Doctor Who Will Finally Have His Face On Money, Sort Of

In case you were wondering, New Zealand has just won the prize for the geekiest country in the world. It’s not even close anymore. Why would someone make such a proclamation, you might ask. The answer is simple, because they’re making Doctor Who money. Yes, you read that right, the government of New Zealand is going to make money, actual legal tender, based on the long-running BBC sci-fi adventure. Like, you could walk into a store and purchase groceries with it.



Robotech Live-Action Film Has A Director


As crazy as Hollywood is to develop any property with more than two-dozen fans, it’s kind of surprising we haven’t heard much about the live-action Robotech movie. Its been in the works since 2007, and along the way it’s had some genuinely talented screenwriters associated with it, including Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back), but up until now there’s never been a director attached. It’s been ages since we’ve heard anything at all…until today. Robotech has found a director, and he’s…well, you’ve probably never heard of him, honestly.

The Hollywood Reporter says that commercials director Nic Mathieu is in talks to take the gig. His commercial work is said to be very CGI-intensive, so he should have an edge when it comes to the over-the-top action you’d hope for out of a Robotech movie. He’s also attached to another big-screen science fiction project, David Koepp’s The Wind.

It’s common for a screenplay to bring in a new writer when a director comes on board, but there’s no word yet if that’s the plan for Robotech. Hopefully the project will keep its newfound momentum and actually make it to theaters a few years down the line. Maybe if Pacific Rim is a big hit this summer it can coast on Hollywood’s inevitable rush to greenlight every script with giant robots in it.


Jabba’s Palace LEGO Set Is Racist, According To Turkish Community

Not so long ago — currently, actually — in a galaxy not so far away — it’s our own — racism is alive and well. You don’t really have to look too hard or too far to find it, and it is indeed a scourge of humanity. But I’m not sure LEGO is one of the bigger offenders out there.

The Turkish Cultural Community of Austria is tearing LEGO a new Sarlacc pit, calling the company’s “Jabba’s Palace” toy set racially disrespectful to the Asian community, both in setting and for the characters involved. First, they say the palace and watchtower themselves, hotbeds for idolatry and hedonism, bear an unwanted resemblance to the 4th century Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, as well as the 7th century Jami’ al-Kabir in Beirut.

Behold, the bloated face of racism.

Behold, the bloated face of racism.


Time Lapse Video Of An Exploding Star

Things happen more slowly in space. Take this video of an exploding star. That sounds pretty cut-and-dried, doesn’t it? It certainly looks that way from this clip, until you take into the account that this is a time-lapse video, one that unfurls over the course almost six decades, 58 years to be precise.


New Dark Skies Infographic Dives Into The Unexplained

Dark Skies, the new sci-fi-themed horror thriller from Legion and Priest director Scott Charles Stewart, tackles an unexplained phenomenon involving aliens in the burbs. In order to hype up the February 22nd release, Dimension has released this new infographic teasing some other well-known real world mysteries of our humble little planet.



ReWalk Rehabilitation 2.0 Helps Paraplegics Walk Again

This is pretty spectacular! Argo Medical Technologies is developing a new robotic device, called the ReWalk, to help paraplegics walk, stand, sit, and even climb stairs again. A woman from London, England had already used it to complete a full marathon. This new device has been in use in Europe and Israel, and now is looking to come to several U.S. rehabilitation centers, pending FDA approval.