Project S.E.R.A. Web Series Promises Zombies And Action

Benjamin Howdeshell debuted his short zombie film Project S.E.R.A. online last year. Since then he’s hooked up with the folks at IGN and expanded on his original, 12-minute idea. The team has cooked up a series of six quick installments—ranging from around seven to ten minutes apiece—the first three of which are now online for your perusal.


Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium Reveals Jodie Foster’s Villain

Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer (after Star Trek Into Darkness). The follow-up to his 2009 film, District 9, has sci-fi fans waiting for the first trailer to be released. For now, you can check out this first look at Jodie Foster as the hard-line government official, Secretary Rhodes.



Ridley Scott Producing Flick About Psychic Spies

Between Prometheus, the Prometheus sequel, and the oft-rumored Blade Runner sequel, Ridley Scott seems to be diving back into the genre that made him a geek legend with gusto. Now we can add another genre outing to his development slate, as he’s going to produce an adaptation of Mind MGMT, a Dark Horse sci-fi comic about psychic spies.



Tony Stark Might Journey To Deep Space In Iron Man 3

At this point in the game, you know very well that you have to stick around after the credits of any movie based on a Marvel property. Or any movie based on any comic, for that matter. Not to mention most horror, action, sci-fi, and pretty much anything that isn’t a period drama or a romantic comedy. It’s exhausting. You just want to leave the theater and go home, but you and a handful of other nerds sit there anyway, paralyzed by the fear that you might miss out on something magical.

You can bet that Marvel’s upcoming Iron Man 3 is going to follow this same path—as the first two have—and the reckless, unsubstantiated rumor of the day has it that there might be a bit of sci-fi twist to these proceedings.




Second Revolution Webisode Reveals The Monroe Militia’s POV

We may have to wait until the end of March to see new episodes of NBC’s post-blackout drama Revolution, but at least the network is throwing us a bone or two to satiate our appetites until then. High on this list is a series of brief animated webisodes.

These quick hits follow the diaries of Sergeant Wheatley (Reed Diamond), a member of the Monroe Militia who finds himself undercover among the rebels. You may remember Wheatley as the guy who led Miles (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), and company into those oxygen-starved tunnels where they all started hallucinating. The second installment, “August 10th,” is embedded below.


Terence Stamp Calls George Lucas A Boring Director


George Lucas has never really been known as an “actor’s director.” Just watch any of the Star Wars prequels and you’ll understand why. Best case in point is British actor Terence Stamp, who recently revealed his distaste of George Lucas’ directing style.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Terence Stamp spoke quite candidly about his role and experience working with George Lucas on Star Wars. Stamp played Chancellor Valorum, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, in 1999′s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Stamp says:

We didn’t get on at all. I didn’t rate him that much as a director, really. I didn’t feel like he was a director of actors; he was more interested in stuff and effects. He didn’t interest me and I wouldn’t think I interested him.

Lucas’ films are much more known for their visual panache and technological innovations than their engaging narratives and acting. But to get a better idea of Stamp’s experience, the 74-year-old actor continued:

I came all the way back from Australia to do it. I didn’t want to but my agent leaned on me and I wanted to meet Natalie Portman because I’d seen her in The Professional. And I did meet her and she was absolutely enchanting. But on the day I’m supposed to do my scene with her, for which I’d traveled halfway around the world, I said, ‘Where’s Natalie?’ And George says, ‘That’s Natalie,’ and points to a bit of paper on the wall. It was just boring.