Four Parts Almost Human Borrows To Build Its Robots

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AlmostHFox’s futuristic buddy cop drama Almost Human hit the air tonight, and I know this was only the pilot—and the first night of a two-night premiere—but I’m on board this train. Right out of the gate, the show has a ton going for it. Not only is the cast, headlined by Star Trek’s Karl Urban, top notch, but the creative team includes Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman and J.J. Abrams, who created shows like Lost and is directing Star Wars: Episode VII.

There’s some power behind this particular program. That said, Almost Human totally delivers. Set in 2048, the show partners Urban’s tough detective John Kennex with Dorian (Michael Ealy), a humanoid robot. Kennex resents the intrusion into his life, but this particular model, most of which have been mothballed or employed as manual laborers in space, were designed to be as human as possible, with their own quirks, personalities, and emotional baggage.

The two main characters have a fantastic chemistry together, and there’s a nice mix of humor, heart, and badass action. Overall the show is bursting with potential, but one of the things Almost Human does best is render the world. Sci-fi fans will notice a whole host of obvious aesthetic influences in every facet, taking bits and pieces from its various genre predecessors and building something new. What are those bits and pieces? We uncover them all here. Read on…

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dorianAlmost Human debuted tonight on Fox and dropped Karl Urban into a world filled with robots. So far, the show is focused entirely on the droids tasked with playing police officer, partnered up with human cops to police the grittier than ever, crime-ridden streets of a future 20-years from now. In the process though, it hints at robots doing other jobs in other walks of life, in this future world. The potential here seems limitless.

Episode 1 aired Sunday night. Episode 2 airs the following night, Monday November 18. It’s a one two punch.

For science fiction fans, on paper this show is a dream come true. But now that you’ve seen part one, where do you stand? We want to know. What do you think of Almost Human so far? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments section here.

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The Walking Dead Post-Game: Live Bait

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Last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, “Internment,” left a lot for fans to ponder. First up, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is about to find out that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) banished Carol (Melissa McBride). Daryl’s a good guy, and the best character on the show, but he’s also a crazy redneck powder keg, so you never know how he’ll react, especially to news like that. Then the final shot of episode dropped an even bigger nugget into your lap. The Governor (David Morrissey), the primary antagonist for season three, who had been noticeably absent thus far in season four, shows up out of the blue, watching the prison like a creepy peeping tom. How does all of this shake out? Read on to find out, but beware, there are some serious SPOILERS if you haven’t watched this weeks Walking Dead, “Live Bait.”

The Walking Dead


Tomorrowland Might Feature Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress

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Brad Bird's The Carousel of ProgressNow that Tomorrowland is part of the giant summer movie slate of 2015, there is more and more pressure for the science fiction family film to perform well at the box office. Considering that the Brad Bird-directed movie isn’t based on an existing property or comic book, and it’s not part of a popular film franchise or sequel, it could be tough to convince general audiences to show up for this one. Disney hopes that Bird, writer Damon Lindelof, and star George Clooney are enough of a draw. Bird recently tweeted a picture of himself in front of a clue that might be the key to unlocking the mysteries of Tomorrowland’s.

Brad Bird took a picture in front of the Carousel of Progress poster at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Carousel was part of Disney’s World’s Fair presentation in New York City in 1964, and is also a current attraction at Disney World’s Tomorrowland theme park.


Rockne S. O’Bannon Warns Not To Forget About The Opening Of Revolution Season Two

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RevolutionIf you’ve been paying attention to season two of NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution—and if the ratings are any indication, not nearly as many of you have tuned in for the sophomore season—you may have wondered about that scene at the very beginning of the season. You saw Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), covered in blood, lighting a fire, very obviously trying to hide something from someone. The show then jumps back in time a significant distance, and this ominous beginning is pushed to the periphery. But you should keep this moment in mind moving forward, because the folks behind the series certainly haven’t forgotten about it.

Showrunner Rockne S. O’Bannon says that the writers will “definitely” be brining that moment back as the show heads towards brutal, all out war with the newly introduced Patriots. He tells TV Line, “The burning of the shed—and its contents—will become shockingly clear as we approach the climax of the season.”


Star Wars: Rebels Might Give Billy Dee Williams Some Voice Work

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lando calrissianThe first new series that we’re going to see after the Disney and Lucasfilm merger will be the animated Star Wars: Rebels. The new show is scheduled to premiere on the Disney Channel in October 2014, and should offer a look at the Galactic Empire during the early days. While its cast has yet to be finalized, an old and familiar voice, Billy Dee Williams might make an appearance.

According to Jedi News, Williams is rumored to be doing voice work for the upcoming Rebels. Although it’s unclear who Williams could play, it seems likely that he would reprise his role as a young Lando Calrissian. Williams let it slip that he would appear on Rebels during Rhode Island Comic-Con. While his appearance has changed throughout the years, Williams’ voice is just as smooth as it ever was when he was the spokesman for Colt 45 malt liquor in the 80s.