The Daleks Invade Everything In These Mashup Posters

kaled-bunchThe Daleks have been the thorn in the side of the Doctor throughout his five decades of adventures through time and space. No matter how many times he defeats them, the shout-y homicidal pepper pots just keep coming back. No matter how many outlandish schemes the Doctor lays low, they’ve always got another one on the drawing board. Frankly, it has got to be exhausting, because it’s not like the Daleks are the only trouble-makers the beleaguered time lord has to deal with. Just last week the Ice Warriors tried to convert the Earth’s entire water supply into ice-9! Did anybody send the Doctor a thank-you email for that? Not bloody likely. So yes, he’s oh so sorry that he hasn’t had time to stop the Daleks’ latest master plan to invade like every movie ever made, at least in poster form, a nefarious ploy to…I don’t know…give poster collectors a migraine or something. Seriously, people, the guy’s over 900 years old, can’t he take a couple weeks vacation every now and then?


Dune’s 1997 Card Game Was Chock Full Of Gorgeous

BaronThe legacy of Frank Herbert’s Dune has stretched across many different media and iterations over the nearly 50 years since the novel’s original publication. David Lynch’s film version is divisive at best, the Sci-Fi Channel’s miniseries adaptations were well done but remain obscure, and the road not traveled of director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s aborted film version has become the subject of an acclaimed documentary. But one incarnation that might never have hit your radar was a collectible card game put out during the mid ’90s. And it’s a collection worth revisiting, because the games artwork was flat-out beautiful.


Captain Power Could Return As A Comic Book, With Neal Adams Providing Art

CapLineupIf you were a wee sci-fi fan coming of age in the 1980s, there’s a chance you might recall a Saturday-morning series called Captain Power and the Soldiers of The Future. If you think that sounds like just a thinly veiled vehicle to sell toys, you would be right — but only half right. See, while the show was indeed shilling for a toy line, the creative forces behind the show, including a young up-and-coming writer named J. Michael Straczynski, had something more ambitious in mind, creating a show that was surprisingly dark and well ahead of its time. Well, now Captain Power may be staging a comeback, and legendary comic artist Neal Adams could be along for the ride.


Dark Horse Comics Heading For Deep Gravity With Star Wars: Legacy Writers

deep gravityIf there’s a blockbuster trend I’ll get behind with all of my enthusiasm, it’s a space thriller, and I’m hoping that the enormous success of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity will inspire a handful of equally talented filmmakers to project their minds out into the universe. (Just mentioning Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has a Pavlovian effect on my salivary glands.) Perhaps there’s a chance we’ll one day see a feature adaptation of Dark Horse‘s new miniseries Deep Gravity, which sounds as if it will be telling the exact type of story that I want from every space-related saga that comes out. Other than Saga, of course, which is doing just fine as is.


Futurama, Transformers, And 41 Other Classic Cartoon Themes Get Orchestral

Do you guys remember the trend of string or orchestral tributes to music artists, with rock bands getting the bulk of the attention? I loved that stuff — and am equally interested in this Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star series of lullaby tributes — and it is a solid basis for my adoration of the video seen above, in which Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble AJCW performs 43 cartoon themes that cross the decades, from the xylophone hijinks of Looney Tunes to the magical flute of Adventure Time. (It’s actually 47 if you count the doubled-up bits.) If I can get comfortable with this entire thing as a ringtone, I’m pretty sure my journey through this life will have been for a reason.


The Walking Dead’s Zombies Are Actually Eating [REDACTED]

Warning: if you’re not current on the Walking Dead show, you might want to bookmark this video for later — there’s a spoiler-y moment lurking amidst all those hungry zombies.