Firefly And Cabin In The Woods Honored For Joss Whedon Art Exhibit

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I’m pretty sure if Joss Whedon was a preacher for a particular religion, or was in fact a religion himself, he would have the most devout fellowship in all of the land, and the parishoners would have the most fabulous cosplay to wear. Alas, he’s just a man! But that doesn’t mean he can’t be shown vast amounts of humbled reverence, and one of the excellent Gallery 1988‘s recent exhibits is dedicated to Whedon, and the treasures that lie therein are out of this world! In an “outer space” kind of way, not a “Laugh-In slang” kind of way.

As you can see from the image above, Firefly was a major part of the exhibits entries, as it should be, given fans are the only ones keeping it alive. Okay, so there are the new games and comics and even Whedon’s own doodles, but you know what I mean. (Seriously, why aren’t there ice cream Jaynes?) There’s probably enough Firefly fan art out there to wallpaper the Empire State Building, and that’s the kind of baseless assumption that makes me want to enter a short-lived interior decorator phase of my life.


Star Wars Art Prints Should Liven Up Any Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy

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“Boba” by Tim Proctor

The rejiggered Star Wars universe has begun rolling out the first elements of its new canon, with Star Wars: A New Dawn hitting shelves recently and the Star Wars Rebels animated series due to premiere in a few short weeks. (There’s also a little film called Episode VII due out next year.) But if you’re craving even more of George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away, an upcoming Star Wars-themed online art show could be just the thing, and an excuse to bedeck your walls some awesome sci-fi artwork.

Described as “an online artists’ alley,” Acme Archives’ “Join the Alliance” event is currently underway and featuring a collection of Star Wars art by nearly twenty different artists. You can purchase any of the prints for $40, and the event will be running through September 15, just in case you need to wait for a paycheck to clear or something.


Comic(s) Relief: The Eleventh Doctor Visits A Theme Park From Hell

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WhoCovWe’re quite enjoying Peter Capaldi as the cranky Twelfth Doctor, but I know there are a lot of Eleventh Doctor fans out there still in mourning. Thankfully, Doctor Who has long since expanded to encompass pretty much any form of media you can think of. Even the Eighth Doctor, whose on-screen appearances were limited to one TV movie and an awesome surprise webisode, has had countless other adventures in the form of books and comics and audio dramas and so forth. So, if you’re missing Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, you’ll want to check out Titan Publishing’s Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic series, which has new stories and even a new companion!

The all-new adventures of the eleventh Doctor continue, as terror strikes a recession-hit paradise!

When the Doctor last visited Rokhandi, it was a planet of such stunning natural beauty that an entire solar system had sworn to preserve it. What better place to take new companion Alice Obiefune on her first off-world adventure? And it would have been a magical vacation — if the TARDIS hadn’t overshot by fifty years.

Now the austerity-hit pleasure planet has become a ‘theme safari’ corporate hell, overrun by eerie, giant-headed mascots and a trillion tramping tourist feet! But there’s something more sinister at play than rampant commercialism and ecological devastation — and the Doctor and Alice need to uncover all of Rokhandi’s long-buried secrets if they’re to escape with their lives!


Godzilla’s Honest Trailer Stares Into The Gaping Maw Of Mediocrity

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We loved this summer’s Godzilla, like a lot, but we’re not so bold to proclaim that it is a great movie in many regards. Hell, in some (read anything having to do with a human) it’s downright terrible. Still, there’s something about seeing a skyscraper tall monster stomp through a major metropolis that just makes our heart soar every time. That said, the folks over at Screen Junkies are back with their “Honest Trailers,” taking the piss out of Gareth Edwards’ resurrection of the King of the Monsters.

If you’re familiar with the Honest Trailer phenomenon at all, they you know exactly what to expect. Though they do make some good points, this is really just pointing at the most obvious flaws and saying “really?” It can be fun, but as with most of these videos, at least for me, it overstays its welcome. The best installments are when they’re actually clever, but in this case, the problems are so glaring and readily apparent to anyone with eyes that this is nothing particularly special.


Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman Has A Few Words To Say About Her Possible Departure

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jenna-colemanThe Doctor certainly goes through travelling companions with a startling regularity. It makes sense, when you’re life consists of adventures through space and time, you’re obviously going to run into some dangerous situations, and some make their exit that way. Not to mention that this is an incredibly stressful way to live, so even if they don’t kick the bucket, it’s easy to see why they might opt to return to their boring, humdrum human lives. Last month we heard that the Time Lord’s latest compatriot, Jenna Coleman’s Clara, could be leaving Doctor Who, and, as it turns out, she’s got something to say on the matter.

Reports circulated that Clara could make her final farewell after the Christmas special later this year, smack in the middle of the freshly minted season 8. While that would suck, it doesn’t sound that far out of the realm of possibility. The specials are known for holding key moments in the franchise, and that would certainly be a noteworthy occurrence. And though it feels like she just got here (the sporadic nature of the show can feel like that sometimes), by that point she’ll have been a passenger in the TARDIS for two years, which isn’t a bad run.


Book Review: The Passage Is An Addictive And Unusual Take On Vampires

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The PassageI have a soft spot for vampire stories. As a matter of fact, Buffy (along with Ray Bradbury) was my roundabout way into science fiction. I used to think all that stuff was silly and generally inferior storytelling, but when an illness kept me on the couch for a day, I watched a Buffy marathon and revised my opinion about compelling storytelling. Buffy, The Lost Boys, and Anne Rice novels put a unique, but effective, spin on Dracula and Nosferatu, but at a certain point the vampire concept became a cliché. True Blood I can stomach, but the whole Twilight thing made me think I was done with vampires for good. Justin Cronin’s The Passage , however, changed my mind on that front.

I’m not going to lie, this book is long, coming in at just under 800 pages. At that length, readers will either give up after five pages or count their lucky stars that they get to remain in the story for such a long time, and I’m in the second camp. The beginning is a little bit slow, laying the foundation for the vampire apocalypse that seizes the world. As a reader, you don’t know how these pieces will add up, or why precisely they’re relevant, so the beginning requires a little bit of faith, but luckily it doesn’t take long for that faith to be rewarded.