Lost Episode Of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos Explores The Meat Planet

We’re big fans of the late Carl Sagan around here. As a writer with a lifelong love of science, I can admire Sagan twofold, both for his scientific zeal and passion to teach, and for his poet’s gift at describing the wonders of the universe. His Cosmos was an important touchstone for many curious young minds back in the 1980s, so what a lovely surprise it is to discover that there was a “lost” episode of Sagan’s iconic series, one that took us to the wondrous and mysterious “meat planet.” Take it away, Carl…


Upcoming Doctor Who Ep Will Show Much More Of The TARDIS

The TARDIS is one of the most iconic elements of Doctor Who, and easily one of the coolest crafts/gadgets in all of science fiction history. Who wouldn’t want a magic box that’s bigger on the inside and that can take you anywhere in time and space? Hell, it even has a swimming pool, how can you beat that? Now word comes that Who fans are in for a treat with an upcoming episode of the show, which will purportedly reveal a lot more of the TARDIS’ interior than we’ve ever seen before.


Firefly Drinking Game Just Seems Mean

Is there a better way to enjoy your favorite series, one you’ve watched a million and one times, than in marathon form, with a bunch of like-minded friends, drinking to excess? That’s a good time right there, and a drinking game really does make everything better.

Like any good series with a devoted cult following, Joss Whedon’s short-lived space western, Firefly, has, of course, spawned a drinking game to call its own. Check out the rules and decide for yourself if you’re brave enough to take on this particular alcohol-fueled challenge.


New Clip And Potential Spoilers From Fringe Episode The Bullet That Saved The World

The fifth and final season of Fox’s sci-fi police procedural Fringe is well under way at this point. Never content to rest on their laurels, the folks over at Fringe decided to shake things up for their last hurrah. They moved things well into the future, where the Observers have taken over and established a totalitarian dictatorship that intentionally pumps massive levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Given this sense of daring and adventure, here are a couple little tidbits about this Friday’s episode, “The Bullet That Saved the World.” While not super spoilery—in fact the info is quite vague and will lead to much speculation on my part—if you are trying to avoid knowing anything about the ep, it’s probably best to sit this one out.


Footage Of Steven Spielberg and John Williams Creating The Magical E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial Theme

In 1982, Steven Spielberg mesmerized audiences around the world with the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It gave children something to root for while giving adults a sense of nostalgia and wonderment. The story of a lost alien and his friend Elliott who helped him find his way quickly became one of the highest grossing films of 1982, while it garnered nine Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and Best Director for Steven Spielberg.

To capture that magic, Spielberg enlisted the help of his long-time collaborator, composer John Williams. Williams had written every piece of music for every single Steven Spielberg film to date. For E.T., Williams went for something more heartfelt than adventurous. It seemed like the pair wanted to capture something magical with the lovable abandoned alien featured in the film. Now a video has found its way online showing Steven Spielberg and John Williams working together to create the main theme from E.T.


Zombie Wedding Photo Proves Romance Is Still Alive, Or Possibly Undead

I don’t have many regrets about my wedding. I tied the knot with a badass lady waaaay out of my league and managed to get through the ceremony without tripping over anything, vomiting, or accidentally calling her the wrong name. In my book, that’s a win. But if I were to pick nits and find something to frown about it’s simply that we didn’t do anything nearly as awesome for our ceremony as this, perhaps the greatest wedding photo ever. (Click the image for a larger version.)