Stunning Picture Of Earth, The Moon, And Soyuz All In One Frame

This is definitely something to behold. Check out this photo, taken from space, by an astronaut. that shows the Earth, the Moon, and Soyuz, all in a single frame. How’s that for making you feel small?



Damon Lindelof Talks About Star Trek Into Darkness’ Timeline And The Role Of Carol Marcus


One of the drawbacks of this job is that, by the time an exciting new show or movie comes along, you’ve been writing about it for months beforehand and don’t get the simple joy of walking into a theater tabula rasa and letting it surprise you. With some four months until we finally see the new Trek sequel in theaters, J.J. Abrams and company continue to find ways to talk about the film without really giving anything substantial away, and without any major leaks from the set giving anything away. That’s pretty damned impressive in the age of the internet. Nevertheless, here’s the latest batch of hints, details, and likely red herrings.

Empire Magazine recently published a massive Star Trek Into Darkness story, and we showed you some of the photos included with the article. Now another tidbit has arrived online, a new synopsis that reveals a few new things about the film’s setup. There aren’t any major revelations here, but just in case you want to go into the movie completely ignorant, mind the SPOILERS BELOW!

With Earth under terrorist attack from Benedict Cumberbatch’s ex-Starfleet employee John Harrison, Kirk is this time forced into a rash decision that breaks a critical Starfleet command, puts his crew in danger & costs him his captain’s chair. Now out of uniform and dressed down in space civvies of black leather jackets and boots, our three heroes have separated from the Enterprise and headed off on a mission to try and rectify his mistake…


Read A New Doctor Who Short Story, Houdini And The Space Cuckoos, For Free

Part of the fun of Doctor Who is getting to see the Doctor and his companions cross paths with assorted notable figures from history. In the modern incarnation of the series, we’ve seen the Doctor share adventures with Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Vincent van Gogh, and others. In that spirit of fun, the BBC recently invited Who fans to vote for historic figures to star in a new short story with the Doctor. People the Doctor has already met on the show were disqualified, naturally. The votes included people such as Florence Nightingale and Nikola Tesla, but the final winner was Harry Houdini. Now you can download the resulting story, “Houdini and the Space Cuckoos,” for free below.



Listen To Original Star Wars Audio Drama, Smuggler’s Gambit


For die-hard Star Wars fans, there’s no shortage of ways to indulge that obsession. Over the decades since A New Hope’s 1977 release, the Star Wars franchise has exploded into a multimedia empire that encompasses movies, shows, books, comics, games, and more. If you’re a fan who has never really dived into Star Wars beyond the surface layer of the movies themselves, you might have missed out on one of the more memorable bits of Star Wars miscellany: the radio dramas produced during the ‘80s and ‘90s and aired on NPR. In the spirit of those programs, now there’s a new Star Wars audio drama called Smuggler’s Gambit, focusing on Han Solo and Chewie during the years of the original trilogy.

Smuggler’s Gambit was written by Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto, and Newman also directed the show. (Newman is no stranger to the world of Star Wars fandom: he directed the movie Fanboys, about a group of friends who sneak into Skywalker Ranch so their dying buddy can see The Phantom Menace before he passes away.) The cast (seen above) includes many actors from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series: Sam Witwer (Darth Maul), Tom Kane (narrator), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsako Tano), and Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker).


Danish Student Trailer Mashes Up E.T. With Alien

They’re two of the most beloved, most influential science fiction films of all time. Ridley Scott’s Alien became the gold standard for sci-fi horror, and has been referenced and imitated countless times since its 1979 release. Steven Spielberg’s E.T. is a family-friendly classic that is indelibly stamped on the psyche of pretty much everyone in my generation. While they both involve encounters with extraterrestrials, the particulars of those encounters couldn’t be more different. So what would happen if you mashed the two of them together? Let’s find out.


Star Wars Maps Chart The Flow Of The Original Trilogy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Clichéd or not, the images below, created by artist Andrew DeGraff prove it to be true, and then some. DeGraff has taken each of the movies from the original Star Wars trilogy and recreated their story in simplified form, namely as maps. Actually, maps doesn’t really sum it up. They’re more like a bizarre, beautiful hybrid of maps and infographics. Regardless of what you want to call them, they’re friggin’ awesome. Here’s the map for A New Hope (you can click on each of the images for embiggened versions).