Fox Shuts Down Unlicensed Jayne Hats Made By Firefly Fans

In 2002, Fox launched and aired a new sci-fi TV series from the creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer called Firefly. Fox only aired 11 episodes (out of order, by the way) before cancelling the series, but Firefly has gone on to develop a fiercely loyal fan following. And while I’m sure Fox loves all that sweet DVD money, god help you if you happen to sell an unlicensed version of Jayne’s hat.

Jayne! The Man They Call Jayne!

This fan base is increasingly Do It Yourself minded, much in the spirit of the Firefly characters. So much so that Jayne Cobb’s (Adam Baldwin) cunning and manly wool hat has become a hot seller for DIY Firefly knitters on ETSY and Browncoats alike. Well, it seems like the party is over for Jayne fans.

Recently, Ripple Junction bought the licensing rights to mass-produce and sell Jayne’s iconic hat. The hat can be purchased on geek-friendly websites like ThinkGeek, but the crafty folks who had been making their own versions are now going to have to find something else to knit.


Sirius Documentary Will Autopsy An Alleged Six-Inch Alien

I know the Fox network wasn’t the first place ever to offer up false footage marketed under the guise of being “genuinely real,” but their 1995 show Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. Even as a teenager, it really opened the door for amateur filmmakers to spout whatever nonsense they like and market it under the “documentary” category. Loose Change? Zeitgeist? Well, another “real” flick is on the way to take a shit all over your critical thinking abilities.

You’ve heard of aliens possibly hiding out in Russia, the Olympic Games, and of course in Roswell, but what about the tiny six-inch long extraterrestrial found in the Chilean desert? The specimen in question is the subject of Sirius, a crowdfunded documentary from Steven Greer, a former emergency medical physician who started The Disclosure Project in 1993, with the express intent of extracting all kinds of secret alien information from the government. Seeing as how most of us have never even heard of Greer, I guess that means The Disclosure Project has come up short.


Cancelled Star Wars 1313 Game Would Have Starred Boba Fett

Boba FettOne of the more depressing elements about the Disney/Star Wars buyout is the shuttering of LucasArts, and specifically the cancellation of Star Wars 1313, a very promising-looking third-person action game that was described as “Star Wars meets Uncharted.” It would have cast players in the role of a bounty hunter sent on a mission into the seedy underworld of the capitol-world Coruscant. Now information has come to light that, had Star Wars 1313 actually survived, it would have done so with one major change: Boba Fett.

In the aftermath of the LucasArts collapse, one of Kotaku’s sources has revealed that, sometime last May, George Lucas had made the LucasArts team scrap the unknown bounty hunter protagonist and replace him with the much more familiar face…er, helmet of Boba Fett. There’s no word whether this change would have necessitated a massive overhaul for the game or if the general story and structure of 1313 would have allowed the developers to more or less cut-and-paste Fett into the existing game-in-progress.

It would have been great to see how 1313 came together with or without the Boba Fett alterations, but by the time Lucas issued his directive the game was already in troubled waters, with its future far from certain. While the LucasArts closing may have been the blaster bolt that finally put Star Wars 1313 out of its misery, it sounds like there was a very good chance we never would have seen it hit the market either way. Or, even worse, we could have gotten a game in the vein of Aliens: Colonial Marines, a troubled project that shows all the scars of its troubled development.


Elysium Trailer Reveals Heavy Action And A Sharp Social Allegory

Elysium is one of the most anticipated sci-fi movies of the year. Neill Blomkamp’s follow-up to District 9 will surely be a great piece of thought-provoking science fiction. Yesterday, we saw the first poster for Elysium, which featured a closer look at Max’s (Matt Damon) mechanic exoskeleton. Today we’ve finally got a first look at the futuristic film, courtesy of the trailer above.

The trailer looks amazing! Elysium shares almost the same look and feel of District 9, in terms of depicting poverty and wealth. This movie also looks like it will be heavy on the action, with a sword-wielding Kruger (Sharlto Copley) and a robot head-ripping Max, while the film also looks to function as a sharp social allegory.


This Is The End Clip Asks If They’ll Rescue Celebrities First

This new clip from the all-star apocalyptic horror/comedy This Is the End poses an important question. In the event of a catastrophic disaster, will they really rescue the celebrities first? We all want to make sure that our beloved pop cultural icons are safe in the event of the end of the world. Of course rescue crews are going to pick up George Clooney before they come knocking on our doors. Why would you think otherwise?

This clip also brings up another interesting point: Why does no one want to die at James Franco’s house? Seems like as good as a place as any to await your fiery death and the end of the world.

Written and directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, the duo behind Superbad, This Is the End stars Rogan, Franco, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel, Danny McBride, and pretty much every actor any of them has ever been in a movie with, all playing themselves. The whole thing feels like a big party.


World War Z TV Spot Serves Up More Of The Same

Many of us have been worried about World War Z, the Marc Forster-directed, Brad Pitt-starring zombie drama coming this summer from Paramount. There are some serious red flags. The production has been subjected to various potholes and roadblocks, including extensive reshoots and multiple writers being brought in to fix the third act.

Funny thing: recently World War Z has started to look, well, good. The recent theatrical trailer is full of tension, action, and swarming hordes of corpses. This latest TV spot features a few snippets of new footage, but it mostly falls in line with what has come before.