Could Michael Rooker Play Rocket Raccoon In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie?

It’s still hard for me to accept that Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie isn’t just an elaborate practical joke. I mean, it’s weird enough that they would greenlight such an obscure (at least to mainstream audiences) property. Until it actually opened and blew the doors off theaters, nobody was entirely sure that Avengers would work, and it’s comprised of characters people have actually heard of. Guardians of the Galaxy? It’s got a freakin’ space raccoon  And you can add this rumor to the “it’s all a joke” evidence: it sounds like Rocket Raccoon might be played by Michael Rooker.

Yes, that Michael Rooker. Merle the one-handed racist from The Walking Dead. The guy who made a name for himself playing the lead in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. That guy. Now look, I’m not saying he doesn’t have a great, unique voice — he does. I also have no doubt that he would do as well in the role of a probably CGI space raccoon as anybody else could. It’s just…odd.


Watch The Wachowskis Talk About How They Put Together Cloud Atlas

One of the secret screenings at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas was Cloud Atlas, and luckily the Wachowskis were on hand to fill in the blanks afterwards. Since Warner Bros. released the epic, six-minute international trailer for Cloud Atlas, the internet has been abuzz with how directors Andy and Lana Wachowski with Tom Tykwer managed to piece together David Mitchell’s novel for a big-screen film adaptation. Check out the video of the Q&A below:


Star Wars Meets Film Noir In Fan-Made Poster Series

When the Star Wars films hit theaters during the ’70s and ’80s, they helped form the template for the modern big-budget blockbuster. But what if George Lucas had been born a few decades earlier? What if Lucas had found himself trying to make his science fiction series when film noir was all the rage. After all, there are already some qualities to the films that fit the noir mold. Young, innocent Luke sent on a journey across the galaxy by a mysterious lady, accompanied on the journey by a cynical, self-obsessed scoundrel. Granted, if the Star Wars films were film noir, Luke probably wouldn’t have gotten nearly the happy ending he did…


Star Trek-Style Fusion Impulse Engines In The Works

One of the more disappointing gulfs between real-world science and science fiction is that we still don’t have the technology that could allow for travel beyond our own solar system in any meaningful or practical way. While there’s still plenty to see and do here in our own neighborhood, every science fiction fan worth their salt has dreamed of the day when our species might find a way to really and truly go “where no man has gone before.” Whether any of us will see that within our lifetime remains to be seen, but now scientists are working on something nearly as cool: Star Trek-style, fusion-powered “impulse engines.”

In the world of Trek, the impulse engines are used for short jaunts or travel within a star system. It’s sort of like driving around your home town, as opposed to hoping on an airplane to visit a different city. Now the cool part: Engineers at University of Alabama-Huntsville are working with NASA, Boeing, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop fusion impulse rocket engines that would, theoretically, allow for “extremely high-speed space travel.”


This Might Be What Reddit Looks Like In A Thousand Years

Reddit is many things to many people. An ongoing conversation with people you’ll never meet in person. A time-sink when you should really be doing more productive things A glimpse into the beating heart of the interwebs. But if Reddit is a microcosm of our culture writ small, what might it look like a thousand years from now? What are the burning topics that will be generating discussions, name-calling, and accusations of fascistic and/or socialistic tendencies in that far-off future?

For Redditor gonzoblair, that question was more than just a hypothetical. He took it upon himself to switch on the old imagination and mock up a look at what the front page of Reddit might look like in the year 3012. Assuming, you know, that there still are things such as Reddit, the internet, and people. It’s a barrage of SF concepts and dark humor such as the problems with drunk Andromedans, the banning of velociraptors as pets and, of course, calls for the legalization of marijuana. It’s like somebody drained the contents of William Gibson and Warren Ellis’ brains into a jpeg, and we think it’s kind of awesome. You can see a bit in the preview image below, or click it to see the much bigger full version.


Curiosity Checks In To Foursquare From Mars

NASA’s Curiosity is a busy rover. There are observations to be made, samples to be collected, and data to be processed. But deep down, Curiosity isn’t that different from you and me. It may be a robotic rover the size of a Mini Cooper, but it still wants some of the same things we want. For instance, finding excuses to goof off with social media when it should be working. Yes, Curiosity has officially updated us all on its status by checking into Gale Crater on Foursquare.