Star Trek Wines Let You Paint The City On The Edge Of Forever Red

stEvil Nick Venable here. Let me speak to both fans and non-fans of Star Trek for a second. Let me know who you are by saying, “Oh yeah!” wherever you’re at. (Mwahaha. That’s as evil as I get these days.) So, do you guys just really want Star Trek-themed alcohol? Because people are definitely banking on getting drunk with your money.

Not long after we found out about Harvest Moon Brewing’s Vulcan Ale and their line of Trek-themed beers, Vinport is selling a limited edition Star Trek wine. It’s a red blend from the Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California, and you can purchase it from now until July 31. While you might want to buy one to sip out of your wine glass with the Enterprise base, the wine itself is secondary to the bottle labels, celebrating three of the most popular episodes of the Original Series.

CBS wisely chose to use the wildly talented artist Juan Ortiz’s retro posters that he began releasing last year. Every single one of his prints has a very distinct point of view, and the three episodes chosen reflect his work accordingly. The episodes chosen were “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “Mirror Mirror,” and “The Trouble With Tribbles.” If only wine bottles could increase in number the way those adorable little bastards do.


First U.S. Synthetic Blood Vessel Successfully Implanted In Patient

bvThese are strange days indeed when news about the successful development of synthetic body parts occurs on a regular basis. I’d like to cut off my hand, grow another one, and then pat the entire medical field on the back for never letting adversity stand in the way of some truly amazing advancements.

The first U.S. clinical trial involving the implantation of a bioengineered blood vessel was performed on June 5, 2013, and the organ was implanted in a 62-year-old Danville, Virginia man with end-stage renal failure. The surgery was the result of a 15-year collaboration between Jeffrey H. Lawson M.D., PhD — a vascular surgeon and vascular biologist at Duke Medicine — and Laura Niklason, M.D. PhD — co-founder of Duke offshoot company Humacyte and former Duke faculty member, now at Yale. Over the years, the treatment was successfully performed on animals, and a 20-patient clinical trial was recently approved by the FDA. It will focus on implanting vessels in easy-to-access areas of the arms of hemodialysis patients, which includes 350,000 U.S. citizens.


Iain Banks, Author Of The Culture Series, Dead At 59

banksAs time passes, so do the people who make that time worthwhile. Today marks the sad passing of one of the most treasured minds in modern science fiction. Iain Banks –- or Iain M. Banks, depending on what book cover you’re looking at –- passed away in the early hours of Sunday, June 9, 2013, another victim of the evil bastard that is cancer. He’d only announced the diagnosis in April, disclosing he probably wouldn’t survive a year. Just over two months later, the world mourns his passing.

Born in 1954 in Fife, Scotland, the Banks first found acclaim with his debut novel, the 1984 thriller The Wasp Factory, but he is best known for his Culture series of novels and stories, which began in 1987 with Consider Phlebas. The Culture novels achieved such international success due to the accessibility of Banks’ writing style and his unique sense of humor, which allowed his densest sci-fi to be just as relatable as his more mainstream works. His 1994 novel Feersum Endjinn won the 1994 British Science Fiction Association Award, and his 2004 novel The Algebraist was a 2005 Hugo Award nominee, but those are just the more prominent entries in his long list of accolades.


Star Trek Into Darkness Concept Art Showcases Niburu And The Klingon Homeworld

Star Trek Into DarknessSpoiler Warning!
If you haven’t yet seen J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, there will be some spoilers in the following few paragraphs.

The Klingon home world and the red planet of Niburu play important roles in Star Trek Into Darkness. That scene of Kirk (Chris Pine) and Bones (Karl Urban) sprinting through the red forest was in pretty much every trailer and TV spot leading up to the release of the film. And Klingons are a key piece of the Trek universe, and their home planet, Qo’nos, also plays a pivotal role in Abrams’ sequel. Artist Andrea Dopaso worked on Into Darkess, helping with the conception and creation of these two worlds, and here are some more cool pieces of concept art from both.


Walking Dead Bit Player Sent Ricin-Laced Letters To The President

Shannon RichardsonAn actress named Shannon Richardson who had a small role on AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead has been arrested for sending poisoned letters to prominent public figures. She is reportedly connected to letters laced with ricin, a highly toxic substance, sent to both President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Richardson was taken into custody two weeks after she contacted the FBI to tell them that her husband, Nathaniel Richardson, sent the letters in question. She claimed to have found “suspicious materials,” but is now being charged with doing the deed herself, apparently incensed about potential gun-control legislation.


Creature Feature Grabbers Unleashes New U.S. Trailer And Retro Poster

Irish horror-comedy Grabbers is finally making landfall in the U.S. next month. On July 19, you’ll finally be able to feast your eyes on the drunken monster feature in theaters and on VOD. Building up to the release, we now have a new U.S. trailer and an awesome new poster, both of which are a damn fine time.