Justin Bieber Is Going To Space

I apologize to those of you who may have experienced heart palpitations while reading the headline, due to either extreme excitement that this talent-lacking pop phenom would possibly be out of our lives forever, or in jealousy that the 19-year-old Biebs can afford to do such amazing things purely by leaking out audible heinousness. We here at Giant Freakin’ Robot know exactly how you feel.

Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun, are joining the 530+ other paying volunteers (including that other eternal annoyance Ashton Kutcher) who will take an eventual ride in Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two whenever the test launching phase is complete. It’s been successful thus far, and Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson is optimistic that flights could begin before the year is out.

Branson himself shared the news via Twitter, saying “Great to hear @justinbieber & @scooterbraun are latest @virgingalactic future astronauts. Congrats, see you up there!” One has to wonder what a guy like Branson even thinks of pop music nowadays.


Doctor Who Concept Art Teases An Animated Series We’ll Never See

Who1Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a good solid run, surviving seven seasons on TV and launching spin-off material that continues to this day across darn near every media you can think of. But there’s one painful little footnote, a slice of “coulda been” potential that still stings to this day: an animated Buffy series that died an ignominious death, in spite of looking awesome. Well, scoot over and make space at the bar, Buffy fans, because Whovians are about to join you to cry into their beer over the unrealized reality of a Doctor Who animated series.


Star Trek Into Darkness Behind-The-Scenes Concept Art And Set Photos

ChamblissStar Trek Into Darkness has come and gone and spilled its secrets, leaving fans to continue arguing its merits for years to come. (For the record, here’s what I thought.) But just because we’re past the premiere date, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen all the cool stuff related to the movie. Case in point, these stunning images from Into Darkness production designer Scott Chambliss (seen above). He’s posted a ton of behind-the-scenes concept art and set pictures on his site, and we’ve gathered a small sample here to whet your appetite.

Chambliss also worked on J.J. Abrams’ first Trek film, as well as Mission: Impossible III, Alias, and Cowboys & Aliens, among others. His online portfolio from Trek 2 includes looks at practically every sequence and set piece from the sequel, from the opening on the red-forested world of Nibiru, to the bleak hellscape of Qo’noS, to the dark, sleek lines of the Vengeance.


16-Year-Old Shot While Re-Enacting The Walking Dead

I am of the firm belief that violence in the media is not to be blamed for the violent wrongdoings of the people that may or may not intake such media. A quick look at news around the world is a good reminder that people are inherently violent. It’s evolution. You know what else is evolutionary? Stupidity. And you need not look at anything but national news to figure that out.

16-year-old Trevor Hargrove from Fort Smith, Arkansas was non-fatally shot in his upper torso on Monday. Was he saving a family member from a murderous intruder? No. Was he an intruder, shot in self-defense by a frightened victim? Nope. He was shot by his 15-year-old friend while they were “playing a zombie game” with his twin brother. Of course!

Far be it for me to tell a 16-year-old that there are better things to do than run around pretending to be a zombie – that’s what bath salts are for – but what the fuck? Hargrove was apparently aping The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon by aiming an empty bow at his friend Nico Sanders, when Sanders pulled out a gun he’d taken from his mother’s nightstand and pulled the trigger, nailing Hargrove just below the neck.


This Quadcopter Is Steered By Mind-Control

We like mash-ups here at Giant Freakin’ Robot, and it’s a good thing, because the world is full of them. Whereas a lot of the time it’s stuff like, “Star Wars meets Django Unchained” or something like that, this is a much more worthwhile and inspirational combination: Mind Control Meets Quadcopter. One night only! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

For a study recently published in the journal IOP Science, a University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering research team led by Bin He devised a way to allow the navigation of a quadcopter completely hands-free, using only the power of the mind! Like most mind-controlled devices, this is powered (for lack of a better word) by an EEG cap fitted with 64 electrodes that transfer the wearer’s thoughts into quadcopter action.

No loop-the-loops just yet though. The three dimensional navigation is performed by the cap-wearer imagining making a fist. If he imagines clenching his left hand, the copter turns left, and the same for the right; when both hands are imagined to be in use, the device will rise and fall. It’s pre-set for forward momentum to keep things from getting too complicated this early on. A camera on top of the copter recorded its flight in real time, and I’m assuming the cap-wearer used that FPV to direct it. Though judging from his stone-solid facial expressions, it looks like his own brain might be controlled by someone else in the room. That, or he’s trying really hard not to just think about sex the whole time. Check out a video of the man-and-copter in action below, and rein in your jealousy over your living room not having big balloon rings in it.


Continuum Gets Renewed For A Third Season In Canada

The Canadian import Continuum is one of the most underrated science fiction TV shows out there right now. Just as the second season is about to make its U.S. premiere on Syfy, its Canadian home network, Showcase, has renewed Continuum for a third season.

Continuum‘s third season will continue the adventures of City Protective Services (CPS) law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols). Speaking to Digital Spy, Nichols (Star Trek) explained the moral dilemma her character is experiencing, knowing what the future holds for the country and what her character knows now about the criminal organization she’s trying to bring down.

‘Kiera goes through a very interesting moral crisis… because in 2077 she knows who she is and she knows what she’s fighting, she knows what’s bad and good,’ Nichols told Digital Spy.

‘She comes back to 2012 and her world is completely turned upside down and everything she believes she stood for is in question.’