Cross The Streams: The World’s End Will Assimilate You

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Ghostbusters: 30 Things You Might Not Know About The Classic Comedy

It’s headed back into theaters, for one thing!


Nail Polish Lets You Know If Your Drink Has Been Roofied

nail polishWe’ve all heard about Rohypnol and GHB, otherwise known as roofies, sedatives invented in the 1970s that were unfortunately later repurposed as date rape drugs. Many times more potent than Valium, these odorless, colorless, and almost tasteless drugs can be next to impossible to detect if slipped into a drink. Four North Carolina State University students are working to change that by developing a nail polish that changes color if it touches these drugs. All a wearer has to do is dip her finger in her drink and she’ll know whether it’s safe.

The nail polish is called Undercover Colors, and if it works, it could be even more effective than cups and straws that can detect the presence of date rape drugs (martinis don’t come in cups and most of us haven’t sucked beer through a straw since college). The company cites the sobering statistic that 18% of women in the U.S. have been or will be sexually assaulted during their lifetimes, and many of those assaults happen on college campuses, including 14 reported assaults at North Carolina State University between 2010-2012 (and many more at neighboring Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill).


Star Wars Behind-The-Scenes Images Dissect The Mos Eisley Cantina Sequence

Cantina1The original Star Wars is filled with unforgettable scenes, but if you had to pick one that, purely from a visual standpoint, most captured the imagination of those of us who grew up enraptured by George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away, I think the Mos Eisley cantina sequence would have to be near the top of the list. It introduced Han Solo as an epic badass who shoots first (latter-day revisionism be damned), but it also gave us a sense of the sheer crazy diversity of Luke Skywalker’s universe, something we hadn’t much up to that point in the film. The inhabitants of that cantina made the Star Wars universe feel huge and strange and wonderfully real, and this amazing batch of behind-the-scenes photos give you a look at what went into populating that wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Doctor Who Clips Hint At A Very Different Dalek

IntoDalekLast week’s Doctor Who season premiere was in some ways just a placeholder. Regardless of what the storyline was, a good deal of the attention was inevitably going to be focused on simply giving the audience a chance to get used to the new guy carrying the TARDIS keys. Even showrunner Steven Moffat has admitted he wanted “a quite simple menace” for the premiere so most of the focus could be on the turmoil between the Doctor and Clara. With this week’s episode, however, the show should be hitting full steam, with the Doctor and Clara facing off against the Daleks. Yes, again. At this point, we’ve seen the screaming bastards so often that I’m sure I’m not the only ones suffering Dalek fatigue, so it begs the question: are there any more interesting Dalek stories to tell? A pair of newly released Who clips hint at the answer.



The Walking Dead Reveals Seth Gilliam’s Character And Magazine Covers

The Walking DeadIf you expect there to be a steady stream of news about AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead between now and the time the show returns for season 5 on October 12, you will most likely be right. We’ll probably get little pieces of minor reveals as we get closer that will give you a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming episodes, and then we’ll get random things that, while they may be cool, don’t tell you anything. And today we’ve got a little bit from both of these columns, including the confirmation of the identity of one highly anticipated new addition to the cast.

There are going to be a number of new additions to the series this season, and we’re talking about actual characters that contribute to the series in a meaningful way, not just the barely-named zombie fodder we had at the prison who get one line and then they die. One of the most interesting new faces is Seth Gilliam, who joins fellow alums of HBO’s The Wire, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob Stookey) and Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese).


Oculus Rift Game Teaches You How To Become A Jedi Knight

Those of us who fall into a certain age bracket and who were young enough to see the Star Wars movies in the theaters have spent more of our lives wanting to/pretending to be Jedi Knights than we have on anything productive, like planning for the future or learning marketable skills. This may be an over generalization, but I don’t feel like it’s all that far off, or like this is a super outlandish statement. (I’ve definitely spent much more time wielding a pretend lightsaber than, say, learning to do my taxes, change the oil in a car, or finding out what an IRA is.) Leave it to technology to lend us a hand in this regard, as Oculus Rift may have just made it slightly easier for us to achieve our dreams of becoming Jedi Knights.

For those of you not in the know, Oculus Rift is a virtual reality system that uses a headset and earphones to immerse you in an artificial world, kind of like Lawnmower Man. Though it’s not currently commercially available, it’s been used in everything from gaming to architecture to education. And I’m thoroughly shocked that it took this long for someone to make Jedi training program, but that’s exactly what this video shows, and it looks totally rad.


Groot Gravy! Guardians Of The Galaxy Is The Biggest Movie Of The Summer

guardians of the galaxyRemember when people were like, “Oh, Marvel is crazy for putting out a comic book movie with a talking raccoon and that guy from Parks and Recreation. Do they think that audiences really want to see a jumbled mess of aliens and slapstick from a director who used to work for Troma?” And didn’t you just want to shove those people’s heads below water for a while? Thankfully, audiences are still turning out in droves almost a month after the film’s debut, and Guardians of the Galaxy can now officially call itself the biggest movie of Summer 2014. Take that, Ninja Turdballs.

Having already set a record for the highest August debut with its $94 million opening weekend, James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy rocketed (or raccooned) itself back into first place this past weekend, pushing past Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and bringing in over $17 million in its fourth week out. That makes its total earnings top out at just over $255 million, far enough ahead of Michael Bay’s still-in-theaters Transformers: Age of Extinction to not worry about the bot-heavy tentpole reclaiming the summer throne. (Age of Extinction is currently at just under $244 million.)