E3 2013: New Star Wars: Battlefront Game Confirmed

There hasn’t been a lot of good news on the Star Wars game front since Disney bought out George Lucas’ iconic franchise lock, stock, and barrel. It seemed inevitable that the Disney juggernaut would have some big plans for Star Wars gaming; making use of a franchise across multiple media is one thing Disney does very, very well. But then came news that hit many devout gamers right in the gut: they shut down LucasArts, one of the most venerable and respected game studios out there. Among other things, this meant the cancellation of the very promising-looking Star Wars 1313. Now, however, there’s some very good news. A new Star Wars: Battlefront game is in the works.


The World’s End Character Posters

The World's EndEdgar Wright’s The World’s End is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer. The third and final installment of the Three Flavours Cornetto (Blood and Ice Cream) trilogy is almost nine years in the making, beginning with the release of the zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead in 2004. Universal recently released a set of new character posters from the film, featuring the film’s stars and some of the bars they’ll pass through during their epic pub-crawl to The World’s End.


Will Smith Isn’t Too Broken Up About After Earth’s Box Office

Two weeks ago, After Earth received a lukewarm response audiences and critics alike. The film opened at #3 with a disappointing $27 million for a typical three-day weekend. This was the weakest opening for a Will Smith movie since his starring role in Enemy of the State in 1998. But don’t worry about Will, he’s taking it well.

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live (skip to 2:38 to watch the After Earth talk), Will Smith talked briefly about the disappointments of After Earth. It’s probably a humbling experience for Smith, and I’m sure he’ll climb back on top of the box office again at some point. Although After Earth’s box office numbers weren’t official until the Sunday after it was released, Will Smith knew the film would underperform. Smith said:


Karen Gillan’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Role Revealed (Maybe)

AngelaThis one’s a doozy! A few weeks ago, Scottish actor Karen Gillan was cast as the female villain lead in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. She will join Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, and Benicio del Toro as a team of super-villains in the forthcoming cosmic superhero movie from director James Gunn and Marvel Studios. When Gillan was added to the film’s cast, her character was unspecified, which led to many questions about who she would play in the new movie. Now a new rumor has suggested her character’s identity…and if true, it’s definitely unexpected.

According to Bleeding Cool, an unknown Scottish newspaper found in the NeoGaf forums claims that Karen Gillan will be playing the “flame-haired, sword-wielding bounty hunter” Angela from Image Comics’ Spawn comics. I know what you’re thinking: what do Angela and Spawn have to do with the Guardians of the Galaxy? From the newspaper clipping:

Karen Gillan will have to be in good shape for her role as a gold bikini-clad alien villain in the Marvel comics superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy. The former Doctor Who star will play Angela, a flame-haired, sword-wielding bounty hunter. The 25-year old Scot — the Time Lord’s companion Amy Pond — begins filming in London later this summer.


E3 2013: New Halo Trailer Will Get Sand Absolutely Everywhere

Microsoft gave its big E3 presentation this morning, showing off many of the games that will be coming to their next-gen console, the Xbox One. Unsurprisingly, one of the jewels they teased was a new installment in the Halo franchise, which you can check it out below. It’s pretty cryptic when it comes to any specific details about the next installment of the space franchise, but it looks like we’ll be getting more Master Chief, a big-ass robot or two, and way too damn much sand. You got Uncharted 3 in my Halo, damn it!


Under The Dome Adds The Following’s Natalie Zea

the-following-natalie-zea-1-630x350Barring some kind of natural disaster that involves an American city actually being covered by a dome, the pilot episode for CBS’ adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome will air in just two weeks, and I can’t wait. Almost everything and everyone working on the project piques my interest, and it will be the first CBS show that’s truly intrigued me in a really long time. Really long.

A late casting choice continues the positive trend, as Natalie Zea, one of TV’s hottest actresses of the last few years will appear somewhere under said dome later in the season, surprising everyone. I meant “hottest” both in terms of beauty and in the way Zea is a triple threat, starring as Carrie in Showtime’s Californication, as Winona in FX’s Justified, and as Claire in Fox’s The Following. Since all three of those shows are in between seasons right now, Zea will get to show her face on a fourth consecutive network, and it sounds like this will be her most interesting role yet, albeit her least prominent. Under the Dome executive producer Neal Baer explains below:

Once you’re stuck under the dome, casting is fairly limited because people can’t get in, but that doesn’t mean there might not be somebody hiding out. We’ve cast the beautiful Natalie Zea as a woman who makes an alarming appearance in a few episodes beginning in Episode 9. She plays Maxine, and if you think [the show’s big baddie] Jim Rennie (Dean Norris) is trouble, you haven’t seen trouble yet. And she’ll be connected to a number of our characters.