Not-Inspector-Spacetime Squares Off Against Grammar And Semantics In Episode Two Of The Web Series

This is not Doctor Who. Neither is this Abed’s beloved Who-esque Inspector Spacetime from NBC’s Community. No, this is something completely different, and in no way related to either of those well-known properties with litigious tendencies and armies of well-paid legal representatives on retainer. This is an Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. As you can clearly see, these are totally not the same thing, not at all.

In the new second episode, the Inspector (Travis Richey) confronts his most diabolical enemies to date: grammar and semantics. Accompanied by his faithful sidekick, not to be confused with a companion, Piper Tate (Carrie Keranan), he must infiltrate the lair of his archnemesis (not to be confused with a sworn enemy), Boyish the Extraordinary. But not before they figure out the proper past tense of the verb flee. Will they accomplish their mission? Will they defeat evil? Why is the doorway to Boyish’s den ever so bright? Will anything happen at all? These and more questions may, or may not, be answered in the episode, embedded below.


The Most Awesome Inflatable Chair Ever Created: Now In Adult Size

One of the biggest problems for the space-brained adult manchild has to be that sometimes you will see something you absolutely love, but unfortunately it’s only made for children. Thankfully, ThinkGeek has taken this into account and is now releasing that super-awesome inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair in a handy adult size. Trekkies rejoice!


Doctor Who Recap: Breaking Down A Town Called Mercy

Continuing the trend of self-contained “matinee-style” episodes that make up the first few episodes of Doctor Who‘s season seven, “A Town Called Mercy” dropped the Doctor and the Ponds into a classic Western town troubled by a pesky cyborg. The cyborg won’t let any of them leave until they hand over their town doctor, a man with a few secrets of his own. Mercy is running out of food and doomed to die unless someone intervenes. Is there a Doctor in the house?

Once again it’s time to break down the latest Who. Geronimo!

Spoilers below!


New Dark Energy Camera Takes Pictures Of Eight Billion Year-Old Starlight

In modern astrophysics, there are two huge problems that have been causing scientists grief for years: the issue of dark matter and dark energy. While we know that dark matter is most likely a particle we haven’t identified yet, the mystery of dark energy is far more perplexing because we can see its effects, but have no idea what is causing it. This is a big problem for physicists as it apparently makes up 75% of the universe. Now, on a remote mountaintop in Chile, one of the most powerful digital cameras ever created just took a picture of eight-billion-year-old starlight as it begins its quest to help us understand just what dark energy is.  It’s a daunting task, but it may be our best shot yet at unraveling one of the universe’s biggest mysteries.

Just last week, scientists from the international Dark Energy Survey announced that their new equipment, which was the culmination of eight years of labor from a team spanning three continents, was beginning its initial test operations. According to The Telegraph, the equipment in question is a massive, 570 mega-pixel camera, known as the Dark Energy Survey camera, the size of a phone booth. With each snap, the camera can capture images of 100,000 galaxies some eight billion light years away. This is the most powerful survey instrument of its kind ever created, and scientists hope that it will help the Dark Energy Survey study the clumping of galaxy clusters and supernovae in an effort to study the effects of dark energy. University College of London professor Ofer Lahav, who is in charge of the UK’s arm of the project, hopes that this will finally shed some light on dark energy.


UNIT Returns In Pics From Doctor Who: The Power Of Three

Long-time Doctor Who fans are in for a treat with this week’s episode, “The Power of Three.” While we’ve previously known that the penultimate Ponds episode would find the Doctor puzzled and concerned by millions of mysterious black boxes that appear all around the world, we hadn’t heard that he’d be getting some help from old allies: namely UNIT, the international task force that has fought alongside the Doctor many times before.


The Engineer Speaks In Prometheus Deleted Scene

Even aside from the plot holes and inexplicable idiocy of its characters, Prometheus left viewers with plenty of unanswered questions. While frustrating, it’s not enormously surprising since Ridley Scott and Fox obviously had their fingers crossed for a sequel. We may also get some answers or clarifications from the Blu-ray/DVD, which hits shelves next month. The deleted scenes listing for the DVD release included several intriguing titles, such as “Arrival of the Engineers” and “The Engineer Speaks.” Now a new clip of that latter deleted scene has popped up online, and — if nothing else — we can at least hear what the Engineer’s voice sounds like.

We’ll offer some more thoughts on the scene below the vid, so beware of spoilers!