Joss Whedon Would Have Loved To Direct Star Wars: Episode VII, But Stuck With The Avengers


It’s mid-January and Disney has yet to announce who will direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Fans and press alike have spent weeks ruminating over who would be the perfect pick, and now another of the most-popular choices has sounded off on whether he’d be interested. That director is Joss Whedon.

In an interview with CNN, Joss Whedon talked about how he wanted to direct Star Wars: Episode VII but then (jokingly) realized that he had his own big blockbuster franchise to oversee. The Avengers 2 and the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series have Whedon occupied until 2015, coincidentally when Star Wars: Episode VII is due in theaters. Here’s Whedon:

I’m as angry as you should be. When I heard that I was like, ‘I wonder… no, I really can’t do that. Oh, I already have a job.’ I wouldn’t clear the Avengers. I’m having so much fun with that sequel right now, just with the script, that I couldn’t imagine not doing it.

Joss Whedon is already on the Disney payroll, so he would have made sense as a candidate to direct the new Star Wars movie. He also probably would have been a great choice. It’s amazing what he did with The Avengers and bringing his TV series Firefly to the big screen after it was cancelled in 2002. It also would’ve been nice to watch Whedon regulars in the new Star Wars movie. We’ll never know the joys of watching Nathan Fillion playing a new Han Solo-type character. Wait a minute…


Play Nearly Every Video Game Ever Made on This Amazing Arcade Machine

Whenever I use the phrase “good old days,” I’m usually referring to the carefree days when I could play video games for as long as I wanted. The games have gotten longer as my availability to play them has been minimized, so my time and focus on them has to be strategic. However, I’ll play any arcade game I put myself in front of, regardless of responsibilities. If I put myself in front of the Jace Hall Signature Series 4, I’d have over 50,000 games to choose from. All of my OCD compulsions just got together and raised a white flag.

For IGN host and Monolith Games founder Jace Hall, Jack Thompson and the ArcadesRFun crew built the ultimate arcade machine, capable of playing over 50,000 games from most consoles and coin-ops, and able to waste away at least 17 lifetimes. It nearly beat out abstinence as the safest sex possible. Even if the massive selection of games was somehow not enough to leave you agog, the ingenuity behind its universal approach certainly will.



Dead Space Cosplay Is Out Of This World

Fans of the Dead Space video game franchise have less than a month before they can join beleaguered engineer Isaac Clarke on another quest to try and destroy the Necromorph menace and hopefully settle into a quiet retirement free of shambling monsters or darkened ship corridors. Some Dead Space fans are finding more productive ways of killing the time until the game’s release than just sitting around staring at the date on their calendars. In fact, at least one of them has been building Dead Space cosplay outfits that look good enough to be working an Electronic Arts booth at a convention.



John Noble Calls The Fringe Finale One Of The All-Time Greats

Fringe is not the kind of show that’s going to give you a boring, run of the mill finale. No, with the series finale fast approaching, you can bet they’re going to pull out all of the stops. In fact, John Noble, who plays modern-day mad scientist Walter Bishop, calls next Friday’s conclusion “one of the great finales of all time.”



Check Out Seattle’s Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival

For the past eight years, Seattle’s EMP—the science fiction and rock and roll museum—has teamed up with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) to provide a platform for young genre filmmakers. The result is the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival. The 2013 installment will take place Saturday, January 19th at Seattle’s Cinerama Theater, with an encore presentation Sunday, January 20th, and the SIFF Cinemas Uptown Theater.



Grasshopper Mouse Invincible to Scorpions, Probably Nuclear Disasters

As someone who has shared my opinion on the Internet in different capacities over the last several years, I can attest to there being no pain quite like the voice of straight haters in comment sections. A stranger’s opinion, regardless of validity, strikes the area of the brain reserved for spelling bee losses and talent show stage fright. It hurts. But not, like, a fucking scorpion sting. Because those actually do hurt, and it doesn’t matter if the scorpion remains anonymous or not.

At the 2013 meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Ashlee Rowe of Austin’s Sam Houston State University presented findings that raise mouse above scorpion on the scale of badassery. The Sonoran desert is home to the southern grasshopper mouse (Onychomys torridus), the only carnivorous mouse in North America. It will eat whatever it comes across in the area, including its own species as well as scorpions. Fleas from many different species have been found on its fur, which is the younger brother to having a necklace made out of teeth.

Because the venom of the Arizona bark scorpion (Centruoides sp)), one of the most poisonous scorpions in the world, doesn’t happen to phase it. This is a mouse, people, and not one of those smart talking ones that can turn into kangaroos for boxing matches. I wonder how it would fare against Sting’s Scorpion Death Lock.

I'm coming for you mouse!

I’m coming for you mouse!