Robert Kirkman On The Walking Dead’s New Showrunner


The Walking Dead has had nearly as many showrunners at it has seasons. Frank Darabont begat Glen Mazzara, who will shortly give way to Scott Gimple for the fourth season. While it may seem like a revolving door over there at AMC, Robert Kirkman—creator of the comic book and producer of the show—says he believes they’ve found someone who will stick around for the long haul, or at least who plays well enough with others that he’ll hang out for a little while.

Mazzara took over the reigns on The Walking Dead midway through season two, and is largely responsible for the faster pace and more action-heavy feel this season. Still, he was ousted late last year, replaced by Gimple. The next showrunner has penned a handful of episodes, including last week’s “Clear,” one of the strongest episodes in the entire franchise. So the show could very well be in good hands moving forward, though we’ll have to wait until fall to find out for sure.

Kirkman talked to Zap2it recently at PaleyFest. He lauded Gimple as a key piece of the writing staff, scripting some of the most important moments in the series—like zombie Sophia emerging from the barn in “Pretty Much Dead Already,” and added, “I think we’ve got some really exciting times ahead of us under his leadership.” He continued, “When that slot opened up, he was obviously the clear choice.”


Hubble Spots A Space Invader

Space Invaders is one of the most iconic arcade games in the entirety of human history, but it also may have been a glimpse into the future. See, while hanging out in space, the Hubble Space Telescope has spied a galaxy that bears a striking resemblance to one of the pixilated characters from the original 1978 game.



In The Flesh PSA Is Informative And Potentially Life Saving

While BBC Three’s upcoming show In the Flesh is very much about zombies, it looks like it’s going to be something of an anti-Walking Dead. Instead of a world overrun by the undead and thrown into a chaotic apocalypse, the government has stood strong in the face of “The Rising,” emerged victorious, and now attempts to reintegrate the walking dead back into civilization. Undead folks like Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) face all manner of prejudice, among other hurdles, as they attempt to become productive members of society.

This latest animated Public Service Announcement disseminates some important facts about the undead, and provides helpful hints should you encounter a random shuffling corpse.


Glenn Puts On His Big Boy Pants In New Walking Dead Clip

AMC’s The Walking Dead is ramping up as we move into the final four episodes of season three. Comic book creator and show producer Robert Kirkman recently appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late-night talk show on TBS, and rewarded fans with yet another clip of the upcoming episode, “Arrow on the Doorpost.”


Bryan Singer Updates On His Twilight Zone Reboot


Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone is justifiably considered one of the landmark programs in all of television history, so it’s no wonder that Hollywood has repeatedly tried to recapture Serling’s lightning in a bottle and relaunch a successful new Twilight Zone. Many have tried over the years, ranging from the semi-successful (the mid ‘80s version) to the utterly forgettable (the 2002 UPN version). The latest reboot attempt has one big thing going for it: it’s the brainchild of director Bryan Singer.

The news of Singer’s Twilight Zone plans first broke last December, and it was instantly more intriguing than that other Twilight Zone project in the works, a standalone movie about time travel. Singer’s project is attempting to resurrect the Zone in more than just name, creating a new anthology sci-fi/fantasy series in keeping with Serling’s original. That’s a more difficult task than you might think: anthology shows aren’t exactly popular these days, and that’s because they’re a tricky beast to tame. Probably the closest anyone has come in recent years is FX’s American Horror Story, which changes setting, characters, and premise with each new season.

While Singer’s Twilight Zone is still a ways down the road, he did provide an update on the project while speaking to IGN.


Abbie Cornish Calls The RoboCop Remake Massively Kick-Ass

Abbie Cornish

Since we first heard Sony was going to remake the classic 1987 sci-fi/action movie RoboCop, reactions from fans have been mixed. RoboCop is a near perfect movie, so why remake it at all? As production on the film started, photo and video leaks emerged on the Internet that showcased a new version of RoboCop that many fans weren’t happy with. But could all the naysayers be wrong?

In an interview with VH1, Australian actor Abbie Cornish spoke candidly about the upcoming RoboCop remake. She called the movie “massively kick-ass” and said,

“I actually have a voicemail message from José Padilha, the director,” Cornish said. “He says in the message, ‘I don’t think we’ve got a great movie. I think we’ve got a classic.'”

A classic? The movie doesn’t come out for another year, so it’s probably a bit premature to be throwing the word “classic” around. Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original film is a classic, which is why the remake seems pointless in the first place.

The film may turn out to be better than expected considering the director involved. José Padilha is a fantastic director from Brazil with very strong movies, including Elite Squad and its sequel Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, under his belt. RoboCop is Padilha’s first English-language film, but from reports about the production being “hell” and middling reviews of early script leaks, it certainly doesn’t sound a classic in the making.