Ridley Scott Teams Up With Ebola For This New Series

The_Hot_Zone_(cover) 2Ebola is already all over your TV. Seriously, it’s just covered in Ebola right now, but that’s going to intensify soon, thanks, in large part, to Blade Runner director Ridley Scott. The filmmaker is going to take a detour in his busy schedule to produce, and likely direct the first episode of a limited event series based on Richard Preston’s best-selling book The Hot Zone. Subtitled A Terrifying True Story, the book recounts the origins and incidents involving the notorious hemorrhagic fever.

There’s been talk of turning The Hot Zone into a movie for years, Jodie Foster was going to star at one point. First published in 1994—adapted from an article Preston wrote for The New Yorker in 1992—it came out just as movies like Outbreak were sweeping the nation and causing widespread public alarm. To call the book hyperbolic and sensationalist is putting it a bit mildly, but it’s a hell of a read, and absolutely terrifying to boot. If you’re currently having any worries about Ebola, however, you should probably leave this one on the shelf.


The CW’s The Messengers Adds This Battlestar Galactica Star

Jamie BamberOnce the sole bastion of sassy teen melodramas, The CW is quietly building a solid sci-fi base. Comic book-based shows like Arrow and The Flash are hits, The 100 is way better than any of us expected it to be, and though it was cancelled, The Tomorrow People got decent near the end. One of their next genre offerings, The Messengers, is slated to show up mid-season, sometime in 2015, and they’ve added some more names to the cast, including one Battlestar Galactica vet.

Jamie Bamber, who played the modern incarnation of Lee “Apollo” Adama on the updated Sci-Fi (remember when it was Sci-Fi not Syfy?) series, has signed on for the new show. The Messengers is the tale of fives strangers who are similarly impacted when some sort of mystery object collides with Earth. They collapse and apparently die, all at the same time, but a few hours later, all five come back to life (Army of Darkness taught us that when that happens, you get an axe). Now they have powers, like super strength and the ability to heal, and they’re either the only hope of stopping the Rapture, or perhaps the ones causing it to happen. I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.


This Firefly Online In-Game Footage Takes You For A Walk

Sorry, Browncoats, no matter how much you wish it into being, you’re just not going to get anymore new Firefly (or I guess it could always happen like Star Trek, maybe there’s a Firefly: The Next Generation waiting somewhere in the future). After Serenity, probably the closest we’re going to get is the upcoming Firefly Online. I honestly have no idea when it’s coming out, as it was originally supposed to drop this past summer (it’s now slated for summer 2015), but the cast and crew unveiled some in-game footage at New York Comic Con the other day, and it looks pretty damn impressive.

This clip, which doesn’t show much aside from the environment and the character movement, is striking even though not much happens. But to reiterate, this is in-game footage. The YouTube clips takes great pains to point out that what you see here is what you will be able to play for yourself, and not a cinematic or a cut scene. What you see here is the 3D Environment Engine that the game uses in all of its glory, and, not having much knowledge in the way of videogames, I have to guess that this is going to make many fans very, very happy.


This Pacific Rim 2 Poster Is A Tease But An Epic One

We’re a long way off from Pacific Rim 2, like damn near three years away, but that’s not going to stop us from getting excited about the prospect of Guillermo del Toro throwing more giant monsters and more giant robots (don’t worry, we know they’re not really robots, but for the sake of convenience, we refer to them as such with regularity). We’re apparently not the only ones pumped up for this, as there is now a new poster for the sequel that the movie released via its Facebook page. And as if that’s not enough, del Toro has talked about possible start dates for production, as well as future installments beyond just one sequel.

Pacific Rim 2


Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine Has This Strange First Name

PalpatineWe just wrote about how Warwick Davis, Wicket the Ewok from Return of the Jedi, will appear in Star Wars: Episode VII (though we don’t know if he’ll reprise that role, or figure in some other way). With the continuing expansion of the universe, he’s not the only one coming back—we already know about the like of Han, Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, and others—and the Emperor is another. He’s not, however, going to show up where you might initially expect him, and when he does, we’ll learn something about him we didn’t know, his first name.

The Emperor won’t appear in Episode VII, at least we don’t expect him to, despite some rumors that have made the rounds—I guess it is possible he could appear in a flashback like Vader is rumored to—but he will show up in the canon once again. This specific instance that we’re talking about, however, will go down in one of the new novels slated to form key pieces of the universe. He’s in James Luceno’s upcoming canon novel Tarkin, which is scheduled to hit bookshelves on November 4, and, after 34 years, we finally know his first name, and it’s not something you hear everyday.


Star Wars 7: Warwick Davis Is Officially Back, Watch Him Celebrate

As far as returning characters go in the expanding Star Wars universe, we know most of the ones that will be back. Darth Vader will pop up in Star Wars Rebels, and Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, and most of the other big timers will appear in Star Wars: Episode VII. But as Disney develops the canon across a variety of platforms, you have to wonder about some of the more cursory personalities. Today we learned about one of these: Warwick Davis will appear in Episode VII.