Face Off Serves Up A Hunger Games Challenge: This Week’s TV Picks

There was plenty to disdain about the former Sci-Fi Channel’s in the years since it changed names to the eminently mockable “Syfy.” The Ghost Hunters and the innumerable “paranormal reality shows” that followed. The philosophy that saw them distance themselves from the very genre that gave them their name. One of the few programs from that dark time that I actually really enjoy is the makeup competition Face Off, which returned with new episodes a couple of weeks ago. This week the series is following its common trend of tying in with a popular genre property — The Hunger Games. The artists will be faced with a “predator challenge” (no, not that Predator), and Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) will serve as a guest judge.

Face Off‘s “Let the Games Begin” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on Syfy. You can check out the rest of this week’s TV picks below, including new episodes of The 100, The Flash, Helix, and 12 Monkeys!


This Handy Star Wars Video Explains What Is And Isn’t Canon

There has been a lot of Star Wars stuff floating around over the years, like ridiculous amounts. Of course there are the six movies, with more to come, but there are countless novels, comics, videogames, holiday specials, and much more that form the Expanded Universe. When Disney bought out Lucasfilm they scrapped most of this in an effort to streamline things moving forward, and if you’re still not sure what is and what isn’t official Star Wars canon, or the officially recognized part of the universe, this handy dandy video should help to clarify things. There’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s still fun.

From Mr. Sunday Movies, this entertaining tool (the video is a tool, not the dude) lays out what is and isn’t considered Star Wars these days. The general gist of it is that the six movies, the original trilogy as well as the prequels, and The Clones Wars animated series, are official. Also, everything that has come out since the Disney takeover, and that will come out, is hard and fast Star Wars. This includes Star Wars Rebels, The Force Awakens, all of the upcoming standalone and Episode movies, any new novels, and those new comics from Marvel.


Terminator: Genisys Reveals Details About The Fight Between Two Schwarzeneggers

terminator genisysSome pieces we’ve seen from the upcoming Terminator: Genisys have sent fans of the franchise into gleeful tizzy, while others have made them furrow their brows with concern. We’ll have to wait until this summer to really know for sure if this is the start of an awesome new Terminator trilogy or the last nail in the coffin of a declining franchise as some have said, but one thing we’re definitely excited to see is the moment when two Arnold Schwarzeneggers collide. We’ve heard that the new, aged version of the T-800 battles the 1984 version, and we’re hearing some curious new details about how exactly that goes down.

Be warned, there be SPOILERS beyond this point.


Eight Sci-Fi Movies You Probably Missed In 2014, And Where You Can See Them

Last year was a bit of a roller-coaster ride when it came to science fiction movies. There were some triumphs: the insane success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the surprising awesomeness of Lucy, and the sheer brilliance of Edge of Tomorrow. But there were also disappointments: half of Interstellar, all of Transcendence, and the fact that nobody went to see Edge of Tomorrow. But while high-profile projects such as Guardians, Godzilla, and the Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there were a ton of smaller projects that may have flown under your radar in the past 12 months or so. Here are some of them worth tracking down.


In a future where Earth’s ecosystem verges on collapse, man-made robots roam the cities to protect dwindling human life. When a robot overrides a key protocol put in place to protect human life, ROC Robotics insurance agent Jacq Vaucan (Antonio Banderas) is assigned to locate the source of the manipulation and eliminate the threat. What he discovers leads Vaucan, ROC Robotics and the police into a battle with profound consequences for the future of humanity.

Helmed by Spanish director Gabe Ibáñez, Automata released this past October and received mixed reviews. You can check out Automata for free assuming you’re a Netflix Instant subscriber, or you can rent or purchase it via Amazon or iTunes.

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Vice Is Less About Bruce Willis’ Sexbots And More About Artificial Civil Rights And Guns

viceIf it walks like a sexbot thriller starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane at first, and talks like a sexbot thriller starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane at first, it might actually just be a generic action thriller about Ambyr Childers that has Thomas Jane and Bruce Willis in it sometimes. I’m pretty sure no other animals can quack, though, so the duck argument is safe.

Vice takes place in a dingy world where Willis’ Julian Michaels — which indeed kept bringing Jillian Michaels to mind — has opened up a resort where a population of Artificials (or whatever other non-sexbot name you want to call them) assist in letting the guests do whatever they want. No matter what mortal sin is done to the androids, which are seemingly far more human than machine, they’re rebooted each night and each day begins with them going on about the same pre-programmed day, with different people adding to it as it goes on.


Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #4 Is Full Of Death Cults, Murder, And Mystery

Doctor WhoThe show may be between seasons at the present time, but Titan Comics is certainly churning out Doctor Who comics like nobody’s business. Now they’re back with the continuing adventures of The Twelfth Doctor, and issue number 4 finds the Doctor and Clara right where we left them, in two drastically different time periods, both dealing with incarnations of the same ancient evil.

Last time, you may remember, the duo was investigating the mysterious death of an old travelling companion of the Doctor, Tiger Maratha, when the Time Lord was inadvertently transported back to India in 1825, leaving Clara and Tiger’s daughter, Prinyanka, in 2315. Oddly enough, they’re both faced with the same Kali-worshipping death cult, just a few centuries apart.