New Star Wars Animated Series Is In The Works

Star Wars: The Clone WarsEver since Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October 2012, a number of Star Wars projects including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Detours, and the 3D up-conversion and re-releases of the Star Wars Saga have all been canceled or postponed. But it seems like the people behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars are already looking at starting a new animated project for Disney and Lucasfilm.

In an interview with IGN.com, Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni says that his team has some new and exciting stories in development for a new animated series. Filoni didn’t say whether or not the new animated series would follow the narrative and characters established in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but it sounds interesting nevertheless. Filoni revealed:

At this point, I am involved in some early production discussions and exploration of what we’ll be doing with Star Wars animation in the future, which is really exciting for me and I have some friendly faces around me, of course, that are helping me on the project. So it’s a transition time, as I’ve said before, and I think it will lead to an exciting time and hopefully I’ll see things grow again.


Climb On Board Snowpiercer With These Character Passports

JUIZ3e3-1Bong Joon-ho’s (The Host—the giant monster one, not the crappy teen love story one) English-language debut, Snowpiercer, is one of my most anticipated movies, sci-fi or otherwise, of 2013. The film is in the middle of editing, and though we should see it sometime later this year, we haven’t laid eyes on much from the film. That’s all changed now, as we have our first look at most of the main players in the form of passports and boarding passes.


Syfy Renews Continuum For Season Two Beginning This June

ContinuumIt’s no Timecop (what is?), but Syfy’s new series Continuum does prominently feature a time travelling law enforcement officer. The show recently wrapped up its initial run—which aired earlier in the Great White North of Canada—and now it has been announced that the show will return for a sophomore season.

Producers have already teased season two, but now it is official. Not a massive ratings hit, Continuum turned in decent ratings, hence the extension.

The turn around time will be relatively short, as the first of thirteen new season two episodes is scheduled to roll off of the assembly line on June 7 of this year. That isn’t long for fans of the show to wait at all. It will also get some new digs, moving to a Friday, 10pm time slot.


Sci-Fi Horror Europa Report Sets Release Dates

UntitledI could fill a book with all the things I know about Sebastian Cordero’s upcoming sci-fi horror film Europa Report. That’s assuming, of course, that I have the smallest book ever imagined. Point being, there isn’t really much known about it, and it’s flying under everyone’s radar quite nicely. The film’s U.S. rights were acquired by Magnet Releasing in February, and it’s been a long wait to see what would become of that.

Magnet has now unveiled the release date, and space horror fans will be able to get their first look at the film when it releases on VOD platforms June 27, 2013, with a limited film run to follow a little over a month later, starting August 2. While this looks to be exactly the kind of slow-paced, claustrophobic thriller that make even a theater seem small, I’ll have no problem watching this in the comforts of my dark and dreary living room. Perhaps I’ll print out Jupiter-shaped coasters to put my beer on, and I’ll bring out my “astronuts,” which is a custom-made line of pecans wearing NASA helmets made out of macadamia nuts.


Kevin Feige Talks Guardians of the Galaxy And Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase II

GuardiansAs plot details and speculation begin to pour out of Marvel on their upcoming cosmic superhero team up movie Guardians of the Galaxy, super-producer Kevin Feige opened up about why they chose one of their strangest offerings to be part of their Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase II. After all, Guardians of the Galaxy is not exactly a household name, but then again neither was Iron Man before Marvel Studios made the first film version featuring the billionaire metal-suited superhero in 2008.

During a panel discussion for Iron Man 3, Kevin Feige talked about Marvel’s approach to bringing Guardians of the Galaxy to the big screen. Apparently, it was a very important project for Feige and he’s extremely happy to see that the cosmic peacekeepers have their own movie. “It was a long time that we wanted to bring in a movie and adventure set entirely in space,” said Feige. He continued to reveal:

“We immediately liked the idea of making a movie based on a comic mostly unknown by people and that present various superheroes in one movie. Although it’s set up from another part of the universe, a human will be in a superhero role of Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt. There will be lots of characters: from a sexy warrior to an animated tree, and a raccoon with a gun. It’s an unique franchise and we are pleased that it’s so different from what we have done so far.”


J.J. Abrams Compares Star Trek Into Darkness And Star Wars

J.J. Abrams Directing Star TrekWe’re only one month away from the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. The sequel to J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot film is one of the most anticipated of the year. Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek or not, Star Trek Into Darkness will be a must see movie for the summer movie going season.

In an interview with SFX, J.J. Abrams talked briefly about how Star Trek Into Darkness is different from every other Star Trek film. Much like the first film, you don’t have to be a fan of Star Trek to fully enjoy the new movie. It seems like J.J. Abrams and his team constructed the movie to be just as thrilling for the non-initiated as it is for longtime fans. Abrams explained:

But I think that the important thing is this movie, at least the ambition behind it, is… if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’re going to be very happy. Because the movie acknowledges, in a big way, what has come before. If you’re not a lifelong Star Trek fan, like myself, what I think and hope is that you’ll have a great time and you’ll be gasping and shrieking and laughing and crying and all that stuff in a way you would not expect to in a Star Trek movie.