El Nino Could Make Another Appearance Later This Year

el ninoAfter this brutal, seemingly endless winter, we better be in for a summer of sunny days and warm temperatures. I know I’m deluding myself, Boston summers are humid and swampy, but a girl can dream, right? That is, until scientists had to go and announce that El Nino might return this year. All I ask is that my perfect summer not be compromised.

El Nino, the warm phase (La Nina is the cool phase), is a recurring weather pattern associated with warmer ocean temperatures, particularly in the Pacific. The results are often dramatic, and include everything from floods to droughts. Generally, surface pressure rises around Australia, Indonesia, and the Indian Ocean, while air pressure falls over the central and eastern Pacific. South Pacific trade winds are affected. They move east and/or decrease, and as the warm water moves from west to east, the western Pacific experiences drought and the eastern Pacific sees a huge increase in rainfall—as well as mudslides and all of those fun rain-related events. All of this also impacts fishing, among other trades.


Godzilla Poster Celebrates The Beast’s Japanese Heritage

godzillaBefore you know it, everything printed on paper—books, napkins, towelettes, etc.—will be rounded up by the government, recycled, and then turned into Godzilla posters, which will then become our standard form of currency and identification. “This ATM has a fee of 3 Godzillas. Do you accept?” And you always accept, because Godzilla is king. A good king is one who pays respect to history, which is something Legendary and Warner Bros. have given attention to in this marketing campaign. The King of the Monsters was born in Japan, and his effortless destruction will always be one of that country’s greatest exports. What better way to show that than to consistently put out stunning posters?

The poster’s release was timed with Warner’s announcement that their upcoming WonderCon panel will focus on Godzilla, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow, and the found footage disaster flick Into the Storm. Though the latter looks corny, the other two have the potential to be the most action-packed flicks of the year. We’re of course more interested in the King of the Monsters’ return to form from director Gareth Edwards, but there’s no denying Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) and co-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) can easily make a movie that could sway even the most venemous of Cruise abhorrers. Edge of Tomorrow dropped a new TV spot during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, so we can certainly expect to see new footage for all three of Warner’s films for their panel on Saturday, April 19 at the Anaheim Convention Center.


The Leftovers Teaser Offers More Mysterious Thrills And Justin Theroux’s Sweaty Body

The Living Reminders sounds a lot like a shoegaze band that just played at Coachella, but it’s actually the self-appointed name for members of the Guilty Remnant cult in HBO’s upcoming drama The Leftovers. But unlike the majority of cults that just want to time death with some momentous event, the Guilty Remnant was born of such an event, and its devotees are into survival. You don’t really get a lot of that from The Leftovers‘ second teaser, but their threatening presence is felt through the insanity that hits in the final seconds. Of course, given it was partly created by genre stalwart Damon Lindelof (and Tom Perrotta, the author of the 2011 novel this series is based on), that probably means we’ll find out that all the missing people are either on an island or a distant planet with Michael Fassbender.


Ex Machina: First Look And Plot Details For Alex Garland’s Robot Thriller

Ex MachinaWe haven’t heard much from Alex Garland’s directorial debut, the psychological robot thriller Ex Machina, for almost a year. The last news we heard about the film involved putting the final casting in place. Production has apparently passed rather smoothly, since now we’ve got our first look at the finished product, as well as an official synopsis.

Garland is most widely known as a writer. He penned such notable genre favorites as 28 Days Later, Sunshine, and Dredd. For his first turn behind the camera he’s assembled a cast that is headed by Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis), Domhnall Gleeson (About Time), and Alicia Vikander (The Fifth Estate). This is the second time Gleeson and Vikander have worked together, as both appeared in Joe Wright’s 2012 adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.


Aftermath Trailer Survives A Nuclear Attack With Edward Furlong

Only two plotlines seem to exist for low-budget post-apocalyptic flicks. Either hordes of infected/zombies/mutants/marauders chase after the group of characters trying to survive, or that same group of characters try to survive in a central location, where the entire outside world is one big threat. Exceptions exist, of course, but Peter Engert’s upcoming thriller Aftermath isn’t one. This new trailer suggests it’s the exact opposite, an amalgamation of every post-society endgame imaginable, with a B-cast whose death toll is inconsequential. As such, it almost has to be a riot, even if it’s just a depressing one.

Directed by Engert, Aftermath actually began life a few years ago as Remnants, and was supposed to be released in 2012. But the…aftermath…of all that is RLJ/Image Entertainment picked up distribution duties and will get the film to audiences on July 18 on VOD and in select theaters. A jagged path to release is never a good sign for a film’s quality, but we’ll stay positive about this one for a while. I mean, it’s theoretically possible we might see an irradiated redneck bite Edward Furlong’s face off. If I were a character in this movie I’d be the first one to die, as I’d down a cup of bleach every time one of Furlong’s surly whimpers or whines passed his lips.


Benedict Cumberbatch Denies He’s In Either Star Wars: Episode VII Or Doctor Who

benedict-cumberbatchOne of the most persistent casting rumors surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII has been that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will play some role in the film. This notion first began circulating back in September of last year. Though he’s denied any involvement, given that whole, “I’m not Khan” thing from Star Trek Into Darkness, people have been reluctant to let the matter drop. So again, the actor has gone ahead and stated explicitly that he will not appear in Episode VII. And because he was in mood to take care of business, he also set the record straight on his participation in Doctor Who.

Reports were that Cumberbatch would have a very small role in director J.J. Abrams’ new foray into that galaxy far, far away, but that the part would grow and expand in Episode VIII and Episode IX. And while he very well may have talked to Abrams and the folks at Disney and Lucasfilm at some point, it sounds like so have half of the working actors in Hollywood.