Cool Stuff: Wash Your Hair With Star Wars

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When I was a kid I used to stare enviously at all the Star Wars shaped bath products, and wish my mom would let me scrub my back with Chewbacca’s head. She never did, but now we can all relive those Star Wars bathing fantasies (assuming you had them) by washing your hair with an R2 unit!

Over at a site called NCS, you can buy R2 unit shampoo dispensers. They look surprisingly good. What’s really kind of neat about it is that you can actually choose which specific R2 unit you want to use. Oddly, none of the choices available is an R2-D2. But the dispensers do come in everything from R2-Q5 to R2-P9.

If you have to wash your hair, why not wash it in style. Droid style.



Transformers Are Smokin

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I don’t smoke, but if I did, I’d light up using one of these: Transformers Zippo lighters! They’re limited edition, apparently only about 300 will be made, and they’re only available in Japan. So forget about getting your hands on one. I’m guessing the transform into… er… lung cancer? Check it out:


For close ups, visit the guys who dug them up in the first place, Akihabara.