James Cameron Sold His Terminator Script For One Dollar While Living In His Car


Between his voyages to the bottom of the sea and dominating the highest-grossing films of all time, it’s easy to forget that self-proclaimed King of the World James Cameron used to be a struggling filmmaker trying to find that special project that would break him through to Hollywood success. Just run down the resume. The Terminator movies. Aliens. The Abyss. Hell, I didn’t like Avatar but there’s no question it was an important and influential movie, for good or ill. But a few short decades ago, a young James Cameron was so determined to direct the first Terminator film, he sold his original screenplay to producer Gale Anne Hurd for one single dollar.

I ran across this little bit of science fiction history in a years-old IGN piece about the history of the Terminator franchise, and I’m kind of astonished that I’d never run across the story before now. When Cameron wrote the Terminator screenplay, things were rough. He was living out of his car and struggling to get by. Needless to say, he could have used the cash a screenplay sale would bring in. But Cameron apparently wasn’t going to be satisfied just with selling the script. He wanted to direct The Terminator as well. Giving the reins to an unproven director would have been a tough sale in the best of circumstances, but Cameron was willing to put his money where his mouth was. In exchange for the directing gig, he sold the script to Gale Anne Hurd for one lousy dollar. Four quarters, for a movie that went on to bring in around $80 million worldwide, and which launched Cameron’s career into the stratosphere.


Student Invents Gel That Quickly Stops Wounds From Bleeding

Have you ever accidentally cut yourself without realizing it, and then later looked down to realize you’ve been bleeding for quite a while, and that your pants are probably ruined? Consider the opposite: noticing you’re bleeding profusely but having it stop before you realize it. Okay, that’s not really the opposite. Regardless, the blood-halting invention we’re talking about is a true jaw-dropper and could be as big a boon to the medical field as cures for disease.

NYU student Joe Landolina, while on the way to achieving a bachelor’s degree in biomolecular and chemical engineering as well as a masters in biomedical engineering, has invented a gel that when applied to a fresh wound, will almost immediately seal the wound shut, preventing further blood loss. As amazing as that is, the process goes beyond its role as a super-strong gauze substitution and actually assists in the healing process. This quasi-miracle product, which is currently seeking FDA approval, is called Veti-Gel. Though it’s worth noting that it was initially named Medi-Gel before Landolina learned that the Mass Effect video games had already called dibs on that. Take a look at the product in action on a pork loin, and consider how smart these people can possibly be if they’re doing something that makes pork inedible.


Doctor Who Overruns PlayStation Home


With only a few days until the return of Doctor Who, the beloved British series is damn near everywhere these days, from the internet to the cover of Entertainment Weekly. One place I didn’t expect to see any time lords, however, was hanging around inside PlayStation’s virtual clubhouse, “PlayStation home.” But sure enough, the PlayStation digital landscape has been invaded by mysterious aliens, eccentric time travelers, and blue phone boxes that are bigger on the inside.

As part of the full-court marketing press Doctor Who has been serving up lately, PlayStation Home now allows users to dress their avatars up in all manner of timey-wimey get-ups. You can don Matt Smith’s dapper Eleventh Doctor suit and sonic screwdriver, or River Song’s catsuit, or even spruce your avatar up like alien critters such as the Silence or the Silurians. If there was nothing more to it than that, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it, but there’s one more feature that could be worth a look: the TARDIS.

Yes, Home apparently gives you a virtual TARDIS you can hang out inside with your other digital buddies. It isn’t clear how extensive this thing will be, but the videos and pictures show the well-known interior of the control room at least. If the PlayStation people are smart, they’ll have milked this opportunity for all it’s worth and built out a ton more stuff to explore inside the TARDIS. Because let’s face it, the appeal of a virtual TARDIS is going to wear off fast if it’s just a one-room affair.


Defiance Preview: Check Out The First 14 Minutes Syfy’s New Series

Programming on Syfy is hit or miss. The upcoming Defiance, from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon looks great, but will it live up to that potential? Syfy has made answering that question just a little bit easier, with the first 14 minutes of the Defiance pilot now available online for your viewing pleasure. Usually not much can be gained from only 14 minutes, but Defiance does a fantastic job establishing their world and character relationships in a quick and engaging way. Check it out:


Babylon 5 Creator Serves Up Trailer For His New Comic 10 Grand

As a long-time Babylon 5 fan, it’s been great in recent years to see the career of the show’s creator, J. Michael Straczynski, really taking off oh big Hollywood films such as Changeling and Thor. Last year he founded a new media company, Studio JMS, to house many of his projects under one banner. One such project is the return of Joe’s Comics, an imprint that previously published titles such as Delicate Creatures and Midnight Nation (incidentally, that last one is my favorite thing JMS has ever done). Now we can check get a look at the first title out of the resurrected Joe’s Comics imprint: a horror series called 10 Grand.

The “supernatural noir” teams Straczynski with acclaimed artist Ben Templesmith, whose work you might recognize from past projects such as 30 Days of Night with Steve Niles and Fell with Warren Ellis. His style really lends itself to supernatural or horror content, so this should be a great match. You can check out the new trailer for JMS’ 10 Grand below.


Oblivion Featurette Showcases The Sky Tower

As expectations go, I am constantly going back and forth on my feelings towards Oblivion. On one hand, it looks like it could be a stellar sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise, and on the other, it looks like well-worn material at play. We will certainly find out whether Oblivion is smarter than it appears to be this April. Until then, Universal released a new featurette about the film’s Sky Tower base station. The way Joseph Konsinki brought the Sky Tower to life may surprise most viewers. Watch the new featurette below: