Riddick Banner Bows To No Poster

Riddick BannerVin Diesel’s space outlaw Riddick is one bad mother. A recent trailer reminded us of how many times he’s been counted out and left for dead, which makes the situation pretty clear. But somehow if, by some miracle, you managed to miss that oh-so-subtle point point, this new banner ad for the upcoming Riddick movie makes it explicit. Riddick bows to no man. And it looks like he’s coming to kick your ass.

Riddick is the third chapter in the trilogy from director David Twohy, which began in strong fashion with Pitch Black and then took something of a nosedive with the sequel, Chronicles of Riddick. The story follows the titular badass as he is left stranded on the surface of what appears to be a dead, desolate planet. Unfortunately for him, there are giant alien monsters, and before long he’s in the fight of his life. The only way off the rock is to reveal his whereabouts to the cadre of bounty hunters that dog him across the galaxy. When his pursuers touch down, he finds a dangerous new breed of mercenary, as well as a familiar face that is none too pleased to see him.


E3 2013: The Division Brings Post-Apocalyptic MMO Fun To The Next-Gen Consoles

I have to admit, I’m getting a little weary of the post-apocalyptic thing. I understand why the genre is popular and compelling: it’s a mix of optimism (We survive!) and bleak cynicism (…but everything really sucks!) that speaks to daily life for a lot of people. Still, it makes me long all the more for the optimism of things like Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek. Still, I know that the post-apocalyptic craze isn’t going anywhere, so if they’re going to keep returning to that well, they should at least make sure the water is clean and tasty. Whether Ubisoft Massive’s upcoming post-apocalyptic console MMO The Division will be a worthwhile trip through familiar territory remains to be seen, but the gameplay above is slick, polished, and suggests MMOs will be able to thrive on this new generation of consoles in a way they never did on the current gen.


E3: Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: 400 Days Gets A Teaser Trailer

While a segment of the hardcore gaming population likes to rag on Telltale Games for the ways in which they deliver their episodic gameplay, it’s a game’s storytelling capabilities that keep me interested in the long run. And Telltale has been keeping point-and-click games extremely interesting for years, especially with licensed properties like Back to the Future that wouldn’t otherwise be offered to gamers. They may have hit their new pinnacle with last year’s morality-challenger The Walking Dead. The overwhelmingly positive response got a follow-up season in the works almost immediately. But before that even, Telltale is giving fans a gnarly, bleeding bite-sized bonus episode called The Walking Dead: 400 Days.


Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium Gets A Quick New TV Spot

Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium, his follow-up to 2009’s District 9, is one of our most anticipated movies of the summer. We’re all slavering over the sci-fi action, and the portrayal of a dystopic future world. Both should be fertile soil for Blomkamp’s allegorical and political leanings. We’ve seen the first trailer, but now we have a new TV spot for the impending August 9 release.


Kaboom: Nick’s Giant Freakin’ Queue Review

KaboomA film like Kaboom is rather hard to explain in mere words without getting sucked into a cycle of shrugging and shaking of the head. I’m a fan of director Gregg Araki’s dramatic work in the past, including such films as Nowhere, Mysterious Skin, and The Doom Generation. I’m not sure how the same person who made those films also created Kaboom, other than the overtly gay material therein. I didn’t even realize that he was the guy who directed the severely unfunny 2007 stoner comedy Smiley Face. And I’d prefer to continue not realizing that, because Kaboom‘s comedy is its strong suit.

I’m not so sure I’d ever refer to it as science fiction, however, although the first 10 websites I landed on described the movie as such. What it all boils down to is sex of all kinds wrapped up in a plot designed to add tension and mystery to give the sex subtext and plot development. The end of the world is nigh, or is it? Do you guys remember a little movie called Donnie Darko? Well, the same way that film was mispromoted as a horror movie is akin to Kaboom being marketed as a sci-fi comedy. Also, James Duval — Frank in Donnie Darko — plays a character called The Messiah, and the opposing force here are people wearing animal masks. No talk of Smurf sex lives here, though. Just the sex lives of everything else.


E3 2013: Titanfall Trailer Proves War Is More Fun With Mechs

With Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim tapdancing all over the pop-culture landscape in the run up to its July opening, audiences are being introduced to a notion most of GFR’s target demographic have known all along: mechs are awesome. But they don’t have to be the size of skyscrapers to embrace their awesomeness. Sometimes all they have to let you do is climb inside the cockpit and shoot your buddies in the face with a chain gun. That’s the sort of good, old-fashioned fun the upcoming game Titanfall is offering us, just as God intended.