Star Trek Into Darkness Artist Lands Movie Deal For His Short Film

Kasra Farahani-Noon

After working with J.J. Abrams on the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, concept artist Kasra Farahani is looking to branch out on his own. Farahani made a short film called Noon,which managed to get him a film deal with Chernin Entertainment.

Kasra Farahani is a very accomplished production designer and concept artist from Los Angeles, California. He has worked on some of the biggest movies of recent years, including Avatar, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. According to THR, Chernin Entertainment (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) will be developing Noon into a feature length film, with Farahani attached to write and direct.

Noon is set 200 years in the future, when mankind’s greed for oil drilling has created a giant earthquake that lasted for 50 years. It also destroyed the planet’s ability to spin on its axis, rendering half of the world to be trapped in eternal sunshine, while the other half is imprisoned in darkness. There is only one city left on Earth, and it’s called Noon. Farahani’s explains:


Community Trailer Teases Hunger Games, Star Wars Parodies

It’s been so long since we’ve seen new episodes of Community, it was beginning to feel like we’d never see it again. The fourth season was trimmed down to 13 episodes and delayed time and time again, but this week finally brings the long-awaited season premiere. Assuming, of course, NBC doesn’t push it back yet again before Thursday.

Some of Community’s most popular bits are the spoofs of big pop cultural institutions. The latest “Epic” teaser trailer takes shots at recent phenomena like The Hunger Games, as well as classic sci-fi classics like Star Wars, and something that resembles, but as we all know is not, Doctor Who.


The Walking Dead Zombifies Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward

It’s almost here. AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dead has been on hiatus since late last year, but we’re less than a week away from the return of season three. The next episode, “The Suicide King,” premieres February 10th, and if you watched the mid-season finale, you know there are a lot of questions hanging in the air. This latest clip from the episode digs into some of those.

In the last episode, “Made to Suffer,” one of the biggest moments was the arrival of Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and his group of survivors. At the end they were safely contained inside the walls of the prison, but their ultimate fate was left dangling. In this clip we see some of how they fit into the larger group.


All You Need Is Kill Leaked Location Photos

It seems like the only types of movies Tom Cruise stars in these days are action-heavy or science fiction films. Whether it be Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Jack Reacher, or the upcoming Oblivion, Cruise obviously likes to be front and center, preferably running away from an explosion of some sort. Tom Cruise is currently in the middle of production for Warner Bros.’ film adaptation of All You Need Is Kill. Now some new shots from the shoot have found their way online, featuring the 50-year-old actor with his co-star, Emily Blunt.


Dead Space 3 Carves Up Necromorphs This Week In Science Fiction


Dead Space 3
In stores Tuesday

The original Dead Space is one of my favorite games of the current generation. The second one ramped up the action while still preserving the scares and tense atmosphere, for the most part anyway. Dead Space 3 is arriving on shelves tomorrow, and many fans have their fingers crossed that the new sequel doesn’t shift the focus even more to the action, at the expense of the scares. I realize you can only have hero Isaac Clarke crawling through darkened corridors so many times before some variety is needed, but I hope the developers haven’t lost the sense of what made the first one so much fun.

Among other things, Dead Space 3 will be taking Isaac Clarke groundside. The third game finds beleaguered engineer and part-time hero Clarke exploring the frozen landscape of a planet called Tau Volantis, as he tries to find a way to stop the Necromorph threat once and for all. Unlike in previous games, Clarke will have some backup along the way. DS3 will allow for co-op play throughout the campaign, allowing a second player to drop in as Sergeant John Carver.

It’s unclear if Dead Space 3 will be the final game in the series, but at the very least we probably won’t see the next installment until after the next-gen consoles launch (possibly late this year). Dead Space 3 will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows.


Terminator 2 Effects Tests Go Behind The Scenes Of Nuclear War

While the first Terminator film did its part in jolting the adrenaline of my youth, its sequel, T2: Judgment Day, came close to ruining all signs of optimism from ever forming beyond my nine-year-old, barely formed mind. I knew all my state capitals and a slew of world capitals, and now I knew exactly what they would all look like in the aftermath of nuclear warfare, thanks to the amazing effects work done all the way back in 1991. Don’t get me wrong, I knew about WWII, and I had hypothetically wrapped my brain around what these kinds of bombs did, but an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is responsible for the end of my innocence.

Two effects tests from that classic sequel have emerged, thanks to the Stan Winston School of special effects. And believe it or not, at around a minute, they still show off two of the greatest effects in the film.