Transformers 4 Will Introduce New Robots So Hasbro Can Sell More Toys

In 2007, I imagine the toy company Hasbro had one thing in mind in while watching their Transformers property becoming a summer blockbuster courtesy of Michael Bay: toy sales. Like Yogurt once taught us, merchandising’s where the real money from a movie is made. They’ve been on a good streak with three Transformers movies and new toys associated with each new films.

During the UBS Best of Americas 2012 conference, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner explained that the last Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon, failed in one crucial respect. Despite its $1 billion box office take, there weren’t really many new toy prospects since the bots looked more or less like they did in the previous movie. If a kid bought an Optimus Prime action figure for the first film in 2007, why would he buy the same Optimus Prime action figure for the third film in 2011? And while we’re at it, why does anyone see these movies in the first place?


Zombieland Writers Sell Movie About The Aftermath Of A Failed Robot Uprising

Having brought us one of the best – and certainly one of the funniest – recent looks at life after the zombie apocalypse, now the screenwriters of Zombieland are spinning a tale of the robot apocalypse…only this one didn’t go so well for the robots. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have sold Sony Pictures a new science fiction script called Epsilon.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Reese and Wernick landed nearly a million bucks for the deal, which also had Warner Bros. and DreamWorks interested. So, what’s the brilliant idea that had the studios salivating? Here’s the skinny:

Epsilon is set after an initial robot rebellion ended in failure and Earth operates on almost no electronics. The remaining robots seek refuge on a space station and begin to raise their own human lab rats, which they train to act as their agents. The main character is a man who discovers he is more human than he thought.


What If Wall-E Was Designed To Kick Ass?

Wall-E, the titular star of Pixar’s 2008 animated hit, is a cute and cuddly little guy. Or at least as cute and cuddly as robot can be. Spooning with all that metal, all those sharp corners, can be a bit uncomfortable. His partner in crime, EVE, is also on the adorable side. These aren’t badass Terminator, Cylon type of robots, they’re a kinder, gentler automatons. (EVE can handle her business, but still…)

But what if they came, say, a bit more battle ready? That’s the basic premise behind a couple of new pictures from artist Rafael Benedicto. These images conceive of Wall-E and EVE as total badass killing machines. Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself below.


James Cameron Weighs In On Prometheus

With Ridley Scott having returned to the cinematic universe he helped create, and that James Cameron helped expand, it was just a matter of time until somebody asked Cameron what he thought of Prometheus. Someone did, and while Cameron could always be hiding behind politeness and diplomacy, he has some pretty nice things to say about it.

The big question was popped while Cameron was being interviewed by Moviefone. The Aliens director says he actually saw Prometheus twice: once to “just enjoy it,” and a second time to be more analytical about it. Of course, that more focused process found him noting things like lighting and CGI work. So what did he think as he left the first viewing of the film?

I enjoyed Prometheus; I thought it was great. I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D. There might have been a few things that I would have done differently, but that’s not the point, you could say that about any movie.


Fringe’s Final Season Will Be Really Drawn Out

It looks like Fox’s sci-fi police procedural Fringe will partake in one of the most maddening recent trends in television. The fifth and final season—which kicks off on Friday, September 28th—has already been trimmed down to a sparse 13 episodes, but that’s not going to stop the network from drawing things out as much as possible. During the season there will be two breaks.

The final season of Fringe begins Friday, September 28th


The Digital Media Company Behind The Tupac Hologram Has Filed For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Remember the Tupac hologram that “performed” at this year’s Coachella Music Festival? We had fun seeing the Thug Life rapper on stage with his old friend Snoop Dogg this past April. But the exposure from the Coachella appearance and talks of taking the act on the road wasn’t enough for the company behind the hologram. Digital Domain Media Group filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection from their creditors on Tuesday.

The digital special effects house had been leaking money due to problems with overhead and long-term debt. Since they work with Hollywood studios on a per-contract basis, they found it difficult to take in a steady stream of income. Digital Domain Media Group was hoping the Tupac hologram would take off because they would’ve received a cut of any ticket sales for special events and concerts.

The digital company was formed almost 20 years ago, with director James Cameron as one of the business’ founders. They have seen box office success with their slate of Hollywood blockbusters, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and James Cameron’s Titanic. The media group even received an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for their work on David Fincher’s 2008 film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring actor Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.