Second Short Trailer For Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color

This has been a busy couple of weeks for writer/director Shane Carruth. We just found out that he finally doing a follow up to his 2004 indie time travel film, Primer, called Upstream Color. That alone is exciting news. Primer, the story of a couple of engineers who build a time machine in a storage unit, is an inventive, complex take on the subject, made for a mere $7000. It’s a perfect example of what you can do with a great idea and storytelling. We also found out that Upstream Color is going to premiere at Sundance next month, and then we got a teaser trailer.

And now there’s more. Hot on the heels of that first teaser, comes a second short trailer.


Learn How Defiance The Show Will Crossover With Defiance The Game

In spite of my world-weary cynicism when it comes to the network formerly known as Sci-Fi, I then can’t help but keep my fingers crossed for Syfy’s multimedia experience known as Defiance. Most of that enthusiasm can be attributed to the involvement of Farscape’s Rockne S. O’Bannon, but I am also intrigued to see how the series and the corresponding massively multiplayer online game will work. Can Defiance succeed simultaneously as a show and a game without compromising both? Now a new interview with a Defiance exec has pulled back the curtain with some new details.



The Walking Dead Gets A Fan-Made Animated Makeover

AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead is all about survivors making their way in a world full of the reanimated dead, so it’s only appropriate that somebody got around to speculating what the show would look like as an animated series.Or, more specifically, as an animated series where the cast is filled out by existing Disney characters from other movies. Sure, that makes for some not-entirely-convincing likenesses for the familiar Walking Dead characters, but hey, you work with what you’ve got. At least Mickey’s nowhere to be seen.



Five New Warm Bodies Posters Try To Convince You That Zombies Are Sexy

From the look of these five new Dead Bodies posters, Summit Entertainment really hopes that zombies are the new vampires. Each one has a quirky little tag line, some of which are kind of clever, some may very well make you groan. You can’t help but get a serious Twilight vibe off of these one sheets, especially given the oddly angular features, creepy dead eyes, and messy hair of Nicholas Hoult, the hunky teen heartthrob in the lead role.



Star Trek Into Darkness And The Case Of The Smiling Sunglasses Guy

There’s no shortage of mysteries surrounding the much-anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness. Is Cumberbatch playing Khan? Gary Mitchell? Somebody else entirely? Is the “John Harrison” name genuine or just a misdirection? Will Kirk knock up Carol Marcus before the end credits roll? Is sending the Enterprise underwater more or less stupid than building it in an Iowa cornfield rather than in space? But there’s one mystery perhaps greater and more important than all of these questions put together. Namely: Who is this man and why is he smiling?


That sunglassed gentleman — spotted by the keen eyes at Trek Web — is lurking in the background of the recent Star Trek Into Darkness teaser, and two things are clear: 1) He’s up to something and, 2) That something is no good. Everybody else is reacting in horror at some unseen event offscreen, but not this cat. Oh no. He’s cool as a (space) cucumber. Is he some sinister ally of the CumberBastard, now gleefully admiring his terrible handiwork? Perhaps he’s a time traveler who’s zipped back to witness the events of the new movie. Maybe he’s the real villain!

Or maybe he’s just a semi-unprofessional background actor who hoped to turn himself into an Internet meme.


White House Petitioned To Build A Real Death Star

The way the economy is right now, maybe this isn’t the best way to spend the taxpayers’ money. Using the White House website petition service — yes, the one people were trying to secede with — John D. of Colorado started a petition to build a fully operational Death Star. Yes, just like the one that blew up the planet Alderaan in Star Wars.


Made in the U.S.A.?