Farscape: Everything You Need To Know About The Comics Before The Movie

Here’s what happened after The Peacekeeper Wars.


Farscape Creator Confirms Movie Spin-Off Is In The Works

Look upward, and share the wonders I’ve seen…


Transcendence: What To Watch After You Experience The Singularity

Johnny Depp’s disembodied digital self would approve.


Star Trek Goes Fetish With Latex Uniforms

Believe it or not there’s actually a lot of crossover between nerd culture and the fetish community. That probably means this new product is going to be a huge hit.

One geek-savvy fetish designer has produced a line of latex Star Trek uniforms and, depending on who’s wearing them of course, they look fabulous. Check them out…


Mega Bloks Celebrates Its 117th Halo Set With A Massive Space Ship

I don’t care if you love Halo or are completely indifferent to it, gigantic spaceships are cool, and Mega Bloks seems to have finally figured that one out with their newest release. In order to celebrate it’s 117th Halo set (for the uninitiated, Master Chief’s real name/designation is John 117), they will ship their biggest set yet with the 2,800 block Forward Unto Dawn. Forward Unto Dawn is the ship where we last see Master Chief marooned at the end of Halo 3 and it is also the title of the upcoming 90 minute live action web series that sets the background for the events in Halo 4.


Misfits Will Return For Season 4 On Hulu

If you’re not watching the British sci-fi TV series Misfits, then you’re really missing out on something special. Here’s your chance to catch up. Misfits season four will premiere this fall exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus. New episodes will be available to watch on Hulu shortly after they air on the UK’s Channel 4 Network.

The BAFTA Award Winning TV series created by British producer Howard Overman (Merlin) will return for a fourth season without three of its key cast members. Actors Iwan Rheon was cast for season three of Game Of Thrones; Lauren Socha was sentenced to four months in prison after assaulting a taxi driver; and Antonia Thomas will star in the upcoming British comedy Eight Minutes Idle. Robert Sheehan, who played fan-favorite Nathan Young, left the cast after season two to pursue a film career in the UK.


Alien Abduction Thriller Dark Skies Fills Out Cast

The upcoming alien invasion story/supernatural thriller Dark Skies is slated to begin production later on this summer. In reality, it isn’t much later since August 3rd is the projected start date. In preparation for the cameras to roll, the film is filling out the cast. Josh Hamilton (The Bourne Identity, Kicking and Screaming) has signed on to play the male lead.

Josh Hamilton joins the cast of Dark Skies


Geek Auction Sell Off Science Fiction Movie Props And Memorabilia

If you have a few hundred-thousand dollars lying around, then you can buy your own piece of movie history. The auction house Profiles in History recently sold memorabilia that gave sci-fi geeks a chance to own a few little pieces of awesome.

The items up for bid were some of the best movie props in geek culture. Profiles in History had everything from a drop ship model from James Cameron’s Aliens to Jeff Bridge’s “The Dude” three-piece costume from The Big Lebowski (White Russians and Marijuana not included). The most expensive item for sale was Steve McQueen’s Michael Delaney Heuer Monaco Wristwatch from the movie Le Mans, which sold for a whopping $799,500.

Here’s a quick breakdown of just some of the key sci-fi items that sold at the geek auction…


Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair Lets You Command Your Living Room In Style

Even if our culture had advanced to the point where there really were mighty starships cutting through the intergalactic void, boldly going where none have gone before, let’s face it: most of us wouldn’t have what it takes to fill the captain’s chair. So why not do the next best thing? Or, like, the ten-thousandth next best. Never mind, what I’m getting at is, holy shit, it’s an inflatable Star Trek captain’s chair for you to park your posterior on.