Doctor Who Producers To Peter Jackson: We’d Love You To Direct Doctor Who

Last week Hobbit director Peter Jackson sent a large swath of the internet into fits of pleasure when Doctor Who actors Matt Smith tossed out one of the best ideas ever and suggested that Doctor Who should film an episode in New Zealand, and that Jackson should direct. Jackson then threw a giant container of fuel on the fire by saying he was a huge fan of the show and that all they had to do way “name a time and place.” Now a Who producer has joined the mutual-appreciation back-patting, suggesting that maybe — just maybe — this bit of awesome will really come to fruition.

Screenwriter Neil Cross, who created Luther and who is writing an ep of Who later this season, is friends with Who exec producer Caroline Skinner, so Cross nudged Cross and suggested that he should comment about the Jackson rumors. And sure enough, Skinner contacted the Waikato Times, which originally broke the story and said:

It is beyond wonderful that Peter is a fan of the show and it’s beyond flattering that he’d even think about it. I’m absolutely sure that we couldn’t afford him but, you know, we can always negotiate. His enthusiasm is just fantastic of course.


Will Michael Bay Be Back For Transformers 5?

It looks like Michael Bay might be extending his time with the Transformers franchise longer than we expected. With the movies inexplicably having made a couple billion dollars, it’s no surprise that Paramount and Hasbro would want to keep churning them out. I mean, hell, it’s not like anyone will notice if you shoot one without an actual screenplay. Just have robots punch each other for ninety minutes, boom, box office gold. Since the next Transformers flick is said to be a semi-reboot that will ditch all the human cast members and bring in a new crop of folks to start fresh, it would make sense that Bay might have made a graceful exit during the transition, but he eventually decided to stay onboard for the fourth film…and possibly even a fifth.

The news of a possible fifth film comes from actor Glenn Morshower, who has been in all three of the Transformers movies. During an interview with Examiner.com at Kansas City’s Con X KC, Morshower said that Bay and Steven Spielberg, who executive produces the Transformers films, are working on two more installments of the franchise. Morshower recounted a run-in with Spielberg after the actor had recorded a segment for Universal Studios’ Transformers 3D ride:


Guillermo del Toro Now Approves Pacific Rim’s 3D Up-Conversion

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. announced that their sci-fi summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim, will get the 3D up-conversion treatment, which means they can now add an extra surcharge to the movie’s ticket price. The director behind Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro, was reported to be unhappy with the studio’s decision to up-convert to 3D, but the Mexican director has apparently had a change of heart and is now embracing the 3D technology.

In the previous interview, del Toro spoke about his initial apprehension with up-converting Pacific Rim to 3D, due arguing that the film was not well suited for 3D because of its giant sea monsters and giant freakin‘ robots. He didn’t want to force a false parallax view with the size of the creatures. Now, however, del Toro is working with Warner Bros. to make the best possible version of Pacific Rim in 3D.

Del Toro demanded some extra budget and time to up-convert Pacific Rim. Instead of starting the up-conversion a few weeks before the film is due, del Toro will start the process 40 weeks out. He cites the up-conversion work on James Cameron’s Titanic, which took 50 weeks to complete, as an example of what he wants to do with Pacific Rim. The director also needs additional funds to secure Industrial Light & Magic’s CG composite work on the picture. Del Toro explains:


Dredd 3D’s Dredd-ful Box Office Means Sequel Films Are In Slo-Mo

Those of you hoping for a sequel to Dredd 3D, we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath. Dredd 3D under-performed at the box office this weekend, with the sci-fi comic book reboot came in at a “Dredd”-ful sixth place and taking in only  $6.3 million in over 2,500 theaters.

With a reported budget of $50 million, it does not look like Dredd 3D will be a profitable film for its distributor Lionsgate, or at least not unless it does really well on home video. So what does this mean for the future of Dredd? Well, we can probably a quick turnaround for the movie to hit Blu-ray and DVD.

Since Dredd 3D under-performed in theaters, it’s unlikely we’ll get to see the sequel films screenwriter Alex Garland had planned. The screenwriter hoped to expand the world of Dredd into exploring the Cursed Earth, the Dark Judges, and Mega-City One’s graffiti artists, called Scrawlers, including the King Scrawler Chopper. For fans of the comic book series, there were numerous nods to these elements in the movie that Garland hoped to more fully explore in Dredd’s sequel films. Garland also spoke about possibly turning Dredd into a cable TV series where we’d follow the exploits of Judge Dredd and his rookie partner, Judge Anderson.


Find Out How Dogs Cope With The Zombie Apocalypse In Horror Short Play Dead

In the event of a zombie apocalypse there’s some debate on whether or not having a dog with you is a positive or a negative. Depending on your stance, dogs can either save your life (by alerting you to zombies), or get you killed (by alerting zombies of your presence). But this issue is always approached from the human perspective, with little to no consideration of the problems dogs face when the dead start to walk.

That is until now. Play Dead, a Kickstarter-funded horror short from Andres and Diego Meza Valdes, examines the life of dogs after the world goes to hell.


Want To Own A Moon Rock? Got $300,000?

Have you ever wanted to own your very own piece of the moon? You can put it on your mantel, impress your lady with a grand gesture, or just have it around for the bragging rights. For the low price of $340,000, a piece of the moon could be all yours.

The rock, called Dar al Gani 1058 is also the largest piece of the moon ever to be put up for auction, with Heritage Auctions handling the duties. Dar al Gani 1058 is the first moon rock to be put up for an open public auction.

Dar al Gani 1058 was found in Libya in 1998, but scientists are unclear when exactly the meteorite dislodged from the moon and landed on Earth. This is a one-of-a-kind item since the Apollo moon rocks were never for sale, but rather housed at the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. Robert Pearlman, editor of collectSPACE.com, said of Dar al Gani 1058: