Pacific Rim Viral Website Wants To Evaluate You

jaegerPacific Rim‘s viral marketing campaign has kicked into full gear this week, with the “Pacific Defense Federation” recruiting soldiers, scientists, and engineers for the war against the monstrous Kaiju. Do you have what it takes? Can you put aside your random daily activities in order to ensure future generations have an Earth to live on?

Or rather, do you have a few minutes to create a log-in for the Pacific Rim viral website and take a 10-question “evaluation” so that the PDF (not the Adobe kind) can figure out where to sort you within their ranks. The multiple-choice questions all fall into the territory of, “What would you do if a Kaiju kidnapped your kid?” or “How do you handle pressure in a robot suit?” and you’re under time constraints. So you’d better hurry up and finish unless you want to be stuck theoretically cleaning up Kaiju shit for a living. Just so we’re all clear, I’ll be on psych evaluation duties, so don’t go saying anything about the way all this destruction reminds you of your relationship with your mother, or I’ll have to make an analysis. Here’s my badge.



World War Z Featurette Reveals More Fast-Moving Zombies

“Mother nature is a serial killer.” After a long and troubled production history, World War Z is finally arriving this summerThis new look at the fast-moving zombie film showcases cast and crew interviews, including director Marc Forster. Check it out above if you haven’t already.

The first-look featurette also gives a better sense of the stakes involved in the film. It appears that there are only 87 days before humanity will be completely wiped out by fast-moving, flesh-eating zombies. World War Z certainly has some spectacular visuals, but whether it will have an engaging narrative remains to be seen.


Maron In Space Spoofs Star Trek And Promotes Maron’s New Show All At Once

There is quite a bit of foul language spewed throughout all of the following NSFW videos. You’ve been fucking warned.

We don’t really see a lot of comedians around on Giant Freakin’ Robot, but we certainly do love spoofs, and especially when they’re Star Trek spoofs. Even though this is almost too ridiculous to even call it a spoof, there’s no denying the inherent hilarity in Maron in Space.


Ryan Reynolds And Director Tarsem May Team Up For Body-Switching Thriller Selfless

selflessRyan Reynolds isn’t someone who has had much to do with the science fiction genre, as his good looks and smarmy style lend themselves more to comedies and terrible horror flicks. Oh, what was that? You’re bringing up Green Lantern, seriously? Not even Ryan Reynolds wants to do that anymore. Just get out.

Reynolds is in talks to join the sci-fi thriller Selfless, co-produced by FilmDistrict and Endgame Entertainment, which were also both behind Rian Johnson’s Looper. Just as interesting as Reynolds’ involvement is director Tarsem Singh — or just Tarsem if you’re into that whole brevity thing — who is in negotiations to helm this strange flick.

Selfless was co-written by Spanish brothers Alex and David Pastor, whose first foray into American cinema was 2009’s subdued post-apocalyptic drama Carriers, which they co-wrote and co-directed. Their latest efforts include a Spanish sci-fi TV series called The Boat and the Spanish epidemic film Los últimos días.

The thriller’s plotline will focus on an old, wealthy man whose impending death influences his decision to get his mind transplanted into a younger man’s body. As it happens, the body is actually a recently murdered cadaver, and he can’t even try and get to the bottom of what happened before a team of killers begins hunting him down.


Mad Men Writers Developing Series About 1960s Space Program

MoonDo you guys remember that TV series The Cape back in 1996, the one that featured Corbin Bernsen as an Air Force Colonel/astronaut stationed at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida? Not wonderful and not terrible, the show only lasted one season and is one of the last times that astronauts got any play on TV. This could change, however, if there is anything good and just in this world.

Writers from AMC’s Mad Men — the number and names of the writers are unspecified — are working on a series tentatively titled Cocoa Beach, which would center around journalists covering the booming space program in the 1960s. As exciting as that is, Cocoa Beach is a terrible name for a show, and evokes images of scantily clad women slapping each other. Now if those women were wearing space helmets

The project is being championed by Space Coast Film Commissioner Bonnie King, who says that this is one of several projects she is trying to bring to the area for filming. She’s also working to secure a large soundstage in the area to help lure in productions. Cocoa Beach‘s production team is applying for incentives from the state as well.


Star Trek Into Darkness Character Posters And International Trailer

Given how many trailers we’ve seen for Star Trek Into Darkness, you might think you’ve already seen most of the movie. But the Japanese trailer above showcases a few moments that aren’t featured in any of the U.S. promotional materials, including Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) saying, “You’re going to run this bastard down!” Apparently, you can say “bastard” in Japanese movie trailers, which is nice to know.

While the film doesn’t open in Japan until August, Star Trek Into Darkness opens in the U.S. in only a few short weeks. Paramount has definitely ramped up their marketing campaign lately, with new film clips, character posters, TV spots, and trailers working to get everyone excited for the latest from director J.J. Abrams. Into Darkness has already received positive reviews overseas, and it sounds like the latest Star Trek sequel won’t disappoint.