Star Trek Beams Down An Epic 41-Minute Blooper Reel

Since 1966, the Star Trek franchise has lived long and prospered as a certified pop culture phenomenon. It has spun off into other TV series, including Voyager and Enterprise; a successful movie franchise beginning in 1979 with Star Trek: The Motion Picture; and a reboot movie series with the upcoming sequel film, Star Trek Into Darkness, about to hit theaters this summer. Star Trek is huge!

Taking a look back at Star Trek‘s long history, one Trekkie created the ultimate Star Trek blooper supercut, featuring both the series and the movies. Watch the epic, 41-minute blooper reel below (you might want to clear some time in your day to watch this one):


New Star Trek Video Game Trailer Has Gorn And Vulcan Neck Pinches

Movie tie-in video games have traditionally been a disappointing lot, and for every one that’s good, there are a dozen that suck. Sadly, it sounds like Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t able to escape the gravitational pull of “suck,” so it’s time for me to pin my foolishly optimistic hopes onto another upcoming tie-in, the Star Trek game which is slated an April release. This latest trailer makes it look like a lot of fun. Of course, the Colonial Marines trailers looked great too…


Harrison Ford Will Return To Star Wars As Han Solo


A few months ago, actor Harrison Ford stated that if Star Wars: Episode VII had a good script, a good director behind the camera, and his character would receive a proper death scene, he would be “open to the idea” of returning to the Star Wars universe and reprising his role as Han Solo. Well, it looks like Solo will indeed return to the big screen in 2015.

According to Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, it’s a “done deal.” The 70-year-old actor will return to Star Wars as Han Solo. Ford’s role is expected to be much smaller than his part in the original Star Wars trilogy, but it will be good to see him back as the dashing space pirate.

The new Star Wars film isn’t the first time Ford has worked on a J.J. Abrams project. He previously appeared in the 2010 movie Morning Glory, a film Abrams produced, and 1991′s Regarding Henry, which Abrams wrote.

What does this mean for Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia? Well, if Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo, it does stand to reason that Hamill and Fisher would return as well. There’s no point in seeing Han Solo again if he’s not going to be joined by his best friend and his main love interest.

This obviously isn’t the first time Harrison Ford has reprised an iconic role. In 2008, Ford donned the fedora again to play Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We all know how that one turned out, so let’s hope Star Wars: Episode VII is a much more satisfying return by one of Ford’s most beloved characters.


Meteor Falls On Russia, Injures Around 1,000 People


There’s been much talk lately of asteroid DA14, the 50-meter-wide space rock that’s zipping past the Earth later today, but it turns out the universe had an early surprise opener in store for us. Early Friday morning what’s believed to be a meteorite arced through the sky above Russia, resulting in shattered windows, some astonishing video footage, and a whole lot of surprised Russians.

Russia’s Interior Ministry says that around 1,000 injuries have been reported, including 200 children. Thankfully, it sounds like most of the injuries are not serious. Most of the injuries reported in the Chelyabinsk region, some 950 miles east of Moscow. As many as 3,000 buildings have sustained damage, mostly from the shockwave as the meteor broke up during its entry through the atmosphere.

The meteor blazed through the morning sky around 9:20 a.m. local time. Understandably, early reports were contradictory and occasionally bonkers, with the expected rumors of UFOs and at least one report that the meteor had been “shot down” by Russian fighter planes. Expect that to be dissected thoroughly on the conspiracy theory forum of your choice.


Project S.E.R.A. Sci-Fi Webseries Unleashes Episode Five

Ben Howdeshell’s web miniseries Project S.E.R.A. is quickly hurtling towards an end. Working from an earlier short of his, the writer/director teamed up with IGN to expand the sci-fi/horror actioner. The fifth installment of the series has now appeared online, which means we only have one left before we call it a day. Watch the second-to-last chapter below.


Bryan Singer On His Twilight Zone Plans


People have been trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle of Rod Serling’s classic Twilight Zone since…well, more or less since the original series wrapped its run back in 1964. Those attempts have varied from somewhat successful — the 1985 version which included the talents of folks like J. Michael Straczynski, Rockne S. O’Bannon, and Harlan Ellison — to the not-so-much — the 2002 UPN incarnation hosted by Forest Whitaker. Now the Zone is back at bat under the guidance of Bryan Singer, who recently revealed his ambitious plans for doing Serling’s creation justice.

Word of this latest Twilight Zone revamp first came around last December, with Singer set to develop, executive produce, and possibly direct the series for CBS TV. Speaking to Total Film, Singer seems quite aware of how the challenge of making a new Twilight Zone work. He seems up for it, however. He tells Total Film:

I’ve taken over The Twilight Zone. I’d love to direct one — at least the pilot. It’s really not easy to jumpstart an anthology show, particularly because it’s hard to pair them with other things. The production is complex too, because you don’t have scanning sets and you have a revolving cast. But I like the challenge.