young ones

Young Ones Is An Ambitiously Artsy Story Of Survival And Desperation

Even if you’ve got apocalypse fatigue, this one is worth your time.


Pacific Rim Trailer Gets A Shot-For-Shot Remake

With only four short months until the release of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, the giant sea monsters vs. giant robots flick could be one of the biggest movies of the summer season. A few months ago, the first teaser trailer from Pacific Rim was released and genre fans went crazy for its visual style, giant robots and monsters, and kick-ass battle scenes. Check out that first trailer recreated shot-for-shot with a more “low budget” look below:


Japanese Researchers Have Cloned 25 Generations Of Mice From A Single Mouse

It’s a good day for science and science fiction when Harold Ramis’ Multiplicity can finally be proven to be complete bullshit. And I’m not talking about Andie MacDowell’s complete lack of common sense as that film goes on. I’m talking about Michael Keaton’s clone-of-a-clone having the mental capacity of a child. Wait, why am I even talking about this movie? I need to ask Nick #1 if this paragraph is even relevant.

Kobe, Japan is the location of the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, which has housed 581 very unusual mice. They are all clones of a single mouse, created through 25 sessions of somatic cell nuclear transfer (SNCT), a commonly performed technique for this particular task. It involves inserting a nucleus containing an individual’s genetic coding into a living egg whose nucleus has been removed. Before the RIKEN team began their landmark work in 2005, the limitation of SNCT dictated that cloning mammals beyond two to six times would not end successfully.

Meet Mickey 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...

Meet Mickey 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…


Oblivion Pics From SXSW Showcase Costumes And Vehicles

South by Southwest is in full swing in Austin, Texas, and movie studios are out in force to promote their upcoming films. One movie with a discernable presence is director Joseph Kosinski’s follow-up to Tron: Legacy, the science fiction adventure Oblivion. The Tom Cruise vehicle opens wide in regular and IMAX theaters on April 19th, and some of the futuristic craft and costumes are on public display in Austin.



Ultrasound Shows Emperor Palpatine Is Alive And Well As A Fetus

Generally, it’s kind of cute when a baby boy’s face shares similarities with that of an old man, albeit in a slightly creepy way. But it’s usually a case of bald-headed chubbiness, like an Alfred Hitchcock look-alike, and not one of the most evil men who has ever existed in a far, far away galaxy a long time ago.

When unsuspecting Illinois couple Toby and Heather Large went to get an ultrasound to mark Heather’s 20th week of pregnancy, they were shocked to find out that she was actually harboring science fiction’s equivalent to the Antichrist inside her womb. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but the ultrasound picture appears to bear a strong resemblance to Star Wars‘s Emperor Palpatine, and one has to assume that Toby Large’s lightsaber glows bright red. But that might just be an unrelated medical problem.



Ridley Scott And Machinima Team Up For 12 Sci-Fi Shorts


Legendary Blade Runner and Alien director Ridley Scott, through his Ridley Scott and Associates commercial production brand, is going to team with Machinima to churn out a dozen short science fiction films.

This alliance seeks to capitalize on Machinima’s connection to the coveted, yet difficult to crack, 18-34 year-old male market, while making use of RSA’s access to top-tier filmmaking talent. The end game is to make these 12 shorts, use Machinima’s network to get them out there in the world at large, and should any of these films prove successful, perhaps turn them into larger, more profitable projects.

Scott has this to say about the collaboration:

RSA has always been at the forefront of creating innovative work. With new media transforming the way audiences connect with films and filmmakers, Machinima is a great partner for us as we embark on this new model of delivering original content to fans. It’s a tremendous opportunity for pushing the creative boundaries for both our filmmakers and the audience.


I Knew You Were Tribbles (When You Walked In) Skewers Star Trek And Taylor Swift

Given how inescapable Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble (When You Walked In)” has been over the past couple of months, you’ve almost certainly heard some of it, even if you didn’t want to. But even if you’re no fan of Swift’s music, we can be thankful for the barrage of parodies it’s inspired (my favorite examples involving the judicious application screaming goats or screaming Nic Cage). As for the video below, the most surprising thing is that it took this long for somebody to think of it and make it happen. Ladies, gentlemen, undercover Klingons: I give you “I Knew You Were Tribbles (When You Dropped In).”