WonderCon Shows Off Resurrected Alien Toys And Glasses


When I was a kid, I wasn’t alone in being utterly dumbfounded by people who kept their toys on shelves, still cooped up in their original packaging. I mean, if you weren’t playing with something, what was the point in spending money on it? Wait, you say it cost how much? That’s like 40 Screwballs from the ice cream man. What kind of a dystopia am I living in? Luckily, it was just the 1980s.

It’s no question that the toy and design company Super7 understands that sentiment entirely, as shown by their upcoming line of previously unproduced figures from Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, Alien, as part of their Reaction series. These toys, recently shown off in their full glory at WonderCon, existed only as prototypes from toy manufacturer Kenner, who chose not to go into production, perhaps not wanting to turn 1979 into the childhood nightmare battlezone that this commercial attempted to make it.


Autonomous Robotic Jellyfish, Because the World Isn’t Scary Enough

There’s nothing particularly new about roboticists creating mechanical versions of some of nature’s creatures for research purposes, but in the cases of honeybees and whirligigs, the threat of crippling nightmares is minimal. But once people start devising gigantic robotic jellyfish, it’s time to invest in a lunar time share.


Godzilla Sends Giant Missiles To Vancouver

Well, this has to be the eeriest thing you’d ever see rolling through your back yard, especially when you take into consideration North Korean threats to nuke as much of the West Coast of the United States as possible. This video, however, is not nearly as sinister as it appears on the surface. The footage of a train hauling missiles through Vancouver, British Columbia, is a product of Hollywood’s latest attempt to make a Godzilla movie.

The best part about this clip is how cavalier the people filming are about watching a collection of giant weapons roll past their home. They’re more concerned with the baying of the family dog, and their only response is a calm, “It’s got a big missile on it again.” So it doesn’t appear that this is the first time they’ve witnessed such a scenario.


Defiance History Chronicled On Newspaper Tumblr

Irisa Nyira in Defiance

Tomorrow is the launch date for the Defiance massively multiplayer online game (MMO). This is the first step into the very ambitious launch of a new video game and TV series with a shared history and universe. The MMO takes place in San Francisco, while the TV series takes place in a new border town called Defiance (on the site of what used to be St. Louis). To bring the entirety of Defiance together, a very clever tumblrpage was created to flesh out the world of the show’s future Earth.

According to Cinema Blend, the “Defiance News” tumblr serves to let viewers and players know how Earth became inhabited with aliens, and the events that led up to the war and the invasion. The makers of Defiance have done a fine job building a vast and in-depth world full of interesting characters and locations. Whether or not the Defiance universe will translate into a successful TV series or MMO, however, remains to be seen.

The TV series (and game) will be set in the near future, when an alien race has migrated to Earth after their home system was destroyed. Unaware of the planet’s inhabitants, the alien race — known as the Votans, a race made up of seven different species — arrived to find themselves at odds with the human natives. After seven years of war, the planet was scorched by terraforming technology, making things hazardous to both the humans and the aliens. Both groups must now work together to re-build civilization, while learning not to fight amongst themselves.


A Three-Dimensional Object Sound Cloaked For The First Time


Sonar detection has made for some of the most tense scenes in submarine film history, along with actually having real-life applications like finding enemy submarines. And possibly something about a professional league of Marco Polo players, but that may have been a cold-medicine hallucination. Cloaking three-dimensional objects from sonar has been mostly impossible thus far, due to the way sound waves scatter after hitting an object. Now that has changed.

Current techniques of eliminating wave scatter aim involve steering sound around objects, but electrical engineer José Sánchez-Dehesa and colleagues from Spain’s Polytechnical Institute of Velencia went a different route and built a cloak that would cause the scattered waves to cancel each other out. Surely this new approach would be more expensive and time-consuming, right? Not at all. Instead of the expensive lab-produced materials that nature never dreamed of, a system of rings created by a 3D printer were used to encapsulate the cloaked object, in this case an eight-centimeter plastic sphere. It looks like the spaceship for an alien species obsessed with barrels, or possibly the coolest beer can ever.


Guess Who’s Returning For The Walking Dead’s Fourth Season

If you haven’t watched “Welcome to the Tombs,” the season three finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there are some serious SPOILERS lurking just below the non-spoilery image below.


Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes