Cross The Streams: The World’s End Will Assimilate You

Here’s what’s new in streaming sci-fi!


Ghostbusters: 30 Things You Might Not Know About The Classic Comedy

It’s headed back into theaters, for one thing!


World War Z Super Bowl Ad Ruins Brad Pitt’s Day

The biggest television event of the year, the Super Bowl is not just for football fans anymore. Putting the massive spectacle to good use, movie studios take the opportunity to tease the biggest and brightest of their upcoming tentpole movies. For example, Marc Forster’s (Quantum of Solace) Brad Pitt-starring zombie flick, World War Z, doesn’t swarm into theaters until June 21st. That, however, won’t stop you from getting a glimpse at a new TV spot during the intermission as the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens battle on the field. But you don’t even have to wait that long, because we have your first look at the promo right here.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Eight Books Everyone Should Read


Ever since Oprah started stamping her name across the front of books, celebrity book recommendations have been all the rage. I think you’ll agree that the merit of those recommendations depends entirely on the person doing the recommending. If a writer I respect steers his fans toward a particular book, I’ll generally at least add it to my Amazon wishlist for future reference. If, on the other hand, somebody like Snooki suggests I check out this or that bestseller, my interest is probably going to last only slightly longer than the time it takes me to marvel at the fact that she can read.

And while printing the name of noted science advocate and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on the cover of a book might not move as many copies as Oprah’s blessing, I’d be a lot moe likely to pay attention to his suggestions. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a Neil deGrasse Tyson Book Club at the moment, so I’ll just have to stick with these eight books he suggests we all owe it to ourselves to read.

The list came in response to a question posed to Tyson by a Reddit user. Specifically, the question was, “Which books should be read by every single intelligent person on the planet?” Shockingly, nothing by John Grisham, Dan Brown, or Nicholas Sparks appears on the list. Here are Tyson’s suggestions, along with his brief explanations of why he picked each one. In his own words, “If you read all of the [below] works you will glean profound insight into most of what has driven the history of the western world.” They also include links to free eBook copies, so you’ve got no excuse to procrastinate.

  • The Bible (eBook) – “to learn that it’s easier to be told by others what to think and believe than it is to think for yourself.”
  • The System of the World by Isaac Newton (eBook) – “to learn that the universe is a knowable place.”
  • On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (eBook) – “to learn of our kinship with all other life on Earth.”
  • Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (eBook) – “to learn, among other satirical lessons, that most of the time humans are Yahoos.”
  • The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine (eBook) – “to learn how the power of rational thought is the primary source of freedom in the world.”
  • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith (eBook) – “to learn that capitalism is an economy of greed, a force of nature unto itself.”
  • The Art of War by Sun Tsu (eBook) – “to learn that the act of killing fellow humans can be raised to an art.”
  • The Prince by Machiavelli (eBook) – “to learn that people not in power will do all they can to acquire it, and people in power will do all they can to keep it.”

Ender’s Game Scored By James Horner


Gavin Hood’s upcoming adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s novel, Ender’s Game, is hotly anticipated for a variety of reasons. Based on a beloved work of science fiction, the story is great, most of us will watch anything that Harrison Ford is in, and now we have yet one more incentive to tune in, because the music is going to kick ass as well. Acclaimed composer James Horner has signed on to score the film.

Best known for providing the soundtracks to movies like Titanic, Troy, Avatar, and Braveheart (and let us not overlook Krull), Horner’s music adds a sense of epic scale to any motion picture.

In the future, after a hostile alien race called Formics have invaded and been repelled by the heroic Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), the human race prepares for another attack. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is a shy, reserved young boy. He also happens to be a tactical genius, and is plucked from his home and taken to Battle School, an elite military academy in space. There he trains alongside other students, playing strategy games and participating in combat exercises. Younger and smaller than his compatriots, Ender excels, quickly eclipsing his peers, which only further isolates him.


Doctor Who Fan Posters Tease The 50th Anniversary

Who will be returning for Doctor Who’s big 50th anniversary celebration this fall?


Abbott and Costello riffs aside, it is the big question taunting loyal Whovians these days. Very little has been officially confirmed at this point, but fan speculation is running rampant, with the most enticing rumors suggesting that all 11 Doctors — even the three dead ones — will reunite onscreen for some sort of epic adventure. While that idea should probably be filed under “Too Good to Be True” until actually confirmed or denied, one Who fan decided to twist the knife a bit by throwing together these rather awesome posters.



Star Trek Into Darkness Ignites Online Grammar War


With the release of Star Trek Into Darkness only a few months away, there have been numerous mysteries regarding the film’s plot and villain. It’s all part of J.J. Abrams’ design, and his penchant giving audiences variations on the “mystery box.” And while fans have been arguing about who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, whether J.J. Abrams is Trek‘s savior or the devil, and so on, but there’s one online squabble we didn’t see coming. It’s not a war between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, or even the Original Series versus the Next Generation division. It’s a war between Trekkies and Wikipedia Editors. Yes, it’s a grammar war!

According to Blastr.com, The argument is over how to properly capitalize the title of the film Star Trek Into Darkness. Star Trek fans would contend the proper way to spell the name of the film is with a capitalized “I” at the beginning of “into,” while Wikipedia believes the proper way is with a lowercase “I,” thus reading “Star Trek into Darkness.”

Why the lowercase “I?” Well, there are firm rules in Wikipedia’s official guidelines that suggest that since the word “into” is a preposition with four letters or fewer, it should be lowercased. The biggest point of contention is whether the “Into Darkness” part is a subtitle, or if the entire title is meant to be read as a sentence. Since there is no colon in the film’s title, many interpret the “Into Darkness” as being part of the title itself. According to Wikipedia user Frungi:


George Lucas And J.J. Abrams Bond Via Facebook


Now that J.J. Abrams has been officially announced as the honest-to-gosh-no-kidding director of Star Wars: Episode VII, everybody with an internet connection has been sounding off about whether that choice is good, bad, or some combination of the two. And sure, folks like us have devoted thousands of words to the subject, and will inevitably dedicate thousands more, but you know who we’d really like to hear from? The man himself, George Lucas! And not in some bland, focus-grouped press release or sound bite. We want to candid, no-bullshit truth of how he feels about this young pup coming in and setting up camp in his sandbox.

What would a conversation between the two sound like? Would George have nothing but praise? Would Abrams grill George for ideas about what to do, and what not to do, with one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time? If only there were some way to…oops, hang on, somebody just messaged me on Facebook. Say, wait a minute…Facebook! Of course!

And so here you have the following totally real, not at all fake, clearly 100% accurate account of Lucas and Abrams discussing that galaxy far, far away. Read on to discover George’s secret plan…