises in Atlanta to see if it’s feasible to put a crew into deep sleep for the journey.

The official term for the state is “torpor,” which involves slowing down metabolic functioning to the point where hypothermia is induced and people enter a state of hibernation. The technique has been used in medical facilities, particularly in trauma units, for keeping patients alive long enough to undergo surgeries or other procedures. For crews headed to Mars in the future, scientists consider six months to be an optimistic traveling time. So the idea of the idea is to see what it would take to keep humans in a state of torpor for 180 days. Thus far, the longest any human has been kept in this state is one week. Human suspended animation trials are currently being conducted on gravely injured ER patients, however, and may provide some insight into how the process can be adapted for longer-term scenarios.


James Earl Jones To Voice Darth Vader Once Again, Cue The Imperial March

VaderYou knew he couldn’t stay away forever. With the massive expansion of the Star Wars universe currently under way now that Star Wars Rebels has premiered and Star Wars: Episode VII is deep into production, we’re going to visit that familiar far, far away galaxy quite a bit in the near future, and there will be some familiar faces along for the ride. The most notable of these are, of course, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, but the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and many others, will show up from time to time in various places, and we’ve got one more huge name to add to this list. James Earl Jones is going to voice Darth Vader once again.

Maybe the greatest movie villain of all time will appear in the animated Rebels, but this is definitely a weird situation for Vader to make his triumphant return, as he’s not slated to materialize in a future episode or anything like that. According to Variety, the Jones-voiced Vader will show up in a scene that will be added to a rebroadcast of the Rebels premiere, “Spark of Rebellion,” later this month.