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We Finally Know When We’ll Get To See Sense8 From The Wachowskis And JMS

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WachowskisJupiter Ascending was a mess, a crazy, beautiful, intriguing mess to be sure, but still a mess. This marks the Wachowskis’ third consecutive box office flop (it currently sits at $124 million worldwide, which sounds impressive, but against $176 million budget, that’s not good), and the brother-sister duo even joked recently that no one is going to give them the money to work on this scale ever again. That said, this hasn’t dampened their ambition on iota, and their upcoming Netflix series, Sense8, which teams them with Babylon 5’s J. Michael Straczynski, is going to be every bit as bonkers as their most outlandish films. The series has a new description and we now know exactly when we’ll get to check it out.


The Wachowskis’ Days Of Unlimited Budgets Are Behind Them, Here’s What They Say

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Jupiter AscendingThe Wachowskis’ latest, Jupiter Ascending opened this past weekend, and the results were not good. Coming in third in the weekly box office race, it only earned $19 million (with a cost of $175 million plus), and a critical lashing following a premiere at Sundance didn’t help matters. While this doesn’t seem to be dampening their enthusiasm one bit, the filmmaking siblings think their days of $100 million plus budgets are over. But that doesn’t mean they’re imagination is getting any smaller.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal, Lana Wachowski addressed their ambition, saying, “Everyone says, ‘Why can’t you be simpler?’ We’re drawn toward difficult subjects, like the disparity of rich and poor,” “We’ve been lucky. People at studios have been interested in our crazy, strange brand of complexity. And we’ve been allowed to keep making them. Will that continue? Probably not.”


Jupiter Ascending Offers These 5 Clips To Entice You To See The Wachowskis’ Latest

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After being delayed multiple times along the way to the movie theater, the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending finally opens everywhere this week. And if all the trailers and that massive gallery of images aren’t enough to entice you, you’re in luck, because this video has five new clips from the wingnut sci-fi adventure. And if all of this new footage still isn’t enough (you sure are hard to satisfy), there’s also a nine-minute behind-the-scenes video that gives you a good idea of what went into making the brother/sister duo’s latest opus.

The story follows Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a lowly cleaning woman who dreams of far greater things. As it turns out, a happenstance of genetics sets her on a path that takes her far beyond our world and plunks her down in the middle of an intergalactic corporate family feud. Along with her new sidekick Caine (Channing Tatum), an albino wolf-human hybrid soldier, she has to navigate the tricky political waters, while saving Earth and her family at the same time.


The Wachowskis Have Been Filming Some Crazy Things For Sense8

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jupiter-ascending-image-lana-wachowski-andy-wachowski-3-600x400-578x385Love them or hate them, the Wachowskis do not make small or boring films. Even flops like Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas are ambitious, visually unique, and push boundaries. Now that they’ve team up with J. Michael Straczynski and Netflix for the series Sense8, which should drop sometime later this year, they’re not planning to tone it done one iota, and they’re bringing some insane shit to the table.

In a recent interview with Io9 Andy and Lana Wachoswki revealed a little bit of what they have in store for your binge watching pleasure and lets just say it’s not all going to be what you expect. For instance, they have been filming live births, actual babies being born, to include, and you should also plan on Sense8 featuring “crazy psychic orgies.” Their words.


Watch Three Jupiter Ascending Clips And This Epic Interview With The Wachowskis

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The Wachowskis‘ latest, the wingnut space adventure Jupiter Ascending, has been pushed back and delayed multiple times, but after waiting for years now, the film is finally almost here. To pump up the February 6 release date, Warner Bros. has unleashed a trio of new clips to give you a better idea of what the film entails. And in conjunction with this release, we came across a massive, 100-minute long interview with the visionary filmmakers that, if you’re interested in any of their work, or even the industry at all, is a must watch.

Jupiter Ascending is the story of Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a lowly cleaning woman who is destined for greater things. She dreams big, but scrubs rich people’s toilets for a living and has zero luck to speak of. When Caine (Channing Tatum playing an albino, man-wolf hybrid soldier) shows up, she learns that she has the same DNA as the Queen of the Universe, which means she’s next in line to rule the cosmos, and that kicks off a raging intergalactic conflict.


This Jupiter Ascending TV Spot Highlights The WTF Nature Of The Wachowski’s Latest

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Since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 hit theaters a few weeks ago, there’s not much in the way of new sci-fi coming to movie theaters for the remainder of the year as studios are more interested in getting their awards contenders qualifying runs. Fortunately for us, we won’t have to venture too far into 2015 before we get more genre fare. The Spierig Brothers’ Predestination hits January 9 (and you should all go see it), and after being delayed multiple times, the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending drops shortly after on February 6. The film looks absolutely bonkers, and this new extended TV spot only drives that point home.

This is basically a condensed version of the trailers we’ve already seen, and it lays out the general story. Earth is not the birthplace of the human race, and there are various intergalactic corporate interests with interest an eye on the planet. It also happens that Jupiter (Mila Kunis), a lowly cleaning woman, has the exact same genetic profile as the Queen of the Universe, which means she’s the reincarnated ruler of everything. You can imagine this comes as quite a shock. There are, of course, those who don’t want her to show up and take control, like Balem (a batshit crazy overacting Eddie Redmayne), but lucky for her, there’s an albino wolf/man hybrid soldier, Caine (Channing Tatum), who has taken a shine to Jupiter and protects her using his handy dandy rocket boots. Told you it was nuts.

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