Avatar Tattoos Must Have Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Mr. Avatar

Remember 2009? Zack Snyder dazzled audiences with his film adaptation of Watchmen, Neill Blomkamp made his directorial debut with the sci-fi allegory District 9, and J.J. Abrams successfully rebooted the Star Trek film franchise. And at the end of the year, James Cameron released the science fiction film Avatar and completely changed the way movies are made and experienced by audiences today. Avatar as a whole warranted reactions ranging from “Meh” to “OMG!” but one Avatar enthusiast decided to celebrate his love for the film in a permanent way.

The users on Reddit dubbed the man “Mr. Avatar.” He’s so devoted to James Cameron’s movie that he got his entire backside tattooed to make himself look like a member of the Na’vi tribe. He also seems to have a disturbing obsession with Neytiri, the Na’vi warrior princess played by Zoe Saldana, because most of his back features her image. If I were Zoe Saldana, I would try to get a preemptive restraining order.

There is not much known about the man himself, except for his undying love of James Cameron’s Avatar. There is still no word on when Avatar 2 will be released in theaters, but one thing is for sure: this guy will probably be first in line.


Warner Bros. Developing A Movie About The Apollo 11 Spacesuit Designers

Apollo 11Before NASA could launch a successful mission to the Moon in 1969 with Apollo 11, scientists and engineers had to figure out certain problems and logistics for the highly risky mission. One of the problems NASA had to tackle was designing a spacesuit for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, so they could survive the unknown and deadly elements of space and the lunar surface. The problem was solved by an unlikely source, Playtex.

Warner Bros is developing the bra manufactures’ story of designing a spacesuit for NASA into a full-length feature film based on the author Nicholas de Monchaux’s book “Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo.” According to Deadline, the film will follow an unlikely team of former TV repairman, a car mechanic, and their crew of spirited seamstresses who figured out how to properly design a spacesuit for NASA’s manned-missions to the Moon.


EA CEO Hints More Star Wars: Battlefront Might Be Coming

Star Wars: Battlefront IIIWith the Star Wars franchise being re-invigorated with J.J. Abrams and Disney at the helm, a majority of other Star Wars non-movie based properties are receiving a reboot. Star Wars video games have been a very successful venture for George Lucas’ corporation, but when the doors closed on LucasArts, it was hard to see the future of Star Wars video games prosper.

Recently, Disney has agreed to terms with Electronic Arts to develop and publish a large array of new Star Wars video games in a multi-year deal. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, speaking at the 2013 Stifel Internet, Media & Communications Conference, has even named dropped a few popular titles so Star Wars fans can now look forward to new video games. According to Jorgensen, “The opportunity to do a new Battlefront, for example, which is one of the very popular Star Wars games, or some of the other traditional games that were made, is very exciting.”


Benedict Cumberbatch Takes A Shower In Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scene

After the release of Star Trek Into Darkness last weekend, there was some controversy over the (somewhat) gratuitous scene featuring Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) in her underwear. While the scene was brief, the biggest sin against her character wasn’t the underwear flash, but rather her character being completely underwritten. Over the weekend, screenwriter Damon Lindelof tweeted an apology about the short scene.

While director J.J. Abrams was making the rounds on late night talk shows promoting the Star Trek sequel film, he offered up a chance to even the score, or trade off objectifying scenes. Abrams introduced a deleted scene above from Star Trek Into Darkness on the late night cable talk show Conan that featured a bare-chested John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) menacingly taking a shower on the U.S.S. Enterprise after Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Uhura captured him on the Klingon planet of Kronos.


Grand Theft Auto IV Mod Lets You Fly Around Liberty City In The Millennium Falcon

The Grand Theft Auto games may not take place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, but they generally do unfold in wretched hives of scum and villainy. Players also get to step into the shoes of morally grey characters who operate outside the bounds of the law. But the one thing Star Wars still had over Grand Theft Auto was the fact that the game didn’t let you zip around Liberty City in the Millennium Falcon. Challenge accepted!

A chap named Emad Tavakoli has put together a GTA IV mod that does just that. It replaces the game’s Annihilator helicopter with a recreation of Han Solo’s iconic ship. If you’re a fan of the game, you can download the mod from GTA4-Mods.


World War Z Poster And Stills Look Familiar

World War Z Poster

Slowly but surely we’re checking off the days until June 21 rolls around and we finally see Brad Pitt fight zombies in Marc Forster’s World War Z. Now we have the latest bit of promotional material, in the form of a sort of new poster and a handful of new pictures. This follows hot on the heels of three TV spots we showed you yesterday.

By now most of you are probably familiar with the well-publicized troubles World War Z went through during production. There were multiple intense rewrites of the final act, as well as extensive reshoots. Still, for all the problems, the initial reactions to the film have been super positive. Seriously, if Deborah Norville, Katie Couric, and Kevin Bacon all praise your movie, you know you’re doing something right. One tweet from them is probably worth all the Internet movie reviews online at the box office.