Transformers Fans Can Help Design The Next Toy From Hasbro

toyHow would you like to design a toy that took vengeance upon the person who did almost everything within his power to destroy the legacy of that toy and its franchise? No, I’m not talking about whatever demon seed designed Rubik’s dodecahedrons, I’m talking about Michael Bay. Let’s all come together and design a Transformers toy that looks exactly like Michael Bay, so what we can attach a toilet brush to it, and every time he says stuff, we can make it explode. I guess the toilet brush is a detonator. I haven’t gotten far into the blueprints.

Toy company Hasbro is in fact crowdsourcing their next toy design for a release in time to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand. It’s a first for the company, and a pretty novel idea all around.

Jay Duke, VP of the Transformers brand, says:

This is the perfect way to kick off our anniversary celebration and the ‘Thrilling 30’ line of special edition figures. It will be tremendous fun for everyone to keep track of the entire process from the designing of the character; leading up to its introduction as a toy and watching it become a part of the TRANSFORMERS brand.


Star Wars: A New Hope Speedrun Only Needs A Minute Of Your Time

If there is anything to be learned from the seminal classic Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, it is that whatever killed off Jar Jar Binks and all of his relatives was the greatest achievement the universe has ever contained. Even though that point of view isn’t prevalent in the above video, I think it’s spiritually there. Because nobody likes a Binks.

Anyway, I couldn’t be more happy that 1A4Studio is back at it, whittling science fiction classics down to their essences…and also their fight scenes. Their Speedrun series tells an entire film’s story in just under a minute, and they’ve already covered The Matrix and Back to the Future, going backwards as far as quality and fandom are concerned, ending with the biggest film of them all as their third entry. Where else could they possibly go? Empire? Jedi? Chances are, they’ll be able to do one of these every couple of years to match the Disney Episodes.


Michael Shannon Talks About His Role In The Sci-Fi Drama Young Ones

Michael ShannonThe indie film Young Ones started principal photography in the deserts of South Africa last month. The post-apocalyptic science fiction drama is the sophomore effort from writer/director Jake Paltrow (The Good Night). The film features a large array of up-and-coming indie actors including Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies), Kodi Smit-McPhee (Let Me In), Elle Fanning (Super 8), and Michael Shannon (Man of Steel).

In an interview with Collider, Michael Shannon talks briefly about Young Ones. The indie film follows a 14-year-old cowboy named Jerome Holm (Smit-McPhee), who is grieving the recent murder of his father, Ernest Holm (Michael Shannon). But when he discovers that his father’s killer, Flem Lever (Nicholas Hoult), has moved in with his sister Mary (Elle Fanning), the boy must use his wits to confront the situation and navigate through the harsh new world. Shannon explains:

It’s about the inevitable water shortage that will be happening, or is already starting to happen. It’s set in the future a little bit, there’s not much water left and I play a guy who’s a farmer and his land is completely obliterated by drought and he’s trying to take care of his family. It’s kind of got a Steinbeck-ian vibe to it a little bit. We shot it down in Africa. I think Jake is super smart. He’s really exciting.


Lego Invades Theatrical Posters For Prometheus, Inception And More

inceptionWe’ve featured some of the most mind-numbingly awesome Lego creations on this site in the past, because Legos remain cool while other toys go the way of the dinosaurs. (But not, incidentally, the way of dinosaur-inspired Minecraft creations.)

And since building-block creations are always more fun with movie tie-ins, here are a handful of Lego-tized theatrical posters for your viewing pleasure. Though there are a bunch more, these are the ones concerning themselves with the science fiction genre. Sadly, no creators are named, so it’s unclear whether this is the work of one person or an entire community. (Or even one miniature figure with Photoshop.) Take a look at more below and contemplate how much better Cowboys and Aliens would have been as a Lego movie.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Adds Ophelia Lovibond To The Mix

Ophelia LovibondWith all of the news swirling around, you’d think James Gunn’s adaptation of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is right around the corner, not just cobbling together the cast. The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker recently joined the party as the blue, mohawked alien archer Yondu, and now they’ve added another supporting player: Ophelia Lovibond.

The British-born Lovibond is most known for roles in Nowhere Boy, Mr. Popper’s Penguin, and No Strings Attached. There isn’t much in the way of details about her part, but according to Heat Vision, “she will play an aide to a near-immortal being called The Collector, who gathers artifacts and beings in the hopes of saving them from a foretold galactic annihilation.”

The Collector is one of the Elders of the Universe, a group where each member possesses part of the primordial powers left over from the Big Bang, and who became self-aware billions of years ago. To distract himself after the death of his wife, he started collecting interesting artifacts as a hobby to keep himself sane. I can’t help but picture Lovibond as an eager assistant chasing after her boss with a clipboard and a pencil stuck in her hair.


Predator Motorcycle Helmet Isn’t Invisible, So You Can See How Badass It Is

PredatorI know when I’m riding in my car, I try my best to look impressive to other people. I’ll have my sunglasses on with my windows open, allowing my long hair to flap behind me in the wind. There’s also a discreetly placed cucumber, but only truckers can see it, and that’s not the kind of message I’m putting out there. But it would be so much easier with a motorcycle — looking badass, I mean. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed on anything two-wheeled as per my life warranty.

For anybody else out there clocking miles with only the open air around them, you’ll find no cooler motorcycle helmet than the NLO MOTO Helmet Predator 2, which could serve as everyday headgear for those unafraid of random bouts with aliens in a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. And everyone should be afraid of being in a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. But considering the helmet, minus most of its cool add-ons, will still set you back $780, you might want to take up an acting gig just to pay for it.

So what will that money get you? A 3 1/2-pound fiberglass Predator head based on a certified IXS helmet, and while we assume it’s met safety regulations, we’re making no guarantees. It’s got a removable visor and a few superbright LED lights near the eyes. For some extra dough, you can add a smoke faceshield, a laser-controlled aimer, carbon dreadlock spearheads, a carbon fiber shell, some canines, and improved graphics and airbrushing. So if you want something really top-of-the-line, you’re looking to add another $1,000 to your purchase. Worth it? Look at all of the variations below — just a sampling, mind you — and then make your decision.