Mysterious Gullies On Asteroid Vesta May Have Been Formed By Fluids

When I was a kid, a gully was something behind someone’s house that filled up with water when it rained, and even though it seemed too gross to just walk in and swim in it, it was perfectly fine to swing into it from a rope haphazardly tied to a tree branch. There’s no app for that. Recent satellite imagery has revealed gullies on the asteroid Vesta, and researchers are now trying to figure out where they came from. Leave it to science to take all the fun out of gullies.

Mysteries are fun, though, and that’s what these eroded paths are, at least initially. NASA’s Dawn probe spent more than a year mapping Vesta’s surface from an altitude of 210 km., and finished this round of duties in September. Vesta is the second largest body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Jennifer Scully presented evidence at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting that, of the roughly 60 craters (10 km and wider) that she examined, 11 examples showed a series of complex paths cut into the rock, “They are longer and narrower. They also interconnect, branching off one another,” Ms. Scully explains. The remains of old Plinko games from extraterrestrial Price Is Right episodes?


Huge Gallery Of Photos From The Doctor Who Xmas Special, Including The New TARDIS Interior

BBC’s Doctor Who Christmas special has become almost as big a holiday tradition as the holiday itself. Okay, that was a bit of exaggeration  but there’s still a shard of truth to that statement. The specials are a rather popular part of the long-running franchise, and fans look forward to them each and every year. This season’s is especially noteworthy as it will properly introduce the eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) latest companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman). To further hype the episode, BBC has let fly with this massive gallery of pictures from the episode.


Cool Star Wars Storyboard Drawings

Joe Johnston has had an eclectic, not to mention pretty damn awesome, career. He’s directed movies like Captain America: The First Avenger and The Rocketeer, worked in various capacities on Raiders of the Lost Ark and Willow, and he’s the one who designed Boba Fett. That’s not a bad run.

Johnston also worked in the visual effects department on Star Wars: A New Hope (as well as Empire and Jedi). Part of his duties included doing the storyboards for the film. He created storyboard art like these samples from Episode IV.


Jill Scott Talks About Her Role On Fringe And Her Love Of Star Trek

Though she’s best known as a soul and R&B singer, Jill Scott has a burgeoning acting career as well. Most recently she made an appearance on the fifth and final season of Fox’s Fringe. A huge fan of the show, Scott says it was a huge joy for her to appear in the episode this past Friday, “The Human Kind,” and she admits to getting giddy and star struck shooting a scene with series star Anna Torv.


New Clip From Storage 24 Shanks A Giant Alien

The concept behind Storage 24 is simple, and has been done before, but if handled right, it could be an effective set-up for a sci-fi horror jaunt. Combine a giant monster, a group of survivors, and a constricted environment, and you’ve got the potential for a nice, tight little thrill ride. This short new clip from Johannes Roberts’ (Forrest of the Damned) film showcases all three of these elements.


See What Could Have Been In This Star Wars Steampunk Concept Art

It should go without saying that Star Wars would have been a completely different animal if George Lucas decided to take his space opera in a more steampunk direction. Even though it didn’t go down like that, there’s always a fan around to ask, “What if?”

Britain-based artist and game designer Bjorn Hurri decided to share his vision of a steampunk Star Wars, and fortunately for fans, Hurri has the chops to pull this off. His gallery of images is not only slick and professional, but also a damn lot of fun.